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Guest Post: House Rules Finale And The Winner Is…..

Pop the champagne, and throw the confetti there is a winner for House Rules. You know it is a successful series not only by the ratings but if the viewers are satisfied by the outcome. Personally I was  a bit unsure about the public voting for the winner, but I will leave it up to guest post extraordinare Annajjj to give her take on what happened.

WA readers don’t read on if you don’t want to know who won.

Also can everyone give a big thank you to Annajjj for her hard work on making the recaps so darn good!

Over to Annajjj:

 Suddenly here we are at the end of a whirlwind several weeks and the production team must be cracking open the champagne tonight. We get to see bits of the teams working but sadly not the footage of Jane vacuuming which surely must go down in reality tv history as the funniest scene ever.

Tah-noight! One last renovation and the winner is announced LIVE. Jo appears in a horribly unflattering teal and brown t-shirt. The losers have been assembled and Amy has a new hairstyle and we don’t bother asking Jane and Plinth what they think about anything.

Lines for WA are closed and everyone else gets to keep voting. Soooo are our votes being added to the judges’ scores or are judges scoring or is it just up to us? Over to Michelle and Kel and a ukulele is playing in the background and Jo loses her place on the autocue. Then it’s over to Reece and Leighton and Reece tells us they are amazing. Humble much?

One final renovation project and teams have gone to each other’s homes and here are the Finale Rules: Find the blank canvas in need of renovation, give your opposition the space of their dreams, think outside the box, make the room your ultimate design statement. You have three days.

In SA it’s the nasty old games room /shed outside. They decide to make it a retreat with a yoghurt area. What Michelle would like to do, which no one has ever done before, is a wall. Pretty sure walls have been done before Michelle. Kel gets his own brainwave. Wallpaper the ceiling! No one has ever done that before. With good reason Kel.

There is a similarly ugly area at Kel and Michelle’s and Leighton and Reese are going to make it a music room.

Kel and Michelle choose a roofpaper and it’s just as horrible as we’d imagined. If you’ve been holding off casting your vote now is the time to do it.

Leighton and Reese have an uneven floor and they decide to use some of that self-levelling concrete Chester likes so much. On top of that they plan a floating floor. Back in SA Kel wants to create a vertical garden because that worked for them last time.

Michelle takes a call from the wallpaper supplier. It is bad news and they can’t get their roof-paper so they have to go to plan B which is get roof-paper at all costs.

After the break Reese and Leighton’s vision extends to cladding the outside and running the decking down the wall.

Back in SA the games room transformation is underway and Michelle decides to pay extra to get Jesse to fly to Adelaide to bring the roofpaper. The kids get the paper and then Jesse leaps on a plane and it’s all very dramatic. Kel tells Michelle to shut up and Finally Kel!

They run around in the shops and Kel says Michelle is the shopping queen as she throws stuff at him and throws Oh Moi Gawd at us.

Reece and Leighton are also out shopping and they’ve found a couch that Kel will love and Michelle will hate except it is not orange so she might actually like it. Then they go shopping for musical instruments, a guitar and a drum set. And a PA system because the world needs Kel in high volume.

There are about a thousand plants going into the vertical garden and let’s hope the outside wall can support them. Son Jesse turns up with the muriel flypaper and you literally saved the day Kel tells him.  Jesse looks awkwardly happy.

Leighton and Reese paint into the night. Next morning and Michelle and Kel are thrilled with their wow factor. Note that they haven’t done the wall/ceiling paper hanging themselves this time.

Furniture arrives in Sydney and the bar table is very high so something has to be done. Reese makes phone calls to her people. In SA the vertical garden is going up and it looks amazing. Another bar arrives in Sydney and there are only 20 minutes to go so where are McCravally and Chester?

Reese is throwing furniture around and Kel is ramming plants into place and 2 minutes and the bar looks good then 10 seconds and the last bit of parsley is shoved in and that’s it. All over!

Back to home base with Jo and over to the boys for their opinion and they apparently fear the airhorn. Jane can you give us your thoughts please? Jane goes on for a bit and then Plinth adds that it is hard to be judged. Jo reminds them that none of them won the amazing prize they were all after.

Quick whip around to show the losers enjoying their new homes. Jane and Plinth can now entertain and Amy can have all her lumpy friends over to admire her gym.

Back to Jo in home base then we get to see the newly renovated spaces. We cross to Michelle and Kel and apparently this is the first time they are seeing their new room. It’s a bar/jamming room and Michelle yells a lot at the top of her lungs. Dad would love this she shrieks. What a shame we didn’t get a Grandpa’s barstool for this area. What do you two think Jo yells repeatedly trying to be heard over Michelle. Michelle holds up Grandpa’s guitar and says she is overwhelmed and she loves Reese and Leighton. But not enough to lose to them.

After the break we go to Leighton and Reese and they’ve been carefully avoiding noticing the vertical garden on their shed and now they look and they love it. Naturally. It’s a girl’s man cave says Reese as they go inside and it’s a sort of yoga/bar/wardrobe with ceiling-paper and floorboardwalls and I’m lost for words.

Phone lines are closed and apparently they are counting the 16 votes and next we are promised the judges.

SA and the usual unenthusiastic soft wow from Wendy and welcome back Joe and your stupid teal pants for one last time. Joe does a little silly yoga behind the bar and after 5 seconds in Adelaide they are off to Sydney. Joe changes his pants on the plane and totally rocks the purple and he likes the brown leathery cigar lounge.

Jo reminds us that one of the teams will win but first someone wins the online competition and McCrave makes the most of her last bit of airtime and almost-winners are given a key that unlocks a Plinth(!) and some guy called Michael wins a hug from Caroline. He thanks House Rules and Panadol with optisorb so this is how we have to say it from now on. Panadol with optisorb. Got that?

Footage of the Greek boys and they really love their home and then over to Barry and Jemma and they also love their place and show it off to their parents and wonder if Baz’s mum has seen the footage of Jemma insulting her motivational cut-out presents yet.

Back to the drawn out finale and recap of Possum Baz which was worth it and then Jo reminds us of the amazing prize. Then a bit more McCravally who won’t allow Chester more than a word before butting in and a bit more Greek boys and in the background the votes are still being tallied. Over to Joe and Wendy and Joe sounds very nasally tonight and Wendy has forgotten to put her bottom dentures in.

Another ad break…..and soon, soon we will find out who wins.

But first we recap the awkward fight scenes with Reese and Leighton and then the tearfulness of Kel and Michelle and she is the hothead and he is her Even-Kel she tells us.

Suggestions for producers for next season – the format is good but keep the judging consistent. Everyone’s combined scores should count towards the end winner. Get rid of Gravy-McBurger, she adds no value and we don’t need her ‘design’ tips aka criticisms. Stay with the rest of the format, don’t be tempted to ‘up’ the drama with back stories or contrived villains. One of the best things about this show was seeing real people behaving nicely, badly, awesomely and horribly. It’s normal and interesting so don’t go changin’.

Any other suggestions?

After yet another break, Kel doesn’t want to be 70 and paying off his mortgage and who does Kel? and the votes have been tallied and that was quick and the winner is…..

Reese and Leighton! Hooray. Well deserved.

And that’s it! Thank you to everyone who read the recaps and commented. I’ve really enjoyed doing these and chatting with you all about the program. Huge thank you to Emma for letting me contribute to your site. Cheers gice.


1 Maz { 07.03.13 at 9:30 am }

Great recaps Annajjj!

Thought the gardens were rushed and they could have done everyone’s garden and add the scores to the leaderboard rather than wiping it clean. Afterall Joh does host Better Homes & Gardens.

With regard the scoring of the garden, some points should have been determined by the appropriateness of the plant’s long term survival in the environment. The garden in WA I would be very interested if it survived the summer.

I wonder if the decision to throw the vote out to the public was to ensure the winnings would be tax-free to the winner as there was an element of chance involve. Perhaps a tax expert could verify that theory.

As an extended ad for Masters it worked. (Not that Masters is particulary close by. The Masters ad on TV is for their store in the next state!) Basically, if you want something done around the house you can do it yourself (as tradies are scarcer than hen’s teeth).