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Big Brother – Jade Survives For At Least Another Two Weeks

Jade has managed to stay in the house for at least two more weeks, by winning the game’s night. To be honest she did deserve to win with her slow and steady approach to making the tricycle. Also Drew’s credibility as an engineer just took a dive when his bike fell apart just before the finish line.

Jade won a night in the Presidential Suite, the right to make a nominated contestant safe, and the nomination super power. Of course she saved herself and put in Ben as all the rest of the safe people were her “best friends”.

Not sure why Ben thought she should come and explain herself as she did explain it at the time. Ben was just the lowest on Jade’s food chain. Mikkayla was melting down and thought she would be the one to go, however I think Jasmine is the one who will be eliminated, we just have not seen enough of her. The sisters will be safe as they had a big segment in Confidential about their time in the house.

Tully is up for nomination next week with even mate Caleb bitching about her negativity and had turned pro-Mikkayla because she was positive.  Matt nodded his head in agreement but not sure he really meant it.

What is it with the girls always giving massages to the guys they need to demand some back. Interesting how Matt gave a lecture about how he would not have been happy about his girlfriend draping himself over a guy in the house as Tahan did, but it is OK for Jade’s crotch be pressed against his buttocks as he gets a massage from her.

Ed must have been glad Jade did not pick him to go into the Presidential Suite with her, but maybe the floral leggings Ed has been wearing has turned her off him. She decided to take Lucy and Katie in as they were up for eviction.

Drew and Tim did the challenge for the family feast and it was a pretty easy one and amusing. They sacrificed some of the seafood from the seafood platter for a cold beer served by some attractive ninjas and an AFL  ball. They decided they would not get the Ninja’s massage and another beer from the girls as their housemates would kill them. They should not have botherd with the ball as Caleb kicked it over the fence in the first five minutes.

At the family feast the topic of conversation was did they think they should have been born in a different era. Interesting that when Jade was talking about how she would like to live in the 50’s as how you met the love of your life when you were 16 and married and cooked in the kitchen like her Italian grandmother did. Clearly the third wave of feminism by passed Jade. Also I am sure her grandmother would not agree with her rose coloured view of that era. Ed looked uncomfortable while this conversation went on. Actually Ed did not look very interested in any of the conversation at all.

Drew also said he wanted to be born in a different era aka the late seventies! Now that just made me feel old.

Jasmine revealed that she did not agree with kids being spanked as her only memory of her father was being beaten by him. It was a distressing story.

The final nominations are Ben, Tahan, Mikkayla, Katie and Lucy, Matt and Jasmine.

Who do you think will be eliminated?


1 Rosalind { 08.23.13 at 10:05 am }

I’m thinking Jaz will go as, as you said, she has barely been on the screen. Otherwise Mikkayla as the teens who love Matt hate Mikkayla on his behalf.
My students were very upset that she got the dog instead of Matt, apparently he can do no wrong :(

I’m becoming too cynical, presuming any tears are hopes to win votes!

2 Techhater { 08.23.13 at 10:08 am }

RR i’m sure I read somewhere that Drew is a biochemical engineer. So works with chemicals not mechanics which would explain his inability to build that bike. But then none of the boys could. Kudos to Jade.

Also there was no mention of the 5 grand prizemoney. Does this mean no more cash?

3 daisy { 08.23.13 at 10:24 am }

Funny RR. Ed doesn’t look interested does he. He is just passing time, cooling his heels until he can collect his money.

Glad they did the bike thing. It was set up for a Jade win because the bikes wouldn’t hold the guys and they could never pedal.
It’s not that I like Jade. I just enjoy watching her shoot herself in the foot. Is that wrong?

4 Evan { 08.23.13 at 10:38 am }

Who will go? Jasmine, because she gets almost no screen time(similar to Sharon earlier on).
Matt and Ben and the sugar sisters – all safe.
I am not sure that I buy Jade’s stated explanation for swapping herself with Ben – it seemed more strategic to me. Jade would have heard the cheer Ben got from the crowd during the previous live eviction episode. Some of them will be finding other reasons to nominate Ben AND Tim in coming weeks.
It looks like Tim pisses off a few of the other housemates with his prank, which we will see tonight on the Daily Show.

5 daisy { 08.23.13 at 10:38 am }

Jaz will go unless she has got something amazing up her sleeve for thisweek. Lots of ‘hates’ don’t do anything if it’s a vote to save so it’s going to come down to the size of the personality and airtime.
Yes Rosalind, M might have seen tears as a good way to get votes. She seems to go into the diary room a lot, or maybe they are just the ones that get chosen.
I did think Jane and Tarzan looked good.

6 Evan { 08.23.13 at 10:40 am }

And I agree that Ed really serves no purpose, other than being pretty to look at(if you are into guys with big abs).
Betcha a few nominate him next week on strategy alone.
At least Caleb is showing signs of a personality, and Drew has a little more to him too than you would expect.
For entertainment alone, you need Tim and Ben to stay until the end.

7 daisy { 08.23.13 at 10:44 am }

I don’t know about Caleb. To me he has the personality of a sponge or lichen. He just attaches himself to Matt and or one of the girls and tries to suck a personality out of one of them. He looks like a buffoon. And does anyone think he has had botox that he forgot to mention in his line-up of beauty enhancements?

8 daisy { 08.23.13 at 10:45 am }

BTW In sucking up a personality from Matt…he came up dry.

9 dobby { 08.23.13 at 11:07 am }

Pray that Jaz goes ..there is something so unlikeable about her. I see why people may find Mikkayla annoying but I’m personally liking her and think she craps over many other housemates…but the teen vote is very strong as we all know.

10 Nikki { 08.23.13 at 11:10 am }

How hilarious we’re Drew & Tim doing that task? They looked like naughty school boys. Glad they took a few treats for themselves, I would have done the same.

I agree with everyone else that it will be Jas who goes. Basically what Daisy said, a lot of ‘hates’ don’t end up with an eviction or otherwise Tully would have gone last week. I really felt for Jas during her smacking story and agreed with what she was trying to say.

The tricycle game did seem rigged for a smaller or female winner. I kind of wanted Mikkayla to win just for the drama, haha. I bet no-one will behave as badly to Jade for switching herself with Ben as they did to Mikkayla for switching herself for Matt last week though. Duble standards much? I’ll be interested to see if Ben nominates her though.

11 dobby { 08.23.13 at 11:12 am }

Also…has anyone noticed Tully sucking up to Ben after hearing the cheers for him? Horrid girl.

12 daisy { 08.23.13 at 11:17 am }

Massively good point Nikki! Jade won’t cop the flak for switching for Ben that M did for letting herself out and putting the golden boy in. It looks like the house has a privileged class.
The elites.

13 Daze { 08.23.13 at 11:21 am }

I read Caleb found his mum dead in the bathroom from an aneurysm, not so long back. So maybe he’s dealing with some grief issues, but he’s one hurt guy on the inside. He might be a bit dippy but he’s a nice guy.

14 Reality Raver { 08.23.13 at 11:58 am }

Techhater – no more $5000.

Daisy – Ed is giving nothing at all. Even the convo he had with Heidi about Jade was bland “I am doing nothing”. Exactly. What gets me is how good looking people get away with this more then not so attractive.

Daze – Jesus had not read that poor Caleb that must be an awful awful thing to find your mother dead.

15 daisy { 08.23.13 at 12:05 pm }

RR: I don’t know if good looking people get away with more, there are always plenty of jealous haters. That’s why I think it will be hard for Tahan to win. A hot girl will find it difficult.
But I wonder how Ed would have gone at evictions had he been nominated because personalitywise he has been bland and therefore qualified to go at about week one with Sharon.

16 brain dead dave { 08.23.13 at 12:19 pm }

Ed is a bit “Weekend At Bernie’s “. His abs are burning bright, but nobody’s home. He ought to take up hypnotherapy such is his skill at putting people to sleep.

Caleb showed a flicker of humanity about Mikkayla but his meatheaded master wasn’t buying it. Matt’s edict to his ar$e licking underlings has been ” just be impartial” , when in fact he’s white anting anyone who’s a threat to his power tripping weasel act.

A gorgeous ,switched on girl like Tahan isn’t going to make it with the tweenies because they’ll be shitting concrete about someone like her stealing their zit farm boyfriends. That yellow bikini is the bomb.

17 daisy { 08.23.13 at 12:31 pm }

BDD.. good work.

18 Andrea { 08.23.13 at 12:47 pm }

Daze, that’s awful about Caleb, poor guy, laughing on the outside and crying on the inside, I can’t help liking him.
I don’t have one particular favourite yet though.
Good on Jade for taking her time to put the trike together and win, but wouldn’t she be peed off not getting the $5000!
The games are better without Shelley, and just a voice over from Mike Goldman is enough.
I think Jaz will go too, her story about her dad beating her was very emotional.
Ed and Matt will probably stay til the end, the voting girls just love them.
I really hope Tully goes next.

19 Daze { 08.23.13 at 12:57 pm }

Yes Andrea I was very proud that Jade beat the boys, her teeny weight helped pedal the bike, lol. Gosh yes, hope No More Shelley it was a fun game without the need for Shelley.

My fave from day 1 still remains unchanged Drew Mikkayla Tahan.

Also probably why Matt/Caleb have ‘bonded’, bet they have had some D&M’s, the war, his mum, etc – so now, totally get that they ‘wanna have fun’. Even if its kissing over ping pong balls ha ha

20 daisy { 08.23.13 at 1:14 pm }

Daze: Tim, Tahan and then probably Mikk for being authentic.

21 Carol (without the e) { 08.23.13 at 2:33 pm }

Just like the boys in the house… I’m flip flopping on Mikkayla. I do like her in the diary room… and I like watching her with Mr Clooney. I like how she can have a meltdown and it’s over soon after. But I’m still getting over the dobber thing.

In comparison, Tully just seems to lope around the house, shoulders lurched over and is depressing to look at. Did anyone pay attention to how she went on when they discovered the wall had come down? Particularly the noises she was making! She’s got some weird behaviours going on that’s for sure!

Daisy @ 3… the other half of your brain loves to see Jade shooting herself in the foot too. It’s completely normal behaviour… :-) (for our shared brain to work that way)

I do think Ed is probably a very nice guy on the outside and he was probably hoping BB2013 WAS going to be a bit different this year. With an older, more intelligent group of people he would probably feel more at home. I think he’s actually a bit bored rather than boring. Come on… didn’t we all hope they would all be a bit smarter… a bit less conceited and perhaps a bit older???

All Jade had to say to Ben to justify putting him up was that she’d heard everyone screaming when they heard his name… and so she automatically thought he’d be safe being nominated. However, if she did say that… BB would be unlikely to show it.

That’s awful about Caleb’s Mum. I wonder if that will come out in the house at any time. Prior to reading that I was going to comment about him and say that if he just forgot the hair straightener and let himself be a natural bloke… he would probably be better looking? I really haven’t seen anything about him that makes me not like him (other than worshipping the ground Matt walks on).

22 Evan { 08.23.13 at 2:50 pm }

Watching the live video links today – looks like Jade and Ben slept together last night, because they woke up together this morning. Ben was joking to Tim that Jade now prefers him to Ed.
I think the only jarring thing with Ben is this constant talking to his photos – really over all that, frankly. He is far more watchable when he is interacting with the others, especially with Tim(there is the makings of a fun duo with those two). However, you have to give him credit for not making an issue out of Jade putting him up for possible eviction – imagine in comparison how Tully would have whined about it.
I think there is a little bit there with Caleb, but if he went tomorrow, I can not say I would miss him, and the same goes for Ed and Matthew.

23 Carol (without the e) { 08.23.13 at 2:56 pm }

Ben talking to his photos… oh dear.

When he was showing them the new bedroom it reminded me of when I was on my honeymoon last year. I was on Skype talking to my bonus daughters (better than calling them step daughters) and I took the laptop outside our room… along a boardwalk up to the spa to show it to them. So picture me creeping around very late at night… in my pyjamas… talking to a computer and showing them where we were staying.

Has someone checked that photo frame? It might have Skype installed and he REALLY IS talking to them :-) :-) :-) :-)

24 Evan { 08.23.13 at 3:39 pm }

It is a shame that the Daily show tonight is only 30 minutes, because from reading the live updates, it looks like the prank Tim pulled last night pissed off quite a few housemates, especially Heidi.
Heidi was saying today on one of the live video excerpts that she no longer trusts Tim – WOW

25 brain dead dave { 08.23.13 at 4:05 pm }

Latest Eviction Odds from Sportsbet ( not advocating gambling on BB)

Jasmin 1.50
Katie & Lucy 3.75
Mikkayla 6.00
Matthew 11.00
Tahan 13.00
Ben 34.00

Yes Evan, Friday’s ep could be longer,especially now as Sat Night games have been trashed.

26 Andrea { 08.23.13 at 4:36 pm }

Daisy, Brooke’s at it again, you will see later, she’s even starting to look like Jade to me now!
Carol, I like that name, “bonus daughters”, sounds good.
Gee, Ben is starting to look popular with those odds!

27 brain dead dave { 08.23.13 at 4:44 pm }

Sportsbet have been right every week so far. They might have got Xavier wrong and gone for Tully but I was unable to verify that ‘cos they suspended their market over a couple of days prior to that eviction.

I’m happy that Mikkayla, Tahan, and Ben look safe.

It’s just a guide. I don’t advocate gambling on BB but always have a $2 bet on two roughies in the last race in Sydney every week.

28 Evan { 08.23.13 at 5:12 pm }

Katie and Lucy are very cute, fun to watch.
What would be a huge surprise would be Matthew getting evicted – not likely because the teeny boppers will vote for him.

29 Evan { 08.23.13 at 5:13 pm }

And Ben is obviously getting lots of save votes – WOOHOO!

30 Carole { 08.23.13 at 7:29 pm }

I didn’t know that about Caleb’s mum either, that is very sad.

Jaz’s story about her dad beating her was terrible. I was wondering if he would be watching how it made him feel, guilty I would hope.

Those guys were hilarious trying to ride those tiny bikes, especially when they fell apart.

That prank Tim played on them was hilarious. Can’t believe they have no fucking sense of humour. Can’t they take a fucking joke, he didn’t hurt anyone. They need to get over it.

31 daisy { 08.23.13 at 7:44 pm }

Carole, I haven’t seen it yet but I feel sorry for Tim being trapped in the house with such a mob of wowsers. They are too boring and serious for him. He wants to have fun and play and they want to work on their muscles, tans, hair and make-up.
Heidi was OK the first week until she kicked him to the kerb in favour of kissing Ed’s bum. Now the only other fun one has been Drew.

32 brain dead dave { 08.23.13 at 7:47 pm }

Well done , Tim. Sucked in, housemates.

Matt, Caleb and Ed are sleazy ,controllive idiots. Crawl up Tim’s ar$e to his face and hiss behind his back. Look forward to when the meatheads start turning and devouring each other.

Big fail for Heidi. She’s favourite female with the bookies. Not for much longer.

33 Carole { 08.23.13 at 7:48 pm }

And what a spoilsport Big Brother was, he could have gone along with it.

34 Carole { 08.23.13 at 7:50 pm }

Heidi’s starting to remind me of Zoe from last year Daisy.

35 daisy { 08.23.13 at 7:55 pm }

I can see why Carole@34. It’s the hanging on the fringe of the so-called in crowd.

36 Andrea { 08.23.13 at 7:59 pm }

Yeah, I’m not liking Heidi much anymore, either.
What did Tully say right at the end, I missed it?

37 daisy { 08.23.13 at 8:04 pm }

Heidi’s chances of winning were much better when she had her wagon hitched to Tim. She has nose-dived out of favour with me.

38 Gabby { 08.23.13 at 8:30 pm }

What is the go with Drew feeling all guilty around Tully cracking it? He is so weak, stand up to her and tell her to pull her head in.
If they can’t see that Tim was just trying to create a bit of a fun diversion on an otherwise dull day, well they all need to go home.

39 Daze { 08.23.13 at 8:43 pm }

OMG the opulence of BB UK – makes Dreamworld look like the garden shed, lol – fantastic photos – very grand though
Imagine Tim/Drew throwing pillows and breaking lamps in there!

40 Andrea { 08.23.13 at 8:45 pm }

Gabby, is that why Tully was mad at Drew for at the end?
It did seem to be a bit of harmless fun and would have given them something to do as it was still a party where they all got to dress up and have fun for a night, even if it wasn’t Tim’s birthday.
At this stage Tim and Drew could be the last two standing in the house.

41 Andrea { 08.23.13 at 8:50 pm }

That BB house looks amazing Daze, like a palace almost.

42 Gabby { 08.23.13 at 8:52 pm }

I’m sure that Tully cracked it because Drew didn’t let her in on the secret, so of course Tully being Tully went in to one of her infamous moods again and then we have droopy Drew mooching all around her, sickening.

43 daisy { 08.23.13 at 8:56 pm }

Without being able to see it yet, if Tully is sulking again, I suggest that this is her control and manipulation technique. That’s all any form of dummy spit comes down to.

44 Reality Raver { 08.23.13 at 9:01 pm }

I wonder if Drew will hit Tully with some nom points this week. That will be interesting.
Tend to agree re: Heidi not seeing much that I am finding likeable. I suspect she has a sense of humour but not seeing any sign of it. No sign or Tahan this ep.

45 Gabby { 08.23.13 at 9:15 pm }

Thanks for that Daze, it looks great, far, far better than ours.

46 daisy { 08.23.13 at 9:23 pm }

Oh, good grief. So it wasn’t his birthday.

47 Evan { 08.23.13 at 11:13 pm }

That episode was barely 20 minutes of actual airtime, once you take out the ads.
Tim is a shit stirrer – you gotta love him for that reason alone.
I suspect the people most upset with him are the meathead crew and Heidi.

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