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Masterchef Australia’s First Marriage – Congratulations Chris and Julia

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 7.09.50 PM

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 7.10.37 PMChris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins got married last weekend. They are the first Masterchef marriage.

They married at Daylesford in Victoria and both look fabulously happy. It looks like the pair decided to not go with the traditional wedding cake but cut a wheel of cheese.

The pair created quite the scandal when they hooked up on season one of the show because he had a fiancee and another girlfriend on the go on the outside the Masterchef house.

Since then they have opened a successful bar and restaurant Josie Bones together. Aaron Harvie and Justine Schofield were two Masterchef alumni who attended the wedding. Maybe they will have the first Masterchef baby.

Expect to see more photos pop up in a weekly gossip magazine soon.

Photos from Instagram.



1 Alby { 08.06.13 at 8:15 pm }

I wonder if his other girlfriends know yet? Ha ha ha

2 Andrea { 08.07.13 at 8:17 am }

@2,@3, you make no sense.
Congratulations Chris and Julia.

3 brain dead dave { 08.07.13 at 10:02 am }

He’ll cheat again. Just give it a mobile phone.

4 Joseph Skyrim { 08.07.13 at 10:07 am }

Hehe that’s great news. Congrats to the happy couple! ^_^

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6 Anna { 08.07.13 at 3:25 pm }

What does she see in him?

7 Socs { 08.07.13 at 5:55 pm }

I don’t know what she sees in him, but I like his food philosophy!

8 brain dead dave { 08.07.13 at 7:22 pm }

It’s more about what he sees in her.

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[…] Apparently they are not doing local media so chances are there is a magazine deal in the offing. As there will be for Chris Badenoch and Julia Jenkins who got married last weekend in Victoria. See previous blog post here. […]

10 Culinary Boner { 08.09.13 at 9:40 am }

Badenoch certainly got shot up the bum by a rainbow due to his appearance on Masterchef.

Good luck to both them. They opened Josie Bones in mid 2010 and it still appears to be going strong on the back of a really smart concept – snout-to-tail food and quality craft beer – plus no doubt plenty of hard graft and daily grind*.

Most other MCA contestants, especially as the series has slowly trudged ‘the longest mile’ to its eventual execution next year, have failed to fulfill viable food industry careers because they’ve contracted realitytvitis and think they can should be gifted a career for simply being ‘sorta famous’.

* plus a bit of bump-and-grind by the looks of it

11 Alby { 08.09.13 at 6:08 pm }

Selling all of those interviews to the magazines, probably help the bank balance as well. The restaurant business can be hard with no experience

12 Valerie and Roger From My Kitchen Moves { 08.20.13 at 7:08 pm }

Congratulations Chris and Julia, you make a great couple. x

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