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Big Brother – Tim’s Clayton Birthday

Tim telling the other housemates that it was his birthday was hilarious. Sure I could understand them being pissed off when they found out it was a crock but for the viewer it was like watching an episode of Punk’d because we were in with the joke.

Though I did think at one stage that Tim thought Big Brother might bail him out of the situation. But in the end when no food turned up Tim had to admit to his housemates that it was not his birthday.

Drew was in on the joke and Tully was pissed off. What was that all about? She has some serious mood issues. It’s like if she is not in on something she cracks it. If Tully is not nominated this week I will be very surprised.

Ed probably could not see the irony about calling Tim a narcissist when talking to Caleb. He said it was all about himself. I think most people who would go on Big Brother would have some narcissistic tendencies, also they are all working each other to get the prize including Mr Perfect.

Matt, Caleb and Ed who are all similar agreed that Tim’s charm did not work on them. What they may not realise is that he might be a pain to live with but he is giving good television something that trio is not doing.

UPDATE: I just found this quiz “Do you have what it takes to be a Big Brother housemate?” on the website. I failed. Damn and to think I was thinking of auditioning next year.


1 Gabby { 08.26.13 at 8:11 pm }

Heidi is in to every ones business, I can’t stand her. It will be interesting to see how she goes tomorrow night, see if she is having the same effect on the her fellow house mates.

2 Gabby { 08.26.13 at 8:13 pm }

Jade= Big Slut!
That’s for you Sandii

3 Andrea { 08.26.13 at 8:23 pm }

Loved hearingt all those boos! Serves her right.
As usual, Tully puts on a big scene when Jasmine went.

4 Sandii { 08.26.13 at 8:34 pm }

Gabby,you read my mind and said what I was thinking. How were jade and Ed in the bed when drew pulled away the covers.

5 Sandii { 08.26.13 at 8:45 pm }

Oh come on Tully?, going for a logie much

6 Andrea { 08.26.13 at 8:47 pm }

Come on Jasmine, Heidi will never win!

7 Gabby { 08.26.13 at 8:48 pm }

Ben and sisters had the most votes, yeh, Matt had Tahan bottom after Jas. We all picked Jas. Looking forward to tomorrow nights nominations.
I hope you had a good weekend Andrea, did you enjoy Grease?

8 Gabby { 08.26.13 at 8:53 pm }

I know Sandii could her legs have been anymore wrapped around him?
I just read that Tully is upset because she heard the boos and is asking Drew why does he think they don’t like her?
He said, “Maybe it’s because you are being opinionated”and she said “When?” Can you believe that, she doesn’t understand why people may not like her? She is delusional!

9 Andrea { 08.26.13 at 8:56 pm }

Yes, it was a pretty good show.
I was surprised the sugar sisters were so popular which is good, and happy that maybe people are seeing Matt’s true colours and he isn’t as popular as he thinks.

10 Alicia { 08.26.13 at 9:04 pm }

Not surprised with who went.

Loved the look on Tully’s face when she here the crowd booing.

11 Sandii { 08.26.13 at 9:24 pm }

One of the best shows EVER. Would have been happy to see Jas stay though. Glad the sisters are gaining popularity.

12 Gabby { 08.26.13 at 9:30 pm }

I was really surprised to see them up there with Ben, I thought it would have been Matt and Ben. Can you imagine how Matt would like be lumped down the bottom in between the girls, I love it. Now I hope he is up again tomorrow night, another week, it will do his head in, along with Tully.

13 Sandii { 08.26.13 at 9:38 pm }

“Tully’s gone silent, devastated to have heard boos in the crowd when Sonia spoke to her”. From the BB website

AWESOME ‘!!!!!!!!!!!

14 daisy { 08.26.13 at 10:31 pm }

Jas was a no brainer, but I could handle her more than those sisters. Sorry guys who like them but they do my head in. They are so lame; I was really wishing there would be a surprise and they would go. Heee hhee heeee. They even do that whiney tweeny talk. Uuurghhh! I preferred Jas, even though she was a bit aggressive. At least Jaz used her brain. Hee hee hee. (shudder) Those whining sisters are my least favourite now.

I think Ben was a good sport when Tim punked him. I just would have liked to see Ben get the revenge of the nerds. Tim and Drew would have enjoyed it too. I like when Tim and Ben get together and goof around. They make a good combo.

As for Jaz…what a beautiful face she has.
Not surprised with K&L’s votes. There are a lot of tweeting tweenies. (lame meaningless giggle)

15 daisy { 08.26.13 at 10:44 pm }

I think Jaz had more to offer in terms of converation and wit than the airhead sisters. Even if she did sometimes get a bit cranky.

16 daisy { 08.26.13 at 10:50 pm }

Tomorrow night’s line up. The king pins will sharpen their knives for Tim.

My guess:
Tim, Jade, Mikkayla, Tully, the sisters and not sure about the last one. It’s out of Ben or Tahan.
That’s my guess.

17 brain dead dave { 08.26.13 at 11:08 pm }

Looked to me that when Drew pulled the covers back Ed was about to give his dog a bone. Ed is a major bullshit artist.

The booing for Tully was a highlight.

18 daisy { 08.26.13 at 11:16 pm }

That was Jade not crossing boundaries. He he .

Ed’s really loving pretending he doesn’t love it.

19 Eliza { 08.27.13 at 12:53 am }

What was with all the water works from Tully? GEEZZ.. Logie nomination for sure. It was OTT. I don’t understand, how many times do they need to kiss and hug each other?? :/

Loved how when Matt was announced as safe he gets up as though he is thinking “yep, course I’m safe”. Can’t wait for his shock when he is eliminated.

I didn’t think that Jas had to feel all that bad about the Ed pash. It’s not as though he and Jade are together. I am not a mean girl, but Jade is way too invested in Ed…. The Jas and Tim kiss was hilarious. His face.. priceless!!

20 VioletsRBlue { 08.27.13 at 12:53 am }

Yes I agree, Ed is a bit of a bullshit artist in regards to Jade and probably lots of other things. He had his legs wrapped around her as much as she had hers. Of course he likes it, he just a player and wants just fun and nothing else. He is scared that maybe she wants relationship. But maybe all she wants its a bit of fun as well. He is so big headed.

21 Sandii { 08.27.13 at 6:39 am }

Classic gold when he pulled doona off. I think we will see more tonight on the uplate show.

22 Ari { 08.27.13 at 8:42 am }

Abouts what time do we see Tully getting booed? I had my eyes glued to the TV last night and saw nothing!

23 brain dead dave { 08.27.13 at 9:36 am }

It’s around the time not long after the cross to the house. Sonia asks Tully how her week in the house has been. There’s some cheering but when you listen there’s an undercurrent of booing to be heard.

Hopefully a reader who has taped this ep can provide the exact time.

Poor Tully can’t afford bikinis big enough to cover her ar$e cheeks either.

24 Anonymous { 08.27.13 at 10:54 am }

No surprise that Jasmine got the boot, and Ben topped the save vote tally by quite a fair margin.
I am not surprised either that Katie/Lucy are popular – they are nice girls, reminiscent of Sara Marie from years ago……betcha they are targeted big time from now on by some of the other housemates.
I loved it that Matthew scored only 13% of the total amount of save votes, and I can see why – he is just an arrogant meathead, who thinks he can coast to victory by flashing his 6 pack and appealing to teenage girls. Methinks he is in for a rude shock soon when he has to join Sonia on the eviction stage.
Why was Tully so emotional about Jasmine leaving? I was not aware those two were friends in the house.
Tentative final 6 prediction: Tim, Ben, Ed, Sugar Sisters, Jade, Tahan

25 Carol (without the e) { 08.27.13 at 11:50 am }

Why was Tully so emotional about Jasmine leaving?

I’ll give you 2 reasons…

1. Because that’s where the focus of the cameras was at that time. She has to be the centre of attention so she puts herself right in the middle and makes the most noise.

2. Because she heard everyone booing her on live TV, is so self centred she can’t work out why, and so thinks that if everyone sees how upset she is at losing Jasmine, they will feel sorry for her.

Well it won’t work on me Tully. And from reading the Facebook comments this morning I think the majority of the viewers think the same.

The question BB put up on Facebook was “What questions do you have for the evictee?” There was maybe half a dozen questions put up… and the rest was hate for Tully and her fake tears and people saying they are OVER her completely.

If Drew doesn’t remove himself from her completely, he will go down with SS Tully.

Much as I like Drew… I’m liking him less and less as he avoids telling her to snap out of it and start ignoring her.

26 Gabby { 08.27.13 at 12:23 pm }

I would so love Matt to know he was stuck in between the girls in the bottom three. I wish they had shown that. It would have brought him down a peg or six!
So happy Tully heard the boos. Typical though, went into one of her moods and drooy Drew was chasing after her.
I am like you Carol, I used to ike Drew and was even going for him to win, but not any more, he is one big nancy the way he pussy foots around Jade and Tully. Be a man for f. sake Drew. I am sure all your mates are thinking, what the hell are you playing at? I too think these girls are going to be your downfall Drew, and when you get out of the house and find this out you are going to give yourself one bloody big kick and plenty of family and friends will too.

27 Andrea { 08.27.13 at 12:29 pm }

No Gabby, we don’t want Matt to know that he was in the bottom three, let him think he’s King Dick, then he will keep going on his arrogant way and hopefully get evicted soon.
I thought top three would be Tim, Drew and Ben, but not so sure now either with the way Drew is behaving.
He’s just too scared to speak up (just like a lot of people ), he wants to be portrayed as the nice guy who doesn’t cause conflict.
Tully is just a nut case!

28 Carol (without the e) { 08.27.13 at 1:09 pm }

It will be interesting to see if Tully’s girlfriend is at the next eviction. I’m assuming Tully will be nominated as it’s hard to imagine her NOT being up after her most recent performances.

I must have watched her being booed about 10 times you know (guilty pleasure)… and I have to wonder what goes through her mind. We only saw a few minutes of her carrying on like a spoilt brat. She would be thinking back over the previous 3 or 4 days though… trying to remember what she’s done. In her eyes though… it’s all be done TO her… not BY her.

The more I watch Tim the more I think I’m like him. He doesn’t beat around the bush. Mikkayla had the chance to tell Jade that she was looking slutish… Drew had to chance to tell Tully that she was looking VERY childish… and neither of them have!!! TOO MUCH PUSSY FOOTING!!!

Yes you might get nominated… but the public will be so happy that you said what everyone is thinking that you would get heaps of save votes!!!

Come on housemates… work this out!!!!!

29 daisy { 08.27.13 at 1:16 pm }

Carol, without, I find it funny when bfs and gfs are in the audience when their ‘loved one’ is getting loved up by someone else in the house.

Most of them will only say what they really think behind the others’ backs. As opposed to Tim who blurts everything out and gets burned for it. LOL.

if Tully gets nominated, and I think she will, will she know it’s because she is moody and controlling. She may not know it but her moods are her controlling mechanism. Her sooks are adult tantrums designed to make others cave in or pay.

30 Gabby { 08.27.13 at 1:19 pm }

I just read this elsewhere. They have heard Jasmin’s farewell speech and Jade is not a happy camper after what Jas said about here. Here is a copy.
Jade’s upset at Jasmin’s backhanded remarks about her in the Evictee’s goodbye video. Jade thinks Jasmin implied Jade plays up her body get what she wants.

Jade tells Drew she’s aware her body is an asset, and that she’s a model because she “can’t do anything else”.

She says she didn’t finish high school and took up modelling not out of vanity but because it was an opportunity.

“We’ve had our issues and I think she really really liked Ed and I think that got in the way,” she says.

But Jade maintains she would never say such a thing to Jasmin, and that the remarks really hurt.

31 Gabby { 08.27.13 at 1:37 pm }

Just watching Ed and Matt talking about Drew and how hard he is to get to know. Wondering if this is underhanded nomination talk and if these two will be nominating Drew tonight. Will be interesting to see.

32 Techhater { 08.27.13 at 1:51 pm }

And there was the saintly Jade saying she’d NEVER shower topless. And so far has twice each time while Ed was showering as well. Apparently only female HM to do so at this point.

33 brain dead dave { 08.27.13 at 1:51 pm }

C’mon~ just because Jade lets her arse hang out of her tiny shorts and showers topless in front of Mr Ed and lets him dry root her after a couple of beers doesn’t mean she’s using her body to get what she wants.

Snap on the shower comment,TH.

Yes, Meatheads Inc are paranoid about Tim and Drew. It’s ersatz nom talk for sure.

34 daisy { 08.27.13 at 1:58 pm }

To be fair guys, sooner or later your boozies are going to need a wash.

35 Evan { 08.27.13 at 2:00 pm }

I guess Drew might get nominated by a few of them because he was co-conspirator with Tim last week concocting the fake birthday thing.
It is probably me, but if Matt/Drew/Ed/Caleb all got evicted in one quadruple eviction, I would be cheering loudly. I find all 4 of them boring in the extreme – yes, they are good looking guys, and they have abs, but that is about all there is them – the stuff on the surface.
Tim and Ben on the other hand – the two of them have personalities, idiosyncratic and quirky personalities. Whether or not Tim and or Ben are faking it, they are nevertheless interesting to watch.
And as much as Tully irritates me, I would keep her around for a little longer, because I want to have the malicious pleasure of witnessing her self-destruct completely.

36 Evan { 08.27.13 at 2:02 pm }

Out of the girls, I like the sugary sisters, and Jade(yes, she is a bitch, and she is playing Ed & Drew, but I find her to be very vulnerable).
Heidi? Can’t stand her, she is trying too hard to be like Zoe last year and slide under the radar.

37 daisy { 08.27.13 at 2:04 pm }

Yes Evan, although he’s didn’t start and still isn’t at the top of my list, Ben has risen above the pack that is Tully, Matt, Ed and Caleb. That wasn’t hard though. I would have kept Jasmine in before that lot too. They jocks are dead wood as are the ‘blonds’ IMO.

38 daisy { 08.27.13 at 2:06 pm }

Agree too, I like watching Jade’s manoeuvres.

39 daisy { 08.27.13 at 2:11 pm }

Jade was using Drew (who she previously said was nother type).
Ed is using Jade (who he previously said was not his type).

Matches made in BB heaven.

40 Reality Raver { 08.27.13 at 2:22 pm }

Now that I have finally got the latest BB post up I thought I would pop in and join the conversation. Gabby I think Jade is bullshitting on the I can’t do anything else line. She quit Italia’s Next Model and in her exit speech she said she was going to go to University and that modelling was not for her. Evan agree she does come across as vulnerable but she does not do herself any favours.

41 Techhater { 08.27.13 at 2:28 pm }

BDD @83 SNAP right back at you re. The Paranoid Meathead Inc. 😀