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Craft Wars – A Competitive Craft Show

For those who like craft or are a fan of Tori Spelling you might want to check Craft Wars With Tori Spelling. It is a niche reality TV show which has contestants battling it out in craft related challenges.

Reality show tend to focus on topics that interest viewers in real life, like food, renovation and music and considering craft is so popular in the community I was wondering when a craft reality show would turn up. The show is going to be on pay TV on Lifestyle Home.

Craft Wars is similar in format to Cupcake Wars, a popular show in our household with Miss 8. Three people duke it out in the first round, in episode one it is creating a birdhouse, judges critique them and one person is eliminated. The two remaining contestant’s battle it out in one last challenge with the winner getting $10,000.

It was an entertaining episode the only criticism was my expectations was that it would be more craft like scrapbooking and macrame but the challenges tended to favour people who knew how to use powertools aka men. However power tools make better viewing then someone with scissors and a glue gun.

Craft Wars with Tori Spelling starts on Lifestyle Home on Wednesday 18 September at 9.30pm.

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1 Loz { 09.07.13 at 3:33 pm }

Do you know if there will be another season of Tori & Dean??