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Masterchef Australia – Ian Curley Was Heaven, Tasting That Tartare Must Have Been Hell

Ian Curley had  a welcome return to Masterchef last night. He is a great TV presence and was harsh but fair with the contestants. Plus the fact he turned up in an unironed chef’s jacket was an added bonus.

Kelty, Daniel, Pip and Lucy were having to make his  steak tartare. Just when you thought where is the cooking in that, it was revealed the twist was they would have to make it from taste alone.  The only recipe they would have would be for the crackers accompanying it. They also only had 45 minutes to make the dish.

The girls tactic was to go straight to go pantry to grab the ingredients, and the boys went and made their crackers first.

Kelty was enjoying chipping the beef and was confident there was vinegar and caperberries in it. Something George and Ian were trying to mind twist him about when they came and talked to him. Props to Kelty for sticking to his guns as his dish looked and tasted the best and he was safe.

The rest of the dishes looked unappetising and for once I felt sorry for the judges having to taste a dish that was of raw meat done badly. Daniel’s looked like a hamburger patty, but apparently was OK. Lucy’s was already cooked as she put in her lemon juice far too early, but her cracker was good. Pip knew she was straight into the next round when Ian told her  “it is almost a shame that a cow died for that”. 

It was besties Pip and Lucy were now battling it out to stay in the competition and even before the Bombe Alaska challenge started there were tears from the two best mates and a sobbing Emma in the gallery. Jules was probably peeved she could not tear up to get the camera on her.

Pip does not like cooking desserts and seemed to lose confidence when she saw the complex dish, and with her red eyes when she was talking to camera it kind of gave it away that she might have been the one eliminated.

Also I think at one point I might have called her a contender so the dreaded Reality Ravings curse struck her. (Ed. note: for new readers, whenever RR states someone could win they generally are eliminated soon after!)

Pip’s meringue was her down fall and it was always going to be hard for her to beat Lucy who had done a great job. After Gary gently gave her the bad news, there was more tears including from Emma  again who was sobbing. Pip has started her own catering business ‘Pip’s Pop Up Catering’.


1 Anonymous { 07.10.13 at 12:49 am }

I am still wondering what Neha’s dish was? ..I know she drizzled some Asian sauce that was planned in the nick of time..but what else? She was also a helping hand to Liliana but then she passed it on to Samira, for what Liliana wasn’t quite pleased. Apart from poor leadership, I trust Neha also couldn’t live up to her own ideals, in particular, “don’t serve something that is not up to the scratch”, however, she served those potatoes with Asian sauce on overcooked fish anyways. I agree with everyone who says Neha needs to leave next or should’ve left ages ago.
Rishi was good but his team didn’t have the likes of Jules, Noelene and Kelty to deal with. When Jules and Neolene were in his team he was a failure. Which makes me wonder if Jules has ever won a team challenge under leadership of someone other than her and Emma?

2 Eliza { 07.10.13 at 12:55 am }

Neha decided to not do her own dish but help out where needed.

The judges were obviously told about the Asian sauce thing when they came in and said they should do the fish with the Asian sauce. Sounded way too convenient to me.

3 Littlepetal { 07.10.13 at 12:57 am }

Neha did nothing. Liliana was doing the black ink pasta and the apple tart. She baked the tart shell and asked Neha to fill it with apple. Neha than asked Samira to do it.

When Noelene and Kelty didn’t do the sauce why can’t she make the sauce herself?

This challenge Jules has been quite ‘quiet’ and did a good dish.

Noelene did nothing much.

4 Littlepetal { 07.10.13 at 1:01 am }

Neha was very indecisive. Just because the judges mentioned an Asian dish, she wanted an Asian sauce which didn’t go well with the potatoes galette.

5 Eliza { 07.10.13 at 1:05 am }

The judges conveniently came into the kitchen and said about doing an Asian sauce after Kelty and Noelene said that they didn’t think it was right.. producers stirring up trouble me thinks. The dish ended up bad in the end because of poor decision making. She really did do nothing.

For the sake of Neha’s eyeballs she should go next.

6 daisy { 07.10.13 at 1:11 am }

How did Neha get to be in charge? I didn’t see that.
The producers and judges would have known she would flounder.
Has she cooked anything good yet? She couldn’t even make a curry or damper.
She could have cooked something. Once she’d got everyone started she could have worked on part of the menu.

7 daisy { 07.10.13 at 1:15 am }

I feel sorry for Neha because she is going to come out of this looking incompetent as a cook when she obviously thinks she’s good.

8 Littlepetal { 07.10.13 at 1:16 am }

She happened to pick the captain’s apron. Just by random. Red team only have 6 team members and also have to cook 7 dishes.

9 Littlepetal { 07.10.13 at 1:19 am }

This series have 2 Indians and a Pakistani but we only have one good Indian curry. In the previous series, curryman, Jimmy cooked so many delicious curries.

10 daisy { 07.10.13 at 1:19 am }

Thanks, Littlepetal.
I am tempted to think it might have been rigged for her to get that apron to line her up to go next.

Someone on RR commented that all of these team challenges make it unfair as the weak cooks can slip through. I agree. Neha should have gone before Pip.

11 daisy { 07.10.13 at 1:23 am }

And how looooong was Noelene fiddling with that fish?

12 Littlepetal { 07.10.13 at 1:25 am }

I don’t think she has to skin that many fish but she sure took a long lime. Having Noelene in your team is a hindrance. She also need to go.

13 daisy { 07.10.13 at 1:26 am }

The chillie challenge was a good one. Damned if you do (Rishi) damned if you don’t (Lilliana).

14 Ian { 07.10.13 at 3:06 am }

I like Daniel’s attitude in the kitchen and is always prepared to help a colleague out, but I do not agree with him being allowed to compete with uncovered long hair. It is unhygienic and he therefore should be asked to wear a hat or …. A hair net. Don’t laugh because I believe it is the norm when working in a commercial kitchen. So many comments I would like to make about this programme. I am still trying to work out who I think is the most competent and a likely winner. At the moment it just might be Lilian but there ate a few others who may be hot on her heels. I won’t, however, name who I think will be eliminated next. As a person who likes to cook, I shudder to think how I would go on such a programme, so we must be fair to those girls and boys who have the guts … Sorry, courage … To give it a go.

15 Alec C { 07.10.13 at 6:28 am }

Bottom 3 dishes from both teams go into elimination would be the fairest – team challenges intentionally save 50% of the bad cooks.

Lynton should have also joined the bottom 4 last night as well making it 5 starting contestants.

Judges even said to Daniel – ribs aren’t sticky enough — focus more on cooking and not your body/hair!

Poor bug eyes can’t cook or lead – Rice dish for Amenia Jr.. becoming a one ethnic pony – both need to be culled soon. was 6v6 condiering how hands off bugeyes was that challenge. Why wait until 30 mins to ask about the sauce to norlean?

Italian not enough chili V far far FAR too much with seeds/veins – not sure I can agree with the judges here. Producer meddling?

16 daisy { 07.10.13 at 8:02 am }

I might have not paid enough attention, but Lilliana’s dish seemed much better than what Rishi put up. It showed also that she considered her diners and their ages. I don’t usually remove the seeds myself but if I was goong to serve a whole stuffed chilie, I would. So I have to agree that there may have been producer meddling. I think they might have manipulated the apron pick to put Neha in charge. In previous seasons we would have been seeing some good dishes by now. That fish thing was a misguided debacle. Why would anyone consider putting an Asian sauce on a meal at the last minute? And Kelty was no help. He didn’t listen to Neha from the start. She was supposed to be the leader.
Daniel needs to wash his hair and wear a cap. I can’t believe none of his hair has gone in the food yet. Are professional chefs watching and saying ‘ No way’.