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The Biggest Loser – Richard Not Happy About The Editing

The Biggest Loser finishes up tomorrow night but it appears the blue team of Richard and Amber are not happy with how they are portrayed on the show.

Woman’s Day reports that Richard is unhappy with how he was edited on the show which has meant a backlash for him and his daughter from The Biggest Loser viewers.

A small excerpt from the Woman’s Day website says:

Resident Biggest Loser “bad guy” Richard Roach says he is paying a heavy price for his slim new frame. As the series reaches its climax this week, “King Richard” has gone on the offensive, speaking out to counter the online abuse and death threats directed at him and his Loser team-mate, daughter Amber.

The finalist claims he has been unfairly vilified and “hung out to dry” in the name of ratings, insisting he is nothing like the backstabbing bully he’s made out to be. But Loser fans reacting to the portrayal have issued a barrage of online barbs, sending his fragile, 20-year-old daughter into a tailspin.

“I’m a tough bloke and I can take whatever is thrown at me, but the [online] abuse my daughter has received has brought me to my knees,” says Richard, 45. “She’s too scared to go to work, because people are threatening to bash her. She now says this is the worst experience of her life.”

Richard says he went on the show to help save his clinically depressed, 112kg daughter’s life. The once happy-go-lucky Amber was living as a social recluse in her bedroom after piling on 30-40kg in just three years. But although both he and Amber achieved their weight goals – he lost more than a third of his 139kg – in many ways, he was happier before. He’s now in the cross hairs of angry fans every time he’s in public, and says the show has strained his relationship with his family.

Reality fans should not be threatening physical violence or sending death threats and if they have breached any laws appropriate action should be taken.

However it does raise the other issue that is talked about on this blog regularly is whether the Networks and production companies have to take some responsibility for what the fans think about the contestants?

Richard has been set up as the series villain both in the way he has been edited in the show, and also in stories in the press to promote the show.  This story I wrote for The Punch is now getting old and probably needs an update but it certainly highlights what I think of this issue saying the armchair critics are not the only ones to blame it is the editing as well.

This issue continues to comes up often in comment threads on this blog and I still think the comment from regular commenter Georgie says it best when she wrote last year in response to a comment from a person working as a producer on reality TV saying they have to warn the contestants about the negativitiy of social media and how nasty it can be.

“Now, we’re going to start filming this show and we’re going to edit the footage in a way that will exploit and humiliate you by focussing everyone’s attention on your flaws and frailties. We’re going to milk your weaknesses and sad stories for all they’re worth in the name of entertainment and you may come out looking really bad. So you’ll need to ….”

Viewers also need to be a savvier as well to realise how the characters are being portrayed that it is a one dimensional portrayal we are getting of these people.

As Richard himself highlights he has been portrayed this way in a bid to draw in viewers and this leads to inevitable chatter on the social media and in his case some really unfortunate ramifications. Hopefully once the show finishes and people have forgotten about them they will start to enjoy their weight loss.

The Biggest Loser finale on TEN Tuesday night at 7.30pm, and the last weigh in is tonight at 7.30pm.


1 brain dead dave { 05.27.13 at 3:05 pm }

I thought you were a real Richard, mate.

2 Weeez { 05.27.13 at 3:25 pm }

He can’t argue fact that he has talked about winning the $ rather than changing his life. That appears to be his motivation for everything I the game.

If anyone should be complaining that they have been cheated from being on the show I believe it’s Kirsten.

Yes, she’s very disrespectful to her mum but there seems to be an underlying reason that has never been discussed. She has called her mum a hypocrite and said that she respects her dad. Can’t help but feel there’s something else going on there that explains all.

3 Reality Raver { 05.27.13 at 3:39 pm }

Weeez – I always thought the hypocrisy was to do with Janet wanting to discuss Kirsten’s weight when she herself was obese as well.

4 LB { 05.27.13 at 3:50 pm }

Richard may have received a harsh edit, but he actually said these things. No amount of editing can put words into his mouth. He and Amber have been manipulative throughout the show. Compare & contrast them to Gerald & Todd who have been kind and supportive throughout.
Reality TV has been around for long enough for contestants to realise that it is highly unlikely that they are going to be presented in a generally positive light and they need to be ready for what is thrown at them. Sadly, negativity creates more discussion than a positive portrayal – you only have to look at the lengthy & heated discussions on here during MKR.
Having said that, if anyone has made a threat against any person they should be thoroughly ashamed & prosecuted to the full extent of the law to stop this kind of idiocy.

5 Littlepetal { 05.27.13 at 4:13 pm }

The problems with Richard was he (or someone else) has been on BL facebook and said things like he is in the finale and that was before he got the golden ticket. He also didn’t like what was commented on BL facebook. He was pretty arrogant.

There must be some complaints to C10 about him and his family commenting on FB and giving out spoilers.

The silly Richard also start a FB page called King Richard and he put the picture of Amber with the golden ticket even before the episode was aired. Then I think he started getting nasty comments on that FB page. When it started to get bad, he tried to justified his actions that they all get along very well and it was the editing that made him looked bad etc etc. What you saw on the tele is not what happened in the BL. Finally that page got taken down.

Anyway I thought you can’t have your FB page active while you are on the show and Richard even said he couldn’t care less about that ruling.

He did said all those things about winning and counting the money. He should know that all these will not sit well with viewers and you can get negative comments. If should have anticipated this kind of reactions

6 Danielle { 05.27.13 at 5:00 pm }

I watch TBL for the challenges. The numbers shouldn’t matter because they know they can’t keep it up.
Amber was presented as lazy at the beginning and Richard was harsh and arrogant. Once she got her makeover he seemed nicer and she gained her confidence. In New Zealand they didn’t argue and I was happy they won their golden ticket.
I still think he shouldn’t have gone on the show if she had depression. On some US show they do psychological testing to see if they can handle it. I read in TV week I think that they do physical tests to see if they can handle the dramatic weight loss.
You didn’t include the bit where Richard said the show was a game show rather than dealing with the issue of generational obesity. That’s obvious. Watching their audition tapes they were clearly desperate enough to go on a reality show that can portray them however they want.
I don’t feel sorry for Richard but I feel sorry for Amber. I hope they press charges and she can move on with her life no matter whether or not they win.

7 Nikki { 05.27.13 at 5:08 pm }

I’ve honestly wondered myself a few times how much of it was real and how much of it was edited to look worse than it was. People seem to forget that he didn’t give himself that moniker, it was meant to be an insult and he turned it around. Also the only times he seems to actually call himself that is when he’s doing the face-to-face interviews with the camera, so who knows how much of that is real and how much is scripted. Remember at the beginning he was described as the joker in the house, and it seemed to me if you watched he was often one of the first people to congratulate others or reach out his hand when someone had fallen. Was it all for show? Maybe. But it does make me wonder. I’d like to see the Green Team win, but I won’t be disappointed if the Light Blue Team make it. It is a game after all, and they’ve played it.

8 Littlepetal { 05.27.13 at 5:17 pm }

Once the show finishes, I would like to hear what the other contestants have to say especially from Gerald and Mandy.

9 Andrea { 05.27.13 at 5:22 pm }

I agree with you LB, the green team have been kind, supportive and gracious throughout the entire show, their characters have never changed at all.
King Richard doesn’t really bother me all that much, but its obvious he does want the money, perhaps he needs it very badly, we don’t know.
Kirsten has come out as the baddy in my opinion with the disrespectful way she speaks to her mother.
Hopefully now that the show is almost over, she can watch how she came across on screen and might change her attitude.

10 seepi { 05.27.13 at 9:17 pm }

I thought this bit was clever writing:
“King Richard” has gone on the offensive, speaking out to counter the online abuse and death threats directed at him and his Loser team-mate, daughter Amber.

anyway – he was outspoken and did say unattractive things – like telling pink team if he could unsettle them he would, when they were seeking a friend and some reassurance. this after saying janet was like his best friend in real life, friends forever etc etc when he voted her out.

Gerald and Todd are very sweet and straight down the line. I hope Todd does find the bullying eases off, rather than becoming a target as he is well known.

Janet and Kirsten – I don’t feel we got the full story. also with Richard’s family we didn’t get the back story. He was away travelling a lot for work and became distant from the family, and sobbed and sobbed when his wife spoke on camera, but we never got the full reason for all the upset.

I think this has been a fascinating series, and a good one.

11 JM { 05.27.13 at 9:44 pm }

Richard and Amber were obnoxious. They said the things they said. I accept that some editing may have been unflattering to them but his constant referrals to the money and the fact that these two have mostly had the lowest weight loss percentage makes me feel quite ill when I think of the people they eliminated.

Tonight I was proud of the orange team (who I used to dislike) for keeping the green team in the competition to the final, it really changed my view of the orange team – unlike the dim pink team the orange team woke up to the fact that King Richard and Amber were more than happy to throw them under the bus if it benefitted Richard and Amber.

So, from this point onwards I will be happy for either the Green (my favourite team and the biggest weight losers throughout) and orange (former villains who came right in the end and who also have recorded big weight loss throughout the series). The blue team don’t deserve to be in the final, apart from being back-stabbing schemers they have the smallest percentage weight loss.

12 Littlepetal { 05.27.13 at 9:53 pm }

Orange team did the right thing and saved the green team from being eliminated. I guess Richard didn’t win or else he will be happy with the $200K and won’t complained about being portrayed as a villain.

13 brain dead dave { 05.27.13 at 10:20 pm }

That’s what I’m reading into it, too , Littlepetal. This whinge means King Dick doesn’t win.

14 spiderbro { 05.27.13 at 11:00 pm }

So King Dick is as much a whinger as his ‘princess’.

I agree with the majority of people; nobody made them speak the words that were recorded. Amber’s constant sneer and attitude and Dick’s pompous bloody-mindedness make them the worst possible candidates for winning.

Gerald and Todd – bloody marvellous effort from those lads, and all above board and genuine.
Robyn & Katie – came good with the right moral decision; to win fair and square. I do like them, but thought they were perhaps too influenced by Light Blue. At least they got there in the end.
Richard & Amber – sorry that the truth hurts. I also conclude you did not win, because you would not be whinging now. How long until you try to sell your story to the women’s mags?

15 Huggies { 05.27.13 at 11:27 pm }

The way King Dick went off tonight at the orange team for keeping the green team from being eliminated this evening makes me have no sympathy for him.

Editing or no editing he has said what he has said and deserves all the backlash he gets.

16 Lucy { 05.28.13 at 12:25 am }

You know, it’s pretty awful to think that arrogant Richard and his lazy, calculating, self-centred princess of a daughter can whine about how they were portrayed by the editing. They’re the ones who said those things, who plotted, schemed, backstabbed and deceived the others (like the pink team in the tug-o-war). They also appear to have played their immunity strategically, losing big kilo’s when they had no immunity, and losing minimal weight when they couldn’t be voted off. That’s fair enough, but at the end of the day, those who put their hearts and souls into (like Grey) it have been exited from the show, while Richard and particularly Amber have taken an easy, cruisy ride…and I don’t think that’s in the spirit of the show. May those with respect, honesty, decency and integrity win. I’m hoping for green. There should be more dad’s raising lovely sons and good-sports like Todd.

17 Joseph Skyrim { 05.28.13 at 9:31 am }

Totally thought the Green team were gone last ep but thank you Orange for taking the moral high ground and keeping them in! 😀 The way Richard and Amber looked after hearing that, you would think it was them who were eliminated.

Just hope the villainous edit doesn’t push the princess back to unhealthy eating and hiding in her room. Not quite sure why TV shows (esp. reality shows) need a villain anyway. Plots are more interesting when everyone is just shades of grey… maybe not fifty shades of grey though. Methinks that would just be porn. ^_~

18 Kelsta { 05.28.13 at 11:32 am }

Littlepetal and BDD: I hope you are right and that Blue team haven’t won. That would make my day.

I’ve been a fan of green team the whole series and hope they win.

So proud of orange team for keeping green in, King Dick was his own undoing with them when he was being vague about “having their back” at elimination. It really made them open their eyes and wake up at long last.

Bad edits, maybe, but they said those things, and you also can’t make up the other teams reactions to them!

19 LF { 05.28.13 at 12:04 pm }

Guys, you know the show is live tonight right? They don’t know if they have won or lost yet.

20 LB { 05.28.13 at 12:05 pm }

It was so nice to see Pink being so gracious on their exit and all kudos to Orange, whom I haven’t thought much of previously, to do the right thing and save Green.

The crocodile tears that Amber was shedding at her vote for Green were totally unconvincing. The look on Richards face when Green was saved was absolutely priceless & the way he laid into Orange was indicative of who he is. No matter what is done in the edit suite, he said those words & has evidently passed this attitude to his pouty daughter.

Great to see Green through to the final & really hope they take out the top prize. Either them or Orange – anyone but Blue. Ugh.

21 LB { 05.28.13 at 12:08 pm }

LF, they may have filmed more than one ending (as is common with reality TV to avoid spoilers) but it’s definitely not live. Just have a look at the trailers.

22 Littlepetal { 05.28.13 at 12:18 pm }

Finale is not live. It was filmed on 10 April.

I have heard they filmed 3 endings to prevent leaks.

Blue team can never win. They need to lose another 17kg just to have the same percentage weight loss as the green team. Also I think they only have 3 to 4 weeks at home before the finale.

Going by Richard saying he lost a third of his original weight, that will make him 92kg at the finale. His weight last night was 102kg. Thus he would have lost 10 kg at home. Not sure how much weight Amber will lose at home.

Green and orange teams are neck to neck. Hope green will win and they will win. Better story for C10

23 The Biggest Loser Final On Tonight | reality ravings { 05.28.13 at 12:29 pm }

[…] Day he spoke about how the way he was portrayed on the show has resulted in online hate see previous blog post on that here. However now I have the hard copy in my hands he also states has more to […]

24 Carol { 05.28.13 at 3:02 pm }

I thought this bit was interesting… “He says the show has strained his relationship with his family.”

So does that mean they didn’t like the way he behaved on the show either? It’s strained HIS relationship with his family? I can honestly say I don’t think there’s been anyone on a reality show that I have ever disliked more than him. What we are seeing now is just sour grapes and pretty much tells us that he didn’t win… so he’s got the sh!ts and is slagging everyone related to the show.

25 Nadine { 05.28.13 at 3:29 pm }

The show is NOT LIVE tonight! I know somebody, who went to the final a few weeks ago. All viewers had to sign not to disclose the outcome to anyone! I agree with most of you. King Dick brought it on himself. Threats are obviously uncalled for. Go green!

26 Anonymous { 05.28.13 at 5:09 pm }

I have never been a fan of the light blue team and do believe some of the backlash they have recieved they have bought on themselves but death threats?! That is completely ridiculous and so are some of the really nasty disgusting comments. Can’t believe the extent of the hate! I found them hard to watch and they really got on my nerves but I would never post some of the vile things that have been posted. Green have been my favs from day one so positive and supportive of each other you just couldn’t help but fall in love with them. Hope green win!!

27 Kelli { 05.29.13 at 10:17 am }

I am not a fan of Richard and Amber, although no doubt there was a lot of unflattering editing by Ch10, the behaviour was there in the first place. My problem is the public bullying , these armchair critics who are voicing their opinions in such an ugly and abusive manor are complete hypocrites. They are using self righteous, bullying behaviour to criticise people for behaviour probably less abhorant than their own. Very sad, just wish watching the bad behaviour had encouraged people to make an effort to be better than that, not worse.

28 Surfer777 { 06.14.13 at 11:35 pm }

I agree with all you guys……king Richard or should I say king dickhead. Was mean nasty and he clearly cheated……green was lovely and orange came good in the end……I think it is awful that people are saying they want to hurt them…that is just wrong…..but you know what…..he lost in the end …..what’s the old saying… by the sword and die by the sword…….king dickhead for sure died on his sword and his cheating ways…..too bad…..because they could have been a very strong team!

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30 Rachyrach { 01.28.14 at 9:32 am }

“King Richard” yeah right. What a horrible pair he and Amber were. They came across as immature bullies. Karma will come.

31 susie { 02.14.14 at 7:49 am }

Richard & Amber are gaining a whole new hemisphere of people who can’t stand them now that the show is airing on UK tv. What a nasty pair – thankfully karma is biting them in the ass. Green team proved it’s possible to play the game fairly and changing their life was their goal not mony.