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Guest Post: House Rules Recap – Qld House Reveal

Fans of the show will be pleased there looks like there is going to be a season two of House Rules – go here to apply.

Queensland’s house certainly got razzled up! Thankfully Annajjj has written another great recap on what they thought. Over to Annajjj:

Reveal day in QLD and given where we left off last time it is extremely doubtful that anyone will complete their zones in the few hours left to them. However, this is not real life, it is television world and with a bit of careful editing things will probably be ok for most of the contestants.

We start with a quick recap confirming Plinth was the water flooding culprit even though a. no one has any proof of this b. Plinth himself doesn’t remember doing it and c. there are about 30 other people banging around on site so chances are he didn’t. Plinth’s motto: Always take one for the team, even if it’s not your team.

8 hours to go.

Several of the teams stop work to tell camera that they are here because they want/deserve to win and then the tilers have good news for Barry Jnr so he stops scowling and cancels the hit on Plinth.

Over to Seamy who are really hoping everyone has followed the conflicting, confusing rules. Oh you can bet on it.

Chris painting fretwork and it is clearly annoying the hell out of him. Everyone is determined they will be one of the two teams who don’t finish and at this stage I’m betting Team Plinth and Leighton & Reese.

Jemma tells Michelle she really likes the kitchen but tells the camera guy she really doesn’t. Michelle, on the other hand, knows her house is up next so she can’t afford to play the hypocritical flattery game and let Jane think she actually likes bright green feature walls. Meanwhile Kel announces that he has learnt not to doubt himself. It’s that kind of delusional confidence that will get you far Kel. Jemma and Barry wander around the other areas with the camera man giving him their expert and scathing opinions.

Jane and Plinth’s TV gets mounted too high and off centre on the bright green wall.

Leighton’s taps are wrong and so is the continuity editing because last week we saw him send Reece out for taps before calling her to say he had fixed the issue and this is footage of him fixing the issue.

Time is running out and teams are freaking out. Jane is helping out by prepping the wall that Plinth has already done. He points this out to her but for some reason, known only to herself, she keeps going. Communication she tells Plinth rolling her eyes but it goes both ways Jane.

Why do the pantry doors have Principal written on them? Did we order Positive and someone misspelled? There are a few more shots of everyone apparently being about 10% finished with only 2 hours to go.

Plinth carts all the heavy weights into the gym room. Jane tries to carry a rubber mat and fails. She gives up because frankly she shouldn’t be expected to work this hard and Plinth rushes in to take over. Meanwhile Michelle wants her clock trimmed to fit the kitchen space and Kel tells her not to be a stubborn arse.

1 hour to go and Jo turns up. Leighton’s tilers are still going, Nick’s handrail isn’t done, Michelle yells for Kel to finish the dining table, Jemma checks her hair in the mirror. Jo moves around getting in everyone’s way and loudly counting down.

Ok can we PLEASE extend the time? Even an extra ten minutes? I’m not sure my heart can handle this stress.

And that’s it. Walk away from your rooms Jo tells them which just sounds awkward. The boys and Leighton and Carly didn’t finish their zones.

Ad break encouraging viewers interested in applying for next season of House Rules to go to Reality Rules and apply directly on the post.

Judging time and Lanky Joe and Is-she-pregnant-or-not Wendy show up. They barely notice the front door but they’ve obviously heard about the kitchen so they head straight there. We get our first look at the completed kitchen and once again it is clear moderation and Michelle are not friends. Big Ben hangs on the bright silver wall and there are stainless steel and chrome fittings everywhere. But it actually works somehow and the judges simply love it. They also think the deck is neat.

Into the living room and the TV is too high and the bright green elephant in the room is too green. Gym room is good, laundry is deemed daggy.

Master bedroom looks good but as we know, Barry and Jemma like everyone to be able to see in and out of a bedroom so there are no door coverings to block a great view of the street. There goes your sex life Seamy. Shame. Ensuite looks good to me and the judges agree.

Bathroom is not finished but let’s look at the styling says Wendy. Fantastic bridging Joe says and Wendy subtly corrects him, yes the capping is beautiful. You know nothing Joe Snow. Study is great. The judges sit down for a bit and we get long loving shots of Joe’s perfectly jooshed hair.

Back to the front door and it is missing the point judges say. Everyone but Nick and Chris agrees. Guest room styling doesn’t fit with the rest of the house. Overall the judges are happy. You can really see the blood, sweat and tears here says Wendy happily and ugh.

Back at home base everyone is nervous about the judging this week apart from Chris who is delusional.

Team Plinth: Horrible green elephant feature wall, excellent gym slats, 6 and 6

Greek boys: Liked the spare room chair, front door belongs on the Parthenon 5 and 4

Leighton and Reese: study was brilliant, scores of 8 and 8 which is amazing for an unfinished bathroom complete with a filthy bathtub.

Jemma and Barry: Loved everything, dammit, scores 9 and 9

Michelle and Kel:  Judges were impressed with the kitchen and they get 10! Wow and 10 again! Awesome score and great job. Kel is in total shock.

Coming up the bit Australia has been waiting for – two people get a whole house makeover and actually appreciate it. But first, 30 minutes of ads.

Back again and now Seamy arrive and, horrible unflattering pants, then we see them see the house and they are totally spun out by the big door. Save some excitement for inside gice.

Inside the house they love the bedroom but the ensuite has a few disappointments. Into the study and they get very excited, it’s starting to get exhausting to watch. Into the boy’s zone and Seamy like the big door and Amy has a neck tatt which I’ve never noticed before. Finish outside is a bit poor but they like the guest room. Now into the kitchen and they really love it, squeal in excitement but they haven’t turned around and seen the lounge feature wall yet.

Surprisingly they seem ok about the green wall and then they head downstairs and get stupidly excited again by the gym.  Then a boy laundry! A real boy laundry! cries Pinocchio Amy.

Another ad break and then Seamy arrive at home base and they are as sweet as ever and actually thank the other teams for their efforts which is probably a first in this series so far.

J&P: Seamy love it all but only 7

J&B: – 6 because they noticed crap the judges missed.

L&R: Score of 5 and this is much harsher scoring than I was expecting from Australia’s Sweethearts.

M&K: Seamy absolutely love the kitchen and score M&K an 8 which makes them the top scorers but no advantage as it is their house next.

Boys: Seamy love the front door and guest room but only 6 so sadly it appears our lovable couple are playing the game after all.

Did we miss the bit where the boys get sent camping? Or are viewers just supposed to assume that.

Off to Sydney next and we are told it is Termite Town and there are a few surprises including Chester and a petrified rat. We get a quick preview of the reveal and it appears Kel and Michelle inherit Seamy’s front door.  And is their daughter missing a front tooth?

Shock news. At the end of this round someone will be eliminated which seems a bit of a shame. It better not be Jane and Plinth or I’ll be out of material. It will be interesting to see if Kel and Michelle give out a few 2’s and 3’s to level the playing field but there is at least one 10 in there so maybe not. Bring on the NSW reno.


1 nanaliz { 06.18.13 at 9:16 am }

Another fantastic recap annajjj. I am so enjoying this series. I don’t dislike any of the teams, certainly not as obnoxious as some of TB people. Still has fair bit of bs as far as production and editing but fast paced and realistic homes that many viewers can relate to. BTW, did I see Jane with a paint roller in her hand? She can lift a finger even if already done.

2 Nib { 06.18.13 at 9:21 am }

Love the recap as usual.. Speedy work there Annajjj!
Any clues as to why there has to be an elimination,.. Please let it be the boys…

3 Andrea { 06.18.13 at 9:30 am }

Good to see you back Nanaliz.
I love this show now, the reactions from Sean and Amy were great to see. It was a bit surprising to see them playing the game and score lowly but I guess they are in it to win it.
The boys needn’t look so surprised as they did the exact same thing.
Don’t know why the judges didn’t like the laundry just because the dryer was on top of the washing machine, so what!
I must have missed the bit about the elimination next round, I thought the surprise would be the fact that the contestants have to do the landscaping next?
Why no mention of the tent? I hope the boys are in there for the next week.
Love your recaps Annajjj and the way we have taken all your nicknames on board!

4 nanaliz { 06.18.13 at 9:34 am }

Yes Nib, the boys style is strange at time. Nick is a bit of a know-it-all. Plinth and Jane are just too funny with their dippiness although they really haven’t stood out as renovators so far. It will be interesting to see how the producers organize the outside renos and gardens and over how long.

5 seepi { 06.18.13 at 9:37 am }

Michelle’s kitchen was fabulous. I can’t believe the judges ignored completely unfinished stuff. and I can’t wait to see Michelle’s actual house! I hope it is the boys who go too. Or Jemma and Ben. She seems too nice for him, and they are a little bland.

6 Veronica { 06.18.13 at 9:58 am }

Good on Michelle for doing such a fab kitchen, she and Kel deserved the win.
I loved the green wall and props to Michelle for picking up the green from the next room with matching mugs on the bench top.

7 Meriden { 06.18.13 at 9:58 am }

Great recap. I love this show. It has the best ‘cast’ and I’ll be sorry to see any of them go. The whole dynamic will change. What will it be without the villains or without the Seamy’s loveliness … oh, I can’t bare to lose any of them. My ‘love’ ‘hate’ and ‘aggravation’ are in perfect balance.

But Seamy’s mean scoring rocked me to my core!! wtf? I’m so conflicted and a little bit out of love. What a twist it would be if the lovelies become the loathed!

8 Daze { 06.18.13 at 10:15 am }

Tally so far, if I’m right ?, is :
Vic Nick & Chris 72
Tas Plinth & Lazybones 74
Qld Seamy 76
SA Carly & Leighton 79
WA Gemma & Possum 90
NSW Michelle & Kel 97

Tally for houses :
WA 91
SA 93
Tas 94
Vic 103
Qld 107

I was thinking, where is the door on the gym? With the storms and rains, there seems to be no protection and the walk in entrance is going to be muddy. So I wonder if the rest of the area will be paved in the gardens section of the show. I liked everything except the green wall and placement of TV, the kitchen was the best – well done Michelle & Kel. However, dumb me, was wondering where the blue cupboard doors went as I thought they clashed with the psychedelic green only to have the penny drop, aaaah, door protection covers, lol, but having said that, I rather liked the ice blue, thought it went well with the silver ’tiled’ splashback. Duh.

Also thought it was an interesting twist having one team eliminated. Loving this show and your recaps annajjj

9 2ndhand { 06.18.13 at 10:17 am }

Wonderful recap, thanks, again.
I have a great idea for the next serason – let’s get judges who know what they are talking about. Novel idea, huh?
Seems a shame that the time is so limited, especially when time is taken out to raise the house, etc. Agree with Anajjj – surely they could have given then a bit longer. But then we wouldn’t have the ‘drama’ of not finishing, would we?
Still wondering who gets to fix up all the undone bits around the houses once their week is over – will Seamy have to pull up the floor that is warped and start over? And replace all the tiles in the flooded bathroom once they start falling off the wall?
But then, I am sure that just about everyone (except obviously the producers) know that tiling, varnishing, painting all take quite a while to cure before second coats, grouting etc can be done. But not in television land.
I am amazed at how good that stupd clock looked. In fact the whole kitchen was horrific bit by bit – BUT it worked. Wonder if Michelle and Kel had any idea it would turn out so well? Just lucky, I’m thinking.
Get rid of the boys, or at least the unbelievably cocky one who does all the talking – can’t be bothered remembering which one he is.

10 JK { 06.18.13 at 10:48 am }

Going back to all the renos, I wonder why none of them put in water tanks or water saving devices like toilets? Now that they will be doing landscaping, it would make better sense to consider these things. Oh well, I suppose the owners can put in those things later on.

11 LB { 06.18.13 at 11:31 am }

Loved the line about applying for next season directly on RR website :)
Great job!

Was lovely to see how happy Sean & Amy were with their home, but a bit disappointed by their scoring. Was surprised, but guess they’re playing the game and there is a lot at stake.

Agree 100% with others that if there is major structural work, such as raising, asbestos removal, etc surely they can be given a bit more time. Having said that, I have my doubts that either TB or HR complete their tasks in a week. When you look at how much work has to happen & how they get to the “last day” and the whole thing has to be painted & dressed my feeling is they might be playing a little hard and fast with time frames.

Great work Kel & Chelle – all those different elements were worrying me, but together looked fabulous. A deserved win.

12 Techhater { 06.18.13 at 11:37 am }

Welcome back Nanaliz 😀

Somebody posted a couple of weeks ago that they drove past Carly and Leighton’s house. If you are reading this can you tell us if their yard had been done.

Annajjj thanks again for a great recap.

13 LB { 06.18.13 at 12:50 pm }

Daze, thanks for updating the scores. Thought the same thing re no door on the gym area. The equipment will be gone in a heartbeat! Know people who have had the copper piping cut off their hot water service during the night in Bris :-/
I didn’t catch the first part of the Bris episode, but I believe that where Sean & Amy live is prone to flooding, in that case they can’t build a large solid wall area in the flood zone which might account for the slats. You see it everywhere in Qld, houses raised from the ground with battens underneath. Often this is because of water issues.

14 Andrea { 06.18.13 at 12:54 pm }

I also noticed no one worries about security screens and doors which is a neccessity these days unfortunately.
Veronica, I too noticed the green mugs on the bench to match the green wall, it looked good.

15 Jaycee47 { 06.18.13 at 1:56 pm }

Hi Techhater. The landscaping has been done at the front of Carly and Leighton’s house – looks pretty good! They have an outdoor setting in the middle of the lawn on a paved area. Can’t comment on the back though.

Glad Nickhead and bro came last and echo other sentiments concerning no mention of the tent next week. Michelle and Steve’s house didn’t disappoint – just as I imagined! Termites were a surprise though.

16 Veronica { 06.18.13 at 2:58 pm }

I find myself hoping Michelle and Kel win because, with the exception of Jane & Plinth, the others are all young enough to climb the financial ladder.
I hope the brothers don’t win. If they were my sons, I’d be ashamed of them.

17 Techhater { 06.18.13 at 3:08 pm }

Daze so i’m wondering if it’s Nick & Chris or Gemma and Barry who are eliminated. If it’s on scoring by house or team. And thanks for the tallies. Would never have thought of doing individual house scores. Well done you.:-D

Jaycee47 thanks for that at least we know they don’t get eliminated and they get their yard done.

18 Daze { 06.18.13 at 3:42 pm }

Thanks LB & Techhater….. yes, this show keeps us guessing which is great as in the beginning I didn’t know a team would be eliminated nor that there was a gardens competition up next.
I’m thinking the boys or Tassie will get toasted first. Or a termite might have Ben screaming and running away……….so much anticipation and I wonder who Michelle gives a 10 to, the lounge room looked lovely.

Jaycee 47 ‘Nickhead’ ha ha, good one, very clever

19 LB { 06.18.13 at 3:49 pm }

I think that’s one of the great thing about HR, Daze. It’s a new format so there are surprises along the way. With pretty much all of the other reality shows there are very few real surprises left.

20 seepi { 06.18.13 at 4:32 pm }

So true – it is good to be working out the possibilities and scoring system etc along with the contestants. they have to try to think up dopey gimicks on the the established shows to keep any interest – cooking in the dark anyone??

21 Meridian { 06.18.13 at 7:49 pm }

And the elephant in the room …. Leighton’s blow dried coif.

22 Rocky { 06.18.13 at 8:14 pm }

Always look forward to your recaps Annajjj.

Question. How do you not finish a room and still get 8’s from the judges? Also why were C&L surprised when they got a 5 from the actual homeowners, who have to kill themselves to finish rooms when they are on other’s sites, and where atoilet seats falling off and plumbing left undone would not be excused? Also if C&L thought they had it hard sharing tilers, just think how they would have felt had they been Seamy and had to try and share tilers with sneaky Nick. But guess what?, Seamy got their ensuite finished and it looked great and only got a 5 from C&L. So in a couple of cases I did see why some of the low scores from Seamy in comparison with what all the competition scored each other.

As for the Jemma and Ben score Seamy did not know until after they scored what had happened. Maybe in the future the producers will institute an “Acts of God” clause to the rules where something that was out of control like weather damage or another competitors fault is not deducted from the harmed one’s scores. It could cut down on any scheming in the future. (not accusing anyone of doing this, but who knows what can come about in the future? especially dealing with over 1/2 million in prize money.)

Congrats to Michelle and Kel . They worked that look and that clock, and table cut down hugely on the toolbox effect. So much for listening to Seamy and their “We prefer understatement more than overstatement”. There was no bigger overstatement this season so far then that metal wall and humongous clock, and they loved it.

23 seepi { 06.18.13 at 9:03 pm }

iT WASN’T REALLY overstatement though, in that it wasn’t overpowering.

24 Eliza { 06.19.13 at 12:42 am }

Go Michelle and Steve this week.. cool kitchen. It lacked in storage in ways, but the pressed metal stuff looked great and she finally hit the nail on the head with the furniture/styling choices!!!

My thoughts too re the exercise area. How can it not be locked up if equipment is meant to be kept in there?! Those kettle bells aren’t cheap. The green in J&P’s lounge wasn’t terrible, but the offset TV wasn’t good as it would be awkward to look at.

The boys seem to be losing it IMO. Their room wasn’t good, not horrid though. I was shocked too at how well C&L scored considering they REALLY didn’t finish. The study was really nice though. Loved the chairs.

I was a little shocked by Seamy’s scores, but you do make some good points there, Rocky, about past scores. They are all definitely doing better as they go along.

I don’t want anyone to be eliminated!!! No!!!

25 Rocky { 06.19.13 at 12:53 am }

Seepi I was just worried about Michelle and Kel because Seamy was very specific about not wanting bold anything. It did not really matter what Seamy said in the end because the loved all the over the top treatments including the green wall, and oversized door (all Amy said was “How grand!). I was pointing out that in Seamy’s case they did not really know what they liked in styling.

26 Eliza { 06.19.13 at 12:56 am }

Agree ^

27 Rocky { 06.19.13 at 2:17 am }

Leader Board
1. Jemma & Ben 90 avg. 22.5
2. Carly & Leighton 79 avg 19.7
3. Michelle & Kel 97 avg 19.4
4. Amy & Sean 76 avg 19
5. Jane & Plinio 74 avg 18.5
6. Nick & Chris 72 avg 18

Huge change from last week which had Michelle and Kel at rock bottom now they are in the top 3. The boys went from tied for 3rd with Seamy to last place.

Unless there are some huge 10 point rooms or Epic fails by some at the top it looks like J&P or N&C are the possible eliminated next week. Things sure have turned around fast haven’t they?

Can’t wait till next week, should be exciting.

28 Veronicali { 06.19.13 at 9:09 am }

Please let it be the brothers eliminated.

Chell & Kel’s toolbox kitchen looked great, who knew! Loved the clock, table and lights.

So the judges didn’t pick up on the water damaged floors and door problems in the ensuite? I can see why Seamy scored that low, will be a pain for them to fix.

Maybe when they do the yards that under house area will be securely enclosed, the laundry I think only had a sliding door so not lockable, there goes the washer and dryer along with the kettle balls.

29 Sean Carter { 06.29.13 at 12:51 am }

we have gotten a house raising here in NJ after all that went down. It really does make a difference, there has been much discussion about it over here and I am glad something is being done