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Masterchef Australia – Well Someone Got Lucky

It was Heston Blummenthal against Rishi, Daniel and Christina. Heston had to make a three course meal in 90 minutes. The Masterchef contestants had to make one dish only in the same time. However they were allocated the course and had to use a signature ingredient. Daniel had  the entree and eggs, Christina had main and wine, and Rishi had dessert and milk.


Watching Heston cook was an episode highlight. Lucy was still hot flushing from the balcony yelling out after he had chopped an onion “you don’t need a food processor”.

Daniel made a complex dish of 62 Degree Egg with Mushroom Custard with parmasen chips and at the end he smoked it as well. Gary thought it was eggs on toast but reworked and he  thought it was really impressive.

Heston made a smoked mackeral dish for entree and Matt said it was clean and healthy. Matt also said it was absolutely perfect and absolutely in balance.

Heston’s main was Braised Chicken with Sherry. Matt said there is something reassuredly country and Gary thought it was delicious. Christina had cooked Beef with Madeira sauce. Gary said it had good flavours.

Rishi’s was a disaster as dessert was not his thing. He did a take on Rene Redepzi’s snow man so not that original either. It looked more like a squashed bird. Heston made a strawberry sundae which Matt thought it was beautiful.

Matt asked Daniel what his dish was and then after that asked Heston’s which was his. Heston looked taken back, like dude if it not the egg dish, mine must be the mackeral.

Heston won all three courses, so no one won an immunity pin… but wait there is more.

The judges then announced that the person with the best dish would shadow Heston for the day and also they would not be in the team challenge hence would be safe from elimination. Daniel was given this prize so he is safe for another week.


1 Sarah { 08.07.13 at 11:47 am }

As far as we know.

Why, I wonder, was she so proud of the onion and garlic skins she left inside the pheasant (or chicken–I don’t remember)? If she had shoved ’em in for flavoring alone, I could understand, but the bread crumbs suggest she meant the stuffing to be eaten. Very mysterious.