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Australia’s Next Top Model – And A Girl Was Disqualified

It was the episode that ANTM fans had been anticipating. Who was the girl that was going to get disqualified and was it deserved?

Well the names had hit the papers yesterday when it was revealed Taylah was the girl involved in the incident and she was the one who was punted.

Firstly they had no choice but to disqualify Taylah as it did go too far, however I suspect the bullying that occurred by Demelza to Alamela was far more detrimental then this more physical incident.

This week the model’s were at Silverton in NSW and it was hot and dusty. The first challenge was not related to modelling but about painting. In fact without “the incident” the episode would have been rather dull.

After the challenge had finished Ashlee started a paint fight (at the instigation of the producers?) and she ended up putting paint on Dajana who had borrowed a shirt of Taylah. Taylah was pissed because it was dirty and she did not have anymore clothes apparently.

Taylah then rushed over and half jokingly said I am going to strangle her and then she grabbed her and did wrestling her into the bushes. This last bit went on too long and went from a light hearted exchange to something with more aggressive overtones. Someone did yell from the sidelines to stop eventually.

At the judgement time showing the judges got all “that was out of line so you are disqualified”.

After that Madeline and Jade were named the best photo of the day and Ducky and Melissa the weakest models. However it was no surprise when they told both girls they were safe. The producers were probably kicking themselves that they eliminated two girls the week before.


1 Andrea { 08.14.13 at 6:39 pm }

Sad it had to end with Taylah getting disqualified, it started off with a foolish prank really and got out of hand, they were all pretty immature throwing the paint around at each other.
They did the right thing letting her go, but yes RR, I think Demelza was pretty bad too from last time and nothing was done to her.
Didn’t really like any of the photoshoots last night, they looked very dark and aggressive to me. I know that was the aim, but no way could Melissa have pulled that look off, it didn’t suit her at all.
The ending was a bit like MC last night, bring on the last two contestants, put them through the wringer, and then say that both of you are staying. Pointless!

2 daisy { 08.15.13 at 10:32 pm }

Immature yes, they are young and allowed to be immature. Throwing paint is immature. Choking someone hard and holding it until they can’t breathe, especially when they had an operation recently, isn’t just immature. Again, who does that? Oh yeah, wife bashers.

3 Eliza { 08.16.13 at 1:36 am }

Just caught up on this tonight after Foxtel wasn’t working properly again last night when I was trying to download the episode….

It wasn’t my fav photo shoot but Jade and Madeleine looked great. I wasn’t surprised that they would keep both girls after disqualifying Taylah.

The Taylah Ashley incident was just strange. My first thought when watching the whole thing was why the paint fight wasn’t shut down as soon as it started….?! Especially when some of the girls started to get a bit miffed by it. I can tell you I would not have been happy if my clothing got paint all over it, not at all. I can understand why Taylah got mad, but her reaction was ODD.. To actually ‘play’ strangle someone is a reaction I would never pick someone to have… She seemed to be smiling while she was doing it but there was certainly malice in her actions. They talk about football players having ‘brain snaps’, but aspiring models too? Also weird that no one stepped in earlier.. it was as if they were like “yes… this is going to get people talking.. let it happen”.

It didn’t seem as though many of the girls wanted to go to Ashley’s aid, only Shannon. They all seemed shocked she got kicked out, but what were they supposed to do? The show needed to make an example of her otherwise they would have appeared to be taking a soft stance on bullying. Agree that tougher action should have been taken against Demelza.. she was horrible and they possibly didn’t want to let things slide like they did that season.

4 daisy { 08.20.13 at 11:53 pm }

ELiza I wonder if the girls didn’t run to assist Ashley because they were in shock and stunned. I thought iit was pretty shocking.
The would have let the camera’s roll for the paint fight. Fair call. But although the show pretends to be abhor the strangling incident, I see not enough not to cash in on it. Fancy keeping the cameras rolling while a girl is being choked. But then I suppose that’s what a camera man would do. But the show milked it by airing it. They can’t hate violence that much. $$$

5 Eliza { 08.21.13 at 12:44 am }

No, they certainly don’t seem to which was why I was asking why no one stepped in.. by this I mean the show producers/staff. If I were one of the girls I def would have been in shock! Don’t blame the girls really for not getting into it.

Let’s hope there are some good shots in tonight’s episode (which I haven’t watched yet)!!

6 Andrea { 08.29.13 at 8:00 am }

According to SMH, Jennifer Hawkins is not doing a good job of hosting ANTM which is not surprising as we only really see her at the end for the judging.

7 daisy { 09.01.13 at 10:08 pm }

I was disappointed to see the latest evictee go. She was the best looking in photos but I can see why they had to do it.
The poor girl has some issues. I don’t know how she will survive in modelling and keep her head screwed on. She seems at risk.

8 Andrea { 09.05.13 at 7:30 am }

I’m happy that Melissa is still in, she’s so different, that’s why I like her.
Shannon left because her photo wasn’t all that good this week.
Making the poor girls dress in the phone booth last week was just ridiculous, its not as if professional models would be asked to do that, and the way Alex Perry was watching them struggle trying to lace up his stupid impractical boots was creepy.
He even commented on watching one of the girl’s “arses “squashed up against the glass door of the phone booth, yuck!
Let him put those boots on in a phone booth and see how he goes!

9 daisy { 09.05.13 at 9:21 am }

Andrea, before I read your comment because I have been watching online and you may be ahead, I have only seen Ashley go. Is it safe to read your comment yet?

10 Reality Raver { 09.05.13 at 10:03 am }

Andrea – Agree re: that phone booth challenge just pointless as are most of the challenges in the first part of the show this season. I only am liking the final photo shoot and the judging. Not feeling the love for Melissa. I am liking Duckie, Jade, Abby and Dajana.

11 Andrea { 09.05.13 at 10:04 am }

No Daisy, probably not.

12 daisy { 09.05.13 at 10:09 am }

Thanks, Andrea. I watch two in a row last weekend and saw Ashely go but I think I already commented about that. She had lovely colouring and photographed well. But needs a brief spell at the Dr Phil ranch for her issues.

13 Andrea { 09.09.13 at 8:37 am }

I wonder what Dr Phil would do with Tully at the ranch?
It would be a big challenge for him!
I’d make her sit down and watch every episode of BB to see what a nasty person she is.

14 Andrea { 09.23.13 at 12:19 pm }

Not sure if anyone else is still interested in ANTM but its the grand finale tomorrow night.
There are three girls left, Melissa, Duckie and Shanali. The judges said they were looking for something different this year, and each of these girls are different in their own way.
Duckie is the African princess, Shanali has an exotic look about her, and melissa is short for a model and has an unusual face.
The final looks like it will be a big show, not just done with the judges and girls as happened on Britain and Ireland’s NTM.