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The Block – Terrace and Re-Do Room Reveal

It was redemption time for Matt and Kim with the end the “memorable” crime scene room. This time they kept with plain white and the judges loved it as they did their terrace which had an outdoor projector. It was deluxe.

The terrace means there is far more living and entertaining space as the indoor living/dining area is not that big. For example Bec and George have lounge seating for three in their living room. Not sure where a family of four would sit.

Conversely the producers must be not happy that Trixie and Johnno were picked to do the Penthouse and none of their stuff has been really that great. Their terrace was another example with just a BBQ and a long table with mish mash of chairs. And the pebble garden with stepping stones with the wall of glass was just WTF? Anyone with a kid would be taking down that glass wall immediately and it was a waste of space. The judges were not happy and told them they needed to look at what the others were doing. Seriously if they win just because they are in the penthouse it will be unfair. Their design skills have not been good, but then it has probably been better than Madi and Jarrod.

Lysandra and Alisa again did a fantastic job again with a classy terrace, they ended up re-doing their first bedroom and like Kim and Matt kept it simple.

In the end Matt and Kim scored two perfect tens to take out this week’s prize of a trip to Lizard Island with the twins being runner up. I suspect that they had to let a couple win as Lizard Island is a romantic hideaway.

Whose room did you like or dislike?

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1 Gabby { 07.15.13 at 4:16 pm }

Thanks for that link Anna. He mentioned that the lowest asking price was $1.2 million. How much was it Trixie was wanting again? 1.2 or 2.2? I can’t remember. I would love to go and have a look if I lived in Melbourne.

2 Anna { 07.15.13 at 4:16 pm }

Olivia, don’t forget the maintenance of the lift… that will send them over 1k per quarter

3 OLIVIA { 07.15.13 at 4:40 pm }

Yikes! I guess if you’re going to be paying $1 – 2 million for an apartment you’d have plenty of money to afford it’s annual upkeep ie. Strata
I am very interested how they are going to work out who has the right to the rooftop for their own private functions etc. Who works out the “roster” etc.
‘love how they’ve added a TV on the rooftop yet all they go on about is the fabulous view! Is a TV really necessary?!!!

4 nanaliz { 07.15.13 at 7:27 pm }

Looks like this apartment on the ground floor is a serviced apartment. That is quite clever actually as the profits from people staying there will offset part of strata costs.

5 Gabby { 07.15.13 at 9:01 pm }

Looks like George is slacking off again and Bec has to defend him. The twins are peed off with the rooms they got, they are whingers aren’t they? I’m glad they didn’t divide the money evenly, makes it more of a competition.

6 Anna { 07.15.13 at 9:38 pm }

Dividing money was a dumb idea.

Good to see Trixter causing problems for others, George is slack. Wouldn’t put up with him if I worked with him. Bec is a good wifey

Twins got the raw end of the stick. Crap rooms to renovate. I’d be whinging too. Cannot get too creative nor can you win with these rooms

7 Anna { 07.15.13 at 9:41 pm }

nanaliz, they weren’t offset the costs. Different people staying there means damage to the property. It will offset some of the constant renovation and replacement costs

8 Eliza { 07.16.13 at 1:07 am }

I am offended, Gabby.. I studied at TAFE!! Ok, I am just teasing.. sorry. That’s my annoying sense of humour. (I did study at TAFE in interior decoration but my course was a bit longer than 6 months in which you couldn’t learn anything!)

I came back on this thread to read about TB and saw this tiff happening 😮 I think what we can take from this is that we are all really different! Some more sensitive than others, and we are all different in the ways we voice our opinions. I will be honest to say that I was nervous to start commenting on here at first (I read for years before ever commenting), however have found my experience to be good. Mind you, I often try to not be ‘controversial’ in what I write, so tend to not grab too much attention. Others are much more direct in how they express their opinions, so we just need to understand and respect how each other communicates.

Don’t worry SueN, I can allow myself to be easily offended or ‘upset’ by what people say and take things personally quite easily. Some of us are just more inclined to be that way, others will just give it right back. I think the best way when we feel upset by something is to not retaliate. I am sure that many commenters/readers value your opinion as much as the next person’s.

No one is right or wrong in their opinion and the best thing about this site is that the vast majority have well considered opinions and are gracious in the ways that they agree/disagree with others (unlike what I see on some sights where people just make personal jabs at contestants/other commenters). If we all saw things the same ways/thought the same things life would be incredibly boring!

Sorry to get all ranty and superior..

Back to TB.. did they just totally rip off HR?! Agree with the comment that they need to get the HR contestants in to show them the ropes. I hope it does look quite united in the end..

I don’t believe that anyone should feel overly disgruntled about the space they got (ok, being a bit idealistic), as they did all decide together on how the rooms should be split up and someone had to get the not so great areas. J&T got the best spaces IMO and I hope they do a great job with them. The twins have a great chance with the kitchen and the judges did really like their kitchen, so overall the rooms feel quite evenly balanced in terms of win-ability.

Agree strata will be $$$ with that lovely roof terrace to maintain, etc…

9 Gabby { 07.16.13 at 8:09 am }

Eliza, I am so sorry about the Tafe thingy. It’s just that Michelle was always going on about her six month course. Thank you for taking it in the spirit in which it was written.
The rest of your blog was well written and made good sense. I like reading what you have to say.
I wonder if they will go ahead with the different floor levels? Looking forward to tonight’s ep. with Keith and Bec getting into it.
Eliza are you in W.A.? You’re always up late! Sticky beak aren’t I?

10 Eliza { 07.16.13 at 9:10 am }

Thanks Gabby. I was joking, I rolled my eyes every time Michelle said anything about her tafe course!! I went to a very serious design tafe and there is no way you can learn much at all in 6 months.

I live in Sydney – I am just a night owl. It’s actually really annoying!

These 2 weeks of TB should be good hopefully with lots of work being shown!

11 Anna { 07.16.13 at 9:38 am }

Eliza, who are J&T? Who is Michelle?

I was the one I the receiving end …

12 Maz { 07.16.13 at 9:41 am }

Okay, the ‘bike ride’ explains why Madi was concerned about storage space for the bikes and why the twins gave her a filthy look.

Didn’t like the foyer. Thought the water feature looked a bit tacky and cheap and hated the ‘artwork’.

The plant selection has been a bit bland particularly when you have other gardening programmes raving about what you can plant on rooftops in an urban environment. Thought Melbourne was the home of urban hipsters and their bee hives.

PollyB@126-why should the profits of the bottom apartment be given to charity? This is a profit venture for Channel Nine.

Eliza@158. Not a rip off of HR as in the past (Sophie & Dale season) they had to renovate an adjoining house collectively.

Don’t know why the contestants were feigning surprise as surely their contracts would state how much time they were required for filming and promotional appearances. Have fun BDD with the twins!

This season we have see rules interpretated to the letter rather than the spritit. The twins are horribly selfish people (and I note everytime the twins do something mean spirited, their children are wheeled out or they sob about missing their families).
For the bottom apartment, part of the judging crieria should have been consistency between areas including floor level!!

13 PollyB { 07.16.13 at 10:26 am }

Maz – Yes, this is a profit venture for Channel. Considering this series is not actually about renovating (as it is sold to the viewer as), rather it has been one long advertisement (with copious amounts of product placement and the completely juvenile story lines and to camera tripe), and the length of time this advertisement has run, I’m guessing, say, $100K would be a low percentage of the profit they have made. So, why not?

14 Gabby { 07.16.13 at 2:29 pm }

Maz you are so right about those twins being selfish. As the show has progressed their selfishness has shown through their asinine smiles and their smug smart attitudes. They definitely need taking down a peg or two. They were not happy when it was decided the money would not be split evenly. I really hope some of the others get a chance at the money this time. I appreciate the good work the twins have done and I love their work but I would also appreciate a dash of humility to go with it.

15 drb123 { 07.16.13 at 3:39 pm }

Wouldn’t want to be pulled over by the twins when they return to their day jobs

16 Eliza { 07.16.13 at 3:54 pm }

Anna, J&T was just me abbreviating Johnno and Trixie, sorry I got lazy to keep writing their names. Michelle from House Rules.

Maz, that’s right they did do that extra little house on Sophie and Dale’s season.. It was late and I forgot about that for a moment. I think the twins and their builder discussing the difficulty of doing the entry hall with everyone going through brought back memories of the contestants on HR getting annoying by this.

Oh I am so glad someone else didn’t like that artwork in the foyer too! Did not like it at all! I do tend to like those colour artworks if they are done well, but this one is just way too murky and I couldn’t make anything from it. Don’t like the architects red bricks or the water feature but LOVE the upstairs.. I would hang out up there all the time.

17 Anna { 07.16.13 at 4:03 pm }

Renovating the foyer in the first week is idiotic, since it’s going to get dirty and might get damaged when the rest of the place will be done up in the second week…. unless everyone goes in and out through the court yards

Don’t like water features, waste of space and money. Maintenance will cost as well…

Strata fees might get as high as 1500 per quarter ground foor… top floor might have to pay 2500 if not more.

18 brain dead dave { 07.16.13 at 4:08 pm }

If that water feature could double as a male urinal , that’d be more practical and good for the planet. Tools down, gice!

19 Eliza { 07.16.13 at 4:10 pm }

That’s so true.. Like their apartments where they did the foyer near the end, wouldn’t the twins do the kitchen first? Actually, possibly they can’t because Freedom need enough time to make the kitchen up for them?! I remember they needed to lock in the design at the beginning of the week for it to be ready for installation next week. It also has more wow I guess to be their second space.

20 Anna { 07.16.13 at 4:11 pm }

Dave, that might explain why George is working so slowly this week … mesmerized by the water feature…. keeps on looking at it and running to the boys room 😉

21 Anna { 07.16.13 at 4:17 pm }

Matts idea wasn’t the best…there should have been 2 draws… one rooms to be done in the 1st week and second in the second week

Tonight they will concentrate on Bec defending lazy hubby and fighting Keith….

22 brain dead dave { 07.16.13 at 4:18 pm }

” Gice, this water feature has the “Wow” factor! Wow!! I gotta go pee- AGAIN!!”

23 Gabby { 07.16.13 at 4:31 pm }

Bring it on Anna, I hope Keith tells it like it is. See Geourge standing in the background while Bec is flying off the handle? Love it! You’re a lucky wee man George having your wife defend you like that. I bet the other guys are jealous.

24 Anna { 07.16.13 at 4:48 pm }

Gabby, his mates are probably laughing at him :-)

George is every managers nightmare….

25 Techhater { 07.16.13 at 8:59 pm }

Dave if you do go to see the twins perhaps you could ask them what their thoughts are re: humility vs arrogance. Just a thought. Or maybe ask them how they’d have felt if that bus load of drunken yobbos had turned nasty towards Madi and Jarrod while they were enduring their cruel prank. But if it’s anything like earlier this year when Dan & Danni were at our nearest Mitre 10, it was packed with school kids, they were supposed to do demos and only signed autographs the whole time, refusing to answer any questions.

26 Anna { 07.16.13 at 9:50 pm }

I thought it was Matt & Kum who played the joke on Madi & Jarrod…

George needs a firecracker set up him & Bec needs a chill pill!!

It’s sad that she is using her mums passing as an excuse… The camera followed them around & she wasn’t comforting anyone nor any one her. She was out with hubby marking around.

Don’t care if Bec & George don’t finish on time since they don’t seem to give a stuff, but since their crappy work ethic is affecting others, it’s becoming a pain to watch

27 Gabby { 07.16.13 at 10:05 pm }

I don’t think Bec should have used the passing of her mum as an excuse as that was not shown or mentioned once in the clippings we saw of Bec and George out and about. As for her having a go at how long it takes Keith to hang a door, so what, she’s not paying his wages, what he does with his day has nothing whatsoever to do with her. I am glad Keith had a go at George because they both held the whole job up.
TH who are Dan and Danni? Yes it was the twins that set Madi and Jarrod up, could you imagine if the boot had been on the other foot?
These so called celebrities want to remember who make them celebrities and show the public a bit more gratitude for getting them to where they are.

28 Techhater { 07.16.13 at 10:38 pm }

Gabby and Anna All four of them were involved in that prank. And the editing of that episode led us to believe that this was the same night of the footage of Scott Cam’s bike being stolen. Not so sure it was the same night as you can’t trust the editing.

Gabby Dan and Danni were in the last 2 seasons of The Block.

I can’t comment on tonight’s episode as I haven’t watched it yet.

29 Techhater { 07.16.13 at 10:42 pm }

My apologies, if my memory serves me correctly one of the twins was away and the other was in it up to her eyeballs with M&K.

30 Eliza { 07.17.13 at 12:08 am }

I was totally on Keith’s side tonight. I agree, didn’t like Bec using her mum as an ‘excuse’ or reasoning. Keith is there to monitor their work on the block and I thought it was really unfair for her to lay that on him. It wasn’t as if he was unjustified in what he was saying. They decided to continue on with the show, so need to work like everyone else to keep the whole thing going. Don’t mean to sound cold, but it’s true – even Bec said she wants to do it for her mum.

This year’s bunch have to be the laziest yet.. this is definitely what the editing is showing us. Every 5 seconds they have coffee in their hands or they’re going shopping. I am enjoying seeing more actions so far this week though.

Ok, so I don’t have kids, however did Lysandra really need to leave again for family time? I understand it would be tough being away from your family, especially with little kids, but they are only 2 weeks away from finishing. In other series they have had kids and not gone away so often.

31 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 5:13 pm }

I think most of us are on Keith’s side, at least from what we have been shown. Did you see how quick the twin was to say, that had nothing to do with me, that had nothing to do with me, but she was whinging to Keith the whole time they were away.
I hope the twins and Bec and George make no money out of this apartment. It’s not that I think the other couples are great it’s just that I have no time for the other teams. I don’t find any of the teams very likeable. I like Jarrod.
I don’t know why Lysandra keeps having time off, there must be some reason for it. The other twin doesn’t and she’s a mum too isn’t she? Is Lysandra the one that wants to be a designer? I don’t really think there is any love lost between those sisters. I see they have their brother working on site now.
Have they come to an agreement about the level of the floors yet? I wonder if someone will have to give in and if so who will it be?

32 Anna { 07.17.13 at 5:25 pm }

Gabby, I think twins take turns going home

Wasnt crazy about one of the twins saying “nothing to do with her’ then again…. wouldn’t want to have Bec go off at me for no reason. I’d rather just stay mum and let Keith deal with lazy George

Couldn’t believe George, he just stood there grinning like a fool and let wifey fight his battles for him. Absolutely no back bone

33 Reality Raver { 07.17.13 at 7:44 pm }

I was going to start a new thread on this. But have to say I thought Bec was out of line with Keith. After George had been busted going off and lying about getting tiles she pulled the “I am grieving” card out of her pocket. No doubt she is and she has my sympathy but in this case it did not ring true why George had gone off with her for the day.

34 Anna { 07.17.13 at 8:00 pm }

Emma, Bec should stop lying to Keith, since there is a camera following her around.

I’m sure she is grieving but her behavior is out of line. Still think she should have pulled out of the comp in the 1st week. She might have gotten another chance to be on the show due to her mum being sick.

She will never get a chance to spend time with her mum.

35 Simone { 07.17.13 at 9:51 pm }

George is pretty lazy. I love Keith, I think he got it spot on and he’s rarely rude or impolite to the blockheads really. I would have lost it with a few of them well before now.
Madi seems really difficult to like, Matt and Kim seem to be in it to win it – they work hard, the twins are kind of awesome and although i read others mention that they are arrogant or conniving, I don’t see them that way at all.

36 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 9:51 pm }

Bec was definitely out of line with Keith and showed her true colours. I think Keith was knocked for six with the tongue lashing he received from her, all while George stood in the background with his hood on and hands in pockets with a stupid half grin on his face, lying about going to buy some fictional tiles.

37 OLIVIA { 07.18.13 at 12:34 am }

Anyone else notice that when Keith first asked where Bec and George had been they immediately said they were out choosing tiles or something along those lines – not the excuse of seeing family as she was having a bad day about her mum.
Bec was obviously thinking up an excuse when Keith was pushing harder as to their whereabouts and then out comes the sympathy excuse. I this was true, why wasn’t it mentioned the instant Keith had asked where they had been?

If anything, Keith is very level headed and is not a bad tempered person at all. He just calls it as he sees it, and it’s his job to see that the rules and regulations of building practices are adhered to. I know who I’d want on my building site as foreman anyday.

38 Eliza { 07.18.13 at 1:01 am }

Bec was way out of line. Not cool to play the sympathy card on someone like that when they are only trying to do their job. Alyssa did back off pretty quickly – I am sure she didn’t want to cop a spraying as well. George needs to man up. Simple.

39 Mal { 07.18.13 at 1:55 pm }

I haven’t posted this year and checked in to read up on what everyone thinks of MC (groan) and the block. I haven’t read every blog post, but I am really surprised that the majority do not like Matt and Kim’s apartment. While the twins apartment looks like its awesome, I also think they are selfish and arrogant and hope they don’t win. I do wonder how different T&J’s apt would be if they had the money? They did have a Dale and Sophie style which isn’t glam. Poor Bec lost her mojo very early. M&J just ho hum. Which means they will probably win. M&K I just love all the art, finishing, colours and furniture. I really want that large ‘dog thing’ painting. Of all the apartments I really want to see theirs. I guess it goes to show that I have no idea on style or design, particularly if the rest of Australia hate it! Just as an aside though, this show really annoys me. Furniture and aesthetics should not be more important than function, durability and workmanship when one is buying property at top dollar. I still feel sorry for those two tradies last year, can’t remember their names. Sorry for ramble. I’m home from work today, in bed sick. And bored.

40 Anna { 07.18.13 at 2:03 pm }

Mal, feel better

The consistency just doesn’t exist… in the ‘ad vids’ that they were making

1. Twins showed off their renovated 1st bedroom
2. Madi showed her ugly entrance wall that was removed more then a week ago

Surprised that John gave the win to Bec…