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Masterchef Australia – Finals Week Kicks Off With An Old Fashioned Mystery Box

 Finals week kicked off with a traditonal Masterchef challenge the Mystery Box followed by an Invention Test. This meant for both challenges the contestants were cooking their own dishes. 

Before they started cooking the final five of Rishi, Lynton, Christina, Samira and Emma would have to compete in every elimination challenge this week but if they cooked the best dish they would gain an advantage.

The mystery box consisted of five ingredients that the contestants had described themselves as at the beginning of the series. Rishi was chilli, because he is red hot, Christina was chilli chocolate because she was sweet and spicy, Samira was Pomegranate Mollasses, Emma was coffee and Lynton had described himself as garlic.

The other five ingredients were ones the judges thought best represented the contestants.

They chose different ingredients for which best represented the contestants best. They chose kale for Emma because she likes to showcase unusual vegetables. I thought it may have been because it is a vegetable that polarises and people either love or hate it. Nuts for Samira as she used them a lot in cooking and prawns for Rishi because they are lean, kangaroo for Lynton as it is a protein that best represents him. I would have thought that was beef and onions for Christina as she is a cries all the time. Though Matt Preston kindly pointed out that it was because she is emotional.

Pomegranate and chili prawns with onion fritters by Rishi.

Lynton cooked kangaroo with kale juice and was going to make onion bechamel sauce.

Emma was making kangaroo and kale and Christina was making Chilli Chocolate Ganache.

Samira took off the prawns and thought i was undercooked but thought with resting time it would cook through.

Samira cooked Kale soup which had started off as puree with marinated prawns. The prawns were raw for some reason she thought they would cook through while they were resting. It was a rookie error.

Lynton was Kangaroo with Kale puree. It looked nice on the plate and he had changed it a bit from when Gary and George had done the kitchen circuit earlier turning his nose up at what Lynton had been cooking. Gary did not like the onions which had been cooked in milk as he thought it was bitter.

Christina’s Chocolate Chilli Ganache was too simple and she was told she was in trouble if she does not pull her socks up.

Rishi made chilli prawns with onion bhaji. It was middle of the road not helped that his split his mayonaisse.

Emma made Pan seared Kangaroo with Kale cooked a few ways. It looked like Jackons Pollock on a plate or ala George Calombaris and Matt said it was a cracking dish.

Emma won and she got to choose the protein in the invention test. She ended up choosing barramundi after she was told it was an open pantry. But  her definition of open pantry is different from what Masterchef/Coles think it is. There were no clams or mussels so she had to chain her dish to a cumin and coriander crusted crispy skin barramundi.

Rishi was making a barramundi tagine which was different from the other four however he was told it was delicious but was it really inventive enough?

Emma was making crispy skin barramundi with coriander and cumin crust, leek and potato puree and a beurre blanc. Her sauce was going pear-shaped and Gary had to tell her how to fix it. Seriously it is final weeks the judges should not have to be so hands on. Just as she finished it she realised it was an inventive test and there was nothing inventive about her dish. Matt said nothing that is on that plate does you discredit but it was not inventive.

Samira made barramundi with puree and pickled vegetables. the fish was cooked beautifully. Matt said it was beautiful cooking. I did note that when she was testing it with a skewer she stuck it in the fish the put it on her lip and then stuck it back in the fish a couple of times. You really do wonder what goes on in kitchens.

Lynton’s looks like a dogs breakfast. It was Barramundi and corn broth and the fish was over cooked. George kindly said it was great flavour.

Christina made barramundi, mushroom with bacon dashi this was definitely the most inventive and the judges liked it and it was no surprise she made the top two along with Samira. But it was Samira who won and will gain the advantage in tomorrows elimination.


1 Littlepetal { 08.26.13 at 10:50 pm }

It was so thick that the spoon can stand in it.

2 daisy { 08.26.13 at 10:52 pm }

Thanks guys. Your recap is better than the show.

3 Reality Sucks { 08.27.13 at 12:25 am }

I felt sorry for Judges very first time. The bleeding food from Lynton was not quite appetizing to be honest but still they ate it, not just that, also appreciated it, above all made him safe over Rishi, whose food though wasn’t easy on eyes was still compelling on individual elements.

4 brain dead dave { 08.27.13 at 12:34 am }

You’d have to have a heart of stone not to feel for Jowl$y forlornly describing how the bleeding, unrested lamb had contaminated Lynton’s dish. But he still ate it. What a trouper.

5 Eliza { 08.27.13 at 12:40 am }

I was worried for a while there, guys! My eyeballs were ready to pop out of my head as they praised Samira and Emma… RRAAHHHHH!

They were talking such crap tonight about the plating! Don’t they always say “it comes down to how it tastes”? Then they rave on about the plating to get us all worked up and create the tension.

Still think Christina should be there over Emma and Samira, but she has slowly gone down hill and didn’t peak at the right time. Rishi better pull his socks up or he’ll be next!

6 Smythe { 08.27.13 at 1:37 am }

Are they alternating between female and male as winners?
S1- Julie
S2- Adam
S3- Kate
S4- Andy
S5- Emma or Samira :-(

7 Littlepetal { 08.27.13 at 7:42 am }

Some FB posters are happy now that Christina is gone. A few posters were ban because of their negative comments about Christina’s Salad dish. Her family members have complained. To be honest, those comments were not nasty. Just like they don’t think she deserve dish of the day. Also it is good that they will stop airing dirty linen in public.

Not surprise that at the end of the episode it said Christina is trying to get work experience. Other eliminated contestants from previous series have no problem in getting work experience.

Emma should be better than what we have seen so far. But I am not holding my breath for it to happen. Her boyfriend has spent 3 years with Heston.

8 Zhee and her stuck comments { 08.27.13 at 7:55 am }

Well, one girl had to got. Samira is protected to reach the finals. Emma is a judge’s fave. Australia, you will have a fantastic new Masterchef. Thankfully the media isn’t interested in the winner.

Is it just me or do little Georgie’s eyes scream: I am so hungry. Gief food. NAO! Poor little guy looks so damn hungry all the time.

9 Andrea { 08.27.13 at 8:03 am }

I really only saw the end of it where Christina tearfully said that now she could go home to her babies.
Why bother going on MC then because the contestants know they all have to leave their families, its part of the deal so why go on and on about it.
Lynton or Rishi for the win, please don’t let it be Smearer!

10 Angel86 { 08.27.13 at 8:07 am }

I’m hoping for a Lynton/Rishi final with Lynton winning. Samira should not be in the finals week considering her many failures, hope she gets eliminated next or this show really is a joke.