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Big Brother – It Is Still The Tim Show

As one person last night on Twitter said “I don’t know if Tim is the most lovable or most hateable contestant o Big Brother”. I would have to agree. He is giving good TV, funny, arrrogant, annoying and he is making the other housemates react. He also does not appear to have much of a filter on his brain. Though I am still wondering why Big Brother has not revealed his full background.

The downside of this is that it is the Tim show and he continues to suck up a lot of air time. Is this to ensure he does not get booted? I doubt the producers will risk him going to the vote and he will be safe tonight.

There was again little footage of Sharon, Mikkayla and Jaz. We saw Mikkayla sobbing about being the person with the highest nomination points, saying she was just being herself. Sharon wept under the excuse this would be upsetting her boys, and Jaz had a cry as well.

We also saw Jaz having some fun with Drew and Tim giving them a hot stone massage in the bathroom.

Tully at this stage is the most irritating contestant. She cries more then a Masterchef contestant. It won’t be long now she is in the safe house that she will start whinging again. I am happy to have Tim stay just so he can wind her up.

Xavier revealed that he had a little crush on Jade to Tully, but admitted she would not be into him. Jade appears to have bonded with Tully but since the fake marriage has ended the footage of her has dropped.

Xavier was funny when pashing Ben through the plastic, whereas Matt was just not going to go there. The weekly food challenge was to play cricket and at this stage they are not doing very well with Rohan out first ball. Rohan is looking very overwhelmed about being in the house. Whereas the sisters are settling in nicely.

Ben had to do a job interview task. You do wonder what skills he actually has, and why he left his job as a flight attendant.

One thing that is irritating me is that Big Brother is running over time my recording cut out and by comments on here indicates Big Brother Confidential was on last night as well.

This meant I missed the conversation between Heidi and Tim about how they thought the top three was already sewn up by Big Brother. Did they name the names of who they thought the top three were going to be?


1 Reality Raver { 08.08.13 at 10:12 pm }

Andrea – I rarely vote but I am thinking of swinging a save vote for Tim. Due to the fact that I think he will drive Tully nuts. That storming around was just foul like it was Mikkayla’s fault she was saved.

2 daisy { 08.08.13 at 10:16 pm }

Tahan made the best decision. Mikayla had been in the 1/2 house the longest and since she recieved so many noms, will probably spend a lot of time in there, so it was nice to give her a break. On the other hand Heidi was supposed to be in the 1/2 house anyway.

RR I am voting for Tim too. He makes me happy just watching him.

3 daisy { 08.08.13 at 10:19 pm }

Next BB will phone in and ask them to choose a hm and chew a limb off. He really wants to turn them against each other. BB is mean.

4 Gabby { 08.08.13 at 10:22 pm }

I can’t get over how she made the decision so quick. Hats off to her. Tully was a right little so and so about it.
You have to admit that Daisy?
Also Matt was a bit of a gossip tonight.

5 Gabby { 08.08.13 at 10:26 pm }

Another thing, what is it with all this open nomination talk?
Obviously it is of no concern to BB this year. They must be allowed to do it. Maybe they want cliques to form and tensions to arise from them.

6 daisy { 08.08.13 at 10:46 pm }

I do agree Gabby, Tully was just nasty. She tried to draw the guys in to her side too. She can’t win behaving like she is. Just watch. I think we will start seeing her get nominated.

Matt gave Caleb good advice. Like two soldiers in the trenches.

I wasn’t surprised at Tully’s hissy fit but Heidi went down quite a bit in my estimation. Up until now she has been acting all “whatever”, I am so easy going and light hearted, and then she spits the dummy over the swap. Tahan had to choose. We don’t really know how long she took to choose, but she HAD to choose and again, choosing a person who had never been in the 1/2 house, who should have been there anyway and who probably won’t get evicted yet was the best choice she could have made.

Obviously they know that there is a clique with Tulley in it because M and T said it would have been dangerous to vote Tulley.
I think that Tulley will have a lot of fans and a lot of haters on the outside at the moment. I would vote her out if I could. I hope the other hms don’t get influenced by her.

I think she is in with the guys merely because she is too horrible to get along with the girls.

7 daisy { 08.08.13 at 10:51 pm }

Tonight Tulley was biatch.

8 Gabby { 08.08.13 at 10:56 pm }

I know Daisy, I was quite shocked at Heidi’s behaviour. She was the most logical choice to get chosen but she seemed to be so dirty with Tahan for choosing her, I was really surprised. As you sort of said she has been kind of laid back, cool with everything and then, whoosh. Imagine if Tahan had have chosen Tully, OMG.
Notice, we haven’t really spoken about anything else in the show except maybe the ice bath, so a whole hour of what?

9 Ari { 08.08.13 at 10:59 pm }

Hate. Tully. Hate. Matt. Tully was my favourite at the start but her attitude just enrages me. What a glum asshole. And Matt…I just hate gossipy guys so much. “In my opinion Mikkayla doesn’t deserve to be here…” whatevs Matt you just don’t like the girl.

My respect for Tahan has risen once again. Seeing her stand up to Tully when she was bitching about Mikkayla behind her back surprised me, and she’s continued to surprise me. I enjoy Tim. He knows the value and not changing your behaviour for the benefit of others – seeing him and Mikkayla be a team was quite gracious.

Wished Tahan had the enough gut to send Tully into the halfway house. I would have enjoyed that very much.

10 daisy { 08.08.13 at 11:03 pm }

Sourpuss. Tully is a spoilt sourpuss who sulks if things don’t go her way. And when they do, she still sulks.

I didn’t hear the guys bitching, but I heard Matt tell Caleb to stay out of it, which I thought was good advice. Especially as it was Tully who was trying to suck them in.

11 daisy { 08.08.13 at 11:06 pm }

What’s the bet BB does everything to keep Tully in to annoy the viewers and keep them talking.

12 Daze { 08.08.13 at 11:10 pm }

What a spoilt little sooky brat that Hedie is, true colours coming out?
Sulked all night. Get over it girl. It was either Tim or her to go into the other side with same votes nominated initially, so it was a logical choice.
Tully’s just sulky no matter where she is in the house.

So happy Mikkayla was chosen to be saved, after a gut wrenching total of 17 votes to deal with. Back fired beautifully on everyone who voted for her.

13 Daze { 08.08.13 at 11:13 pm }

Andrea @40, omg did you see that batmobile on Formal Wars? Felt sorry for Sam, what a horrid outfit his father chose, but he took it on the chin. Nice kid.

14 brain dead dave { 08.08.13 at 11:15 pm }

Tim has Matt sussed right out.

Tahan is a champion. Where was Matt getting off lecturing her about cosying up with his bestie Caleb? Or indeed decreeing that Mikkayla doesn’t deserve to be there?

This is one disposable hero.

15 Gabby { 08.08.13 at 11:28 pm }

My estimation in Matt went right down the gurgler tonight. Daisy, Matt might have said that to Caleb at the end but if you read BDD’s last paragraph it will put you straight on the dirty couple of things he did tonight.
I hope Tim doesn’t start putting Mikayla down now that she has gone to the other side, lets see if he can do the right thing here.

16 daisy { 08.08.13 at 11:31 pm }

Tim and Tahan are my favourites so far. Tim I have liked from the get go but we are getting to see how good Tahan is.
Caleb is an idiot if he is just going to be led by the nose.
I still wan to see more of Jaz to see what she is like.

17 brain dead dave { 08.08.13 at 11:34 pm }

I’m convinced Caleb is a drag act who wants to look like Dawn Fraser.