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Big Brother – Some Predictable, But Some Shock Noms

Finally Big Brother has got tough on talking about nominations, when last night he penalised Caleb two points for talking to Katie and Lucy about who to vote for. He said “Think about what happened last week that got yourself and other people upset…. like Tim’s fake party”. Also that is not the only time he has done it either he and Ed had a good old chat the week before.

He also was given those points to his own tally. This will definitely shut people up. The strikes were useless as they are never going to punt someone from the BB house.

Tully was upset after she heard the booing the crowd on eviction night and sobbed to Big Brother “I don’t understand it. What have I done?”. She wondered if it was her flirting. The next scene she is then shown bitching about Mikkayla. She later got a double whammy of being the most nominated housemate. Clearly lacking insight into her moodiness.

Jade was also upset about hearing Jas’s goodbye video where Jas was a bit harsh in telling her that she did not need to use her body to get what she wanted. Jade wept to Drew about how that is what her job is and she could not go to University as she did not have a UAI. Interestingly when she left Italy’s Next Top Model and she said she was coming back to Australia to go to University. There are plenty of ways to get into Uni Jade also there is a thing called TAFE.

Heidi was given the nomination super power, which was “the insider” she would have three opportunities to ask Big Brother three questions which have a yes/no answer and each time she would be given two nomination points.

As usual nominations were interesting:

  • Mikkayla gave four points to Tully because of her negativity and one point to Ben because his contributions to the house is minimal and having to constantly reassure him.
  • Ben nominated Matt for three points because he asked him when was the last time you took clothes off the line and told him that he always says hello to Ben first. He thought Matt was trying to make him look bad. Caleb for two points because of food rationing and he can be a little heavy handed with taking toppings and extras. 
  • Tahan gave one point to Katie and Lucy because she does not get along with them and four points to Ed for strategy and wants to break up the boy pack. After BB asked her if by nominating the most popular guy in the house that Australia might look at her badly. Tahan responded that Australia might see him as boring. And she would be correct. Tahan is not the nicest girl there but I am really starting to like her strategy and her sense of fun.
  • Heidi first go in the nomination box she asked if she had been nominated which she had not, and two other lame questions. She then gave Tim two points for causing trouble in the past week in the house and she does not want to be controlled by him.
  • Drew gave three points to Heidi for making a conflict around the food though he did admit that Tim and him did have midnight cookups. Two points to Ed over the ill-fated birthday party as he used it to tell Tully that Drew was manipulating her by not telling her about it. 
  • Katie and Lucy gave four points to Tahan because she is making them feel segregated from the group and one point for Tully for being negative.
  • Jade nominated Tully for two points because she thinks she is busting up her Tim and Drew’s alliance as she is getting closer and closer to them. She said there were days where she does not see Drew as he is comforting the emotional Tully. She gave three points for Caleb because he is a huge threat. 
  • Caleb was told off for attempting to influence the sugar sisters nominations. He told them to think of events this week like the birthday party. Caleb got two points taken off him and allocated to him. With only three points allocate he gave it to Tully for being negative.
  • Heidi gave Jade two points as she thought she had nominated her.
  • Tully gave Jade three points as she blocks her from conversations, and two points for Ben as he needs to be here the least. Then she gushed how she was having such a great time and wanted to stay to the end. 
  • Ed nominated three points to Mikkayla for being bossy (same reason as the previous three weeks). He gave two points to Katie and Lucy because Lucy is more domineering and finding it hard to get to know Katie.
  • Matt nominated Jade for three points as she has said she does not want to be herself too much as she is worried about how she is being perceived on the outside. He gave two points to Tully because of her negativity.
  • Tim gave Caleb two points because he is a sheep as he follows the group and he gave three points to Tully for her two cool for school attitude and he is sick of the Drew/Tully fauxmance.
  • Heidi gave Tahan two points trying to make herself safe. She also asked if Tim had voted for her as she wondered if the “besties” had turned on his other. No Heidi it was only you who had turned on Tim.

Tully had 15 points, Caleb 9, Jade 8, Ed 6, Tahan 6, Ben, Heidi, Katie and Lucy, Matt and Mikkayla were all on 3 points.

Tully selected Mikkayla to be the sixth person nominated and then she said in an aside to Jade “I don’t care as I know she voted for me”. She probably decided not to put in Ben even though she nominated him as she feels she has a better chance against Mikkayla.

Hopefully Drew will win the games night and will have the dilemma on whether to save Jade or Tully.

Then it was Big Brother Uplate and finally some decent conversation. Not sure why chat about gay marriage and refugees is not OK for the 7.00pm time slot. Also interesting chat about who the boys thought would make a good wife. Tim went for the more assertive girls like Mikkayla and Heidi whereas the others went for the more passive ones. You get the feeling Matt likes a bit of obedience in his relationships.

Most of the episode was about the big party they had on the Friday night and it was amusing. Here’s what happened:

  • When the guys were chatting alone they said Tahan was the best looking girl in the house. If Jade knew she would have a meltdown;
  • Tully said she would date Drew and marry Ed and Jade again tried to be cook with that but wasn’t. Jade said she would be intimidated by Ed on the outside;
  • All housemates were pro-marriage equality;
  • And there was differing views on the refugee boat situation though I think the more outgoing housemates got to put their view point forward. I note Katie and Lucy did not say much. 
  • I had to laugh that Caleb thought he and Matt got on so well as they risked their lives daily. Matt fighting in Afghanistan and he as a firefighter. Seriously Caleb….
  • Then things started heating up with Caleb and Lucy pashing;
  • Then Jade and Ed pashing in a dare but they continued it with Jade telling him she just wanted to make out with him. With all Ed’s I told her I don’t want anything in the house by sleeping the night in the same bed she is sending mixed messages. Drew yanked their doona off which was a tad immature but maybe is bromance with Tim is effecting his brain;
  • Ed did a naked pole dance around the palm and Tim and Drew did nudie runs but the genital area was pixelated. In year’s gone past Uplate has gone the full monty! But it was a great episode so won’t whinge too much.

And tonight we get to see the post nomination fall out. Can it get any better?


1 Lizzie { 08.28.13 at 11:10 pm }

Tully is a limelight thief. She stole Jaz’s last couple of minutes in the house, she made Matt’war experiences all about her (visually) by hanging off his head, and yes BDD she hijacked Caleb’s OCD story. She just can’t let any HMs have their own special moment.

2 brain dead dave { 08.29.13 at 8:54 am }

Jade wants to be an actress, then. I know just the kind of movies someone who sucks as much as she does would be suited for.

Count me out of any pity party for her after the conceited “butt ugly” remark about the person she was dumped for.