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Masterchef Australia – It Is Second Chance Time

Well tonight confirmed that Clarissa did not enjoy her time in the competition as she did not bother returning with the other eliminated contestants to try and cook their way into the competition.

Andrew was obviously the other one who was not there as he had retired injured. In fact the judges said the reason this was occurring was because he had retired hurt.

The deal was by the end of the Masterchef week there will be a top eleven, and one current contestant will have an immunity pin. This was to ensure the still in contestants was motivated to cook to get someone back in.

However because of uneven numbers one of the top ten contestants would not be able to cook and it was Christina as she was the last to finish grinding five spice powder. She won’t be Facebook friends with Clarissa anytime soon. However it will mean Christina will get a rest which might give her an advantage in the coming weeks.

The contestants were matched with the person they were standing across and the last person out of the competition Samira got to pick which protien she wanted to cook with first. She selected duck and then her and Rishi were shown the other ingredient that had to be incorporated into the dish was lychees. It was all asian ingredients.

Faiza and Emma selected beef and received black bean with it and Emma was feeling the pressure to get her back in the competition. But Asian was not Emma’s thing and nor was it Faiza’s who did not do much at all except be passive. They had a great piece of fillet beef and they were going to braise it until the judges came around and told them it would make it tough.

Emma made the black bean sauce too salty and Faiza moaned to camera that her chances of getting back into the competition was slipping through her fingers. But she certainly was not taking control. In fact she took the lid off the rice and it turned gluggy so it was not served.  Matt told them the smashed snake beans did not add anything to the dish and they needed rice.

Michael was paired with Lucy and he was strangely quiet. They had scallops which they seared with a lap cheong crumble. They were told their scallops were over cooked.

Noelene was cracking the whip with Dan and both of them were worried they had been left with abalone and shitake mushrooms, however they produced a nice mushroom dumpling with seared abalone and broth dish.

Rishi and Samira were arguing over how much sauce was going on their duck and lychee dish. Samira thought Rishi was putting on too much. Gary said they needed more sauce. Rishi did not look happy about that and then Samira threw Rishi under the bus about how he had insisted on cooking long grain rice. She thought this made them even. They were in the bottom three.

Vern and Nicky made Salt and Pepper Squid with a sesame sauce. George said it was a cracker dish. It should be as you would think Nicky would have some knowledge in this area.

Pip and Daniel made Drunken Chicken with a cashew skin and the judges loved it. as they did Liliana and Lynton’s Szechuan Prawns.

Jules was looking super intense as she was judged on her and Kelty’s Steamed Snapper no joy for her there as she was told her snapper was overcooked.

Xavier and Neha pulled together a perfectly cooked pork chop so this weaker team made it through to the next round.

The bottom three were Michael and Lucy, Emma and Faiza, and Rishi and Samira. Michael and Lucy, and Emma and Faiza were told they were out.


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