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Masterchef – Kids Week Kicks Off

This week it is all about kids, cooking for them and tonight being judged by them. However this also meant the humour was a bit juvenile as well. Especially the scene in the house where the girls laid out the house rules. The good news for Daniel fans is he gets to keep his shirt off!

First there was the mystery lunchbox, where they had to cook a dish from an ordinary kids lunchbox which included jam and chicken sandwiches, apple, carrots, sultanas, yoghurt and choc chip cookies.

Nolene said she has made 1000’s of lunches but had never deconstructed one. The judges were only going to taste the most appealing dishes. This is a change from last year where they only tasted a certain number. The contestants were allowed to swap ingredients with others. Clarissa was running around looking for other jam sandwiches with no one looking like they wanted to really give them to her.

Christina must have been quite sick as she was told she did not have to cook.

Kelty was glad to be cooking as an individual as he thought the boys were holding him back . He did end up busting out a chicken quiche.

Surprisingly Pip was the only one making bread and buttter pudding, whilst Noelene and Andrew were both making crumbles. However Noelene was going to bust out a french toast as well but after Matt Preston hinted she might want to just focus on one dish she listened. Unfortunately for her she had used her eggs in the french toast batter so only had two eggs to make a custard and it did not thicken.

The judges chose to taste both of the Crumbles but once they saw Noelene’s custard they did not bother. They did taste Andrew’s and Gary did like the side of chocolate yoghurt.

Lucy was making Eggles Cake and she was picked to have her dish tasted she served hers with the orange popper. This meant there was the “comedy” of George jumping on the finshed container, and then the three judges grabbed cups of tea whilst they ate on them as you have to have tea with it. What did the cakes taste like? Who knows but they did say “Well done.”

Pip’s bread and butter pudding was tasted and also got good reviews.

The judges also picked Kelty’s quiche and Samira’s curry puffs. Both dishes were given the thumbs up.

Lucy ended up winning the mystery box challenge and this meant she not got to pick nine people to cook in the invention test and telling them which of the three ingredients to cook with. The ingredients were three things kids hate eating which was  liver, brussel sprouts and anchovies. In fact they are three things a lot of adults hate as well.

The brief was to cook with one of the ingredients and make it into a dish kids would like.

Lucy had the power and she was not afraid to use it. She chose Kelty, Clarissa and Rishi to cook with the liver because she did not rate their cooking and thought she would be able to beat them. Neha, Emma and Noelene to cook with the brussel sprouts and her besties Pip, Jules and Lynton were to cook with anchovies. Lucy also decided to cook with anchovies as well. Well if putting one and half anchovies in a tomato sauce can be called cooking with anchovies.

Props to the producers to find three young kids will to judges this challenge and who were prepared to eat liver.

Clarissa who has shown no signs of being able to cook was going to redo Kelty’s dish from the previous week which had put him into the elimination challenge. It was pan fried liver, mash and gravy. She did not improve on it and seemed to think kids were going to like a slab of liver on their plates.

Neha was made Chicken and Brussel Sprouts spring rolls which went down well with the judges. Lynton was making Cheesy Fish Balls. George told him that when you fry anchovies it increases the salt. Who knew? Even though they seemed salty the kids loved them. 

Kelty made liver sang choy bow with potato chips. This surprisingly went well with the kids as did Emma’s Jumbo Potato Popcorn.

 Rishi was clever and made liver lollipops with satay sauce. This got him into the top five, as did Emma, Kelty, Rishi and Lynton. 

These five will be battling it out against each other to get an immunity pin. There has been much criticisms of immunity challenges over the year will in season five will they get it right?

Masterchef Australia on TEN, Sunday to Thursday at 7.30pm.



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