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New Dating Show: When Loves Come To Town

Farmer Wants A Wife is officially gone, however Network NINE must have still wanted a dating show as they have announced a new dating show called When Love Comes To Town.

It will screen in 2014.

How will this dating show work?

The series will feature 12 single city girls who have been unlucky in love and are heading to the furthest corners of Australia in order to find ‘the one’.

They’ll meet the two most eligible bachelors in several towns around the country. They will date the guys and learn about their lives, passions and the unique connection they have with their local community.

The girls will meet the bachelors’ friends and families, and spend time in what could be their new home.

Ultimately, they must decide whether to stay in town and pursue a relationship, or try to find love in the next town.

Expect to see miners on the program. Also it will be interesting to see if Farmer’s host Natalie Gruzlewski. There must be a lot of single girls out there as they need 12 for this show and The Bachelor needs 25.

But as some wit told me at the Network TEN launch the girls on The Bachelor are the ones that were to smart for Beauty and The Geek.

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1 faanape { 08.16.13 at 10:43 pm }

Want to find love

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3 Jsson { 10.23.13 at 5:05 pm }

I’m Jason from orange unfortunately I’m in a wheelchair and have never found love, not once, its impossible here in Orange to find anyone who will go out with me cause they all get too nervous or too scared, I’ve seen your show been advertised and even saw it in the local paper here and would very much like to be apart of it, I want to end being single, and have what it takes to find a partner for me, if I could change that with this show it would be great, each time I keep thinking of this show I keep getting excited by it, I say love comes from deep down in the heart, not on outside appearances but deep down, where u learn to connect and share intimacy and getting to know each other, like an investment your willing to sacrifice time in wanting to know some1 who they are deep down as a person and it does take a lot of time patience, energy and through all that the rewards do come, I would love to be apart of this show and would like to share my life with 1 of these ladies, I hope being in a wheelchair, well does it mean I have to miss out