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Masterchef Australia – The Family Episode

Dream Week kicked off as predicted with the contestants talking about their dream. We heard fine dining restaurant, pop up and Kelty’s Dinner for Eight.

Kelty exclaimed “I can’t believe I’ve made the top 7” neither can we Kelty, neither can we.

They were then told they were going to Ballarat to cook a savoury dish that shows how far they have come in the competition.

Lucy was a bit nervous about cooking savoury and Lynton was freaking out about plating up seven dishes, clearly no job for him at Kelty’s Dinner For Eight.

The surprise for them was they were actually cooking for their families. This is always interesting to see and ironically Christina and her girlfriend looked the most lovey dovey of all the partners. It was also great to see the children with Rishi in tears when he saw his son.

The contestant with the best dish was safe and the other six were going to be up for elimination. However there was no suspense on who won with Matt Preston’s comment on eating Emma’s food that it was one of the best dishes he had ever tasted in the competition. Couldn’t he have said that when they announced the winner ten minutes later and they put in George or Gary’s comments about the dish.

As the families were sitting around the table the judges were very positive about the dishes. Kristina’s Stuffed Poached Chicken with Fennel Puree looked dry. Kelty’s smoked salmon smoked with burnt honey with a pickled salad looked nice on the plate but not sure what it would have tasted like.

Rishi did  a sophisticated twist on a fish curry. The salmon was perfectly cooked but it looked a little bare on the plate. Samira who declared they only think I can cook Middle Eastern food, then cooked Twice Cooked Quail with a middle eastern flavours in it.

The top three were Lynton with his Kangaroo and Beetroot, a shocked Lucy with her twist on a Chicken Tonnato, it included deep fried mayonnaise and Emma’s Steak Tartare with slow poached egg.

As Matt Preston had suggested earlier it was Emma who was safe and the other six will be battling it out in an elimination challenge tonight.


1 Georgie { 08.20.13 at 9:13 am }

Just a correction there – ‘bdd comes across as a hard nut’ – I don’t believe he IS hard.

2 Rosie { 08.20.13 at 9:21 am }

What the…? We are here to criticize the people we watch on TV, not each other.

3 daisy { 08.20.13 at 9:27 am }

I agree with you Georgie@101.

He sticks up the for the underdogs.

4 daisy { 08.20.13 at 9:30 am }

Go Rosie. If we stick to your advice we will all be fine.

5 fed up again { 08.20.13 at 9:54 am }

the man with the vile mouth has done it agin and his usual harem are jumping up to defend the man of their dreams.
accolades to you moonstruck for speaking up no one else is game to including myself because we know we will be shot down by the vile one and his pose that dream about him. they haven’t met him but they all lust over the man. it is so funny. what do the other men in your life think, do they talk to and about people like your beloved dave does? If so I feel very sorry for you. I hope you wont be intimidated moonstruck and will stay around.

6 brain dead dave { 08.20.13 at 10:05 am }

Oh,pass me a bucket,please.

7 Rosie { 08.20.13 at 10:07 am }

I can only speak for myself when I say I don’t always agree with everything BDD, or other posters, say/s, but that what internet forum/blog posting is all about. Opinions.

One of the “pose”. 😀 (It’s hard to pose prettily while sitting at a computer, but I’m trying hard.)

8 Anna { 08.20.13 at 10:12 am }

What is this pick on BDD Day??

Has everyone lost the plot completely??

Since everyone speaks their mind about the way they see the show, why comain when Dave does it? Double standards much ??

Dave is the first to stand up for people who blog when someone steps on them!!!

Have known Dave from various blogs for 7+ years. We still talk to each other, says something doesn’t it???

9 Georgie { 08.20.13 at 10:22 am }

#105 – that really is pathetic. If you don’t have any friends to play with, try looking at yourself for the answer instead of blaming everyone else.

10 Moonstruck { 08.20.13 at 10:34 am }

Because this is not acceptable.
“So sick of that fat sow busting out another lamb dish. “Branching out” my arse. Is she blowing the producers or what?”@85
This is not criticism but insulting. No one should be subject to this. Samira may be irritating and delusional but she has not harmed anyone. She does not deserve this.

11 brain dead dave { 08.20.13 at 10:41 am }

No one should be subject to wowsers with a big moral stick on an opinion blog. You can try and turn this into a Hill$ong service if you like.

Another bucket,please.

Thanks to the “posse’ of fair minded sane individuals who can see the forest for the trees.

12 fed up again { 08.20.13 at 10:47 am }

believe me georgie I have enough friends, not a lot, because I go by quality not quantity and let me tell you none of them would use the language he uses on a forum blog or in real life. I do not see the need for the nastiness as many other people don’t. that is why they never return. They say something politely about it and get shot down with verbal abuse. It’s always you same few ladies that defend him, never any of the other regulars. I have been here for a long time there are very few people I have seen him defend except you ladies that idolise this weirdo that sits over his computer all day talking to women, trying to be funny and with it and when it takes his fancy writing about people as if they were nothing better than something he has trod in. I think it is wonderful when someone like moonstruck has the guts to stand up to him and i feel like i should give her some backing. As for you ladies, if your friends behave like that, and you are used to this behaviour fair enough.
Sorry for not spelling posse right to the spelling police, how did I know I would be picked up on that?
Now come on girls, give me your best and Dave, I know you will have something special for me.
I noticed Dave you didn’t answer someone the other day when they called you on Mrs bdd. Cat get your tongue? Not like you.

13 fed up again { 08.20.13 at 10:55 am }

No need for that crap moonstruck@110 I absolutely agree with you, vile creature and how these women can think they are nice things to say about another woman. Whether you like Samira or not there is not need for that vile talk. I am happy to say the men in my life don’t talk like that. Disgusting.

14 Culinary Boner { 08.20.13 at 10:56 am }

I see the Fun Police are again staking a ambit claim to rid this site of any sense of snark, ridicule and bdd’s amusing punning, so that instead we can all ooooh and aaaah at the fabulous televisual offerings the entertainment geniuses at Networks 10, 9 and 7 have gone to the supreme trouble to provide us viewing plebs.

How dare we take the piss out of such top notch cooking, singing and juggling competitions and their obnoxiously delusional contestants?

Why, bolts of lightening should smite us from up on high for failing to fall to the ground wailing at each and every contestant’s heart wrenching back story. I for one should give myself an uppercut for laughing derisively at the Kelty’s puppy dog like incompetent enthusiasm, Samira’s inability to cook anything other than the stuff she cooks at home every night and all them fatty boombahs who stupidly go on The Biggest Loser to be treated as freakshow fodder and krill oil clinical trial guinea pigs.

That said, I sorta miss Paul and his fan boy defence of all things Masterchef.

Just as a balanced diet is the key to healthy contentment, then so is a balanced array of opinions on this site. Rather than misdirected attacks on bdd, who I find funny and insightful, I suggest that we all join together in the spirit of kumbaya to shout out loud, “BRING BACK PAUL, BRING BACK PAUL,…”

After all, Masterchef surely needs at least one fan this year.

15 Rosie { 08.20.13 at 10:57 am }

Uh, gice? I think we’ve reached “Don’t feed the troll” time.

16 Georgie { 08.20.13 at 11:08 am }

Hear, hear CB. Um btw are you really a woman? I get the impression from fedup that to be on the posse you must be female.

17 brain dead dave { 08.20.13 at 11:14 am }

Envious, moralizing fools seeking to tell others how to think and what to write on an opinion blog ? I’d tell you to go to hell but you’re already there.

That’s what I call vile. Another bucket,please.

18 Moonstruck { 08.20.13 at 1:19 pm }

Fed up again, thank you.
And to all the others, i will leave you to your private party which this blog has become. One has to wonder why time and energy is expanded in watching and commenting on a show and contestants one despises. ?????

19 Culinary Boner { 08.20.13 at 1:36 pm }

Get with the program Moonstruck. Reality TV is often no more than porn for misanthropes.

That said MCA was an enjoyable and even sometimes informative show in its first few seasons, albeit with pompous, preposterous judges. Nowadays it’s just a formulaic piece of fluff that I watch from time to time to be entertained by poor quality cooking and overblown production.

One can be entertained by a car crash, else why would punters go to the Sydney Speedway (
or watch WWE Total Divas?

Watching moron TV only makes you a moron if you take it seriously.

20 Dr T { 08.20.13 at 1:40 pm }

CB – professional wrestling is completely real, that is why it’s professional, just like the Essendon football club. I won’t hear you speak ill of it. The Undertaker really is an undertaker in real life, and Stone Cold Steve Austin is part reptile

Now, back to the federal erection

21 daisy { 08.20.13 at 1:43 pm }

BDD re 105 (and not hard to guess who) Woolif and I both lust after you.

22 daisy { 08.20.13 at 1:48 pm }

Rosie you’re funny :).

It’s not a good idea to comment with a stick up your bum.

23 daisy { 08.20.13 at 1:49 pm }

Ooops Rosie, I didn’t mean you have a stick up your bum!!!!!

I was speaking in general.
Rosie you are funny.

24 daisy { 08.20.13 at 1:51 pm }

BDD Woolif is a massive fan of your work.

25 daisy { 08.20.13 at 1:53 pm }

He thinks you are NN. Silly buggar.

26 Rosie { 08.20.13 at 1:55 pm }

Oowaa, Daisy! How did you know about the stick in my rectum?
*blushing in abject shame*

27 Rosie { 08.20.13 at 1:57 pm }

It’s a fun way to comment though, just ask Whoeverheis. 😉

28 Littlepetal { 08.20.13 at 2:02 pm }

We all know you, BDD. Just ignore those that attack you. We are entitle to our own opinions. Just move on if you don’t like what was written

29 brain dead dave { 08.20.13 at 2:05 pm }

#125 Lol. I thought it was you,daisy. Seriously.Sweet mystery of life. It must be a shy member of my harem.

I’ve been jealous of Woolif since he said he went to a Foghat gig at Winterland. Give him my regards.

Thanks, Littlepetal. I hear you.

30 daisy { 08.20.13 at 2:18 pm }

She ain’t shy.

And that Woolif has been to lots of cool places. I married him because he was a badarse.
He’s still a bad arse, but now for leaving his undies on the bathroom floor and asking me where the marg is every time he needs it.

31 Culinary Boner { 08.20.13 at 3:11 pm }

Super new reality TV concept – ‘My Big Fat Revenge’. If only Ajay would sign up…

“The concept — and I use that term loosely — for this baked turd of a TV show is ‘Each week, after amazing body transformations, two formerly overweight girls revisit the people who disrespected them the most and stand up for not only themselves but for the fat girl in all of us.’ ”

My “inner fat boy” can’t wait.

Dr T, I was going to ask which part of Stone Cold Steve Austin is part reptile, but I reckon your last sentence answered that for me.

32 daisy { 08.20.13 at 3:19 pm }

CB did you see my culinary boner on BB thread?
Yesterday a friend showed my a photo of an xray of a 72 yr old man’s penis. For fun, he had inserted a fork into it. (And couldn’t get it out) So I guess that is what you might call a culinary boner.

So when they say spooning, what do they mean?

And in the 70s I think giving yorself a ‘selfy’ might have meant something different. Oh I have really lost touch.

33 daisy { 08.20.13 at 3:22 pm }

I wonder how the poor old lady went who he used that dangerous appendage on.

34 Culinary Boner { 08.20.13 at 3:23 pm }

Thanks daisy.
No wonder most elderly chaps prefer lawn bowls or fishing as a past time, rather than going out of their way to help increase its reader traffic.

35 brain dead dave { 08.20.13 at 3:27 pm }

Don’t tell me.

He needed a forklift to get it up,right?

36 daisy { 08.20.13 at 3:31 pm }

I don’t know what he would do with a fishing tackle.