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Masterchef Australia – Gender Wars Continues At The Barossa

Jules who is turning into the series narrator said “Seeing George Calombaris at 6.00am was not what I had in mind”. She did not add “at least he had his clothes on”. Unlike Michael who was pulling on his jeans before he hopped out of the sleeping bag. He moaned “I must look terrible”…. well it is not like he is going to be the this year’s sex symbol let’s leave that role to Lynton and Daniel.

Masterchef was in the Barossa Valley and gender wars was continuing and just to make sure we knew it, the introduction had the obligatory trash talking about the other team.

It was also announced it was going to be a double elimination this week.

The first challenge was at the Yalumba Winery and it was not identify your Pinto Gris from your charddie but it was cutting down a lamb carcass.

The teams in a relay, boys versus girls, had to break down the lamb. Gary the butcher gave a master class in how to cut up a lamb and at this stage I  suspect every vegetarian viewer changed the channel.

Each team member would only have 3 minutes with Pip and Lynton first up for their teams as both had some knowledge of the beast.

Xavier the stoner looking carpenter struggled for the guys and it was not happening for him at all.

Michael who was next was told not to hit the meat when he was sawing into the ribs and of course that meant he did.

The girls seemed to be doing it well and then Clarissa the opera singer took over and she cut herself. The girls had to wait until the next change over to put another person in.

The boys finished first, but even though Gary looked over the girls cuts, the male team  won.

The girls had to cook off  with two going into the elimination challenge. They had 90 minutes to cook a lamb dish. The pantry was full of Barossa produce, therefore Jules seemed surprised there was no Asian ingredients like lemongrass and galangal for her thai curry. However there was plenty of verjuice. None of the contestants realised they would get double points if they used this except for Lucy the posh pom. Lucy also managed to razzle out an obligatory royal story which immediately made her safe.

Jules also revealed her mother was Thai, would not have picked that at all.

Clarissa is clearly the culprit this episode. She cut herself, then she stole a bench from someone else, and then she decided to use a pressure cooker. This was always going to be ugly particularly when she was asking Kelty for advice. The lamb was not cooked in fact it looked like there had been no pressure at all happening.

Speaking of ugly so was Noelene’s dish it had parsnip roots and figs and at least 99 other ingredients including being the first person ever to use a cheese in a stir fry. George said he had never seen anything like it. She was fairly comfortable confident and she plated up 25 minutes early declaring she did not think the challenge was that hard.

Gary told her it was “a very hard dish to like” and George said “my palate was just shot with chilli”. He thought he had woken up in a nightmare and woken up sweating. Once she had left the judging room Gary thought he had not tasted a dish on Masterchef as bad as that. So Kelty’s liver and mozzarella foam was more palatable? That is a big call.

Liliana served up a family recipe of Lamb Ragu. Matt told her “Rich, meaty delicious”.

Lucy made Marinated Lamb Cutlets the judges said “Yum”. Not sure they were just talking about the cutlets either.

Pip made Indian spiced Lamb and they told her it was a “great dish”.

Christina who made lamb rump on polenta was told they did not like polenta.

Emma made a pan-seared lamb rack on mash, pickled cabbage and poached pear. It looked very rare, but that was not the issue it was the lack of sauce.

Faiza made Herb and Spice marinated lamb chops and after her having to put the lamb back in the oven she was told it was delicious.

Jules’s Lamb Massaman Curry did not go down well. Gary told her not to go into the pantry with a fixed idea and to try harder.

Clarissa had made a Lamb Tagine but he sauce looked very watery. Matt told her excuses don’t cut it and she was told it was a fail.

Lilian, Faiza and Lucy had the top three dishes and the bottom two were Noelene and Clarissa.

Interesting the previews of Monday’s episode is focusing on the negatives of the cooking they must think that is what will draw the viewers in. But have to say thumbs up to this episode as it was fast paced and showcased everyones dishes, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Masterchef Australia on Sunday to Wednesday nights at 7.30pm.


1 Georgie { 06.11.13 at 9:09 am }

Hello, I am new to this site, but I have been reading for a while. I only watch the cooking shows and I know that food will be wasted, but has anyone noticed how many times Michael has wasted food this series? Three times by my count, the chicken mix, the “practice” steaks and there was something else he binned on his first challenge. Just like that he goes “Nah not working, chuck it” Makes you wonder about what we don’t see.

2 Daisy { 06.11.13 at 9:47 am }

Hi Georgie, I am confused. We already have a Georgie. Are we being punked?

BTW. Why am I finding the women annoying and not the men? Is it because of the squealing and hugging? Not sure.

Michael looks a bit dirty, and the boys have their hair hanging over their food but hey, it wouldn’t be an RTV cooking show without their hair hanging in the food.

3 Georgietake2 { 06.11.13 at 10:29 am }

Sorry, didn’t see the other Georgie, as I said I am new to this. Just had to comment on the wastage.

4 Dr T { 06.11.13 at 10:30 am }

Don’t worry Georgie2…

We’re not like the “No Homers” on the Simpsons

Welcome to the action!