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The Catalyst For Nigella Lawson’s Attack By Her Husband May Have Emerged

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The domestic dispute that went international between Charles Saatchi and Nigella Lawson now may have another story behind it.

For those whose memory of the incident may have been wiped out by that other kitchen superstar, Paula Deen, using the N-word, Nigella’s husbands placed his hands to her neck in an domestic violence incident. The incident was photographed and Charles Saatchi received a caution from the Police. Nigella has also moved out of the marital home. are reporting THAT dispute may have arisen over a court case Charles Saatchi has actioned over two of their personal assistants allegedly misusing $282,000 in funds.

The two women have been employed by Nigella for nearly a decade. The same article also states Charles has not apolgised to Nigella and it was he who asked her to move out! writes:

CHARLES Saatchi and Nigella Lawson are said to be in a bitter dispute over two former personal assistants accused of misappropriating $282,000.

The case has caused tensions in Mr Saatchi and Ms Lawson’s marriage and friends say it was a factor behind their row at celebrity restaurant Scott’s earlier this month, when the art collector was pictured ‘strangling’ his wife, Britain’s Mail on Sunday has revealed.

Saatchi, 70, is taking the women to the High Court after they allegedly spent tens of thousands on designer goods, taxi journeys and a flight to New York.

Friends say he last week asked Ms Lawson, 53, to move her belongings out of their Chelsea mansion after making it clear he would not apologise for grabbing her by the throat.

Italian sisters, Francesca, 34, and Elisabetta ‘Lisa’ Grillo, 32, are claimed to have “misappropriated” the money to splurge on luxuries such as a $6000 Virgin Atlantic flight to New York and designer goods from Prada, Miu Miu and Chanel.

They were first employed by Ms Lawson when she was married to her first husband John Diamond, who died of cancer aged 47 in 2001.

When she married Saatchi in September 2003, both took roles working for Ms Lawson and her new husband. Francesca Grillo was paid $47,000 a year while Elisabetta was paid $44,000. Their jobs ranged from looking after Nigella’s children from her first marriage – Bruno, now 17, and daughter Cosima, now 19 – and Saatchi’s daughter Phoebe, 18, by second wife Kay Hartenstein. They also carried out activities directly related to Saatchi’s business activities.

They were sacked last year over the allegations and Saatchi started High Court proceedings against them. They also face criminal charges and are due to appear at Isleworth Crown Court later this year.

As a result, the impending cases, according to a source, have created a deep rift between the celebrity chef and her husband.

“The Grillo girls had been very close to Nigella for a long time,’ the source says.

“She brought them into the marriage and she has naturally been very defensive about all this. I don’t think she particularly wanted them to be sued. That’s one of the things they were rowing about over the now infamous lunch.

“Charles was criticising her for allowing the assistants free rein and things clearly got a bit heated. One of them was allegedly spending money on Chanel handbags and other designer stuff. He thinks Nigella has been too easy on them.” 

The sisters are denying the allegations.

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1 Littlepetal { 07.07.13 at 2:55 pm }

Charles Saatchi tells a British newspaper he and wife Nigella Lawson are getting a divorce.
I think this is best for Nigella. She is better off without him.

2 Andrea { 07.07.13 at 3:39 pm }

He sounds like a creep!