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The X Factor -The First Live Show

It is a truth universally acknowledged that the first of the live shows of any reality singing show there will be nerves that effect their voices and the judges will be very positive about most if not all the acts. And that was how it played out on the first live show of The X Factor Australia.

The X Factor is different from the other shows is they put on a stage show as well which can be entertaining but at times can overshadow the singers.

The performances were:

Third D3GREE – #thatpower –  They were first up and they were really good especially the two girls singers. Kelebek just has star written all over her and was so confident up on stage. Enjoyed it a lot and I don’t even like that type of music.

Barry Southgate – When I Get You Alone – sounded nervous and towards the end was very breathy indeed. Sure he is good looking but the dnacers overshadowed his performance. Also long time reality fans remember that other ‘fro Guy Sebastian singing it on Australian Idol, a show that Barry has also been on.  Nat B was out of line putting Barry on the spot asking “what will happen when you get me alone?”. Reverse the genders and there would be a social media meltdown about inappropriate behaviour.

Joirdan Tolli – Smile – Redfoo is trying to bring her whimisical style into a pop mould. Which is smart for this show. Did she knock the song out of the ball park? No. But was it entertaining? Yes.

Taylor Henderson- I Won’t Let You Go – They are pulling out the small town boy back story again like last year’s Jason Owens. This time he lives in a town of six. His rendition was fine but not memorable as there were a few pitch issues. Lucky for him he did not have to contend with much razzle dazzle – no dancers or sets just a chair and some back up musos.

Cat Vas – Addicted To Love – She was a bit weak on the home visits but tonight she looked the part and her voice was interesting. Also it was an interesting rendition of the classic but overplayed Robert Palmer song. Also Dani Minogue was smart with her song choice as she said she wanted a song that made people know that Cat was going to be a contender in the competition as she has not been a standout in the last view weeks.

Adira-Belle – Run The World (Girls) – They started off strong but seemed to get a bit lost half way through then pulled it together again. This group have a lot of potential but the way the song was put together with them mainly singing together it was not that entertaining.

Ellie Lovegrove – Songbird – Redfoo must have only arrived for the dress rehearsals as there was no footage of him in the “first rehearsal”.  She is one of the power singers in the competition.  Great voice, dull rendition of the song. Ronan said the song got away from her. Though Nat B thought it was really beautiful but she was being nice.

JTR – Everything Has Changed Now – The boy band made up of three brothers is being positioned for the teen girl fans. They are cute and have an inoffensive vibe. Only issue their voices got drowned out a bit by the music.  Ronan who was the only judge who had taken the truth serum told them their vocals needed to be stronger.

Omar Dean – Numb – And that was what that performance made me feel and not in a good way. His vocals were weak and at one point it looked like he forgot his lines or ran out of puff. The worst performance of the night. It was so bad even the judges had to make some negative criticisms. Nat B said she like the song choice but she said the flasetto was under.  Dani wanted it at another level, Redfoo said he needs to believe that he deserves to be here and Ronan agreed but told him he is going to get better and better. I don’t know if he will be getting the chance to sing again.

Dami Im – One – Was the stand out performance of the night  she played the piano which was flying (not as cheesy as it sounds) and hit every note including some big notes at the end. She marked herself a contender. Nat B said best vocal of the night by far.

Joelle – Sweet Nothing  – I thought she was a surprise pick for the live shows, and she got lost with all the backing dancers. Her voice is OK but she does have a look but not sure there is anything really original there. However all the judges gushed over her.

Jai Waetford – Fix You – Was given the last spot hopefully for him all the fans that vote for him have not been sent to bed. He has a cute voice but it was not perfect. However definitely not the worst of the night and he is cute and can sing a bit. Also it was amusing when he said in the last few months life has gotten so much more interesting. Ronan Keating thinks he can win with the under 24 boys. I think he will struggle as none of them have got really strong vocals. He has to hope that Jai can bring it home for him.

Bottom two prediction: Ellie Goulding and Omar Dean

What did you think of the performances?



1 Blake { 08.26.13 at 10:21 am }

Ellie Goulding? You mean Ellie Lovegrove.

The bottom two will be done combination of Ellie, Barry, Cat and Adira-Belle. Omar should be there, but he won’t be.

OMFG Jai got the pomp spot!!!! I would have never expected that with this show and all it’s subtlety in a million years!!!
(Sarcasm, obviously)

2 Lily { 08.26.13 at 11:02 am }

DAMI DAMI DAMI!!!!!! How exciting to see that she can own everyone without being cocky, oversexualised or crazy!

3 brain dead dave { 08.26.13 at 11:31 am }

Ronan said Coldplay are the best band in the world.

He’s out of his mind for sure.

Jai produced more bad notes than a counterfeit operation and was praised. Taylor Henderson was the same. Just appalling.

4 Fiona { 08.26.13 at 11:47 am }

I thought most of them were underwhelming, except perhaps Dami. Not sure why they are pushing Jai he is cute at best and looked like a 14 year old boy singing a Coldplay song not terribly well last night, they are out of their minds to call him an international superstar in the making.
The sound let some of them down I thought as I could barely hear their voices over the music at times, perhaps it was better in the live audience.

5 Loz { 08.26.13 at 11:56 am }

I liked Third D3gree, Dami and didn’t mind Jai.

6 brain dead dave { 08.26.13 at 12:02 pm }

It’s good point to make ,Fiona that some of the budding superstars were drowned out by the music.

Personally I was grateful for it,however. It may even have been a deliberate ploy.

7 Suzy { 08.26.13 at 12:09 pm }

I recorded both X Factor and Australia’s Got Talent (AGT) and I know which was more entertaining. Much of the X Factor was just plain boring. Take away the fancy sets and backup dancers and not much is left.

The two 10 year olds on AGT singing River Deep, Mountain High were much better than most of the X Factor performers last night.

Go Dami – I could never understand why she wasn’t selected for top 12 in the first place – was probably a gender thing. Third D3gree were good als0. The remaining 10 acts were forgettable.

8 q { 08.26.13 at 12:12 pm }

dami ftw, worse case she could try the k-pop market (if she is ok with her spoken Korean)

underwhelmed by JTR and Joelle

gonna predict Omar and Adira-belle in bottom 2, happy to be surprised though

9 Georgie { 08.26.13 at 1:26 pm }

Third Degree were an Australian rock and blues band a few years back. Darren Jack was the founder and front man. I saw them a couple of times and boy oh boy, did they own it!

10 brain dead dave { 08.26.13 at 1:36 pm }

Indeed, the act I heard on X Factor last night was more like “Turd Degree”

11 Georgie { 08.26.13 at 1:47 pm }

I didn’t watch XF last night. I lost interest last Sunday, with the obvious producer’s tilt toward Jai, who shouldn’t be there anyway because he’s too young.

12 Mia { 08.26.13 at 3:33 pm }

Bottom 2 for me would be Ellie and Omar. Ellie was worful. I’m still fuming Redfoo put her (and the totally ‘meh’ Joelle) in the top 3 instead of Vendulka or Riv. Dannii should have used the word ‘pedestrian’ for Omar’s performance.

That Beyonce song did Adira-Belle no favours. There’s not much of a melody there to work with.

The praise Jai received for his performance was just laughable. He even stumbled a line and that was completely ignored. He didn’t look like he had any connection with the song in his performance. I doubt the poor little mite even knows what the song’s about. I just hope Australia gives him the boot ASAP, because the over-hyped pimping of the kid every time I find myself watching anything on Channel 7 is really testing my sanity.

Dami was daylight ahead of the rest. I really hope Australia gets behind her.

13 brain dead dave { 08.26.13 at 3:56 pm }

It’s not good when Jai is kept til last ,he gets up and virtually farts into a microphone and the judges love it.

A drover’s dog can see through it.

14 Ralphie { 08.26.13 at 4:46 pm }

Danni’s red dress and the boob cleavage explosion was just appalling. She looked like a prostitute. Not appropriate for 6.30 pm family show. Those hair styles/wigs each night are revolting and does nothing for her. Keep it simple and natural. She looks like a witch with those long hair pieces. She is all trash dressed up as lamb. Yuk.

15 Blake { 08.26.13 at 7:25 pm }

“Ronan Keating thinks he can win with his Under 24 Boys. I think he will struggle as none of them have strong vocals”.

Lol, I love how you think that not having strong vocals is some mind if obstacle to winning this show RR! Lets not forget that this is a series where Altiyan Juric and Reece Mastin have been crowned winners.

16 Eliza { 08.26.13 at 7:34 pm }

So tired of them pushing Jai, it’s ridiculous.

LOVED Dami.. she was AMAZINGGGG! I hope she wins.

3rd Degree were ok, but the guy’s vocals could be stronger as I only really seem to notice Kelebek.

Not sure about Cat.. she doesn’t seem to ‘translate’ and Barry was ok.

Was I the only one not to think Joelle’s performance was great? I could barely hear her, and it was all about the show. On the other hand, Jiordan was great and she won me over with her talking to her cats.

I would love if Jai went home (so they can stop the shameless promotion of him above everyone else). Think Ellie, Omar, Barry and Cat will be in the bottom.

17 Blake { 08.26.13 at 8:57 pm }

I should have taken the time to edit my last post when I had the chance. There’s a couple of errors there! Damn iPhone typing!!! Or perhaps my fingers are too chubby???…

18 Eliza { 08.27.13 at 12:45 am }

Dw, Blake. I get lazy too with auto-correct, then realise it has written the wrong word. I just error away with my typing!

I was kind of shocked that Ellie wasn’t in the bottom tonight. She was the weakest IMO.

19 Karen { 08.27.13 at 6:01 am }

My god! some of your comments directed at a 14yr old school boy are totally out of order! Give the boy a chance, its obvious he was really nervous. For all of the contestants this is a whole new experience for them. This was the first live show, and nerves would be a big factor in their performances which is why the judges go easy on them this week – they all need to settle down and find their feet. These are not professional singers and this show will a learning experience for all of them. Many will improve over the weeks, and for some this will be as good as they get! Me I just enjoy the journey, it great seeing them grow in confidence each week – that’s part of the appeal of the show for me!

20 brain dead dave { 08.29.13 at 11:25 am }

Suzy @7.I have just had the pleasure of seeing and hearing those two little girls singing “River Deep, Mountain High ” on The Morning Show.

They are just fantastic. I’m sure Tina Turner would be proud to see it.

Not even the cringeworthy Fifi Box weight loss commercial can ruin my day after that.

Credit where it’s due, Karen. Jai’s voice was flatter than a shit carter’s hat.

21 Andrea { 08.29.13 at 11:46 am }

Suzy @7, those young girls were great and they were really enjoying themselves too, hope they do well.
X Factor was quite boring, Dami was the best one there.

22 daisy { 08.30.13 at 10:28 pm }

Just listening to the first song with the top twelve singing “Baby I like it”
WHAT?? THEY ARE ALL SINGING FLAT. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THAT????? They sounded terrible. It was the ep with Jessie Jay.