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Guest Post: House Rules – Leighton And Carly Score Their House

Again a big thanks to Annajjj for the recaps on House Rules and last night it was another house reveal. Here is what she had to say:

SA house reveal tonight then a new couple is given the opportunity to R&R while their house is renovated by everyone else. Hoping it is Michelle and Kel as they both look in desperate need of a break.

We start off where we left off last week, with Kel still in the backyard and he’s really having trouble motivating himself. Nick comes out to see what he’s doing, nothing, and although there is a friendly supportive pat, he then reports back that IHO Kel should just man up. Nice one Nickhead. Jemma suggests that maybe they should help Kel and Nick replies get stuffed and any lingering good feelings viewers had towards the boys just dried up and died. I have a heart, Jemma tells them slapping at her collarbone, but Chris insists that it is game time and they are not going to help anyone out.

Cut back to Kel wiping away more tears and possibly in need of a saline transfusion by now. Barry Jnr comes out to give him one of his special motivating speeches and they share the world’s most awkward hug. Just thinking about the kids Kel admits and Barry has a dog so he can relate.

Was that Jane doing something grinding and hard?

Leighton and Reece have passed Couples Camp and are allowed to go home as long as they complete the kiss test. Done.

Seamy have made a manhole and everyone is using it including vile Nick who slips slightly and bangs a ladder against Sean’s wall. I almost died he declares dramatically and sooky Sean is just worried about a scratch when a bit of crayon (crayon?) will fix that right up. Um Nick you do know they are scoring you guys in the next few weeks. If you really want to play the game it is not a good idea to piss off Seamy (and the rest of Australia).

Kel still sitting outside and c’monnn Kel, time is ticking away…. so Michelle gets their son on the phone in an effort to motivate him and Kel dissolves completely. Then miraculously he transforms, T-1000 style one blob at a time, and marches back into the house to complete his zone.

Plinth developed wallpaper confidence after the last reno and he is ready to go again but first, a disaster. The bucket and glue stirring stick have disappeared and what on earth will they do now? Jane suspects sabotage but she can’t really think angelic Seamy have anything to do with it. Plinth is forced to use a scraper to mix his glue. Seriously. Because there are no sticks. In all of Adelaide. Anywhere.

We are told teams are struggling but then again we are always told teams are struggling so no one is really that worried.

Team Plinth are now sieving their glue to get the lumps out. Words fail me.

Across to Leighton and Reece and they are packing up enormous suitcases with the only outfits we’ve seen them in all week and heading home.

Dramatic Voice Over advises that Michelle and Kel are falling further behind. Barry Jnr shoves the Biggest Arsehole trophy into Nick’s open arms and heads off to help Kel out. Kel is hugely grateful of course but warns Barry not to get paint on the carpet. Needless to say Barry immediately spills a big blob of paint on the carpet. Noooooo! He asks if there is any water to clean it but unfortunately Adelaide is suffering a sandstone, stick and water shortage this week so the answer is no. Kel can’t get mad and he can’t break again so he goes with the only option open to him and keeps working.

Sean gets down on all fours to be a step ladder for Amy and mate there’s such a thing as being too accommodating.

One hour to go, Jo arrives and does the usual annoying thing of telling everyone they are running out of time. She is largely ignored. Michelle has a real artist coming to the house to hang his real art work and apparently only rich people do that. The water feature gets switched on and everyone gets off the couch for a quick loo break.

The bathroom taps are wrong so Nick takes off to go get some more. Quick math, 9 minutes to go there 9 minutes to get back and no minutes to shop but in TV land that’s a bit like shopping with Absolutely No Money. It can definitely be done. Drive carefully Nick.

Jemma goes off to steal flowers from the neighbours. It’s not her neighbourhood so who cares if she uproots someone’s prize winning orchids.

Horn blows – time is up! So who failed to finish? Oh it’s just the unfinished painting in the spare room so not really the mega crisis Voice Over promised.

Ad for the new season of Marry My Son and if the mums are anything like last time this should be well worth a look.

Back in Adelaide. The judges enter and is Wendy pregnant? Cos if not that’s a very unflattering dress.

So. Water feature. Wendy struggles to find a positive comment and Joe thinks it is a bit corny although at least guests will know it’s the entrance. Yes because without a water feature people coming in through the front door might think they accidently entered the house via the manhole. Moving into the guest room and hey that art work looks good. Judges don’t like the room though, they find left over carpet in the wardrobe and there is a lot of clash going on with the bedhead and bed linen. Mood board fail.

Into the kitchen and somehow the white flowers have moved themselves along the bench and turned bright pink and we get a quick recap of the stone bench top drama. We’re doing a zone at a time so averting their eyes from the rest of the space the judges’ hurry towards the linen cupboard where the mystery of the free red cushions is solved. Then back into the living room which looks pretty small. Joe uses the word plonked and decides he likes it so much he uses it another three times. Plonker. They go into the bathroom and think it is good but the taps are old fashioned.

Master bedroom plus two little zones are up next. Laundry is concealed and good, study gets a minor criticism. Bedroom is overdressed. Joe can’t quite come to grips with the WIR and does a weird little rabbit impersonation. Except rabbits don’t walk like robotic zombies Joe. Judges are impressed with the bathroom and the sliding mirror window.

Teams arrive back at home base for the verdicts.

Team Plinth: Judges loved the laundry, bedroom is overdressed. 6 and 6

Jemma and Barry: LED lighting is too harsh, liked pull-out pantry and bench tops. 8 and 8

Seamy: WIR is a warren and entry door all wrong. Bath is good, sliding mirror is fantastic 8 and 7.

Michelle and Kel: Water feature didn’t work, guestroom lacked a theme, paint job poor, linen didn’t go with the bed and how are they still smiling after that beat up? 6 and 5

Spawn of Satan: Great basin, stupid taps. Excellent orange cushions. 5 and 5 and karma.

Homeowners Leighton and Reece arrive back home and immediately notice the front door entrance has moved. Fortunately there is a water feature to help orientate them.

First impressions and they think it is awesome. Michelle beams but not for long. In the guest room they notice the shabby paint job and Reece hates the rich people artwork. They try and work out who had this zone. There’s no ceiling mirror so they are fooled into thinking it must be someone other than Kel and Michelle.

Omigod their king sized bed is gone (some of us would have given a nod to their relationship and bought them matching single beds) which is upsetting and a disappointed Reece decides she hates pretty much everything in the bedroom. The hate extends to the weird wardrobe although they seem to like the ensuite.

Kitchen next and they really love it. Spot on. They like the lounge but not the orange cushions. There are red ones in the hall cupboard Reece. Bathroom is ok, a bit dark and the taps are no good.

The next ad break completely spoils the ending of the program by telling us Seamy are up next but we’ve come to expect nothing less from Channel 7 programmers by now.

Scores from Reece and Leighton:

Seamy: Beautiful bathroom and claustrophobic wardrobe – 5

M&K: They liked the water feature and the guest bedroom. Score – 6 and again pretty low scores for stuff they profess to really like.

J&P: Score of 4 because everything was just awful after the bed got downsized.

J&B: Loved the kitchen and the bench so they get a 7

Boys: Leighton loves the family room and they also get a 7.

Leader board shows Jane and Plinth are next in the tent. Cry time says Jane. Suck it up babe.

Welcome to Queensland, home of mozzies, mud and floods and indeed it has been raining here solidly all day today. Voiceover declares that two teams won’t finish but yeah you told us that last time so were not buying it. Quick preview and Seamy are so adorable it is no surprise that they absolutely love everything and are actually grateful. We are told the gardens are coming next. So Veronicali it looks like you were absolutely right!



1 JK { 06.11.13 at 10:19 am }

I’m glad that Leighton was more appreciative of the reno than Carly. Bring on Sean/Amy’s house though, they seem to be more the appreciative type. I’m liking this over MCA :)

2 AJ { 06.11.13 at 10:21 am }

Poor Sean and Amy! I really hope that Seven is making it’s usual misleading comments about two teams not finishing, otherwise it would be disheartening to have multiple rooms unfinished.

I guess Michelle and Steve’s bedroom was unfinished this week since it needs at least another coat of paint and new carpet. Although, it’s unclear what they spent all their time doing this week as the water feature was installed by someone else and that really only left them with the bedroom. I’m also wondering whether the editing greatly extended the duration of Steve’s meltdown or whether he really was just sitting around for what seemed like an hour or two until he started the painting.

Still, at least Carly and Leighton liked the ridiculous water feature. Michelle was right about that, even if her bedroom looked nothing like the simple and classy mood board that she had created!

As much as I don’t like the brothers, especially Nick, the judge’s score was a little harsh. Carly and Leighton asked for a fireplace, so there wasn’t much the brothers could do about it. And the basin taps were ugly, but that would be fairly easy to replace.

Sean and Amy were also unfairly penalised for the placement of the WIR door. I really don’t understand why Jane and Plinio insisted that it was placed off-centre as they didn’t seem to do anything with that wall. Unless it really was just to sabotage Sean and Amy. To be fair, the WIR was rather awkward and they should have insisted upon having the doorways line up to ensure the “flow” that Carly and Leighton were so insistent upon.

The kitchen and living room seem to be the best rooms to have if you want to win. I haven’t been keeping track, but from memory the teams who have either or both of those rooms appear to keep winning.

It will be interesting to see how the front and back yards are divided between the teams.

3 Jason { 06.11.13 at 10:34 am }

Carly thought the WIR felt claustrophobic – hello? you live in a very small house but want a WIR and an ensuite – and still want your king size bed! Perhaps, you should have forgone the WIR and had a bigger bedroom (and then Seamy’s ensuite door would’ve been OK)

4 annajjj { 06.11.13 at 10:37 am }

Good point Jason. It did seem like she was expecting to come home to a much larger home than the one they left. I wonder how they felt about the three beddy house becoming a two.

5 2ndhand { 06.11.13 at 10:43 am }

Shame on Carly & Leighton – just be grateful!!! You left a dump and came home to a nice ‘new’ home. Although I do agree that getting rid of someone’s king size bed is a big no-no.

Problem with the fireplace to me was obvious (not for judg’es reason though) – doesn’t seem any point in having the END of the lounge facing the fireplace. Unless of course you have one ‘hot’ and one ‘cold’ person, in which case their seating arrangement is a given.

Judges seem to be handing out their points on their individual taste, which doesns’t seem very fair. And why did the grey/black bedhead NOT match the linen. Looked just fine to me. Perfect match.

Would be interesting to have a real estate do a before and after valuation on each house .

6 Kess { 06.11.13 at 10:50 am }

Michelle & hubbie are useless.
Don’t blame the boys for not helping.
What the hell did they do all week, why didn’t she help him paint??
Every other team has gone from the tent to number one, using extra time to finesse – these 2 just slacked off.

7 Andrea { 06.11.13 at 11:29 am }

Even though Nick did not have to help, it wouldn’t have hurt him to do so. Kel and Michelle are about twenty years older than him and his brother and the stress was just starting to show on them.
What happened to the good old Aussie spirit, it just would have been a nice thing to do.
I thought Leighton was quite good with his comments as I was expecting him to hate everything. Carly was much more picky although I agree the king size bed should have not been replaced. The bedside table was not practical without a drawer or anything.
The promos annoy me telling us what happens before the show is finished, I wish Kel and Michelle were the next to have their house done so they could have a rest, but its a pity the boys didn’t get to stay in the tent next!

8 Me { 06.11.13 at 12:20 pm }

I would be devastated if someone swapped my bed to a queen if i had a king. Thats quite a bit of money needed to fix it…maybe they can get their old bed back

9 janey { 06.11.13 at 1:32 pm }

Have been away so this was my first – and last – viewing. What a stupid show – where did they find so many people with terrible taste for a renovation show !? Ch7 must have a target audience of morons. I think Joh seems like a great girl – someone I’d like as a neighbour – but can someone get her a stylist ? I realise she’s tall and broad, from swimming I guess, but she looks so terrible always amd she’s too young and too pretty for this.

10 Veronicali { 06.11.13 at 3:34 pm }

Not sure what Michelle & Kel got up to all week – with just guest bed and entrance, and being on site, should’ve had plenty of time. Oh there was that drive into the Hills to look at stone the producers sourced earlier 😛

Why did Kel not dropsheet the carpet, knowing he still had to paint, argh. The bedhead and linen matched ok for me, too.

The ensuite, while still a waste of space for mine, was excellent. Love the sliding mirror.

I’d like to know if the homeowners have input into the layout. Carly wasn’t thrilled with a laundry in the cupboard/alcove.

Did they mention the yards, missed that. Only fair to fix them up after having tradies trekking across them for a week.

11 Gabby { 06.11.13 at 4:12 pm }

I don’t believe Carly was thrilled with hardly any room except the kitchen and maybe the lounge. Talk about picky. Leighton was way more happy with everything, he surprised me, I thought he would be the one picking the place apart, not her. I love the laundry behind the cupboard idea, great when saving on space, but maybe not in a bedroom. It looks as though our Qld couple are going to be over the moon with their reno., lets hope they give fair marks. The brothers have not improved their charming ways any. Wonder if Jane will last the week in the tent?

12 Jaycee47 { 06.11.13 at 4:44 pm }

Note to 2ndhand. Last week I suggested before and after valuations..would be interesting to say the least!

If too would be pissed off if my king bed was changed. I have all the linen for it and wouldn’t be too happy getting new stuff because someone thought it would be better! Jane and Plinio just didn’t get it this week….the way they wouldn’t let Seamy have his way with the WIR entry door was dreadful…no wonder it felt like a rabbit warren…this house is small and it needed to have the rooms FEEL like they were bigger not smaller.

Didn’t like Kel and Michelle’s room one bit…only one painting would have been better and a touch of teal to match somewhere else..didn’t like the linen at all….liked the bedhead but needed better bedding to show it off.

As usual Nick the Knowall (at 21 sure knows a lot) shows his true colours….at least his bro Chris isn’t as bad.

I was annoyed with the scores the boys gave in Vic but somehow I wasn’t last night…maybe because I didn’t like any of the rooms much except for the kitchen which met the brief.

As for putting a washing machine/dryer in the laundry….does anyone know how long a washing cycle and then drying cycle would take? I would assume it would be hours! You can’t put washing in the dryer and do another load cause they are together FFS.

I hope the teams get a bit of downtime between makeovers and that they get a bit of time to familiarise themselves with a new city as well. Hard to find your way around in a hurry even with satnav.

Ch7 again spoilt the upcoming reveal for Seamy’s house…I switched off beforehand so at least it can be a surprise…..what are the producers thinking!

13 mahlia { 06.11.13 at 4:45 pm }

Once you go king you can’t go back!
Outrageous choice!

14 Techhater { 06.11.13 at 5:20 pm }

I forget who said it on another thread. But they were right. The yards will be round 2. I wonder what will be round 3. Fixing up the stuff the owners didn’t like?

I would be so grateful if my house was renovated I would score every team a 10 just because it was done.

15 Rocky { 06.11.13 at 5:53 pm }

Thanks to annajjj. Funny as always.

Thanks to Jaycee47 for total previous scoress. I have added the latest and then gave the averages so we can see how they are doing so far. Shown in descending order.

Jemma & Ben 66 avg. 22
Carly & Leighton 58 avg 19.3
Amy & Sean 76 avg 19
Nick & Chris 57 avg 19
Jane & Plinio 55 avg 18.3
Michelle & Kel 69 avg 17.2

Kind of explains why Carly was super critical and searching high and low for anything to deduct points from. She is really trying to make up points for what she did to her and Leighton on that last reno where they scored 4’s.

16 annajjj { 06.11.13 at 6:58 pm }

Rocky thank you that’s brilliant. I was trying to work out the combined scores but given there are still houses to go it wasn’t clear who was in the lead. Averages are great.

17 Gabby { 06.11.13 at 7:00 pm }

I can’t understand how you would dare take someone’s king size bed away, as someone said you would have all the bed linen. They must have been jealous that they didn’t have a king. How dare they?

18 Techhater { 06.11.13 at 8:38 pm }

Annajjj apologies I posted earlier without reading recap or previous comments and now feel like a goose as you had said in your recap that Veronicali had picked the yards to be done next. And still enjoying your recaps.

Just started watching tonight’s ep and what is going on with Goanna’s eye makeup. Did they lose the eyeliner and use a permanent marker instead. Way too much black for someone so fair.:-P

19 CAM { 06.11.13 at 8:50 pm }

Adoring these re-caps annajjj, you are seriously increasing my enjoyment of this show by ten-fold :)

I agree it was a silly move to go from a king to a queen sized bed but the linen argument is flawed: if they UPGRADED from a queen to a king, no one would be whinging about the linen but you’d still be in the same spot of having to buy all new stuff.
I thought Carly showed her ‘true colours’ a bit – now we can understand why she and Leighton are together, she’s no angel.

I’d be interested to know what schedule they are on, definitely how much of break they are receiving between renos. Also, where is HQ? Are they flying back to the same studio location in between each reno? Or am I being daft?

PS Joh needs to tone down the eye make up, it’s a shade too close to drag style for my liking….

20 Eliza { 06.12.13 at 12:50 am }

Totally agree with Janey – could they have not found contestants who have a better eye for interior design/decoration?! The scores this week were incredibly frustrating! I am sorry, but how were Michelle and Steve (aka Kel – love this nickname) not in the bottom??!! The room looked like it needed a make over. Ok, I am being harsh compared to what it was, but still they could have made much better choices. I agree with another comment up there that the room looked nothing like the mood board. How did the bed head go with the bed sides?? They continue to pick the chunkiest, most out dated furniture you can find.

The boy’s lounge area I think was quite harshly judged. At least it felt fresh and bright and the furniture choices were much better than their previous attempts. The fire place looked amazing! Jemma and Barry Jnr were deserved winners as their kitchen was great.

The WIR debarkle was really what confused me. Why was it so critical for Jane and Plinth for the door to the WIR to be off centre? They wanted flow so wouldn’t the doors lining up make sense for both teams?!!! The robe was a disaster bc of this. I wouldn’t have been happy and would want that fixed. I do think that Carly was hoping to come back to a bigger house as their bedroom would have to become smaller to fit in the WIR and ensuite. The mirrors over the window was very clever.

Ahhh on to the next house!

21 Rocky { 06.12.13 at 11:42 pm }

I may be wrong, but I think I get why Nick and Chris scored so low. No creativity or ingenuity. They seemed to have just picked up the same design that won Jemma and Ben the 10’s in their house and replicated it in another color scheme. They copied that room all the way down to the install of the windows on each side of fireplace.

I pictured the room flowing out to the spacious backyard.. So put the fireplace in the corner (there are beautiful 3d corner units they could face with the sandstone) and seating arrangements around the open floor space facing out to double patio doors and views of spacious back garden. Not a couch plonked down blocking view and patio doors, with “dead space” long buffett on one side of the room in a house that can’t afford “dead space” at all.

Just so many options and opportunities wasted in a space begging for roomier layouts.

The judges were also too kind in their statements on that bath. It was kind of “meh”. NO tub? Those mosaic wall tiles clashing with the stone entry, fireplaces and even the large tiles in the actual bath. Mismatchy at best. I was not that surprised at the 5’s