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Big Brother Australia – Mikkayla Needs To Buy A Lottery Ticket

Mikkayla definitely is the cat with nine lives as yet again she is saved from elimination. This time by her own hand as she won the games night. Tully was miffed because she knocked Mikkayla’s golf ball closer to the target and in Tully logic meant that Mikkayla should have saved her.

Of course Mikkayla didn’t and Tully said she could have at least thanked her. Did Tully thank Jade for pointing out to her that she had busted a balloon with a star in it?

Mikkayla put Ben in her place which even though I could understand the logic. She did not want to take the heat from Ed and Matt if she had nominated them, it would have been karma for Ed if she had put him up as he as nominated her all but one week. Also chances are he might have been the one to go home.

Also doesn’t that smack of some major pressure being exerted by the alpha males around the house, so the so called weak boy, Ben, gets nominated when it is not anonymous because he won’t get aggressive about it.

Hopefully Ben will get a sympathy vote.

It is likely that Tahan will be eliminated this week, as she has little story line except for throwing Tim’s vest over the wall. Sure Tully is disliked but the amount of airtime she is attracting will see her safe yet again – in my opinion.

Tully and Drew continued to mooch over each other and moan about not being able to sleep together in each others beds. Tully also showed her not very nice side after promising Jade she would not say anything about a conversation they had had. Jade had told her about being sad about Ed and how he was only interested in her when he was drunk and how she also missed Drew. Tully ran over to Drew and  Tim and said “Just had an interesting conversation but I can’t tell you what it is” then continues to drop major hints so they can figure out what it is.

Ed also was moaning about Drew saying that he could not get to know him as he was always with Tully.

Mikkayla was being strategic and taking Heidi into the Presidential Suite, and a good move by her even if Mikkayla had nominated her this week. Heidi basically told her it does not matter what you look like it is personality that is key. Also Heidi then told Mikkayla that her best mates in the house, Jade and the sugar sisters had little of that.

It will be interesting if Mikkayla tells the girls what Heidi said.


1 Eliza { 09.10.13 at 12:14 am }

Ahh yes, the 60s and 70s.. Those were the days.. Sorry, just kidding. Those decades certainly left us with some great furniture, glassware and ceramics. One of the rooms in our house is almost an ode to the 60s with a Chiswell side board, west German pottery and Parker arm chairs and side tables. I mix it with new stuff. It’s my obsession.

When my friends and I reminisce, it’s about the 90s. I can’t remember the 80s just too young. The 90s were cool for the awesomely crap-tastic pop and boy bands… I love boy bands!

2 Lizzie { 09.10.13 at 1:31 am }

I feel THAT that female hm is is having a subliminal effect on me.. I have a sudden urge to visit my GP tomorrow for a valium prescription. Off to bed now. I’m sure I’ve got a Mogadon somewhere.

3 Sandii { 09.10.13 at 7:02 am }

Lizzie I still buy my elderly mum some choo choo bars for mothers day as she loves them. You can get raspberry ones these days but she felt totally ripped off when I got some for her to try. Lol!

4 Mich { 09.10.13 at 7:11 am }

Gabby @383 – 5 year olds act more mature than her

With the fake evitcitee will they get to know things in the outside world?

5 dobby { 09.10.13 at 7:11 am }

Wonder if Heidi left a message for Matt telling him to stop being a sexist meathead and thinking his sh*t doesn’t stink, wonder if she left a message for Ed – telling him that he is the most boring housemate ever (oh no she was madly in love with him that’s right), wonder if she left a message for Tully telling her to stop being a sulky, nasty bitch and cheat…mmmmmm….even right to the end Heidi was licking the backsides of the himbos & popular group….good riddance you jealous wannabe cow!

6 Mich { 09.10.13 at 7:15 am }

Heidi = pretentious

7 Carol (without the e) { 09.10.13 at 8:08 am }

I think we are missing out by not seeing the full outgoing HM message. Often it’s the only time you see some honesty between HM without fear of backlash.

8 Andrea { 09.10.13 at 8:26 am }

Dobby@405, I thought the same thing, how come Heidi doesn’t think that Ed and Matt didn’t bring much to the house, they are the most boring housemates ever, if one of them wins there is something seriously wrong.

9 daisy { 09.10.13 at 9:22 am }

Heidi was too busy thanking her lucky stares and bathing in Ed’s reflected glory. She’s the girl who couldn’t believe her luck being incuded with the hot kids.

I think the fact that Tully is so bad overshadowed Heidi’s eviction. That Heidi is very cocky.

On Tully, she tries to pretend she a tough chick but then has no emotional control and sobs or loses it at everything. Tully you’re a weak chick not a tough chick.
I don’t think she is psycho but Tully needs to see herself accurately, recognise her sooks, tantrums, moodiness and control of others and deal with it. She’s just a ggarden variety self-centred brat.
I didn’t vote last week because I knew mine were safe. But I will get voting again soon to keep Tim.

10 Naz { 10.04.13 at 9:58 pm }

Now that two-faced cheating Tully has gone we have Jade and Mikkayla being two bullies in the house ganging up in Tahan. Mikkayla is the worst kind of Teacher engaging in this private school bullying tactics with Jade and The Sugar sisters! They are all so Jealous as Tahan is completely gorgeous and is completely honest. I love that about her. Mikkayla made a huge drama because she couldn’t fit her dress yet Jasmine lent her dress and how does she repay her? Nominating her!!!! I feel sorry for Mikkalya students no wonder so many children have no manners look what kind of role models we have. I can’t believe Jade said if Tahan fell in a hole and died I wouldn’t care and Mikkayla says she would fill the hole. That just shows you what a true Sociopath Mikkayla is. I can’t way until Mikkalya is up I am going to max out my credit card so she is out!!!! She is a MEAN bully who is a racist and insanely jealous of beautiful people. Jade, Tully and the sisters are just plain Jane ordinary people and are extremely envious of how incredibly beautiful Tahan is. Mikkayla when you get out go on a diet and get that surgery and stop being a hater! Only people who are insecure have to bully and put people down. As for Jade go and read The Rules for dating and play hard to get. So embarrassing the way u throw yourself at Ed when he is clearly Just “not that into you”! Grow a brain and get some self respect then u won’t have to use your looks to get by.