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Mary Louise Parker To Quit Acting – Is Reality TV To Blame?

Fans of Weed’s star Mary Louise Parker won’t be pleased to know she is thinking of internet bitchiness and meanness.

She seems to be pointing the finger at bloggers and reality TV. Whoops! writes:

Rather than the job itself, Parker said it was the world that has built up around the entertainment industry that was wearing her down.

“The world has gotten too mean for me, it’s just too bitchy. All the websites and all the blogging and all the people giving their opinion and their hatred … it’s all so mean-spirited, it’s all so critical.

“It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life – or something, I dunno.”

Mother to a nine-year-old boy and six-year-old girl, Parker said her decision to get out is “definitely” driven by wanting to keep her kids away from such hatred.

“I don’t know if you can imagine a friend sending you something they thought was funny, that was something mean someone wrote about you and there’s like 50 comments from complete strangers across the world about you – and you can say ‘Oh I let it roll off my back’ and ‘I wouldn’t take it personally’, but you have no idea until it happens to you. It doesn’t feel nice.

“And there’s more of that than there is whatever praise people think you’re getting. There’s way more mean-spiritedness. I stay away from it as best I can because I’m too thin-skinned, but still it finds you.”

“It’s a mean culture – it’s reality TV and it’s watching people suffer and watching people humiliate themselves. It’s little girls in pageants and housewives and plastic surgery and people in rehab. It just feels like a very ugly … it’s like someone just lifted up a rock and that’s all we’re looking at.”

She makes some interesting points, however I think there are still more positives to social media than negatives.



1 Moonstruck { 07.16.13 at 9:48 pm }

She is right. Social media in its various guises is bringing out the worst in people. Perhaps people used to say mean things in the past, often around the water cooler and some used to write directly to the entertainers. What is different today is that those comments are very public and all to often just mean and hurtful.

2 Anonymous { 07.17.13 at 1:42 am }

Yes I agree Moonstruck. I think the main reason is that normal social boundaries and self control do not have to be exercised as most comments are anonymous. People who have ‘natural’ tendencies to be mean, rude, spiteful and plain abnocious can just be themselves. There is a lot of positives about social media but I believe that it provides more opportunities for getting out what’s worst in peoe more than what’s best in people.

3 brain dead dave { 07.17.13 at 9:36 am }

Anonymous posters are the most “obnocious” of all.

4 DDD { 07.17.13 at 9:59 am }

It is a pity that people use social media to say things they wouldn’t say socially. Criticism is fine (although I don’t know who would want to criticise MLP, she is fantastic in Weeds) but when its the personal crap its just nasty.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything on RR that is inappropriate or goes too far.

5 anonymous { 07.17.13 at 10:14 am }

I thought it wasnt okay to pick on people’s spelling mistakes Brain dead dave?
Seems like its okay for you and no one else.

6 brain dead dave { 07.17.13 at 10:20 am }

I get picked on more often than the English Cricket Captain’s nose.

7 another anonymous { 07.17.13 at 10:27 am }

“It’s sport for people, it’s fun to get on at night and unleash their own self-loathing by attacking someone else who they think has a happier life – or something, I dunno.”

She could have been talking about you, Davo.

8 Daisy { 07.17.13 at 10:34 am }

BDD, you have stalkers.

9 Reality Raver { 07.17.13 at 10:36 am }

I think three are very few people who can say they are “clean” in relation to social media use. I know I am not particularlybasni am so snarky, but it enables people to get information ideas etc outside of the mainstream media. Also allows stars or other people to promote themselves without relying on traditional ways

10 Reality Raver { 07.17.13 at 10:42 am }

Whoops speaking of typos I meant there instead of three… Blame working off iPad for that one! Though Mary needs to realise the plot lines in the latter seasons of Weeds were soooo bad social media derision was a given.

11 Daisy { 07.17.13 at 10:45 am }

Yeah we new what you meant RR 😉

12 Ryan { 07.17.13 at 1:06 pm }

‘coz there were no critics around at the start of her career, right?

13 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 4:57 pm }

You are right RR, the celebrities and others don’t mind social media when they want to promote themselves. It’s a totally different story then. It’s what suits them at the time.
Moonstruck @1 has made me think and question myself about Big Brother time last year when I was watching that horrible bully boy Ben. Now once I would have stood around the water cooler talking my mouth off about him but last year I was on this site writing what I thought about him. So if he puts himself out there in TV land for all to see, then he is giving us permission to write on social media what we think of his behaviour, that’s right, isn’t it? Without feeling guilty?

14 daisy { 07.17.13 at 5:09 pm }

You are right Gabby. They make their money because we pay attention to them, good or bad doesn’t matter. Look at how successful and rich Kyle S is. The public is feeding and clothing them. It’s indifference that they don’t want.

15 Reality Raver { 07.17.13 at 5:14 pm }

Gabby and etal – The success of reality TV is all about the chatter, we have our favourite and not so favourite contestants. This is particular pertinent in shows where we get to vote. Also when it comes to some show like MKR who purposely set up villains it makes it hard not to be negative about them.

16 daisy { 07.17.13 at 5:27 pm }

@14 I thought I was commenting on the CD thread. But what I say still stands.

I don’t know the scenario with MLP so I am not making a comment re her situation.

17 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 5:39 pm }

Yes, well they are adults and they put themselves out there, so if they are prepared to take the good they have to be prepared to take the bad.
I can’t believe Sandilands has kept his ugly mouth quiet for so long, lets hope he keeps it shut.
Not long until Big Brother, then all our little fingers will be typing ten to the dozen, whooppeeee…….I hope it’s going to be worth it.

18 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 5:54 pm }

I don’t know who MLP is either or the show Weeds, I was just commenting in general on the social media thing.
Social media, it is such a big part of our lives. I was hearing about it all the time and wondering about it, not realising that I was smack bang in the middle of it by using this site and the heaps of other activities I do every day online. Stupid me thinking what is it and I use it daily. Now I couldn’t live without it.

19 Moonstruck { 07.17.13 at 8:31 pm }

Gabby @ 13. For me there is a difference between comments made around the water cooler and comments made online. The whole world including friends and family especially their children can read the comments online which will be there for god knows how long. Comments spoken in conversation never reach the subject of the comments.
On other threads we are all bemoaning the lack of cooking skills of the MC contestants. The viewers need reality show contestants because if no one entered there would be no reality shows. Just because they enter reality shows that does not make them fair game to spiteful, hurtful comments and even death threats. There is a huge difference between commenting and debating events /behavior in reality shows and the vitriolic hateful posts by some “fans” “viewer”.
I tried the MC discussions in the first year but left because of the to hateful and mindless comments.

20 Gabby { 07.17.13 at 8:57 pm }

Moonstruck thank you for comment 19, I enjoyed reading and it gave me food for thought.

21 daisy { 07.17.13 at 10:57 pm }

Moonstruck I was looking for the invisible line that gets crossed. I think you have articulated it.
The malice is when it gets weird.

22 Moonstruck { 07.18.13 at 12:48 am }

Daisy @ 21 and gabby @20 the really sad part is that the anonymity makes it easy to write things some people would never actually say in the “real” world. That’s why this blog is a nice place to come to…… most of the time.