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Masterchef Australia – The Protein Challenge

Let’s talk about the positive of this year’s Masterchef. First there is the diversity of the cast which does reflect the Australian community both in ethnicity, age, and sexuality. Secondly they showed all the dishes which is unusual with this many contestants still on the show. So big thumbs up. Also finally the scenes set in the house were good, and as the show continues hopefully the viewer will see more of this and then some real drama could emerge not this faux gender wars stuff.

Also add in some alcohol and Michael will unleash his not so hidden inner prick after two beers.

Also the home shots allowed for some gratuitous shots of the male contestants chests. Daniel’s six pack was indeed a highlight and rewind buttons must have been being pressed throughout Australia, and Lynton was not too shabby either.

The downside is about 50 per cent of the contestants don’t look like very good cooks but then they have not been put in scenarios where they can really show this.

The challenge tonight was to cook a dish with an allocated protein. The girls had the advantage of being able to select one of the eleven proteins and the guys who were cooking opposite them had to cook with that one as well. A clever challenge for later in the series but at this stage of the competition there were some unusual proteins there like eel, and goat ribs. Why not just give them goat meat? And did I miss the lamb, pork or chicken?

Some of these cooks are struggling with a proper piece of meat/fish let alone getting some tricky twist. Case in point Michael who had the mince and ended up making an ordinary Shepherd’s Pie. Is this guy stuck in the ’80’s. Last night pumpkin soup, tonight this?

He also did not cook his potatoes enough. It was funny when he was trying to be “I know how to use this miele” and his potato was flying out everywhere. In the Masterchef kitchen don’t they just have a normal potato masher?

Michael at the start said “I have cooked this dish so many times and I have never got it wrong.” Savvy viewers always know this means disaster.

Noelene was happy with getting offal, her opposite man Kelty was not. Considering his schtick is Irish cooking would have thought he would have been more confident with it. However he served up nearly raw sinewy liver. This was the dish where George gagged on. Matt Preston also said it was in the five worst dishes ever on Masterchef.

I presume Kate’s Microwaved Chicken was another one but what were the other three that were as bad as this? It is a pity Matt Preston did not list them.

Noelene’s offal platter was given good reviews but it just looked like she had crumbed and fried everything and it was all brown on a plate with not even a parsley garnish.

Samira who actually looked like she can cook in the first episode had a meltdown once she realised the fish picked was not Snapper but Barramundi. Apparently snapper is the only fish she eats. She cooked it the same way as she doe the snapper but doubt she cooks it an hour before she is going to eat it. Also it was like she was nearly deep frying the uncoated piece of fish. George said the trick to making a better dish was to love the ingredients. Oh please you have to know how to cook it.

Totem who looks like he could be an interesting contestant clearly won that round.

Nicky cooked for the first time and he fiddled around with his Rainbow Trout Croquettes. Firstly deep frying them, then pan frying them in a bit of butter, until finally settling on shallow frying them. He decided that mozzarella foam would go well with this dish. For the first time ever Matt Preston did not even pause when he said this is bad.

Clarissa who may turn out to be a tad irritating was smart and cooked her Trout in paper to eliminate room for error. The judges liked it but I would have been interested in hearing what they had to say about the carrot and mint salad on her plate as that did not look very appetising.

Neha who must have been the last of the girls to grab a protein plate was stuck with eel. She had no idea and was pan frying it in turmeric. In the end she made eel balls and curry but the judges said some good flavours but too much turmeric. Andrew who had had the sour cream disaster last night made some well received eel and potato cakes.

However he won’t be happy that Lucy has been given the title dessert queen after she made a set souffle.

Rishi, Liliana, Pip, Christina and Jules dishes all looked good however there was no dish of the day only a bottom six.

The girls were told they had won again but this did not make them safe from the elimination challenge. Neha and Samira joined Nicky, Michael, Dan and Kelty in the bottom six. One will be going home tonight.


1 Injera { 06.04.13 at 5:21 pm }

Watched it today. Oh, dear. So… is the twist this year that there *was* no audition process and they selected Coles customers who had trolleys filled with frozen dinners?

One of the top 5 worst dishes to go with Kelty’s kidneys (or liver, or whatever it was he cooked) would have to be Andre’s strawberry risotto.

2 brain dead dave { 06.04.13 at 5:21 pm }

You’d think that the occasion of Jowl$y actually not being able to swallow something would be ratings gold.

He said that he and the other two Stooges would be ‘happy boys’ with the plate of offal. Glutton dressed up as glam, Jowl$y.

Gary took a huge mouthful of the Cottage Pie for something he so sourly bagged for being so common and boganesque.

3 Izobel2 { 06.04.13 at 5:24 pm }

Well I for one was happy to see all of the dishes. So hooray for that.
I must be easily pleased as I’m enjoying the season.

4 Littlepetal { 06.04.13 at 5:43 pm }

TH thanks for nominating for MC! I can’t cook under pressure and I am no good with memorising recipes but I do have a sob story. But I am not going to tell the whole world.

Agree with Georgie. No bogans watching MC. So we must have more bogans in Aust than non bogans. LOL

Suck it up Gary, George and Matt

5 Dr T { 06.04.13 at 6:32 pm }

Hey LB (not wanting to pick on your posts but…) do you ever eat crispy skin chicken? Or pork crackling? I would wager that the skin is a fairly important organ (as well as being the largest organ of the body)

6 Culinary Boner { 06.04.13 at 7:47 pm }

When I consider the following menus from past MCA contestants who had both a ‘food dream’ and an ability to cook I almost weep when looking at this year’s selection of no-hopers and deluded bogans: – offal master and beer ‘whore’, Chris Badenoch – sure, as Injera points out, he did make Strawberry risotto, but he has atoned for that

I’ve eaten at both, but a couple of years ago now. Be interested if anyone has comments based on more recent dining experiences.

7 Reality Raver { 06.04.13 at 7:47 pm }

Little Petal – dude food guy might damage his brand. His cookbook is a bit exy considering Kumar’s is only $29.95

8 Culinary Boner { 06.04.13 at 7:54 pm }

*slaps his misogynist arse* – of course Julie Jenkins must also be acknowledged for her part in the Josie Bones story – which on one of the night’s I dined there seemed to entail doing most of the cooking with Badenoch most likely “checking out the cellar”

9 Anna { 06.04.13 at 8:56 pm }

CB, did you expect anything else?? Looks as if best Evah year equates to the most delusional bunch

10 Anna { 06.04.13 at 9:02 pm }

Tomorrow night MC is up against state of origin… Wonder how bad the ratings will be :-) Oh & it’s Masterclar$e!!!

11 Littlepetal { 06.04.13 at 9:08 pm }

No MC tomorrow. They are not going to go up against State of origin

12 Daisy { 06.04.13 at 9:24 pm }

Izobel2@53 How cute that you are being the square peg in the round hole on this thread. That’s very groovy.

13 Morgan { 06.04.13 at 9:39 pm }

We’re only three episodes in and I think this is going to be the worst season ever. Seriously, not a single good cook has stood out to me. Kelty can’t cook at all and he dodged a huge bullet with Dan and Samira doing worse than him that day. I don’t think Michael can cook either, he’s put up bloody pumpkin soup, cottage pie and steak which is as basic as you can get, and his steak wouldn’t even have been good had he not listened to the peanut gallery. Him winning dish of the day was a load of crap, I don’t like Nicky either but his dish was clearly better. I’ll probably give the next couple of weeks a watch but if the quality dosen’t inprove, this may be the first season of MC I don’t watch through to the end, which is a shame since I was such a big fan of the show. End rant.

14 Morgan { 06.04.13 at 9:44 pm }

Another thing to add (I wish we could still edit posts), I think the reason why the quality of this year’s cast is so poor is because of there being no Top 50. The judges could at least seen who has some potential and weedle out some of the duds, this year it’s like they’ve drawn names out of a hat and said “Right, this is this year’s cast.”.

15 Dr T { 06.04.13 at 10:27 pm }

I loved the face shot of Michael tonight… he was really putting love into his bernaise (or so it would appear)…

I love the tag line for the company
Inspire. Create. Shite.

16 Veronica { 06.04.13 at 10:42 pm }

What about Michael getting dish of the day for steak and vegetables and then having the hide to say now he’d proven he could cook!
Not sure I will watching more.

17 Littlepetal { 06.04.13 at 10:48 pm }

Agree with you Veronica. Michael can’t even cook the steak properly. He needed advice from the peanut gallery. 60 mins for a steak and some roasted cauliflower and something.

18 LB { 06.04.13 at 11:25 pm }

Dr T, fair call @55, but to be honest, can’t remember the last time I ate chicken skin – would be some time last century! Most recent pork crackling would be about 4.5 years ago and I can’t stomach fish skin. Something about the texture just creeps me out :)

19 Culinary Boner { 06.04.13 at 11:32 pm }
20 Suziekue { 06.04.13 at 11:36 pm }

OMG!! Did he really win dish of the day for the steak?!! I bailed out before the end…so happy I didn’t see that – the entire bottle of whisky would have been gone in one shot, and that would have been at the TV screen! Bring back Junior Masterchef so the kids can teach this bunch of no-bloody-hopers a thing or two. Never mind, I’m enjoying House Rules.

21 Eliza { 06.05.13 at 12:19 am }

Is this series really just a Masterchef parody? It feels like it.

I cooked a mean steak and 3 veg for dinner tonight.. took 20 mins. Why didn’t Michael get questioned as to what else he did with his time. This year is all about the stories so basically we can predict each elimination off the contestants role more so than previous seasons.
– They will need the villain for a while so Michael will stick around.
– Nicky is a wild card (what crazy thing will he do next?!) so he can stay.
– Hayden, I mean Daniel, is the pretty boy so they need someone for all the girls to watch. Tick, he’s in.
– Neha, the Coles worker (sorry, forgot her name) and Amina or should I say Samira represent the cultural diversity.
– Lynton represents true blue Australia and is also easy on the eye. He’s good to go.
– Kelty – whipping boy. Need one of those to continually pick on.
– Lucy (aka Julia) is our dessert queen. Every season needs one of those.

And so on.. I haven’t been paying too much attention but these are the ones that have stood out thus far.

p.s Techhater, I am with you on the irrelevance of TV ratings these days. I record the same shows as you and watch them at different times. You can’t watch everything at the same time!