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The X Factor – The Top Ten Sing Top Ten Hits

This week Dami Im showed she can sing anything and she is the one to beat. They keep on making her performances at the end of the show so the viewer has to watch the rest of the more tepid performances.

The theme was top ten hits which meant the judges had a lot of songs to choose from to showcase their contestant’s talent.

Here is what went down:

Third D3GREE kicked off the show with a Jessie J song called Wild. The girls again wiped the floor with the guy and Kelebek exuded star quality. It was a tight performance with good choreography.

Jai Waetford  sang The Way You Make Me Feel  it was like a flash back to Young Talent Time and Nat B also must have had that as well as she said it is like watching Bevan and the YTT dancers. Jai did not know who Bevan was. Nat said she wanted to see something modern and fresh.  Dani also said she did not feel the performance. Redfoo loved it though. But he was loving everything last night so not sure what is on his rider and hope he is not staying at The Darling.

Barry Southgate sang Kate Perry’s Californian Girls. His vocals were thin and he covered up his best asset – his hair. Redfoo loved it and said it was the best performance he had ever done in his life.  Not sure what is on Redfoo’s rider as he was loving everything last night, and best that he is not staying at The Darling. Ronan spoke the truth and said vocally it was not strong. It was close to being a trainwreck.

Ellie Lovegrove sang I’m Like A Bird. She looked amazing and it was nice performance. At this stage she does not look like she is a winner as she did not quite nail the high notes at the end of the song.

Omar Dean sang Cry Me A River it would appear that his falsetto in the song was meant to move us so much it got its own Twitter hash tag #falsettofactor. It did move the judges as they all gave him a standing ovation. I am not feeling the love, but Nat B gushed about seeing his growth on the show which is sooooo important on a reality TV show.

JTR sang Everyone Talks. One of he brothers has the stronger vocals they need to give him more of the song to sing as the other two struggle a bit with their pitch. The judges loved it.

Joelle sang Locked Out Of Heaven. I was so busy checking out the thigh high boots over army camouflage tights this teamed with a sheer leotard with a leopard print bra which had a red and black jacket over it. It was too much. Ronan thought they were only getting 95 per cent from her. Dani pointed out the trainwreck that was her outfit.

Taylor Henderson sang I Will Wait. The second half of his performance was good but it must have sounded good in the studio as the audience went nuts. Clearly he will be safe this week.

Dami Im sang disco hit Don’t Leave Me This Way. Just when you start to think there is an issue with the sound she cracks out the song near pitch perfect. Is there anything this girl can’t sing? In a year where there is not much competition she is looking like a star. Great voice and barely a missed note.

Jiordon Tiolli  sang With Or Without You. She is the quirky contestant this year. Props to her for not being thrown by not moving stage prop and she busted out a good but not great rendition. She is Redfoo’s most winnable contestant but he needs to do better with song choice for her as she could become an unintended casualty.


1 Finnola { 09.09.13 at 11:49 am }

Train wreck from whoa to woe. Sets are leftover casino, outfits from pop asia leftovers and whole show feels like timewarp 1979.

2 Andrea { 09.09.13 at 11:59 am }

Its very hard to maintain an interest in this show.
Just give Dami the prize and send the others home.

3 Trent { 09.09.13 at 12:46 pm }

Loved the recap.

Am i the only one who finds the U2 song “with or without you” Incredibly boring?

4 Eliza { 09.09.13 at 2:29 pm }

Dami is AMAZING! Agree, just give her the title now!

I don’t mind the show though.. It seems to entertain me. Mind you, I do record and FF through all the filler and Redfoo’s yabbering.

5 Andrea { 09.09.13 at 2:44 pm }

Thats what I do too Eliza, it goes on forever otherwise.

6 LB { 09.09.13 at 3:51 pm }

The others are quite nice performers (damning with faint praise) and I haven’t really warmed to Dami previously, but last night was sensational. Anyone who can take that song and actually sing it has won me over. She really is in a class of her own. I felt really sorry for the girl who sang after her – what a hard act to follow!

7 daisy { 09.09.13 at 5:26 pm }

Agree, I can only skim watch.
What a shame Jiordan was given that song which really didn’t bring out the best in her. Bad song choice. Did Renfoo try and make her like Dami who can belt out a number.

That was like giving Celia Pavey Roxanne.

8 Eliza { 09.09.13 at 6:37 pm }

Andrea and Daisy.. FF is the only way to watch this show isn’t it, otherwise you fee like you lost half your life watching.

I didn’t love the song choice for Jiordan either. Tough following Dami and her song wasnt a wow number to finish off the show with so I’ve kind of forgotten about it already. Usually I don’t like the ‘quirky’ ones too much but I like her and she generally sings really well. Maybe it’s bc she is a cat person and talks to her cats like I do. They are great conversationalists. I like dogs too.