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Guest Post: House Rules and The Vic House Is Revealed

Sorry for delay in getting this guest post, I had to go offline today. Thanks again to Annajjj and over to her:

House reveal time and again we are promised it is the best one yet. The boys appeared on Sunrise this morning to spruik the show and at the end of the interview Kochie says perhaps there will be ceiling mirrors and ok what is with this middle-aged male obsession with ceiling mirrors? Honestly if you could see what I see…..

It feels like we have seen the previews of Nick and Chris’s house reveal about a thousand times so hopefully this episode will live up to the hype. First part of the program is the last minute rush to complete the zones and this bit seems even more hurried than usual. Amy has to paint again but why is she painting white?

Michelle and Kel’s zone is roughly the size of a milk crate but they are still tapping into the panic of the last few hours. A giant turns up to plumb in the washing machine and warns them not to touch him. First proper look at the laundry and bathroom and hmmm not so sure after all. Tiles are pretty cool but probably not worth a score of 10.

Over to the largest zone and in Nick’s room Reese and Leighton have gone aftermath of the Red Wedding on the door jambs and ceiling. It’s not quite as violent looking as Matt and Kim’s panic room but I’d have trouble sleeping in there.

Shots of Nick and Chris packing up to come home. The boys go all Jessie and Biswa and promise there will be scores of 1 and 0 if they aren’t impressed.

Plinth is still working madly in the bedroom and he’s starting to get a bit fed up with the family backbone. He has to do everything and lift everything by himself while she is helping by making calls to see if she can get someone to actually help him.

Jemma goes off to pick up furniture, takes a wrong turn on the Hume highway and the music suggests she ends up in Arnhem land somewhere.

Heading back to Kel and the laundry and there is a last minute problem which someone manages to discover even without the help of McCrave-Burger. Hot weather has warped the doors and they have turned into bananas Kel tells us. Several times. Doors are bananas. It’s a good line Kel you should use it a bit more.

Jane begins the short descent into madness. She gets stressed by the noise of other people working and snaps at her long suffering husband before going to time out in the car. It’s good to see her making a valuable contribution to this reno; we’ve had the blood from Barry, sweat from Plinth and finally tears from Jane.

Potential kitchen disaster but Leighton advises removing the top to fit in the dishwasher. Aw Leighton you’re a good bloke hey? Plinth now attempts to wallpaper and Kel starts shaking violently. 

One hour to go.

Jemma turns up with furniture and much nicer couches than Tassie got. Superman music for Sean running back and forth and getting hot and maybe…no no topless shot dammit.

Jo turns up for her blink and you’ll miss it appearance, which is still 20 seconds more than Chester got this week, and there are 10 seconds left on the clock gice®.  

Plinth seems to have mastered the wallpapering, he’s slapping it on bottom to top and it’s actually going well. Jane gives him a hard time about the shower rail and honestly Jane just bugger off; he’s done the whole goddam reno on his own, just go and hang your dressing gown or something. Even Plinth is losing patience as she continues to flap about. We’ve got a minute left he tells her. Just do something. Something other than whinge at me preferably.

Horn blows. Time is up.

Wow amazing kitchen. Lots of hugs all around and Plinth demonstrates the key to his successful marriage by apologising to Jane. Kel pays homage to Plinth’s masterful wallpapering.   

Experts Joe and Wendy (nice jacket Wends) arrive and first up it’s the entrance and lounge room. They like the feature fireplace and Joe thinks it’s a gutsy move to go from floor to ceiling. Everyone else thinks it’s a gutsy move to wear those pants in public Joe.

Kitchen, dining and family rooms look amazing. 10 maybe? Laundry is neat and the bathroom is great too. Snazzy says Joe but thinks the tiles are a bit feminine because real men don’t like sparkles. High-waisted pink jeans on the other hand… Next the bit we’ve been waiting for, Nick’s bedroom is moody and dark and murky and Joe thinks he might die in his sleep here. Den is sleek but to Joe it looks dead. Clearly Joe has a death fixation this week.

Moving on to Chris’s room, first the ‘before’ shot, and if Chris is watching this tonight betcha he is wishing he’d removed that box of tissues from his single bedside table before allowing cameras in. This room gets a small unenthusiastic wow from Joe. Ensuite is surprisingly good although judges think the sink is a bit small and the mirror is out of place and what absolutely no comment on the leopard skin hanging next to the mirror? I’ve been waiting five days and then nothing? Plinth appears to have put his foot down about the red cord jobbie light fitting as there is no sign of it.

Pink and blue theme going on back at headquarters and dammit when will Channel 7 stop stealing ideas from Masterchef? Scores from the judges.

Michelle and Steve – 5 and 7

Plinth and Jane get 6 and 7

Reese and Leighton – 5 and 4

10 is still up for grabs……

Seamy – 9 and wait for it yes! 10 and a mean little death glare from Jemma.

Barry Jnr and Jemma- 10 and 10 so wow. Perfect score.

After the break we get the boy’s reactions.

Nick and Chris jog up the steps, open the door and then huge grins all around. They are stoked with the lounge and don’t seem inclined to go any further. They test the seating and admire the fireplace and really seem reluctant to leave this room. Quick cutaway to Barry Jnr admiring his own work as they move into the hallway. Next the kitchen, they love it but Nick thinks the black will show up fingerprints and be a nightmare to clean. The perma-smiles are wiped off Seamy. Dining table is great and big tv gets a score although the big couch is possibly a bit close to the screen. Fair call. Laundry is fine but really must be the least interesting room to a couple of young bachelors. Boys love the sparkly shower tiles so there Joe. Nick tests out the shower but sadly for Kel we don’t get Nick taking advantage of the floor to ceiling mirror to admire his masculine form.

Nick’s room and he says he is stoked with the colours. They like the hallway bar and den is fine but they try out the foldout bed and it’s too hard to figure out so there will be marks deducted for that.

Into Chris’s room and massive props to Plinth for getting all that finished. Plinth’s voiceover tells us Chris is a slick guy and they went with that sort of ethic…does he almost say ethnic? Ensuite is good but Nick criticises the floating vanity and again no comment on the animal skin hanging conspicuously from the wall.

Boy’s scores and comments. Overall they are pretty happy.

J&P: Chris loved his bedroom and bathroom was a knockout. They get a 7.

M&K: Loved the tiles in laundry but Nick didn’t fit in the shower so a score of 4 which is a bit sad. Michelle blinks back tears.

L&R: Loved his bedroom and loved the bar but struggled with the sofa bed in the den so their score is a 5.

Pretty shitty scores for such an amazing makeover. Not cool boys.

Seamy – score a miserly 6.

J&B: The zone was amazing and they loved the feature wall. Score of 8 which seems fairer since they both really liked it.

Leighton and Reese come last but in a stunning twist their house is up next and although producers could still send them off camping for the week, their spot at Couples Counselling is already booked. They get to choose who will take their place and really the boys should go in after those pathetic scores but they choose Michelle and Kel. The reason they couldn’t choose Jane and Plinth even though no one likes Jane, is because she has a bad back. So Kel that’s what Panadol® and HTFU gets you.

We are off to bdd territory next and we are promised Little House Big Ideas but possibly Little house of horrors as more mistakes are made, some teams run out of options and someone or something pushes Kel to breaking point.




1 Tenna Lady { 06.04.13 at 1:40 pm }

Feck. That’s not even funny. I’ve waited all day to read this and as Jane started her decent into madness my pelvic floor gave out and I’ve got a meeting! I stink like cat wee and I blame you!!

2 katmac { 06.04.13 at 1:47 pm }

Yeah, I thought it was really rude for them to score everyone so low. A 6 for Seamy?! That area was amazing, I would go door bananas over that kitchen.

I know its a game and all (actually, I have no idea how the final winner will be picked, is it final tally of scores, or will it drag out for 3 years like MKR?) but come on, don’t be a douche.

Love these recaps, thank you! 5 out of 5 pink pants.

3 Jaycee47 { 06.04.13 at 2:22 pm }

Another good recap Annajjj.

I am loving House Rules over the Block (too many dramas that drag on too long although I feel for Bec losing her mother) and am even thinking of ditching MasterChef…how much more cringeworthy can it get! (Sorry for overlapping posts).

Agree with all re the boys score….I also thought the way the winner would be decided was a tally of all scores and I guess the Vic boys were thinking if they give everyone low scores for their house their chances will be increased.

Not a good look boys….bad sportsmanship! Once on Come Dine with Me one of the contestants gave the host a 1 and was told to “reconsider” her score….perhaps they should have had a little word here.

BTW why don’t they give a valuation before the renovation and again after? It would be interesting to see how much value they have increased the property by.

Went passed Leighton & Carly’s house the other day and it looks great compared to what was it was before …can’t wait to see what they have done inside.

HR beat MC in the ratings here last night night (Adelaide)….local interest I guess. But the ratings for MC for last night dropped off everywhere. Even the ABC news beat it!!

How offal!!!

4 Andrea { 06.04.13 at 2:32 pm }

I think the boys scored too low as well, they should be grateful for getting such a fantastic make over for their home including new furniture etc, I realize its a game but still, it needs to be fair.

Don’t see why Leighton and Reese didn’t have to do the camping thing, couldn’t another house have been chosen instead of theirs, or just send them away camping for a week somewhere?

Felt sorry for Plinth as he worked really hard all week and had to put up with Jane whining the whole time, she could have done something to help, or been more supportive.
Since everyone else had a team of two, why couldn’t a friend or relative have been roped in for a few days to help Plinth?

5 Jason { 06.04.13 at 2:50 pm }

I would’ve chosen the boys to be camping next week based on those low scores!

6 Picnic { 06.04.13 at 2:54 pm }

I am loving this show, fast paced, good characters and not too much annoying voice over and repeated information. So much better than The Block (am still watching though)
Great recap and I am loving the nick names.
Cant stand Jane or Leighton, love Michelle and Kel, love Seamy.
Boys scoring was really mean, especially when they asked the teams to take risks and then mark them low because they had.

7 Techhater { 06.04.13 at 3:21 pm }

Sean did say after getting their score from the boys if that was a strategic move. So I too am wondering if winner is chosen by total score tally. Only way it would be fair. Is anyone here keeping a tally. It would be interesting to see current leaderboard.

Bad back my A*SE. Jane has done nothing to hurt her back. Actually does Jane do anything? In their promo Plinth said he did all the cooking, on that lousy camping stove. I think she really is just a Drama Queen.
So unfair for Michelle and Steve to camp out this week.

8 LB { 06.04.13 at 3:38 pm }

TH agree with you totally re Jane. So far, haven’t actually seen her do anything except for faff around. Couldn’t believe that Plinth apologised to her when he had run himself ragged the entire time. I am liking her less & less with each ep.

Conversely, am really warming to Sean & Amy. (Whatever those two are on, I want some! They are just way too happy) Sean is an absolute energizer bunny the way he was scampering around. It has been great to see the massive improvement they have made over the weeks and I loved their kitchen. Great to see the scores they got, but it was kind of soured by the absolute deathstares from Gemma & Ben. Some graciousness goes a long way.

It was disappointing to see the boys score so strategically, I know it’s a game and all, but really?

I think I’m enjoying this so much more than the other reality on air at present as the back/sob stories are kept to a minimum and the show is mainly concentrating on the action.

9 Jaycee47 { 06.04.13 at 3:52 pm }

So far the scores are:

Amy & Sean 56; Nick & Chris 40; Michelle & Steve 52; Carly & Leighton 58; Jemma & Ben 43; Jane & Plinth 39. Remember that the higher scores reflect that their houses are yet to be done.

Unfortunately as no-one knows who did what rooms they can’t mark anyone down intentionally!!

10 Techhater { 06.04.13 at 4:16 pm }

LB i’m really liking Amy and Sean as well. It’s great to see truly nice people with no backstory for a change

Jaycee47 Thanks for the score update. I realise they don’t know who does what zone which is totally fair. But that doesn’t stop them from scoring low if it’s to their advantage. MKR is a classic example of how that plays out.

11 annajjj { 06.04.13 at 4:36 pm }

Jaycee47 thank you for the combined scores tally. I think it would be an advantage going last and scoring everyone else low. For that reason I’m predicting Seamy will go last – no way Mr and Ms Nice Guys will score strategically. I’m torn between wanting Seamy or Michelle and Kel to win.

12 Daze { 06.04.13 at 5:17 pm }

No surprise Jane & Plinth’s scores are so low. He should have wallpapered her to the wall last night, then we would have some peace. I’m curious, did he really do the wallpaper on his own or did Jane finally find someone professional to come in – must have missed that part. I rather liked it, for that room. The lounge and kitchen were outstanding. Great job annajjj, always look forward to your recaps

13 annajjj { 06.04.13 at 5:32 pm }

Forgot to say thank you gice for the compliments – gives me a thrill to know you enjoy these recaps.

14 Eliza { 06.04.13 at 6:19 pm }

Agreed that the boys did score low in comparison to how the scoring seems to be going. I think every week everyone has been scored too high but they really should have worked with this to be fair. Personally, I would never want to win anything, esp something with such a high value, off the back of playing dirty. I was esp shocked with the score they gave Seamy – that was my favourite space overall. They wanted risks and they gave it to them with the black kitchen which looked great in the space and I am not even a fan myself as I prefer white. Seamy are my fav couple as they work well together and are improving a lot. Really didn’t like Jemma’s death stare when they got the 10. Their lounge room was good, but not perfect. I guess I am harsh given they did only have a week 😉

Poor Plinio really is Jane’s plinth to stand on. All she does is boss him around and even though Michelle is highly annoying, the series would be really boring without her. Love how she will say some plain nasty things but you don’t really notice because it came from her!

Thanks Jaycee for the scores!

15 Nib { 06.04.13 at 6:30 pm }

Was I the only one to notice all the alcohol in 3areas? Keep up the great recaps Annajjj. Maybe time to give up your day job and do this professionally?

16 Techhater { 06.04.13 at 6:55 pm }

Well spotted Nib. And yes Annajjj great recaps.

17 seepi { 06.04.13 at 9:31 pm }

I couldn’t see anything feminine about that bathroom. I did think the mirror and vanity were way too small though. and those boys will never clean around that bath.

the judge’s pants were hilarious. I can’t decide if I liked the bedrooms or not. I do prefer them to beige beige beige.

The boys seemed so happy about their ‘new’ house – i was surprised with the low scores.

18 Georgie { 06.05.13 at 8:16 am }

I’m not managing to watch complete episodes of this with so much on at the moment, so thanks for filling in the gaps with the great recaps annajjj.

Rocky made a good point on another HR thread – why did the losing team get the advantage of choosing who replaced them for the camp-out? That gave them a strategic edge that no other team, win or lose has had before. Maybe a judge should have drawn a name out of a safety helmet instead.

As for the low scores from the boyz – what goes around comes around fellaz! A twist at the end to determine the winner could be, only the judges scores count.

19 mahlia { 06.05.13 at 9:06 am }

I love HR. I bet more Block fans would love it too if they came across because it lacks all the things Block get criticised for – no challenges, no repeating, no shelley and it concentrates on renovating.

It’s funny how everyone hates Jane. She’s just not nice and everyone sees it.
When her back was sore Plinio was painting the window frames. That would have been a perfect job for her! It’s standing height!

20 Andrea { 06.05.13 at 9:51 am }

In the New Idea today, there is an article on Jane and Michelle, they have both lost a lot of weight during the show and Jane has said she has had botox done as she is very conscious of her “jowls” and is quite happy to consider facelifts in the future.
Plinth however, loves her just the way she is.

21 Rocky { 06.05.13 at 1:25 pm }

Great recap as always annajjj. You asked why Amy was repainting the wall white? I think she was applying a base coat before reapplying the final paint, since I think that was why her paint peeled too easily before.

I agreed with the judges giving 10’s to Jemma and Ben. That lounge and hall fit the brief perfectly. They had that Mad Men style down pat. That room was fit for a magazine spread.


Boo on the boys for low scoring. Note to boys: You will only win in the end with 10’s from the judges, which you won’t get with fridge doors that can’t open or blah rooms like you delivered in J & P’s home.

I am no Leighton fan, but he was spot on with letting Carly take over design so she could see just how hard it really was, and therefore stop blaming him all the time. She screwed them into a low 4 score with her not-so-bright ideas. Now maybe she will stop trying to one-up her partner and work “with” him instead. Say whatever, but Leighton does know his trade and is able to focus. Carly gets scattered and hyper which is disaster when you only have 1 week.

Finally, it was sad that Michelle and Kel drew the booby prize for zones this week. They had no room to dazzle. Look at the before shots of their rooms and you will see the space difference.

As for Jane. OMG Jane!! Poor Plinth.

22 Georgie { 06.05.13 at 5:06 pm }

annajjj – have I mentioned before what a great job you’re doing with the House Rules recaps? Well done.

23 annajjj { 06.05.13 at 5:19 pm }

Lol thanks Georgie.

24 Fanster8 { 06.08.13 at 5:12 pm }

Big fan of reality TV in all forms, shapes and sizes!!

25 Techhater { 06.08.13 at 8:43 pm }

Fanster8 Welcome look forward to your comments.

26 Techhater { 06.08.13 at 9:23 pm }

SERIOUSY am I the only one online surely not

27 Jase { 06.14.13 at 2:37 pm }

What colour grey did they use for Chris and Tims lounge room? Please help