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The Block – The Final Room Reveal

It was the final room reveal with the twins coming out winners with a perfect score for their kitchen which meant they also secured $20,000 off their reserve price.

The cynic in me thought it was a bit strange that Madi and Jarrod came in third with a courtyard that was good but not really that impressive. I suspect the $10,000 boost they received along with the $20,000 last week is to ensure they are in with a slim chance to win.

The same could be said for Matt and Kim’s outdoor area. They came in second to win $15,000 and they had not won anything the week before. This means everyone has dollars off their reserve.

Matt and Jarrod with $30,000, the twins with $20,000, Matt and Kim, and Bec and George with $15,000 and Trixie and Johnno with $10,000.

Bec and George should feel a tad ripped off as the dining room was really nice. The same cannot be said for Trixie and Johnno’s mural which was meant to be a feature wall but had the television in front of it. You would think the wall would become distracting.

Who do you think had the best room?

The Block finale on Sunday night on NINE at 6.30pm.


1 Mia { 07.26.13 at 10:51 am }

Aside from the copper panelling wall feature, I wasn’t that rapt in Bec and George’s dining room. I much preferred Madi and Jarred’s (and Matt and Kim’s) courtyard. I’m a big fan of the twins (as stylists, not necessarily as people), so I liked their kitchen. I think Trixie and Johnno had just given up and didn’t care any more when they did that lounge room. I can’t think of any other explanation for the positioning of the TV, let alone that tiny table they had it on. The whole room was a shambles really.

The whole revo of the downstairs apartment didn’t sit well with me. Comparing and judging completely different living spaces like that seems silly (and pretty unfair) to me. How can any kind of ‘wow factor’ that could be achieved in a laundry possibly compete with that of a bedroom? Or that small, restricted space of the dining room with the open space of the courtyards?

Given how poorly (in terms of judging scores/wins) Madi and Jarred did throughout their apartment compared to the twins, you couldn’t blame the twins for feeling jipped by Madi and Jarred now having 30 grand off their reserve. It’s a bit on the nose, in my book.

2 PollyB { 07.26.13 at 11:15 am }

The whole ‘competition’ is a farce. M&J’s courtyard was OK, but that bedroom winning last week. Pfft. I loved B&G’s wall & light. I liked the kitchen/dining space as a whole, but I do not like sinks sitting in a bench space that is used for sitting around/eating/drinking.
T&J’s lounge was woeful. I liked the chairs. How on earth anyone would think that itty bitty table with that TV sitting on it looked good is out of their mind. And that mural! Come on. Throughout the comp some of their furniture pieces I liked but their whole concept just seemed a lazy attempt at styling. I like M&K’s courtyard but for Victoria on the south side it will only really be useable when it’s 35C. They need cushions for the seating… freeeezing! Will the north side be in shade too, due to the building that is going up?
My favourite apartments are 1 & 2, but have no idea who will ‘win’.

3 drb123 { 07.26.13 at 11:53 am }

Back in the original 2 series, you could present any room you wanted. One week it would be a kitchen up against a 3rd bedroom. Didn’t work then, doesn’t work now. This whole series has been a shambles, the producers have done the show and it’s audience by cooking up trouble. I think all of the juice is out of this lemon

4 Maz { 07.26.13 at 12:27 pm }

Seriously, what could Bec & George do in that space and win?

As for the court yards, I would have liked to see where the two areas met or was it just as disjointed as everywhere else?

As for the succulents in the table, Shayna, hate to break it to you but Sophie from Gardening Australia did it last year. Nothing original there. There should have been a landscape architect on the judging panel as I would love to know if those plants could survive long term.

Trixie and Johnno really drew the short straw . Would have looked better without the concrete floor but were comprehensively screwed over by the twins doing the hallway and the kitchen.

We now know why The Block requires full body shots on the application form as there was no way if you were slightly overweight could you be able to partake in the $1000 makeover at Myer and look good. What they put Trixie in did her no favours. Myer, you have just shown in prime time why no-one shops there. Loved when Johnno asked was there anyone to help him.

The twins’ kitchen. Big question is-was the water connected?

5 Sue N { 07.26.13 at 12:51 pm }

I disliked the colour palette in the kitchen- don’t care if it is “on trend”, I don’t like it. thought 2 courtyards looked best, then didn’t really care about the rest.

6 AJ { 07.26.13 at 1:08 pm }

None of the final rooms really impressed me.

Madi and Jarrod’s courtyard was nice, but the two separate entertaining areas seemed like a waste as they both served the same purpose except one had an ice pit and the other had a fire pit. I’m not sure it was the best use of space.

Everything else was a bit dull. I didn’t mind Trixie and Johnno’s living room, but the placement of the TV and the TV stand were terrible. Maybe the crafty shelves should have gone on the mural wall? At the very least, surely a larger and more practical TV stand from Ikea would have been a better choice than the no-doubt over-priced and designer side table they had the TV on.

Bec and George’s dining room was okay, but the heavy “industrial” style is not too my taste. I like the idea of copper walls, but not in that style of panels. The twins’ kitchen was also okay, but I wasn’t a fan of the competing colours – white, grey, chocolate brown AND black! At the end of the day, it was just a nice galley kitchen. There’s nothing particularly amazing that they could have done in the space they had.

I didn’t like Matt and Kim’s courtyard. The chain wire fence was horrible and provided no privacy. It also didn’t help block the traffic noise from the nearby road. I also wasn’t sure about everything being black and grey in a courtyard which isn’t going to get any light. It made the whole area pretty depressing to me.

It will be interesting to see what the reserves are and whether the first three floors are substantially lower since they’re about to lose their city views. It does seem likely that the twins will win and although they probably deserve to based on their rooms, they’re just lucky it isn’t a personality competition.

7 PollyB { 07.26.13 at 1:16 pm }

Can someone tell me what the laminate under the overhead cupboards was? Was it the bottom of the cupboards having the same surface as the cupboards? If so, big deal IMO. Thanks :)

8 OLIVIA { 07.26.13 at 1:17 pm }

I agree with drb123 re: shambles.
I think T & J’s room looked liked a kiddies play room. The mural was very amateurish. Who’d be paying mega $$ for this apartment, to relax in that room everyday? A low lounge that makes your head tilt back to view a small TV (not large enough and not even mounted on the wall) all standing on a very plain, ordinary, cheap looking stand! ! No consistency at all in this general area, whereas you have the magnificent ambience and styling of the kitchen and dining area and you walk back into that room from T & J! Aarrghh!

9 Warble { 07.26.13 at 1:18 pm }

I suspect Matt & Kim didn’t have any choice regarding the wire fencing. Blocking it with trees was a good call.

I thought the dining, kitchen and M&K courtyard were clearly the best. The lounge room was revolting and M&J’s courtyard, despite some excellent woodwork, was inconsistent (artificial turf…WTF!?) and impractical (not really anywhere for people to sit and enjoy a meal).

10 OLIVIA { 07.26.13 at 1:27 pm }

I agree with you Warble on everything.

Anyone notice that Madi and Jarrod didn’t have their Hot Water Service in place or connected for their ensuite last weekl (this was only revealed this week) yet they won the room with no mention of it………interesting.

11 Anna { 07.26.13 at 1:34 pm }

PollyB, so polite :-)

What THE:
– Bec and George were thinking with that copper wall. Again, it’s not for YOUR own house. Didn’t like that dining table either.

– Trixter, that psychedelic lunchroom was appalling. Surely they weren’t thinking. Anyone who buys the unit will have to exchange the furniture & re paint the room

Wonder if that little unit will go on sale at same time & who will pocket the profits, not to mention how they will be split

Liked M&K’s yard more then Madi’s. Didn’t like the plants growing out of the table (Madi) the chill box in the middle is not new. I’ve seen it in restaurants (Cabinets with glasses , space to open bottles and pour the wine & wine chillers)

Liked Twins use of space. Wish I had a large walk in pantry (I only have a small cabinet for pantry). They renovated smartly, with potential buyer in mind…

12 Zhee { 07.26.13 at 8:37 pm }

Duh, posted my comment in the old thread and didn’t see the new posting by RR. 😉

Hmm, the kitchen looked great. Out of everyone the twins did the best job.
M&K’s garden area was pretty cool. It’s more like a lounge, sitting together at night and have BBQ or dinner with friends.

The mural by T&J – awful. The original one was not my thing at all but their rip-off was really ugly. :( Was glad that they did not get some money this time. I liked the sofa, I am short, so it would be perfect and I could at least reach the floor with my feet. 😉
The judges were right regarding the TV. It looked downright ridiculous.

As for M&J… well… I would have given third place to Bec and George. Her light feature was really great. The funny thing was that M&J had that exquisite designer and still weren’t able to pull off a win. The win last week was undeserved and it still looks like the producers tried to even everything.
As far as I remember in the past seasons some of the couples didn’t win much or the homes weren’t even sold. My guess is they want to send everyone home with at least 50.000 regarding all the hard work.
I suppose Bec and George will win – the stressed couple that went through worst times ever. I think lots of people can relate to Bec, I myself at least can. It’s the worst thing seeing your parents that sick, although I at least was happy enough that mine made it through chemo. I am glad for Bec of keeping up the work. I think it also helped her having a goal and especially doing it for her mum.
Also their apartment is very easy on the eye, with some changes it’s totally going away for a lot of money.
Second place will be the twins. They worked really hard. Their apartment is looking great it’s the most marketable out of all. They made clever choices and they understood if you renovate and design you are not doing it for yourself.

Third place maybe M&K or T&J. Most likely T&J due to the fact they had the penthouse. But overall M&K’s apartment looks way better and more appropriate. T&J’s is too crafty. It looks like a design student’s project.

Last place is M&J, even though they took 30k with them now.

13 Ari { 07.26.13 at 9:05 pm }

MATT & KIM – Really really really loved their courtyard! I had doubts at first but in the end it just looked so earthy and intimate – yet had so much personality to it. M&K really knew how to work the dark colours and give it energy – something Trixie & Johnno could not succeed to do with their indoor terrace. I loved it and it felt like somewhere I could hang out with friends on a Friday night.

MADI & JARROD – They had a landscaper design their courtyard and that is NOT on. They should never have won – especially with the not-so-good placement of succulents. It looked like the deck of a cruise ship. White floors and wood all over and did nothing for me at all. I am surprised they even managed to get a win. East Coast favouritism? Considering they’re from Sydney and haven’t pulled any wins – I wouldn’t be surprised if this were the case.

ALISA & LYSANDRA – Loved their kitchen. Loved the curtains. But I think the burning question is whether or not the tap was working. I think the layout of the kitchen + dining was much better than the apartments since it flowed well together. Floors 1+5 layouts felt like the kitchen was its own separate entity, with a dining room next to it.

TRIXIE & JOHNNO – Didn’t feel like there was any effort in it. I think they just wanted to have some fun. Having said that I barely remember seeing their work progress all week.

BEC & GEORGE – Loved the copper wall and curtains. Raw timber table is a questionable choice. Better room than Madi & Jarrod’s LBR.

My favourites to win:
Alisa & Lysandra
Matt & Kim

Trixie & Johnno
Bec & George

Madi & Jarrod

Madi & Jarrod is somewhat a fan-favourite (for some reason other than Jarrod having nice abs) so I guess they had to up the ante for them which is a shame really they didn’t deserve to win anything for a courtyard they didn’t even design.

14 Jason { 07.27.13 at 7:25 am }

What did Matt do with his $1000 Myer makeover? He didn’t turn up to the judging to look as if he had made any effort! Certainly didn’t get any new clothes.

15 Anna { 07.27.13 at 5:18 pm }

Not sure how Madi managed to win 20K last week. Room lacks personality, and looks sterile. Unless the producers want to even up the winnings…

Don’t mind the polished concrete floors, in the kitchen / bathroom it’s easy to look after. In the living areas people a can always buy a rug. A lot of new buildings now have tiled floors and they are freezing in the winter.

Loved twins tap in the small bathroom.

Bec’s room lacked personality as well. OK for a hotel room BUT not for an apartment…

The frame is a lot bigger then the bed and the occupant will end up with a lot of bruises.
Tacky lights on one side and a school desk lamp on the other. The chair by the window is uncomfortable!. Storage space in the bathroom overlooked… judging is a farce

Matt and Kim, what the?? were they thinking with that BIG PINK thing on the wall??? Did like the timber paneling, would not have it in my own place :-)

Seriously hate Bec’s dining room table, the damn thing has wheels? How did the judges miss that one?

Why do they have 2 entertaining areas in the ground floor apartment? Why didn’t anyone plant a herb garden?

Not even going to touch Trixters lunch room. Beyond ugly….

16 Christina { 07.27.13 at 7:21 pm }

Anyone heard any spoilers for The Block Sky High auctions?! I assume they were today/tonight (airing on TV tomorrow night)?!

17 LB { 07.28.13 at 10:42 am }

According to Property Observer, the Body Corporate fees will be $8,935pa for each unit and the producers are keeping the ground floor unit.

18 Anna { 07.28.13 at 11:17 am }

LB, body corporate fees for twins unit will have to be the lowest & Trixters the highest.

Wonder why ground floor space is not for sale? Since they planned on keeping the unit they really should have told contestants how they wanted the place at least decorated

Madi ‘ s & Bec’s bedrooms nor Trixters lunch area aren’t upto scratch

19 LB { 07.28.13 at 12:19 pm }

Christina, apparently there are spoilers on both TV Tonight and Property Observer – I’ve avoided them like the plague :)

Anna, PO is saying that the figures are equal and are quoting the company who prepared them – I’m not going back to the site as I’m trying to avoid spoilers. I’m not sure why you would think that there would be a sliding scale of BC fees from level 1 to 5 as BC fees are based on common property each, and not unit value, and each unit has access to the same amount of common property it makes sense that they are equal. The only way it could work on a disproportional scale would be if, say, the penthouse were the only ones with access to the rooftop garden or had four car parks while the others only had two spaces.

I can understand the rationale behind keeping the ground floor unit – if the prods sold it, what would be the fairest way to divide up the above reserve profit? Also, it is the only unit with true outdoor areas, so that removes the (sort of) level playing field. Personally, I think the greatest motivator for the producers is the projected short term rental of $410 per night!

20 Anna { 07.28.13 at 12:58 pm }

LB, in most properties top levels are considered to have higher maintenance. Hence higher fees…

Will be I treating to see how the use of roof space is decided

21 LB { 07.28.13 at 1:31 pm }

Ugh – not sure what happened there, but my comment disappeared. RR if you have a sec, could you check spam?

22 Littlepetal { 07.28.13 at 4:07 pm }

Body corporate fee is based on floor area and has nothing to do with which floor you are in. Many roof garden in apartments are common property and maintenance already factor in the strata fee. If the roof garden is part of the penthouse than the maintenance will be solely the responsible of the owner of the penthousel

23 Anna { 07.28.13 at 4:21 pm }

Little petal, that’s not true!

In my building I know that 2 neighbors with exactly same floor space pay different strata fees, over $100 difference between level 1 & level 3

24 LB { 07.28.13 at 6:47 pm }

The gist of my comment that seems to have been eaten:

Anna, I’m still not sure how you come to the conclusion that higher floors have higher fees. If you read most BC by laws they work on a “swings & roundabouts” principle. When the property has to be repainted, there will be scaf around the whole building. If something happens on level 2, more than likely there will be something shortly after happening on level 5 which will need attention.

The roof will need so e kind of booking system, otherwise it could be a total disaster

25 LB { 07.28.13 at 6:49 pm }

Anna, Check with your neighbours re common space. On their title they may have a fraction more access to common space which would account for their slightly higher BC cost. Do they have marginally more exterior areas?

26 Anna { 07.28.13 at 7:11 pm }

LB, they both have 2 bedrooms, balcony, garage and store room. The only difference is that one on lvl 1 and the other on lvl 3

Both units identical, the only difference is the level they are located on

27 Christina { 07.28.13 at 7:15 pm }

Thanks LB! I’ve ended up not seeing any spoilers which is probably better, will enjoy tonight’s episode more. Especially if who I suspect wins, does haha!

I just really hope each couple all walk away with a nice sum each, then it doesn’t matter so much.

28 Diogenes { 07.28.13 at 7:31 pm }

LB (@25) – legislation is different form state to state.

In NSW & Qld the developer registered the plan with an allocation based on value, so the cheapest unit had a contribution of “1” and the penthouse may have had “5” so the penthouse pays 5X unit 1’s contribution . In Qld this was recently overturned in court.

(When I was a lot younger I designed a system for NSW largest body corporate magers)

29 LB { 07.28.13 at 8:15 pm }

Diogenes I’ve done many years in Qld & Vic, I can’t comment on NSW. I’ve never come across a BC where the purchasers BC outlay was based on the value of the title issued. If you could point that out to me I would really appreciate that.

Anna, I am sure there is something in the by-laws that covers that discrepancy.

Christina, agree with you – hope all contestants achieve a life changing result :)

30 Anna { 07.28.13 at 8:36 pm }

LB, it’s not a discrepancy. The allocation is worked out on a formula . Higher levels pay more.

31 Tuffdeck { 07.28.13 at 8:51 pm }

Happy they all won money! Wish Bec and George had won though!

32 Sue N { 07.28.13 at 8:55 pm }

happy they all made money, disappointed twins won

33 LB { 07.28.13 at 9:02 pm }

Anna, would be genuinely interested to see that formula. From my experience in Qld & Vic it is based on the common areas.

34 Christina { 07.28.13 at 9:08 pm }

What Tuffdeck said 😉

35 Techhater { 07.28.13 at 9:23 pm }

What Sue N said 😀

36 Give us a break { 07.28.13 at 9:46 pm }

What TH said :)
I think the twins are the only ones happy they won.

37 Techhater { 07.28.13 at 10:32 pm }

Give us a break LOL The look on their faces when they thought that Madi and Jarrod might beat them. If only they had. :-(

38 Anna { 07.29.13 at 12:49 pm }

LB, from what I understand the strata manager did not share the formula with the owners.

More then likely there is something available online.

39 LB { 07.29.13 at 1:05 pm }

Anna, that is rather bizarre then. When you purchase into a property under a Body Corporate, it is law to provide a Disclosure Statement which details the by-laws, common areas, payment structure, etc. I wonder how they got around that one?

40 Anna { 07.29.13 at 2:36 pm }

LB, I have absolutely no idea.

Nothing is done by the rules & they only way the owners can fix it is by going to the tribunal … getting rid of strata manager and committee and going with the compulsory strata manager