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Please Marry My Boy – The Second Season Is A Repeat Of First

The Bachelor producers must be pleased Please Marry My Boy is being screened as it is going to make their dating show look high end.

There was barely one season in Please Marry My Boy and there is definitely not two. Same format where three girls are picked out of ten at a speed date and they go and live with the mother at her home.

She sets different tasks for them to do and chooses one girl to go on a cheesy date with their boy each week. This year they are mixing it up a bit when a fourth girl arrives at the house.

The characters are similar to last years with Carlo’s mother Maria like Vlad’s mum thinking cooking and housekeeping skills are more important as he would not be expected to do that for himself.

Nathan is a duller version of Tony. I suspect more on there to self promote then look for love. However he did go on a date with a sports model so maybe they will hook up.

Carlos went on a date with Tanya the conveyancer who appears to have a thing about food. Her most treasured possession was her juicer, how if she has juice in the morning she can eat food later.

You get the feeling Maria won’t be picking Kristie as she has a son and Amber will be deemed to be too old even though she is 40 and younger than Carlos. She will want grandkids.

Brad is the most likeable guy but he needs to be a bit smoother, his date with Anna could only be described as awkward.

Who do you think will hook up on the show?

Please Marry My Boy on Monday and Thursday on SEVEN





1 Lisa { 08.04.13 at 8:11 pm }

I enjoyed the 1st ep but no the second one so much.
Nathan is definitely there to promote himself and I think he might have hired two oldies to act as his church going parents since he seems nothing like them.
Brad might have some luck if mum has chosen the right girl, certainly I don’t think he could dare without mum’s input. But I think the best chance for him is the girl dad chose.
Carlos should find love easily as long as she can cook and make babies.

2 Eliza { 08.06.13 at 12:00 am }

Just caught up on this. I agree that Nathan appears to be nothing like his parents and that he is prob there for promotion – there’s no way he seems like he wants to “settle down” , same with Yvette. She looks so familiar and certainly has a face for TV, no doubt she is looking for work. Nathan looks like a hybrid of Channing Tatum and Matthew Hayden.

Brad seems nice enough and his girls look nice too. Carlos’ girls strike me as all being a bit odd.. Funny 2 of them are closer to Nathan’s age but appear much older.

3 daisy { 08.10.13 at 1:46 pm }

Eliza, I was thinking Yvette looks familiar too.
She looks a bit like the girl from Amazing race who did it in high heels. She had the young boyfriend. But she looks even more like someone else too and I can’t connect it.

4 brain dead dave { 08.10.13 at 2:19 pm }

I can see a spin off for this show called Please Kill My Parents.

Watched the last ep. It’s as bad as last year.Love it.

5 Izobel2 { 08.11.13 at 10:52 am }

Geez those dates (apart from Carlo’s) were soooo awkward!
And what’s with the date “you need to give a bit more light than shade”.. I think she must’ve auditioned for Australian Idol during Marcia Hines season!

I’m pretty sure Brad will stay single.
If there girls have been there for 2 whole weeks, what on earth have they been doing with their time? Do they get to see the guys at all? And if you’re on a date for the first time, surely you’ve been thinking of things to say to each other. rather than just “ummm, so you’re a vegetarian, yeah right… so why’s that then?”..
In saying that I’m with you BDD, love it.

6 Izobel2 { 08.11.13 at 11:00 am }

And how awkward for the guys on the date as they know that mum is watching. That’s just weird!
And if you have a really crap date and have no connection at all, why stay?

7 Eliza { 08.11.13 at 11:38 am }

Yvette reminds me of Sarah Wilson. She seems to think she has Nathan in the bag.. It’s a bit like Tony and Tammy-Lee from last season. The date with Shayli was awkward. He must have been waiting to kiss her for a while but a bit playerish to do it right away. I find her a bit odd and have a feeling she is there to promote herself as a writer.

This is going to sound hash, but I struggle to believe Linda is interested in Brad and doesn’t come across that they have anything in common. He’s awkward but seems more genuine than Nathan.

This is going to sound like I find everyone on this show odd, but I find carlo’s girls a bit strange! I hope he does find someone soon so he can have a family.. It was a bit emotional when he was talking to Amber about getting too old to have kids. Not sure about them bringing back the girl they did.. Seems as though his dad just wants to perve on her.. Ugghhh!

8 Georgie { 09.20.13 at 7:36 pm }

It was a two hour marathon last night. I don’t think Carlos is going to end up with Tanya. He’s keen enough but I don’t think she’s convinced. He seems too old for her – the type of person he is more than his age. Kristie started demonstrating quite disturbing personality traits early on and it just got worse as time passed. He did the right thing giving her a wide birth.

Bradley took some shifting to get out of his shell. I think Tegan was the right choice for him and she seemed genuine and keen enough to make a go of it. We could see a relationship happening there.

Nathan – eew, he made my skin crawl. He’s a total self- indulgent lush. I think he and Yvette had a purely physical connection but that wouldn’t make for a sustainable long term relationship. I’m sure he’ll be in touch with her to find out though. He was still attracted to Fiona and pretty much accepted she was more like his mother and was better wife material, but I don’t think he’s at the stage of settling down yet anyway, so will probably pursue Yvette for a while yet.

9 NATASHA { 02.27.14 at 12:50 pm }

All characters remind me
Of each other haha