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The Block – The Master Bedroom Room Reveal

Not sure why Trixie did not go the easier option and change the colour of her bed linen rather getting Johnno to re-paint the day before the master bedroom reveal. Wouldn’t that be easier? Trixie did have a point when she said the judges don’t judge on the renovation but on the colour of the cushion.

Which is ridiculous, as a cushion is not going to get them the big bucks, it is the features for example under floor heating is a far bigger selling feature than yellow bed sheets.

It was sad news for Bec and George with her mother dying and props for the producers for not beating it up for ratings and handling it sensitively. At the end of the episode the contestants were sent home to see their families. Clearly wanting to give Bec sometime to decide whether to return or not.

The judges thoughts on the Master Bedrooms and Dressing Room:

Trixie and Johnno’s –  The judges loved the linen but they would have liked the dressing room be more up market.

Madi and Jarrod – Neale liked the Chanel poster but Darren spotted the dodgy ceiling this will have to be fixed before auction day.  Shaynna did not like the placement of the bed looking at the television and said people would prefer the view of the city rather than the city scape. They were also criticised for using two different types of timber. However they loved the wood they used in the dressing room. Neale thought they  had talent but they needed to get their act together.

Bec and George room was finished with some assistance by Scott Cam and the rest of the contestants.  They did realise that there was under floor heating and the wood used. Darren loved the padded bed head as well as the layout of the dressing room. Bec has good taste and gets it right more then wrong.

Matt and Kim – Neale thought the colour palette was genius, but he hated the art and thought it looked like severed head. Personally I thought the ledge under the TV was going to be more of a hindrance either a junk collecting ledge plus the potential of continually bumping into it. They loved the wall maybe that was a designer thing as it looked half finished. Shaynna loved the lights in the dressing room plus the veneer of the wood. They had placed a chaise lounge and it cut off access to some shelves, however the judges did not mention it. They thought Matt and Kim had found their mojo.

Lysandra and Alisa – Shaynna loved the bath looking over the cityscape in the dressing room and in the end it did the room a cosy feel to it.  Darren said I hate the idea of a feature wall but he said it works, and even though Neale was “wowing” about the room he did not like the wooden artwork.

You have to wonder if polished concrete wall paper is going to become a big thing.

The winner of the room were the twins  who received 28 out of 30. Matt and Kim missed out by one point of claiming this week’s cash prize.


1 annajjj { 06.03.13 at 7:00 am }

I thought that was a great comment by Trixie and it is a bit stupid having three judges judging on pretty much just soft furnishings. Under floor heating is a fantastic idea and I would have given Bec and George more points for that. The chaise looked awesome but too big for that space, blocking off access to some shelves is not a good idea.
Poor bec, what a terrible thing to be going through. I noticed no Block scheduled this week in the guide and wondered if they were reluctant to go up against the Masterchef juggernaut but of course its to give everyone time with their families. Impressed with that but no so impressed with their Facebook promo promising The Most Emotional episode yet.
Great recap RR.

2 PollyB { 06.03.13 at 8:31 am }

Madi had those wooden drawers made really deep. I have to wonder how user friendly really deep drawers are – pulling them all the way out and reaching waaay back into them. The space between their wardrobe and the drawers looked really small so not sure how a person & a pulled out drawer would fit.
The best room won. I hope Matt & Kim get a win soon. I’m on them and the twins to win. I still wish Flipper would flip out of there…. I ffwd her as much as possible.

3 LB { 06.03.13 at 9:33 am }

There is no rhyme or reason to the judging – Madi & Jarrod were slammed for having their bed facing away from the window towards a tv feature wall, yet the twins were praised lavishly for it. Frankly, the twins, for some inexplicable reason, seem to be a protected species. For Shaynna to say that having the bath in a dressing room could be the difference between a buyer choosing level 1 or the penthouse is just ridiculous. If people are purchasers at that level, and they are so keen on a bath in a dressing room they would just get one installed – not a bit deal. The amount of storage in the twins dressing room is significantly less than other dressing rooms and storage is something that is vital to people.

The fact that soft furnishings are more important than construction and design is making The Block something of a farce.

4 LB { 06.03.13 at 9:37 am }

Meant to say how sad I am for Bec & George. The fact that they were able to produce anything was amazing. I was a bit of a mess watching them and really feel for Bec. All good wishes to them and their families.

5 Veronicali { 06.03.13 at 10:42 am }

The Block is on this week as usual, annajjj.
Polly B, I thought Madi’s central drawer unit took up too much space, not much room to parade and sashay around it.
Maybe Matt & Kim would’ve tied without the cutesy severed head artwork. Hope the walls look better when dry!
LB I reckon the judges feel guilty the Twins are stuck on Level 1 due to their unfinished hotel ensuite at the start.
Really difficult situation for Bec & George. Her Mum seems such a sweet lady.

6 Jason { 06.03.13 at 10:46 am }

I agree that the judges finding fault with a picture on the wall (and perhaps marking lower) is ridiculous. You can always swap a picture on the wall if you don’t like it rather than having to deal with a wooden feature wall (if you didn’t like it) or not enough storage.

7 Fiona { 06.03.13 at 11:34 am }

Much as I love the twins’ bath, the storage was severely reduced and storage is now one of the top 3 requirements nowadays apparently (after kitchens and bathrooms) as we all have way too much stuff. Agree about the inconsistency of bed placement, and lack of reward for underfloor heating and ceiling bulkheads & lighting etc. More permanent than cushions. Also wondering why everyone is completely entranced with grey and all shades of it – it is quite depressing. Hopefully we will see some more colour elsewhere in the apartments.

8 AJ { 06.03.13 at 11:50 am }

So many thoughts.

Firstly, although expected, I’m a little disappointed at how the producers are exploiting George and Bec’s grief for ratings. My preferred approach in such situations would be for someone to make a sincere, brief statement about their personal circumstances and then to move on. As opposed to highlighting footage of George and Bec in clear emotional distress.

As for the actual rooms. My favourite bedroom was Trixie and Johnno’s. Mainly because they positioned the bed correctly – did anyone else have their bed facing the windows/views? It seems like such an obvious thing, yet from memory all of the other beds faced a wall and/or television. While the colours were nice, I’m a little tired of the grey and yellow or grey and orange colour combination. It’s being used far too much.

I wasn’t a huge fan of T&J’s “dressing room” (aka walk in warbrobe). It did look a little cheap and the judge’s comment about using the same wood as for the window frame as a benchtop in the dressing room made sense. It would have helped to link the two rooms and make the dressing room a little classier.

My favourite dressing room was still probably T&J’s with the possible exception of the twins. As much as I dislike them, having the bathtub in the dressing room instead of squeezed into either of the small bathrooms did make sense. It appeared that they still have heaps of storage, although a centre storage unit like Maddie and Jarrod or T&J probably would have given them the extra storage needed.

The other bedrooms and dressing rooms were okay. Nothing really stood out for me. They were all generally nice and generally grey. The bedhead in George and Bec’s room was nice.

I wonder if Matt and Kim are planning on changing their first bedroom. It does not fit with their bathrooms or main bedroom at all. If they’re not going to create any other “artist based” rooms, then it really needs to be changed if they expect to get the best sale price on the day. It seems like it would be expensive for someone to replace all the plasterboard and repaint the bedroom, unless it’s possible to sand or otherwise remove all the splatters.

I agree that the judging is inconsistent. The actual fixtures in the rooms are far more important than the furnishings like bedspreads and hanging pictures. Even painted walls can be changed fairly easily, although cement, timber panelled and wallpapered walls would be more difficult to change.

I hope all the teams return refreshed from their break and that there can be far less beyatching and bellyaching from the twins when they return!

9 Anna { 06.03.13 at 12:01 pm }

Getting fed up with ch9 producers milking Bec’s pain for ratings… that kind of shit needs to stop.

The bed should be against the wall that connects to the walk in wardrobe… then again it’s personal choice. I don’t want to watch TV in bed, hence TV in the bedroom doesn’t work for me.

Cannot remember if it was the twins or Madi who had that huge print of people snogging on the wall… didn’t mind it at all. Bath in the walk in wardrobe looked pretty BUT they’ve lost too much storage space

10 Techhater { 06.03.13 at 4:11 pm }

I agree with comments regarding position of beds. Very unfair.
Personally I think i’d rather be poor than a millionaire. That way I wouldn’t have to put up with black bathrooms/walls, or polished concrete walls, wallpaper, & floors and a bath NOT in a bathroom. Call me old fashioned but I like my privacy.
Feel sorry for Bec and George and also agree about Ch 9 milking their grief.

Looking forward to MHR reveal tonight.

11 Anna { 06.03.13 at 4:20 pm }

Techhater , I hate hate hate wall paper in my home LOL

The buyers if they’ll live there might repaint, if they’ll rent then they don’t give a toss

Polished concrete wall is still getting WT??? from me… don’t like black bathrooms nor walls…. bathrooms are small spaces, should be bright and airy… I’ll never win a thing on the block, too damn conservative when it comes to renovating lol

Not sure if all the buyers are genuine, could be people who get 6 figure salaries and work for the network

12 Techhater { 06.03.13 at 4:50 pm }

Anna i’m the same, too restrained. I think because I have a blue and maroon lounge room i’m being daring. Lol.
I do like what T&J and Bec and George have done so far.

I was surprised to see Keith’s comments about the concrete wall though. Didn’t think he would be a fan.

13 daisy { 06.03.13 at 4:59 pm }

TH, it sounds like some colouful Tibetan cushions would go in your lounge. Too daring?

14 Techhater { 06.03.13 at 5:16 pm }

Daisy Lol No that would be me being ultra daring. HeeHee. :-)

15 annajjj { 06.03.13 at 7:11 pm }

Ok I take back any respect I had for the producers of the Block. To see them milking this tragedy is awful. I’m protesting now by switching over.

16 Anna { 06.03.13 at 7:25 pm }

Annajjj I agree!!! Sadly it’s all about the ratings

17 JM { 06.03.13 at 9:05 pm }

I loathe concrete walls in homes – who wants to feel like they’re living like a homeless person under a bridge or in a car park on a cold winter night. There’s nothing luxe or high end about bloody concrete. It’s all very Gen-Y.

Hated the severed head painting – bad 1980’s kitsch and creepy.

Really underwhelmed this year – there hasn’t been a single room that I’ve loved so far this year on The Block. Too many dark, industrial colours – maybe the rooms look better in the flesh but I prefer light airiness – these rooms feel like tombs.

18 Rocky { 06.04.13 at 12:28 am }

Trixie was being her usual sore loser self when she was complaining that the judges only care about cushions and not finishes. If that were the case she would not be in the penthouse right now since the judges were rewarding her and Johnno for the finishes more than the styling. If they were rewarding styling and ignoring finishes it would have went hands down to the twins or Madi and Jarrod, both teams that had trouble finishing because of tradies walking off or team partner falling ill, way before her military green depressing room would have won the penthouse. Finishes was the reason Madi and Jarrod fell to the bottom this judging because of their ceiling. Bottom line is that Trixie has the same occasional problem with finishing as the others, or are faucets hitting bathroom mirrors a new decorating trend?

I thought the twins should win, as 50% of the viewers did. It was simple luxury that you would expect to see in a penthouse or upscale condo.

Would someone please tell Neale that there is other artwork besides retro posters. Chanel this time, Bec and George won with that red and black poster) Other seasons Jenna would put up an old retro poster of farm equipment or something and Neale was in seventh heaven. The artwork is the first thing the buyers are going to overlook and change, because art is too subjective.

Finally ,it was awful what happened to Bec and George but I applaud them persevering and sharing as much as they could bear with the viewers.

19 Maz { 06.04.13 at 8:52 am }

Last night’s episode was appalling how the producers’ milked Bec’s grief and set up shots of the other contestants pretending to care. It could have been handled far more delicately.

20 PollyB { 06.04.13 at 10:10 am }

Rocky & Maz – Thank you for saving my time and energy – I agree with you both 100% on every statment you have made.

21 mahlia { 06.05.13 at 9:08 am }

I love Shaynna Blaze on Selling houses but she’s a completely different personality on The Block and I can’t stand her.
She’s so encouraging, engaging and warm on SH. She’s such a petty critical hard face bitch on TB!

22 Veronicali { 06.06.13 at 8:17 am }

Re the judging on bed placement, I’m thinking that on Level 1 there’s not exactly anything you’d want to view out the bedroom window, whereas Madi & Jarrod’s city views on Level 4 would be good.

Ch Nein, please let Bec grieve privately, we know she’s hurting. That near 30 second footage in the car last night was intrusive and exploitative.

23 Lisa { 06.06.13 at 7:35 pm }


That near 30 second footage in the car last night was intrusive and exploitative.

24 Jane { 06.16.13 at 12:47 pm }

Ok the twins master bedroom and walk in robe was beautiful…but I can’t understand why anyone would want a bath in there?? It looked beautiful, but I know how steamy and fogged up my bathroom gets when I have a bath. Imagine all that moisture in a wardrobe…potential mouldy hazard for your clothes!

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