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Masterchef – Burgers, Kebabs and Fried Chicken

The contestants must have been thinking they were getting a traditional mystery box when they entered the Masterchef kitchen.  However they were told they were in a team challenge and they had to cook a version of fried chicken, a burger and a kebab.

They had approximately 45 minutes, the time it would take for Matt Preston to buy them these three meals from the shops.

It looked like it was random which teams they were on and you would have thought the Daniel, Lucy and Emma team were going to be the A-Team, they weren’t.

Considering Daniel has a dude food cookbook you would have think this was his time to shine, but he had a personal trainer moment and put quinoa in his tabouli. He did not realise that Pete Evans was not a judge and this three are not so into the current “it” foods. His kebab was not thought highly of. Emma was trying to do to much by making a burger with pickled beetroot and triple cooked chips. She was disorganised, not having the oil hot enough and continually running back to the pantry. Also at one point the fryer looked like it was over hanging the bench. Strangely enough she just used plain mince for her patty. In this day of the gourmet burger, I thought you were meant to mince three different types of beef to get a juicy patty.

She did not get it all plated up and was told she needed to focus but the judges clearly like her. Lucy’s chicken was excellent and she managed to keep her team mates out of elimination.

Noelene was teamed with Lynton and Neha and she was peeved that she was told by them to make a meat kebab rather then the prawn dish she wanted to do. After she selected the wrong cut of lamb and stewed it she swapped to prawns and her dish was praised.

Neha’s Indian lamb burger with the boiled lamb mince was not praised by the judges but Lynton’s spatchcock and Noelene’s prawns made the team safe. Neha by luck just might make it to the top 10.

Vern looked like he was in his element with his sliders made up of a patty that was fifty per cent bacon. It worked and the judges loved them as they had a high fat content! Christina who was worried about her chicken being undercooked because the thermometer showed it was under had perfect chicken after it was rested. Kelty was the weak link in the team with an unimaginative kebab.

Samira was also criticised for her kebab which was a traditional turkish one. It looked delicious though the judges thought  it lacked effort. Rishi made fried chicken with a tandoori twist, and for some reason Jules decided to turn a really good idea of a thai fish burger into a disaster. Instead of just using a bun she decided to deep fry rice to make a rice cake. You would think after having tried to fry the rice a few times and seeing it did not work she would have changed tactics. When the judges cut it the rice bun disintegrated. It looked dry and inedible.

They were judged to be the bottom team and will be duking it out for elimination. It looks like there are a lot of tears from both Jules and Samira. I tend to agree with a commenter on the previous thread who said they did not want to send Emma, Lucy and Daniel through because if Emma played her immunity pin there would only be two and there is a bidding twist to tonight’s challenge.

Masterchef Australia on TEN Sunday to Thursday nights at 7.30pm.



1 Littlepetal { 07.15.13 at 8:06 pm }

Heston Blumenthal episode was filmed around 13 Jun. I think the episode will be aired either next week or the week after.

Dubai week was filmed around 18-25 Jun.

2 Daze { 07.15.13 at 9:32 pm }

RR posted filming began 25 March, so am not sure how long the series tapes for
Jules came into the series with a bang and fairly obnoxious – not many tears shed when she left – so many tears when Pip and Liliana left.
Go Rishi !!

3 Daze { 07.15.13 at 10:40 pm }

Your hunch re Jules’ elimination was spot on RR, mostly goss mags or the papers will do a feature on a contestant and the next thing you know, they are eliminated, which we see on tv a few days later. Always evident, I found, with Biggest Loser and BB contestants especially.

4 ZeeBee { 07.16.13 at 4:01 am }

If Emma’s team DID end up losing and she used her pin I’m sure they would ask the other team at the bottom who will be going into elimination. Similar to previous seasons. And it will be a dramatic moment. So I don’t think they would send the wrong team on purpose in this case.