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Masterchef Australia – Best Cook Eliminated In An Episode That Allowed No One To Cook Well

Well that sucked. Not for the first time the strongest all round cook of the Masterchef series has not made it to the finale.

But what sucked worse that the challenge tonight allowed none of the them to show case their cooking ability. Each round the contestants were given just 30 minutes to cook so it was about getting something on the plate it was not about being able to develop flavours or showcase the style they want to pursue when the show is over.

The equivalent episodes in previous seasons were:

  • Season 1 – Poh, Chris and Julie had to cook dishes they wanted to put into their cook book and also outline the concept for that book.
  • Season 2 – Callum, Claire and Adam had to cook for the Governor General and 30 of her guests each cooking a course each.
  • Season 3 – Kate and Alana battled it out over 4 and 1/2 hours to make a Zumbo gingerbread house. For the record I did not like this challenge as it was more about assembling and decorating rather than cooking.
  • Season 4 – Audra, Mindy, Julia and Andy had to turn one of their dishes into a three hatted dish aided by some three hatted chefs and we saw some beautiful dishes.

Tonight’s challenge is something you would see as a clever eliminaton challenge at the start of the top ten, but it had none of the weight it should have had for such a crucial episode.

In 30 minutes the contestants are just working on adrenalin and we saw no stand out dishes produced.

Having said that Rishi made some critical mistakes tonight.

His advantage in the first cook off was to be able to pick who to cook against, the cuisine and protein. Why did he pick Emma when he was going to be picking mussels to cook with? Lynton and Samira are far weaker with seafood. It was no surprise he picked Indian. He did put on his mussels on to cook to early and they were over cooked because they were sitting there.

George said don’t plate up too early, you would not do that in a restaurant. Unfortunately Rishi did not retort but unlike a restaurant here in the MC kitchen food is served up cold….

Rishi definitely hit the Indian brief better than Emma. Emma was in a flap and George came over and told her to calm down and fix her sauce. Thankfully he did not tell her how to fix her sauce. The judges decided the a better cooked mussel should trimph over the better sauce.

Then it was Lynton and Samira’s turn to go head to head. She picked the cuisine Middle Eastern and he picked the protein which was kangaroo. This combination meant their dishes were just going to be a crapshoot. Both pan fried the ‘roo, and Samira the middle eastern specialist made hommous and tabouli in the second last episode of the series! Seriously that is lebanese 101. Also Lynton did a yoghurt side which looked like mint or parsley stirred into it and a spicy tomato sauce. But they only had 30 minutes.

Lynton won and was through to the final with Emma.

Then it was Rishi and Samira duking it out. Samira picked the cuisine which was French and Rishi picked eye fillet. If he was being strategic he could have picked pork, but he would have looked like an asshole and I suspect they were told they were not allowed to pick that protein and fair enough too.

Rishi had another brain explosion and was cooking chargrilled leeks that George made in Masterclass, but clearly he fell asleep as he missed the bit where he had to cook the leek beforehand. He just chucked it on the flame so when it blended it, it was ash speckled mess. Not sure he should have plated it.

Samira pureed another vegetable, this time celeriac her stuff up was garnishing with coriander which was a rookie error for french cuisine.

Her steak was pink but was getting close to medium whereas Rishi’s looked a tad rarer.

The point is it was border line in both rounds for Rishi where if the judges wanted to they could have put him through as everyone had pros and cons going for their dishes. However they went with Samira.

It was a mistake. This year more then any other season of Masterchef they needed a winner that satisfied the viewer. One of the may criticisms of this year was there were few good cooks on the show and Rishi was universally acknowledged as one of them. Last year’s winner Andy was not a stand out cook and his cooking career has gone nowhere. Indeed tomorrow night he and Ben are on Masterclass cooking Ben’s standard cuisine modern Mexican.

And that is why Lynton cannot win on Sunday as he is an Andy Mark II.

However let’s not shed too many tears for Rishi as he will be the big winner of this series and could become one of the most successful contestants ever from the show. Not only will he be the one from this series to get the cookbook deal and the media and cooking appearances but he will be in demand back in his homeland India where the show is very popular. Β He’s good looking, smart and affable and he will capitalise on this. Already he is writing a cookbook and planning to bring out a product range. It will be sometime before we see his modern Indian restaurant.


1 Harini { 12.06.13 at 7:12 pm }

Happy that there are comments from so many Indians;
Indian cooking IS judged by the curry than the actual meat. and Indian meat IS always overcooked if one judges from a Western point of view. We never eat anything “rare” That’s just RAW in plain language.So what aspect of Indianess were the judges judging?? Maybe they need a class on Indian cooking??

2 rupzed { 12.06.13 at 7:21 pm }

Next Season winner will be some one who’s fiance/bf work for Kylie Kwong…

3 mike higher { 12.06.13 at 8:08 pm }

Rishi had such a huge following amongst gay indians too ! sexy, smart, always sure of himself and oooh..all those tight clothes. Complete dish. Am sure lynton, rishi and daniel were bonking each other plenty !

Every output of his was restaurant quality (looks and taste..going by how the judges drooled)

4 Vicky { 12.06.13 at 8:37 pm }

@Sartia, way to go. You completely echoed my sentiments/frustration/anger.

I am an Indian, staying in India and have been following MC since season 2 and is one of the very few TV shows that i regularly follow.
In fact i have always liked the MCA judges. If you compare them to an Indian and American counterpart, Master Chef India is a complete sham and the US one, well its Gorden’s whip that talks.

Coming to this season, as most of the folks have already said, it had the most mediocre set of folks if compared to past seasons and Rishi was one of the few(Joules, Liliana being a few others) who shined.
For some reason i always knew, the judges would make sure an Australian ends up winning, so far it hadn’t happened so openly, but yesterdays episode, got this underlying current completely out in open. They should/could have been subtle about it.
Funny as it may seem, some of the weakest cooks Emma and Lynton ended up beating Rishi (one of the strongest cooks) and Samira (not the best, but surely better than Emma and Lynton) in the latter’s choice of cuisine.
What crappy reasons were those, Indian food judged on mussels Vs the curry and Lynton beating Samira on middle eastern on flavors.. seriously!
Please don’t get me wrong, it’s not that i am frustrated because an Indian went out of the show. Many seasons did not have Indians yet i watched them and some which had them, the folks weren’t promising enough.

Anyway one more show goes down the drain. Need to look for something else to watch.

5 Vicky { 12.06.13 at 8:55 pm }

@RR, you got a great blog going on here. Loved your blogs and the comments. Keep it up.

Any chance, you can share the comment with MCA producers and Judges and write a blog on how did it go, their reactions. I am sure everyone would love to read that.

6 Marietta { 12.06.13 at 9:11 pm }

@Vicky – well, if you’re looking for something better…. I am watching Masterchef UK now, but it is a repeat from last year. Anyway, the quality of the cooks is miles better, and after a bit of a ‘dip’ the year before MC UK has gone back to the old format where it’s simply all about the cooking, as it should be! No back stories or sob stories, quite simply the contestants showing off their cooking skills in either the MC kitchen or some high-level restaurant. Very entertaining, and the quality of food produced by them is a million times better than what I’ve seen the contestants produce on MC Australia! But maybe MC UK isn’t available in India?

7 Curious { 12.06.13 at 10:43 pm }

No it isn’t. Being in India myself, I too need to find something good to watch. Urgh! Oh I know Rishi’s dishes weren’t top class but then it was way better than what has been claimed as the best dish of the day at Ballarat – I remember raw tuna, fried egg, some barely edible leaves, and tons of fluster.

They knew that Rishi never did well when he actually had an advantage as he became overconfident and mucked things up for himself. So they finally acknowledged that his skills. Strange that his skills weren’t all that appreciated despite good performances in earlier kitchen challenges.

Anyway, I am surely not watching the finals and never watch the master class. Today, my best bet would be Criminal Minds. At least, I won’t be bored stiff or irritated enough to throw a stone at my television set.

8 Curious { 12.06.13 at 10:45 pm }

No it isn’t. Being in India myself, I too need to find something good to watch. Urgh! Oh I know Rishi’s dishes weren’t top class but then it was way better than what has been claimed as the best dish of the day at Ballarat – I remember raw tuna, fried egg, some barely edible leaves, and tons of fluster.

They knew that Rishi never did well when he actually had an advantage as he became overconfident and mucked things up for himself. So they finally acknowledged his skills. Strange that his skills weren’t all that appreciated despite good performances in earlier kitchen challenges. Even stranger that some challenges were basically useless. You could present uncooked dishes and get to the finals! The back(sob)stories are…never mind. I generally slink off to the kitchen or to do laundry when those come. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, I am surely not watching the finals and never watch the master class. Today, my best bet would be Criminal Minds because it runs at the same time or maybe a cartoon (imagine that!). At least, I won’t be bored stiff or irritated enough to throw a stone at my television set.

9 David { 12.06.13 at 11:35 pm }

Wow! This is my second comment, and certainly I wasn’t expecting such an enormous follow-up after my words.
Firstly, I would love to thank Sarita for her comment. Incidentally, I am an Australian residing in Melbourne but I have tasted Indian food, due to some Indian friends I have, who hail from West Bengal. I learnt a lot about Indian curry, the hero of an Indian dish, being a food-lover myself. Hence, I guess I do understand Indian food.
Yes, Indian food goes by the curry. I have heard that there, you take loads of curry, tasty curry, and one or two pieces of fish or meat. In fact, my Indian friends told me that they eat six “rotis” each, for dinner, with the curry itself. So, the meat or the egg becomes definitely secondary. It’s the sauce that matters the most.
The episode in which Rishi got eliminated had a segment “Indian food”. Cooking something that truly represents the flavors of a region implies you need to portray or, at least, try to portray the true sentiments of the region.
Rishi had made the curry the hero. This was correct, and essential. Emma had made the mussels better. But, at the end of the day, it was Indian food they were preparing. They needed to keep in mind the one word – INDIA. Not Australia or France or America. I remember Matt Preston had said, without knowledge, you can’t win MC. Emma did not have the knowledge, or she failed to produce the curry, but passed. On the other hand, Rishi, even if we assume did not do the mussels well, incorporated the true Indian sense into his cooking by nailing the curry. And he got out of the competition for that.
I agree that Jules was a much better cook than any of the top 3. In fact, if you draw in comparison, I can give you a series of names: Jules, Pip, Liliana and Vern. I have already mentioned that Rishi was by far the strongest cook.
I also happen to dislike many of the challenges Masterchef provides. Everyday there’s a team challenge. People would argue that you need to do a service challenge in the real world, but team challenge and service challenge aren’t the same exactly.
I wish all the best to Rishikesh Desai and his journey in the world of food. I would really love to visit his restaurant (given, the prices are affordable!!) and taste his creations.

10 Harini { 12.07.13 at 12:04 am }

David, First of all we all need to thank you for having put up this post/site. Yes MC is quite popular in India I had just started watching it when I missed a few episodes I wanted to watch them on the net until I stumbled on this site. Emma at that point of time was pretty mediocre; frankly I thought Liliana or even Nolene would win.
But what a response! The posts here speak of just one thing; that the whole thing appeared staged. And the cover up was clumsy; The cracks on a show held in high esteem began when Sameera was brought back;then the manner in which both Lynton and Christina stayed back and finally the challenge where Rishi is eliminated on an Indian Dish! You are right Indian cooking is judged on gravy – that’s why it is a curry! This is the part where the judges lose all credibility when they that Emma’s mussels are good but not the sauce and Rishi’s vice versa. That they had pre decided Rishi’s elimination was obvious because their reasoning was foolish! But its sad that these men held in high esteem had to stoop so low all because of the money or that the producers dictated it?
Being in the media,I’d like to bring the key comments made here to be aired

11 Marietta { 12.07.13 at 12:05 am }

@ David: Definitely agree regarding the point about the team challenges (I also complained about this in an earlier post). Yes, a team challenge is certainly different from a ‘service challenge’; of course, to be able to work in a restaurant you must be able to work in a team and communicate – you can be the world’s best cook but if you can’t communicate and work together with others, you won’t be able to work in or run a restaurant. Testing this should be part of any Masterchef competition, I think. However, this is NOT the same as having individual quality obliterated by constant team challenges, as happened this year on Masterchef.

12 Curious { 12.07.13 at 12:22 am }

@David & Marietta: I wonder why these team challenges are followed by the entire team in elimination. If you have to have team challenges, at least be fair and put the worst performers in the team in elimination. But then that would reduce the bias and that can’t be done, a complete no-no!

13 Techhater { 12.07.13 at 4:46 am }

It is so refreshinh to see viewers from other countries who agree on such a rotten format this year. Let’s hope the producers sit up and take notice of us “THE VIEWERS”

14 Sarita { 12.07.13 at 5:28 am }

@Harini (#351): You’re absolutely correct, we don’t fuss around interminably trying to ensure that meat is perfectly rare or medium or whatever. Maybe our style of cooking has evolved this way to ensure that the meat is always cooked well with no dangerous pathogens left alive, but in any case I approve of it. It always makes me laugh when I see the contestants on these shows sticking thermometers into the meat – I don’t think anyone here would even know what to do with one!

@Vicky (#354): Let’s not get all jingoistic and start accusing the producers of ensuring that only a “real” Aussie will win (if such a concept even makes sense). Objectively speaking we all want the best cook to win irrespective of where they’re from originally, which is what the show is supposedly about. Yes, the profile of the contestants obviously indicates that they have been carefully selected to represent an ethnically diverse lot (with emphasis given to important markets/demographics), but given that at least the best among them ought to take home the title no matter who they are or what their sob story is.

@David (#359): Thank you and yes, your point about the importance of the curry in what was supposed to be a challenge focusing on Indian cuisine is right on the money. Look at it this way – given a choice between a velvety and perfectly balanced curry with complex flavours combined with slightly overdone or less plumpy mussels versus plump mussels in an unbalanced curry (I’m pretty sure tossing in some sugar and lemon juice or whatever at the end didn’t magically improve that mess) with the wrong ingredients that don’t represent the cuisine and most importantly RAW spices (as per the judges themselves), which one would you prefer to eat? Frankly it is not even a contest for me. Same sorry story repeated with coriander and sweet potato in what was supposed to represent French cuisine, along with what seemed to be overdone meat.

Anyway, there’s not much point I guess endlessly debating what seems obvious to almost all of us, but perhaps the fact that we ARE doing so is an indication of just how cheated we all felt by this season as a whole. The producers should take note that fans are passionate but certainly not stupid!

@Marietta (#361): My guess would be that the reason team challenges were so ubiquitous this season is because the judges actually knew that more individual rigorous cooking challenges would expose how sub-par most of the contestants really were in terms of skills. Also of course the team challenges provided convenient exit points for the unwanted contestants, and a way for the weaker but desirable contestants to be provided a helping hand by enabling them to ride on the coat-tails of their better peers.

Finally since I didn’t see much discussion of this above, did anyone else find the entire “girls vs boys” saga at the beginning of the season itself incredibly sexist and off-putting? That was what caused me to start skimming through episodes this season in the first place, along with of course the relentless recaps and sob stories ensuring that the actual content per episode was probably not more than 10-15%.

15 Curious { 12.07.13 at 6:05 am }

@Sarita I detested the girls vs boys. I think it was a juvenile attempt to salvage the already dipping ratings of the show that majorly backfired. Each team has some good cooks and some bad ones. This contest was ugly as the focus left the cooking and never came back. It did give the producers an avenue to focus on nonfood aspects of the show and reduce the actual cooking part. I think it was to mask the substandard cooking and sheer pig headedness of some of the contestants. Sad.

But in another news, I heard that the new season will feature Kylie Kwong on a semi regular basis. I love her show but I hope the season is not reduced to contestants gushing about how good Kylie is on camera instead of cooking.

16 sanya { 12.07.13 at 6:40 am }

clearly rishi is the winner!!he deserved the title…he had put amazing foods throughout the series….very consistent….so bad that he didnt go to the finals……he is thousand times better than emma,samira,lynton…

17 Nita { 12.07.13 at 3:38 pm }

@Sarita. Yes, I remember a judge saying that Emma’s had raw spices in the curry. That is an absolute no-no in Indian curries. Curries need to be simmered for a long time, specially tomato based curries. Even her tomatoes were not cooked properly. And that is why Rishi did not choose a tomato based curry. There was no time. Poor guy. He had no idea what hit him when he got the judges verdict!
However hard I try not to let this thought enter my mind, it is sort of creeping in. The judges had already decided that they were going to let Emma win. If this is so, then masterchef Australia should shut shop. It has no credibility left. What with the deliberate political correctness in trying to represent a diverse mix of people, and then eliminating contestants in an unfair way.
Like several commentators have said above, I too think that this year’s masterchef was less about cooking and more about gimmicks. The sob stories should have been played down but they were played up instead. This was to take away attention from the average bunch of cooks who had entered the competition.

18 Charlene { 12.08.13 at 6:21 am }

I think Masterched Australia has scored a huge own-goal by picking the vapid, fat Muslim *itch over the hot, talented Indian guy.

The cold sendoff Rishi got from the 3 stooges demonstrates the unmistakable bias they’ve held against him. It raises questions about MCA’s integrity.

The umpteen times the arab woman was spared hints towards a hidden agenda – a pro-arab leaning or hidden bankrolling by a fat sheik from Dubai, perhaps.

And what about the train-wreck they picked as winner? I’m speechless.

No one’s going to take MCA seriously anymore. Beginning of the end.

19 Marietta { 12.08.13 at 8:35 am }

A bit off-topic, but – I just saw that Masterchef New Zealand will be shown here, beginning next week. Do any of you people down under have any idea what that’s like? Is it as disastrous as this year’s MC Australia, or is it better? (could hardly be worse, I guess).

20 Marietta { 12.08.13 at 8:37 am }

A bit off-topic, but – I just saw that Masterchef New Zealand will be shown here beginning next week. Do any of you people down under have any idea what that’s like? Is it as disastrous as this year’s MC Australia, or is it better? (could hardly be worse, I guess).

21 Techhater { 12.08.13 at 8:42 am }

Marietta i have no idea but would be very interested to hear your thoughts on it. Please keep us informed.

22 Marietta { 12.08.13 at 6:38 pm }

Thanks for your response TechHater, I’ll keep you posted!

23 David { 12.08.13 at 8:27 pm }

Ha Ha Ha! Well, on Monday, I’ll be watching Hugh Grant and Julia Robert’s “Notting Hill”. Haven’t seen it. I think choosing Notting Hill over Masterchef is a better option. What say? Anyone seen the movie?

24 Sarah { 12.08.13 at 11:52 pm }

I didn’t much like it, but I think you’ve made a wise choice.

25 MOHIB { 12.09.13 at 1:45 am }

It is very interesting ,infotainment and good

26 Vicky { 12.09.13 at 4:25 am }

Man, this community is awesome, what a response!

@Sarita, If you read my comment, i did mention that i wasn’t just venting because a promising Indian went out of the remaining lowly set, otherwise i would have stopped watching it long back when other Indians did not make it. They just weren’t promising enough and others were way better.
The point being, everyone here agrees that Rishi was the strongest in the last 4. Reasons for his dismissal were plain abysmal, In fact the very reasons should have got him into the top 3. So i and in general most of folks here are at a lack of reasons for Rishi’s ouster. And hence my 2 cents on a theory of trying to make sure it’s an all Aussi final, having Rishi in the finale would have been cutting it too close. Moreover i am not sure if any non Aussi has ever been a winner in MCA’s history. Anyway that’s just me.

Nope MC UK does not air in India. But since most of the international shows are trying to get their foot into a billion plus country’s TV viewership, i am sure it won’t be too long. And yes, these sob stories are really starting to get on the nerves. What happened to the good old ‘best man/women for the job’. Indian reality shows are full of it and stories are getting sadder by the day.

27 Nita { 12.09.13 at 4:43 am }

@Vicky. I thought some better contestants were eliminated earlier for flimsy reasons. I personally liked Jules, Pip, Christina and Liliana. I liked them better than Rishi, but sadly all four were eliminated one by one. I was very upset when Samira came back but Liliana and Pip didn’t because I thought they deserved it. In fact I wasn’t a fan of Rishi’s until all these four were eliminated. Rishi was the best of the last 4 in my opinion. And yes I too have started to think that the judges wanted a pukka Aussie to win and having Emma in the second round would have been cutting it too fine for them.

28 nikita { 12.09.13 at 4:38 pm }

Shame that rishi get eliminated before finale episode,he deserves to win this show,more than the final 3..I can’t stand samera, even for a second,After rishi,i wanted lynton to win,but instead of him it is emma who win it,she survived the show just because of team challenges where her team perform well,while rishi every now and then end up in elimination round,but still he survives because of his own culinary skills.i wish him all the best for his future,way to go rishi:)

29 Debashree Bardhan { 12.10.13 at 7:29 am }

am very upset coz rishi is out of the contest. he’s my all time fave n i supported him throughout masterchef 2013. wish him good luck for his future. nywez, u r my winner of this year. :)

30 SOHINA Mirza { 12.11.13 at 4:58 am }

I am an Indian and I won’t be watching MC again. :( I had so much respect for the judges when I first started watching MC but now I don’t trust them. So there is absolutely no point in wasting my time watching someone I don’t trust. A winner should be chosen just on the basis of the way he/she cooks and not because of their ethnicity/race or just because the judges are partial to them. And this season they definitely were. Sad.

31 Marietta { 12.11.13 at 5:13 am }

Just finished watching the finale of Masterchef UK – the level of ability of all three finalists is WAAAAAY above anything achieved by the finalists of MCA! They really used every technique imaginable and came up with stunning-looking dishes. One of the finalists had no less than six different small dishes for his appetizer, and that was just the starter. And I do think that in this case the right person won – but I won’t say who it was in case this Masterchef is still going to be shown in your country…..

32 Nita { 12.11.13 at 2:23 pm }

@Marietta, They have not shown Masterchef UK here as yet as far as I know. They have shown Masterchef USA which was quite boring.
@ Sohina, I agree with you that ethnicity played a large role here. And it wasn’t only about choosing a winner. It played a part throughout as the judges tried their best to represent all races as far as possible in the top 10. They must have done this because they know money is made when the programme is farmed out to other countries. I guess the producers of Masterchef Australia are now richer, and the programme considered a huge success because now they can sell it in many other countries. Good on them because TV is after all about money, not about a small segment of viewers who want integrity.

33 Vinita { 12.12.13 at 5:50 am }

I am from India. When MC2013 started, I felt the strongest cooks were Vern, Jules, Rishi, Liliana – with Pip, Lucy and Christina being the next rung. But early on, it became obvious that the judges were totally biased, especially where Sameera was concerned – she goofed up so many times, but they ensured that she stayed on. And even maneuvered it for her to come back after she was eliminated. I had hoped Jules or Liliana would come back; but now in retrospect I realize, that that whole comeback sham was to get that arrogant, mouthy Sameera back on the show. And in the final round of Rishi’s elimination it became supremely evident – he goofed on the sauce; she goofed on the beef and on the cuisine. But she still stayed. Shame, shame, shame on the judges

34 Marietta { 12.12.13 at 6:23 pm }

Yeah – I recently heard that there are a lot of commercial interests involved in Masterchef Australia, and that the content of the show is now totally determined by the producers, i.e. by commercial interests. BTW, just started watching MC New Zealand – so far it seems to be the classical format, but we’ll see…. it’s still too early to tell how it will develop.

35 Masterchef levert winnaressen op | De Zesde Clan { 01.05.14 at 1:02 am }

[…] Dean komt ter sprake in een context die haar succes ondermijnt. Had een ander niet moeten winnen? Was Rishi niet beter?Β We prijzen bescheidenheid in vrouwen, en Dean zelf haastte zich om te verklaren dat ze gewoon een […]

36 B { 01.11.14 at 3:33 pm }

Masterchef Australia used to be my favourite show but this season killed my passion! What a farce! All it seems to take are the friggin girls turning on the water works and they given the sympathy vote! (I’m female btw it’s so annoying!!!) we forget that sameera was actually eliminated earlier in the show so she had NO right being in the final! They brought her back for PC or ratings what a load of bollocks!!! The peanut gallery always gives advice or stops people & no one said anything to Richie!!?? Why not??! Cry baby Emma who’s pathetic & no control gets saved by George constantly!!! And to be saved in the semi final was disgraceful! He may not have told her what to do but her sauce was a disaster until he focused her she should’ve been left alone!!! She was a professional cyclist she knows about focus & concentration so it proves she’s not good enough. I like Lyndon but he’s limited. Richie was far the stronger!!! The whole show is contrived. As for Matt twat Preston … Such a prat.

37 K { 01.19.14 at 1:20 am }

i could close my eyes and tell that Emma would surely win even if she don’t cook . it was all so partial. i used to love this show , but seeing such partiality i hate the show.

38 Fatima { 01.20.14 at 7:53 am }

Masterchef Australia is starting to look a tad racist :/

39 Marietta { 01.20.14 at 6:02 pm }

In any case, it had nothing – or very little – to do with cooking anymore!

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41 LameShow { 02.03.14 at 1:20 pm }

They wouldn’t put an “unpure” Australian to be MasterChef Australia! How could they?

They took back Samira by stringing her with the strongest cook. When found that that very strongest cook might win it all they tried to kick him with dishes like desserts, Risotto(they were chosen for him, mind that, not given to choose or on chance). Then in a French cuisine duel, he got kicked out because his sauce was ashier while the other person made a middle-eastern dish. LMAO. Not watching the finale. If get any good suggestion, would move to a better show now on. MCA is not my thing anymore.

I hope none fail to notice how male female combo working for the winner of MCA =P

42 belinda { 02.03.14 at 1:36 pm }

I note two comments about about one starting to look racist and the other about male female issue!… well personally I think they are going the opposite of being racist (if there is such a thing!!) I feel they are trying too hard to make sure there is someone from an ethnic background (everyone after all is Australian I know) but why is it becoming quite obvious that they try to ‘cover all bases’!! And truthfully Im sick to death of the crying females and then the judges going all goo goo and making sickening sighs and puppy dog eyes at the girls – then letting them through because of what they are going through!!!…. sorry what a load of BS… (I am a female and it irritates me something chronic!) Harden up princesses! You wont make it out there!

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