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Masterchef Australia – A Contender Gone

It just goes to show you are only as good as the last dish you cooked on Masterchef. One of the more talented contestants was eliminated last night, but he did himself no favours by serving up a breakfast pizza. This must rank with that other culinary creation the dessert pizza. However he also wanted to make it a Japanese style pizza with smoked rainbow trout, asparagus, miso paste, sesame seeds and rocket.

Gary looked dubious when Vern was telling him but he went ahead with it. Not only was it kooky in flavours, since it was breakfast service challenge he was slow as he had to cook the base, then put on the topping and whack it back in the pizza oven. The breakfast service challenge was at Gary’s restaurant, The Boathouse with Christina, Vern, Lynton, Lucy and Daniel had to make a breakfast dish to serve to customers.

Daniel showed you only have to make a good dishes towards the competition to be viewed as a contender. His dish was smart it was a sweet potato and feta croquette, with baked mushroom, a tomato sauce and jamon. It was sophisticated plus easy to serve when the order came in no surprise that it was dish of the day.

Lynton was having some issues related to what he was going to serve. It went from a sophisiticated dish which had relish and chutney and five million other elements to tricked up bacon and eggs. Though to be fair he rocked those poached eggs. He revealed he won’t be doing ads for the upcoming election campaign saying uncertain economic times and the ban on the live cattle trade ran their farm into bankruptcy.

Lucy played it very safe making a posh museli, with yoghurt and berries served with brioche with honey and ricotta. She barely looked stressed.

Christina was making baked eggs and as she did not do a test run and did not realise how long they took to cook. She was inconsistent pumping out over done eggs and most of her dishes looked burnt around the edges. She was in the bottom two but it was Vern with his pizza who was eliminated.

It was a pity as he has been one of the more talented cooks and is prepared to be inventive Also he was not shy about taking the lead on challenges. OK there were some hits and misses.

Christina and Emma got teary at his leaving, but Noelene kept her steely glaze knowing this is a competition and with one of the stronger cooks out she has a better chance of winning.

Vern will be working on the Umami Project a project to explore new foods and flavours. Let’s hope the pizza is not one of them.



1 Littlepetal { 08.04.13 at 8:59 am }

I don’t think the sales for the cookbook is so important now. Andy spcookbook can sell because he didn’t do any wow dishes on MC. Also he can’t even fill up the cookbook with his own recipes.

Lynton will have similar problems. He is still learning but don’t have enough depth for a cookbook.

Daniel won’t win as he already has his own cookbooks. Why allow him to publish another one at their expense. Just keep him for the eye candy and then boot him out.

Agree with Eliza that Rishi and Christina may have some interesting recipes in the cookbooks. Christina has Portuguese background and can have some Spanish and Portuguese dishes in the cookbook. Rishi can have some Indian recipes.

2 abc { 08.04.13 at 7:32 pm }

last year andy did not deserve to win. Should have been between julia, amina and ben. the others were all one type. Ben i agree went on to cook mexican in the 1st half of the series but ended up cooking so many cusines. And another thing is that ben used to cook mexican in the mystery box challenges. He needs to be given credit for turning whatever ingredient given into classic mexican. For some reason i just cannot like andy. Seemed too proud to me.
This season will probably go to a girl going by the MC pattern. So i feel it should be cristina. But MC might just have a male winner to change their pattern and surprise people. So maybe rishi. I hope it’s rishi.
I also hope my words for ben does not make me from tassie coz i am not. :)

3 Morgan { 08.04.13 at 7:48 pm }

Rishi and Christina should be the Final 2 for this year, with Lynton rounding out the Top 3. If Kelty somehow wins I’m never watching this show again, that is if there is even another season next year.

4 emp { 08.04.13 at 7:51 pm }

just wait the finale will be a team challenge!!

5 Littlepetal { 08.04.13 at 7:56 pm }

Yep. The final will be a team challenge :-)

6 dowecare { 08.04.13 at 8:31 pm }

who died and left rishi boss on the team challenge tonight, over bearing boof head

7 Littlepetal { 08.04.13 at 9:12 pm }

I don’t think Rishi was bossy. He was thorough with the recipe and he can follow the recipe.

They are giving out ammunity pins like lollies but not easy to get one.

8 Anna { 08.04.13 at 9:13 pm }

Rishi’s ego is getting a bit too big. If he’s not careful he will trip over it

9 Evan { 08.04.13 at 10:11 pm }

I don’t mind Rishi being overbearing and a little arrogant – let’s face it, he is one of the few decent cooks left on the show.
The yellow team were always going to turn out the best trifle – Daniel did not have to do much, he was carried by the vastly more talented Rishi and Christina.
LOL at Kelty stuffing up the red team’s effort – surely he or Noelene will be the next one eliminated later this week?
To think that Kelty is taking the place of Vern(who really should still be there, if the criteria alone was culinary skill) shows how laughable Masterchef has become.