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Bake Off’s Sarah Jane Speaks Out About Being A Fat Lesbian


Sara-Jane looked like she was going to be a contender on The Great Australian Bake Off until a pesky gingerbread house was her undoing and she was eliminated.

She has written in Crikey about being  a fat lesbian mother on reality TV.

It is an interesting read and focuses on the positive feedback she received. As she acknowledges she is not the first lesbian nor the first fat person on reality TV but the combination is definitely unique. Particularly in relation to body acceptance.

Bake Off is good in that everyone is getting a good edit and there are no villains so I expect she had a very good reality TV experience unlike some others.

She says she is a huge fan of reality TV (why is she not reading this blog!) and what is great is she talks about the positive social media reaction she received. Though I think the heading of her going on the show was a political act is a bit overstated.

Reality TV has always been ahead of the pack in relation to diverse casting and that is one of the reasons the programs can be so interesting.

It was a pity she was eliminated so early but expect she was the fall guy to allow Mark to stay in another week.