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Guest Post: House Rules – Is Couples Counselling Needed?

Another cracker recap from Annajjj on the enjoyable series House Rules:

Day 2/3 in Melbourne and the demolition finishes up and the fun part starts. Say what you will about this show but as Rocky pointed out in response to the last post, over here we get fast results and we actually see the owner’s reactions each week.

We kick off with the usual recaps and previews and then straight into the action.

Reese tries to start afresh and offers to help Leighton. What can I do she asks and Leighton decides he can trust her with the high pressure cleaner. So far so good.

Next up are shots of Nick saying he hates the fireplace in his bedroom interspersed with Leighton and Reese carefully restoring his bedroom fireplace.

Kel has found a creative solution to no ceiling mirror. He is going with a full wall of mirror so good-looking Nick can see every square inch of his own masculine body. Still feels creepy Kel.

Jane is determined to have her free standing bath at the end of Chris’s ensuite. Not sure that’s ideal for guys already struggling with cleaning. Plinth is sent off to find a wide grate. Run like the wind Jane encourages as Plinth slowly drives off.

Barry is sure he is getting the fabled score of 10 from Joe the Hipster. He has a secret fireplace weapon and he’s not afraid to use it.

Plinth can’t find a shower grate so he calls for help. Jane is in the portaloo, which is now situated on the nature strip, and has dropped her phone in the bowl. Jane explains this to the camera man and seems to be expecting a hand fishing it out. Lucky Plinth is offsite.

Plinth is now Janeless and has to make decisions on own. His grate will be shipped overnight he is told. Overnight! Where the hell are we? Tasmania?

Michelle and Kel get this weeks brief visit from McCrave who seems to be here more to point out problems than to actually offer design advice. They’ve made the classic mistake of fixing a mistake and creating another. Really? That’s a classic?

Michelle and Kel need more room. Another look at the floor plan and wonder why didn’t they put the bathroom up the other end and create an ensuite for Nick? Also that bathroom is really small – half the size of Chris’s ensuite. Quick recap of yesterdays collaborative approach to the family/laundry space before the fireworks start but first an ad break.

Now we get to see the mighty battle of the States. QLD v NSW. We need 200 millimetres announces Kel. I can’t spare a square Elaine replies and Sean mumbles that he’s no pushover and the upshot is Michelle and Kel don’t get their extra space. That was exciting.

Chris hopes the other teams will be able to interpret Mad Men cool properly. There’s this friend of a friend see, and she suggested this be one of the rules and if the teams get it right there’s a good chance she’ll suddenly see Chris in a whole new light.

So Mad Men Cool: Jemma thinks it is corny old movie reels. Amy is pretty sure it’s sleazy stuff but Jane hits the nail on the head by buying Chris a leopard skin dressing gown and if there is matching undies she may be on a winner. She dresses up poor Reese who has surely suffered enough.

Plinth is out shopping and I’ve just realised he’s a dead ringer for Bill Gates. He chooses a gloomy wall muriel and it seems I can’t even think the word mural anymore.

Stupid ‘Bonus Extra’ of Reese offering to help and Leighton refusing.

Jane is anxious about Plinth`s vision and I’m anxious about Plinth`s driving. Oh its ok he’s just parking. Jane is not happy with Plinth’s decision making and he’s going to have to do something pretty impressive *cough* leopard skin dressing gown *cough* to get any action tonight.

Pausing for a moment to get this straight.
Jane and Plinth hate murals but get the boys a wallpaper mural.
Chris bans white from his house but an all-white kitchen was his first choice in Jemma and Barry’s reno.
Jemma specified no bright annoying colours in her house rules but chose a bright orange splashback for Jane.
If Kel’s house rules say no ceiling mirror…..

Sean has chosen a window for his kitchen splashback and does he know what the purpose of a splashback is? Another odd choice for boys not renowned for their cleaning abilities.

Barry White starts singing as Jemma and Barry enjoy a romantic driveway dinner. At the hotel Plinth/Hugh Hefner…well let’s just say we could have lived without having to see that. Michelle is feeling snuggly, hopefully Kel isn’t too exhausted from renovating because it looks like he’ll also have to rally some energy from somewhere.

Next day and the pressure starts to mount. Jane threatens to jump out the window if things don’t go well and Plinth tries hard not to let the light of hopefulness shine out of his eyes.

Can I have a Stanley knife? asks Reese and Leighton obliges by throwing one at her head.

Jane is anxiously pacing the pavement, checking the time on her phone and complaining about people not looking at their watches. Her grate arrives and although she is convinced it will be the wrong one it’s perfect.

Meercat Barry pops up in the woodpile to choose logs for his feature wall. He starts sawing off sections and placing them in a frame. I don’t want it too consistent he says as if there was ever any danger of that. His flue doesn’t fit so he hacks at his wall a bit and the fireplace goes in. Leighton comes in to inspect his work and he and Barry try to out-bloke each other. Leighton wins.

Major drama for Sean, his kitchen order had been cancelled. When did it get cancelled he asks which wouldn’t be my first question.

Barry has finished his log feature panel. Jane tells Jemma it’s gorgeous but tells cowards camera it is clunky and slapdash. As much as I don’t want to agree with Jane, she’s right. It’s awful. It’s next to the fireplace so at least the boys can burn it if they hate it too.

Chris and Nick are starting to stress about their earlier directive of Absolutely No White. They are worried the other teams might take them literally. Surely not.

Unpleasant scenes of Leighton and Reese fighting. The pressure is getting to these two and they are both behaving stupidly. Hopefully their house is up next and Channel 7 sends them over to ABC’s Making Couples Happy retreat for the week.

At this stage in the week everyone is still fairly relaxed, well everyone apart from Reese and Leighton. Expect things will start heating up tomorrow with a couple of last minute meltdowns before the house reveal on Monday.

House Rules on SEVEN Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.


1 AJ { 05.30.13 at 11:00 am }

I’m not sure where the “perfect tens” will be this week.

Everything seems to be a mess at this stage. A freestanding bath for a guy’s bathroom? The bizarre log frame permanent addition to the new fireplace? The “gloomy” mural floral-like wallpaper for a guy’s bedroom? Moody and murky ceiling paint?

And that’s just the house. Some of the teams are even messier, especially Carly and Leighton. At first I thought Leighton was being an asshat, but Carly’s constant need for approval for every single action would be grating for anyone. Thank goodness Sean and Amy’s UST is keeping them strong!

Does anyone else think the room division is unfair this week? Michelle and Kel only received a tiny bathroom and laundry (which I would have combined to make a bigger space), whereas Carly and Leighton received a bedroom, half the hallway (although how can they show their unique style with only half the hallway) and what was the third bedroom. Similarly, Amy and Sean have the kitchen, dining and family room. I don’t see how Michelle and Kel could possibly win with only a bathroom and laundry to impress.

2 JK { 05.30.13 at 11:03 am }

I didn’t like this episode all that much, Carly & Leighton was beyond annoying! Grrrr

3 kess { 05.30.13 at 11:21 am }

Is it Carly with Leighton?
She is weird and would drive me nuts – seems to be the kind that hates silence, she just fills the air with confusing rambling and nervous approval seeking drivel.
And all that fake grinning.

4 Stacey { 05.30.13 at 11:57 am }

I like this show more than I thought I would but the Carly – Leighton thing makes me a bit uncomfortable. We’ve seen other couples quarrel on The Block, but this seems different.
Love love love the recaps. Actually make me lol… For reals dude 😉

5 Gabby { 05.30.13 at 12:46 pm }

I’m enjoying this show way more than the block. Carly over compensates with the smiles to make up for Leighton never smiling. Then again I think we are starting to see the reason why he never smiles! Strange couple.
Somehow I don’t think the boys are going to be too happy with their house, especially the return of the fireplace.

6 Jess { 05.30.13 at 1:04 pm }

I guess I have a different take on the Carly/Leighton situation. Scenic e the start, he has not allowed her to make any decisions, and as with last week, sometimes the decisions she does put her foot down and make, he decides they are wrong and goes out and changes what she does. He is way controlling, and she seems to have learned that he needs EVERYTHING run past him for approval before it can happen. He knew she didn’t have any reno experience, yet refuses to stop and show her how to do things. If it were me, by this point, I would have left. I would not let someone treat me like I was an idiot like he does, not allow someone to make me feel so small and dependent. Very unhealthy relationship. Although awkward and horrible to watch, I was relieved that she finally stood her ground last night and expressed how she was feeling. Ad I also think it was good work (whether or not it was coincidence) that she waited until everyone else had gone. You know, except for the cameras.

I am really enjoying this show. I started watching the block, but have started doing what someone else on here said they were doing, and watching the first ep of the week and then the reveal. Over the petty bollocks that is going on there. House Rules, much more satisfying.

7 annajjj { 05.30.13 at 1:15 pm }

@AJ I’m also wondering where the 10’s will be. We haven’t seen anything amazing so far and yes the division of zones is pretty unfair. You can’t really be too impressive with a tiny bathroom and laundry, in fact with these boys you probably could have left the laundry out altogether.

8 Andrea { 05.30.13 at 1:17 pm }

I think it might look okay when its all finished going on the promos for the reveal.
Carly and Leighton are so annoying, they seem to like having a shouting match between the two of them but the arguing is getting so repetitive, they need to grow up and get on with the job.

9 brain dead dave { 05.30.13 at 1:50 pm }

The symbolism of Jane dropping her phone in the toilet wasn’t lost…she talks a lot of shit.

Not a fan of the log feature , either. It might be more suitable in a toilet.

“I don’t want it too consistent he says as if there was ever any danger of that.” Nice one,annajjj.

I think it’s too late for couples therapy for Carly and Leighton. They’re gonski. It’s hilarious that Leighton is going to f*** up yet again with his “feature” fireplace.

10 Reality Raver { 05.30.13 at 2:19 pm }

I am enjoying House Rules maybe because I am not recapping. Thanks Annajjj.

I tend to agree with Jess re: the Carly/Leighton dynamic. If she makes a decision he changes it and does not give any directions. Pity because if they were a fully functioning team they would be hard to beat. As he knows what he is doing tradie wise and she is a hard worker.

Why didn’t Jane just get the phone out of the loo? Or was it one of those non-flushable portaloos? Also good advertising for the phone company as it was still ringing when it was in sewage.
Nick wants Mad Men design but no fire place thought that would fit Mad Men style perfectly. Also Plinio should have gone for the geometric wallpaper rather than a mural.

11 brain dead dave { 05.30.13 at 2:37 pm }

Slogan : “Our phones can take a lot of $hit”

I notice this is starting later at 8PM tonight,surmising this is to screw up the 90 minute “cheatgate” episode being trumpeted for The Block.

Enjoying this more than the $cotty soaked The Block. I was dirty with Ch 7 after MKR but this is okay. It’s badly loaded with commercials in the last half hour though, Ch7 , you mongrels.

12 Diogenes { 05.30.13 at 8:45 pm }

BDD #11

If you don’t want to watch it live there is a wonderful little proggy called plus7napper (google it) which will allow you to download the eps from plus7 once they have been put up – no ads at all . There is also an iviewnapper & sbsnapper. This is what I do, run it through Handbrake and watch on my Ipad at recess & lunch the next day for a little light relief

13 brain dead dave { 05.30.13 at 10:08 pm }

Thanks Diogenes , I’ll look into that.

14 Veronicali { 05.31.13 at 8:56 am }

I’ve been getting into this more, took a while to warm to these ppl. 7 need to start marathon repeating over the weekend like Nein with Teh Block, or the next afternoon they could repeat it before Homes under the Hammer on 7Two. Why waste all those digital channels!

That main bathroom looks tiny on the floorplan. Would’ve been a smart idea to make it bigger now and thus the house more family friendly for a future sale. Those boys aren’t going to live there forever.

I actually like the fp feature wall.