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Masterchef Australia – Interview With Xavier – “Clarissa Not Fit To Be Living With 22 Other People”

Xavier Doran was the third person eliminated from Masterchef Australia. His Seafood Thai Green Curry was said to be flavourless, and he and Michael were the two eliminated after a week in the Barossa Valley.

I was lucky enough to be interview Xavier and the straight talking carpenter discusses how Masterchef has taken a different approach, how Clarissa should not be living with 21 other people and how this brings some drama in the next few weeks on the show. Hopefully Shine and TEN ensures this drama is shown as it sounds very interesting indeed.

RR: Hi Xavier we did not get to see much of you on screen, were you disappointed about the amount of air time you received?

Xavier Doran : I was a bit. It was certainly focused on a few people in the last two weeks. Yes I was a little bit surprised when we were filming as we were doing just as much talk to camera as everyone. They pick and choose who they want to use I guess.

RR: Do you think it is the more outgoing or pushy personalities that are getting the air time or is it whose giving the best grabs?

XD: I think this year’s Masterchef has taken a slightly different approach. There are a lot of big characters as you have seen, but everyone individually has their own bit to offer on the shows I think you will see more of a balance as the production goes on.

RR: Well it is interesting that you say Masterchef has taken a different approach this year, because I think one of things myself and my readers have noticed is that they seem to be focusing more on the negative like the disastrous, rather than promoting the good dishes in there. Have you noticed that?

XD: I have noticed that. I am not entirely sure why. The first week there was some good cooking that first week and unfortunately the worst cooking was highlighted. I think there will be a balance. The first two weeks was about this team business and getting to know each other and finding out who people are. I suppose it is an interesting way of introducing characters considering they did not have that top 50 so don’t get that depth in character so perhaps that is the approach they have gone.

RR: That’s true. Where did you audition and how many audition processes did you go through?

XD: Initially you apply online and send an application which is quite extensive and a home cooking video of yourself. I then was called in for a cook off. There were seven other people from around Australia that day. Then there was an interview process and then I was accepted. Some people had an extra cook in there I think. It is quite a long process that everyone went through to get there.

RR: What was your dish you cooked for the audition?

XD: I cooked a Chicken Roulade with goats cheese, asparagus and sundried tomatoes. They really loved it.

RR: Why did you decide to go on the show?

Xav: I almost became a chef many years ago and I have recently moved in with my of my best mates who is a chef. He became a chef because we used to stay home and cook together as he was staying with me when we were about fifteen. He lived with me for about three months and that prompted his passion to become a chef. We moved back in together and I saw this opportunity to arise and I thought give it a crack. That is my personality I am not one to shy away from a challenge and I knew it was going to be challenging.  I was actually quite nervous leading up to Masterchef and I was a completely different person for awhile with nerves.

RR: Are you working in a kitchen now?

XD: I have got some work experience lined up and some functions to do with my mate and there is just a bit of a project we are trying to start to get the ball rolling on that won’t actually come to light until after the show has gone to air.

RR: Are you allowed to talk about that project?

XD: There will be a couple of us involved from the show at this stage and to begin with we are planning a charity event but it is still not 100 per cent confirmed yet as we still have to talk to Shine. There is going to be a few different things we want to put on together.

RR: Like the pop ups restaurants that some of them did last year.

XD: Yes something similar to that.

RR: Was what you thought going on Masterchef and being on a reality TV show was like was it what you thought it was going to be or was it different from what you expected?

XD: I was nervous beforehand but as soon as I got there I realised it is doing eveyday things. Obviously it is a very unique experience. When you are there it does not feel like you were making television. It was not until I left that I  pinched myself and thought “wow I am actually going to be on television now”. That was quite surprising.

RR: A lot of the people on the show have a back story. We did not get to know your back story all we know is you are a carpenter. Is there anything that was going to emerge about you? 

XD: I think everyone has their own story but I am not prepared to share mine with the whole of Australia. I made that quite clear at the beginning of production.

RR: Who was difficult to live with? Last night Clarissa was shown to be rather irritating is that true or are they editing her badly. 

XD: I think more will come to light in the next two weeks. I am quite interested to watch myself just from what I have heard. Unfortunately she just was not fit to be living with 22 other people. It is a unique experience it is not for everyone and I think she did not cope with it. She is a really nice person but she did not cope well with it. She did turn a few heads and make a few enemies early on I think. I felt a bit sorry for her in that regard.

RR: So viewers should definitely keep tuned in for the next few weeks as we might see a few fireworks.

XD: I was not there but from what I understand the next couple of weeks will be quite entertaining.

RR: Would you go on another reality TV  and which one would it be regardless of talent?

XD: I don’t know if there is that many I would like to go on.

RR: What about The Bachelor?

XD: I know the show, I don’t think my girlfriend would  be too impressed if I went on The Bachelor.

Masterchef Australia on TEN Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.


1 Littlepetal { 06.14.13 at 10:37 am }

Thanks RR for the interview.

Here is another one that Xavier did with throng:

2 Daisy { 06.14.13 at 10:49 am }

Good on him for not milking his private life or that of a close family member or friend. He might have stayed longer but he kept his dignity. I thought he was lovely so I would look fd to seeing him on something like the Mole or CA.

3 Joseph Skyrim { 06.14.13 at 11:13 am }

“XD: I think everyone has their own story but I am not prepared to share mine with the whole of Australia. I made that quite clear at the beginning of production.”

If only more people did that, we may actually get to see more cooking! Good on you Xavier!

4 Carole { 06.14.13 at 11:17 am }

Great interview, thanks RR. Looks like it will get interesting in the next few weeks.

5 Reality Raver { 06.14.13 at 11:18 am }

Joseph Skyrim – maybe that is why he was eliminated early!

Next up Michael’s interview.

6 Reality Raver { 06.14.13 at 11:19 am }

Carol – Well hopefully we will get to see it all and it is not edited out.

7 Georgie { 06.14.13 at 11:21 am }

Thanks RR, well done.

Agree Daisy re Xavier maintaining his privacy. It’s interesting that he was still selected despite refusing to play their game though? It also means that those who tell all, apparently make that choice – in which case, the negative fallout that can result from this, is on their own heads.

8 Littlepetal { 06.14.13 at 11:26 am }

I read somewhere that half of the contestants have a back story.

9 brain dead dave { 06.14.13 at 12:01 pm }

Yes, Xavier deserves heaps of credit for not being a sheep and milking a back story and bawling at every opportunity.

It’s probably best to fake a harrowing back story to ensure plenty of airtime and then denounce it all at Finale. Whatever it takes,gice.

Personally , I’m immune to the back stories – but it’s easy to tell the genuine ones…like the Green Team in The Biggest Loser this year.

10 Daisy { 06.14.13 at 12:07 pm }

This whole backstory concept has gone crazy.

Failing to have a backstory was used as a theme on Community.
With grandchildren now in the house I was watching a kids’ show and even in that one of the characters was upset because she didn’t have a back story.

11 Techhater { 06.14.13 at 12:17 pm }

RR Thanks for a great interview. Looking forward to creepy Michael’s. Lol

Littlepetal thanks for the link. Interesting he says Rishi, Lucy and Christine are the biggest threats. Have we actually seen anything Lucy has cooked. I really can’t remember.

12 Rocky { 06.14.13 at 12:32 pm }

Thanks for the great interview RR. Very insightful.

It seems like Xavier wound up being the lucky one as far as not getting caught up in reality TV mediocrity. He really seems too dignified and real for what this season’s antics has shown thus far.

Xavier please tell Gary and George to go back to their old selves. haranguing and egging on the contestants like the ringleaders in a three-ring circus is not becoming to those two gents. Leave the minimal theatrics to Matt if necessary. He can do a mean plate dropping schtick..

13 annajjj { 06.14.13 at 2:13 pm }

Really enjoyed the interview – I hope you get to do Clarissa when she finally goes.

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