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Exhumed An Amateur Band Competition On The ABC

For people who prefer a music competition that is strictly for amateurs might want to keep an eye out for Exhumed a music competition being run on ABC radio and TV. They are definitely differentiating themselves from The Voice!

Here are the details:

EXHUMED is a nationwide competition for unsigned, unrecorded, unheard, and until now, unwanted bands.

EXHUMED celebrates the amateur. It’s not for some old one hit wonder trying to revive a career or for young things on the way up.  It’s for those who’ve chosen other paths in life but still love to play.

It’s not for has-beens, it’s not for wannabes, it’s for the never-weres.

 Originally created by James Valentine for his 702 ABC Sydney local radio show, the competition received an overwhelming response with 250 Sydney-based bands entering.

 This expanded version of EXHUMED is a collective project between every ABC Local Radio station in the country, ABC Multiplatform, ABC Open and ABC TV. No other media organisation in Australia has the capacity to produce such an enormous cross platform event extending into communities across the country.

James Valentine says this is all about celebrating amateur music making, “We want to applaud those who make music for the fun of it. We want to find those who play for their friends, at fundraisers, at street fairs and school fetes. We want to say, we think you’re fantastic, it’s great what you’re doing and don’t stop doing it.”

“This is not The Voice. We are not looking for a great undiscovered singer. It’s not X-Factor or Idol – we are not about to create a new pop sensation. This is about recognising that there’s a lot of great, passionate, inspired music making going on purely for the love of it”.

EXHUMED kicks off on ABC Local Radio when entries open on June 24. Band members must be over 30-years-old, in a band of two or more people, and can play any music genre, but they must be amateur. Entries close on July 15. Stations will announce their local winner at an event run by each ABC Local Radio station around the country in August. From these winners, six finalists will be chosen.

The inspiring and action-filled story of uncovering Australia’s top six ‘Best Bands You’ve Never Heard Of’ will be covered in a five-part TV series, hosted by James Valentine, which will screen in November on ABC1. You’ll see the stories and passions behind the top six bands, and share their nerves and excitement as they perform in front of three celebrity judges in a Live Grand Final. Which band will take home the title of ‘EXHUMED Winner 2013’?

If you love to play, it’s time to get EXHUMED.  Go to for more information and entry details.


1 Techhater { 06.20.13 at 12:52 pm }

Now this is one music/talent show that I will be watching. Sounds great.

2 brain dead dave { 06.20.13 at 1:05 pm }

Let there be rock, Aunty!

3 JoanNE { 07.11.13 at 9:11 pm }

is there an opening for heavy metal