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Masterchef Australia – Gary Mehigan Says He Was Misquoted About The Bogan’s.

Gary Mehigan is doing the media rounds as Masterchef Australia is about to start and he is saying he was misquoted on the bogan comment which was in the SMH article MKR Is Chewing Gum For The Eyes.

Gary Mehigan when asked about the comment in a very good interview in Pop Sugar he said:

Yeah, I was misquoted. I do a lot of interviews and some journalists will quote you directly, and some won’t. I was asked whether I thought My Kitchen Rules was ‘bogan television,’ and I said no, I didn’t think it was, and what they actually wrote was, ‘Gary Mehigan says that My Kitchen Rules is bogan television and chewing gum for the eyes.’ What I actually said was, “No I don’t think it was, but a lot of reality television tends to fall into a category where it’s chewing gum for the eyes.” You watch it, and you don’t really watch it, you’re not engaged.

His comments on the boys v girls theme:

Boys vs. girls is fun. It’s tongue-in-cheek — we’ve got the ’50s housewife and stockman, and all this other clichéd stuff, but what’s going to be funny, and what’s going to make those critics feel a little silly, is that when we get into the show you’ll realise that Christine, who’s the ’50s housewife, is actually a lesbian and single mum and she’s got two kids. The stockman, yes he was a stockman and grew up on his mother and father’s property, but they’ve run into huge problems — they lost the farm, his sister fell off her horse and broke her back, so he looked after her for a year-and-a-half, and that’s why he got into cooking; he nursed her back to health. And they [the public] don’t know that yet, so when it goes to air on Monday, they’re going to go, ‘Oh my God, it’s not what we thought it was. It’s not sexist. It’s not stereotypes. They’re not trying to make it something MasterChef wasn’t. It’s just an extension of what that series has always been.’

Also the format for this year’s series:

It’s two weeks [Ed. note: The Gender wars with the boys versus the girls]. Essentially it sets up the series — the main difference this year is it’s set up in weeks, so we do Italian week, Middle Eastern week, ‘Back to the future’ . . . It allows our contestants and the audience to dig their fingers into a theme. So all the challenges are set around that theme. And as always, what we’ve tried to do very deliberately, is have a big challenge, have something that strikes at the heart of the MasterChef fanbase, the whole ‘will they or won’t they succeed?’ We’ve got those essential take home moments. We go, ‘What’s the take home bit? What are people going to talk about? What are people going to cook on the weekend?’

Go to Pop Sugar for the full article it is worth a read.

Masterchef Australia on TEN on Sunday 2 June at 7.30pm


1 Khun Del { 05.28.13 at 5:12 pm }

Love the comment “It’s tongue-in-cheek — we’ve got the ’50s housewife and stockman, and all this other clichéd stuff, but what’s going to be funny, and what’s going to make those critics feel a little silly, …..”

Why then are they advertising it as something it is not? I believe they deliberately advertised as something that would stimulate comment.

I don’t think this is “funny” however happy to hear it is not going to be what is being advertised as.

2 brain dead dave { 05.28.13 at 5:15 pm }

C’mon $hine. I’ve seen a lesbian before, ffs. Big deal.

3 librarygirl { 05.28.13 at 5:19 pm }

time to sack the marketing genius who came up with the silly idea, Gary.

4 annajjj { 05.28.13 at 5:23 pm }

bdd there’s a story in that somewhere I’m sure.

5 Culinary Boner { 05.28.13 at 5:28 pm }

Can someone from Shine explain – without getting smutty now – why the boys are all holding enormous french loafs and what this is meant to symbolise?

6 annajjj { 05.28.13 at 5:42 pm }

And the girls have pink mitts!

7 Reality Raver { 05.28.13 at 5:46 pm }

I missed as I was cutting and pasting but not sure Christina is going to be pleased about be called a single mum by Gary isn’t she in a relationship? In the Sunday Telegraph she said she wanted to show Australia that they were a family etc etc.

8 Culinary Boner { 05.28.13 at 5:49 pm }

Single mum!!
Will Gary subtlety slip her a Centrelink form?

9 Reality Raver { 05.28.13 at 6:31 pm }

Khun Del – Agree the advertising is there to hook us in as they did with MKR.

I’m Not On The Amina Bandwagon – you might want to hang at the official facebook site until then…

10 Culinary Boner { 05.28.13 at 8:01 pm }

I don’t care who is “token” or not as long as they can cook, stand up for themselves against the judges (George and Gary in particular) and speak without issuing a stream of reality comp cliches.

Whoever, manages these three things deserves to win, regardless of their background or sob story.

11 Morgan { 05.28.13 at 8:02 pm }

Does INOTAB have an issue with Muslims? If one just didn’t like Amina that’s fine, but if you already don’t like the Muslim woman before the show has even aired then you must have a problem with them.

12 Culinary Boner { 05.28.13 at 8:28 pm }

Back to Gary’s lame claim that he was entirely misquoted, this is fall-back defense of most knuckleheads who forget that when they are talking to a journalist for the purpose of an interview everything is on the record. Very rarely does a journo misquote entirely. They may miss nuances and the like but they always go in the direction of the comments you give them.

Factoring in that Gary was being interviewed when MKR was killing the ratings, it’s more than likely he was tempted to put the boot in to Manu and co. and make the “bogan” and “eye candy” statements.

Hopefully his performances as judge and cooking mentor this season are better than this fairly minor stuff-up.

13 Anna { 05.28.13 at 11:37 pm }

The voice over that says ‘who discraces their gender?’ Already got on my wrong side.

Token this & token that, genders, pinks, blues … We are the laughing stock of other countries. US already had negative things to say about this season MC & it hasn’t started yet

You are $hine fixing things that aren’t broken ?? If they want to fix the show, they need to get new judges

14 brain dead dave { 05.28.13 at 11:55 pm }

It sounds like Gary is saying ” I didn’t call those bogans “bogans”.

I almost feel sorry for him having to come out and defend the appallingly mediocre promos. Sure the critics will feel a little silly. You showed ’em, Gaz.

15 Dr T { 05.29.13 at 12:09 am }

I think the instant turnoff will be if there are no signs of talent early on

PS RR – sorry for my post on another thread… I couldn’t help myself

16 Reality Raver { 05.29.13 at 12:16 am }

Dr T – That was truly hilarious. I was about to close the comment thread off on that thread but decided to see if there is any interest.

17 Ryan { 05.29.13 at 9:12 am }

See, I told you the stereotypes were just there to be broken down or disspelled. The blue and pink cliche is deliberate.

18 Reality Raver { 05.29.13 at 9:16 am }

Ryan – As soon as I read it I thought of you. Good call. Look forward to more of your observations on Masterchef.

19 Ryan { 05.29.13 at 10:34 am }

So long as it’s better than last season, I’m sure I’ll have something to say. And if it’s not better than last season…I’ll probably have even more to say.

20 PollyB { 05.29.13 at 12:57 pm }

Yeh, right, Mehairgone.

21 Georgie { 05.29.13 at 1:19 pm }
22 JK { 05.29.13 at 1:47 pm }

There better be good cooking or else I am going to watch House Rules on channel 7 instead!

23 Anna { 05.29.13 at 4:07 pm }

Poor Gazza has the need to backpaddle to save his bacon? Don’t feel sorry for him at all….

Having said that I like him the most out of the 3 clowns

24 sarnias { 05.31.13 at 1:17 am }

hahahahs, so Gaz cops shite for saying out loud what the rest of us are thinking.