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Big Brother Nominations – BB Psych Better Be On Stand By

There is going to be some interesting fall out from the Big Brother nominations this week, especially seeing Ben and Tully have landed in the halfway house.

Tim is officially my favourite house mate after his brazen nomination just about screaming out Tully’s name. Much more refreshing compared to housemates who get in there and gush about how they are doing the other housemates a favour by nominating them.

Ed had one the super power for nominations and he was probably disappointed that it was not a Jade repellant. The guy basically had to tell her she was dropped. Jade who was flirting heavily with him and did get a pash must have been disappointed when he told her he did not want things to go any further. Expect her to soothe her bruised ego with Drew.

What Ed actually had was the ability to see three peoples nominations. He picked  Xavier, Tim and Drew as he thought they were the smartest people in the house. Clearly he does not think any of the girls cut it in that regard.

Here’s what went down in the nomination room:

Jade gave three points to Ben as he is flying under the radar, she also said he did not make an effort to come to the fence to talk to the halfway housemates. With prompting by BB she said he was anti-social. She then flicked two points to Tahan as she feels she is her biggest competition in the house, as she is friends with some of the boys and the big players like Matt. If she was eliminated it would mean she would have a better chance. Jade must think she can manipulate guys, but clearly can’t with Ben as he is gay and she also wants to be the hottest gal in the house.

Tully gave Rohan three points because he is negative and he tries to cause friction and stir the pot. and he makes little to no effort in the kitchen. She flicked two points to Xavier as he has been super argumentative with Jas.

Mikayla is nominated Matthew for three points as he comes across as arrogant. She should also said his trainee chopper moustache is disgusting as well. He flicked two points to Xavier because he is extremely calculating and manipulative. There are many sides to him and you don’t know what side you are going to get. She said he is sucking up to the bigger more popular players.

Xavier nominated Tully for three points as her emotions are extremely overbearing in the house. People are more concerned about how she reacts to things. He flicked two points for Ben as he has built an island around himself and thinks it would do him good to be in the half way house.

Ben said he was feeling a bit sick in the nominations box. He gave Tahan for three points because of her tendency to be a bit bossy. Matthew for two points as he has become the unofficial elected leader of the boys and the house. He tends to micro-manage things just down to the colour of the towel I can use in the bathroom. He then burst into tears once he left the nomination box.

Drew nominated Ben for two points because he made no effort to come to the fence to talk to the halfway housemates. He flicked three points to Xavier because he has aligned himself with every group in the house and that he acts differently between groups.

Rohan nominated one point as she told everyone she had done most of the work at the family, and she told everyone he had failed the task and they had got the family dinner because of her. He flicked Tully four points as she is rude and she says things to get under your skin.

Jas nominated Jade from 3 points as she is the person I get the least from. She said she needs to do more then looking pretty. She gave Matt a 2 points as he is a threat because he is a strong contender.

Heidi gave Tahan three points because she sent her to the half way hosue. Not sure who she thought Tahan should have sent. She gave Xavier 2 points because he was snappy and then tried to cover it.

Caleb nominated 3 points to Mikkayla as she is controlling.  She thinks she is condescending to people. He gave two points to Ben as he has a heavy reliance on other people.

Katie and Lucy flicked three points to Tahan as she is always bitching  about other people and they deduced she is probably talking about them. They gave Tully 2 points for being negative.

Tahan gave Ben 2 points because he has been really negative lately and is not enjoying it. She gave three points to Katie and Lucy as they are starting to get on her nerves. Once quizzed it was about it she confessed it was because they got their hair straightner and she did not get her hair dryer.

Matt is nominating Rohan for three points because he does not offer to help in the kitchen. Mikkayla for three points for doing too much in the kitchen. I note Matt’s nominations were for two of the non-anglo people in the house.

Tim nominated Xavier for 2 points, as he modifies his behaviour to stay in the game to keep himself aligned with the meatheads and the models. He gave three points to Tully and then turns around to shout “did you get that Tully?” because of the mean girls behaviour from her.

Ed nominated Rohan for three points as something is not adding up about him. He flicked two points to Mikkayla as she comes across as bossy.

The top six were:

  • Tahan on 12 points
  • Tully on 12 points;
  • Ben on 11 points;
  • Xavier on 11 points he was not happy;
  • Rohan on 9 points;
  • Matthew on 7 points;
  • Mikkayla on 7 points.

Tully was crying and very upset when her and Tahan had to pick who would be up for nominations. Tully  said I am not picking Matt and Mikkayla was put in the halfway house. Mikkayla did not look happy at all.

Who do you want to see eliminated?


1 daisy { 08.14.13 at 10:35 pm }

She just doesn’t BS for the camera, or anyone else. (Tahan)

It’s so obvious and forced the wat Xavier and Rohan behave.

2 daisy { 08.14.13 at 10:40 pm }

How 70s that I prefer Tahan’s hair scruffy and I like Tim’s hair, but hate B1, B2, and Caleb’s hair.

3 daisy { 08.14.13 at 10:46 pm }

OMG Ben is working the room for the camera. He is working hard talking to the home viewers and doing the bedroom boogie. Too forced.

Can’t like hms that pretend they are being themselves.

4 Eliza { 08.15.13 at 12:24 am }

NOOOO, not the hair products!! Why is BB so mean to them??!! If I were going on that show I’d take a beanie and assortment of hats.

I read that interview with the BB exec producer.. Filming in the toilets would be a massive deal breaker for me (other than the fact I’d be terribly boring on TV). Can you imagine knowing people are watching you go to the toilet?????? Ahhh!!!

Wow, TH, you are a good shopper.. Do you have boys or girls or both? My mum would love to swap your kids with my bro and I ha ha.. Mostly me I should say…

5 daisy { 08.15.13 at 12:46 am }

You wouldn’t be boring at all with your assortment of hats.
And then there would be all the tears and tantrums when Surly bribes a hm to steal your hat collection and set fire to them in the barbie.

BTW Tulley wants everyone to think she is tough, edgy and one of the boys, when in fact she is a precious cry baby.
Tahan, on the other hand, looks like a beautiful doll, but has sucked it up and made the best of every raw deal. A tough, but not harsh, little cookie. Bet she is smart too. Ed underestimated her, I think.

6 brain dead dave { 08.15.13 at 12:50 am }

Looking at the gifts $urly gave to Xavier tonight., it has to be said he is as tight as a fishes ar$e.

7 daisy { 08.15.13 at 12:58 am }

Ha ha.

Or should I say….

Heee heeee heeee ?

8 Chrissie { 08.15.13 at 6:34 am }

I liked Surly last this year the tasks could be better. It’s almost like he’s setting them up for noms – a nominate me t-shirt and a day of whinging?!?

9 Sandii { 08.15.13 at 6:53 am }

Calebs expressings when Matt was “pulling”him was something that can’t be unseen…. Aaargh I need to wash my eyes.

10 Sandii { 08.15.13 at 6:54 am }


11 Chrissie { 08.15.13 at 7:16 am }

It was sooooo odd!!!

12 Gabby { 08.15.13 at 8:03 am }

Yes, well lets hope the look in Caleb’s eyes wasn’t telling us a little secret about him, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, pull, pull.