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Big Brother Australia – Ed Is A Cad

Ed showed what a douche he was last night when he picked Jade to be up for eviction over Tim. Ed also showed what a poor strategist he is not realising that most viewers will think it was very poor form  putting up his snogging partner for nomination. It probably confirmed Jade’s theory that he only snogs her when he is drunk. But no doubt she felt humiliated.

Drew was right when he said Ed lost his think tank when Heidi went. Hopefully Mr Perfect will be evicted this week.

Ed’s rationale for what he did was Tim would be harder to beat in the vote.

Drew and Tully were both safe probably because Drew had the super power and was in the diary room so the housemates would be concerned he would be watching nominations. Neither of the pair got any points.

Matt bitched to Ed how Tully  is all about herself and how she stole the moment at the eviction of Heidi.

Heidi’s farewell video was bitchy but she would just think it was honest (something she said was a negative thing in Tahan), but she laid into the sugar sisters and Jade. She was miffed about the girl club forming. She also gave some backhanded compliments to Tim. If the housemates were missing her it stopped now.

Ben was upset about what she said about him saying that he was not interested in other people. Tim comforted him and told him that he was misunderstood by her and at the end of the day Ben was in the house and she’s not.

Tahan was in another war with the girls. I have mixed feelings about Tahan she apparently says mean things about people including her friends but the housemates seem to know where they stand with her and she is full and frank in the diary room. In a sense I prefer her behaviour than Drew’s who has a foot in both camps and goes and reports back what other people are saying.  However Tahan did have a meltdown in the diary room saying she had a better personality then the other three girls. Yes that girl shoots from the hip. Do I want her to win? Hell no but for me she is not the worse in the house but as you know these things change weekly.

Also was Mikkayla talking about nominations telling her posse they needed band together to get rid of the cool kids. Though Tim in the other room did say people made a mistake with last week’s nominations. Then he was talking about nominations with the girls in the second bedroom. He then talked to Drew about how it was open season. Tim was trying to ensure he was not nominated.

Drew’s Super Power was the Predicter. He had to guess who the housemates were going to nominate and he would get a point for each one he got correct. He ended up getting 7 out of a possible 18 points.

The nominations went like this:

Tahan gave two points to Jade because she did not like the girl and she has been talking about her behind her back and three points for the sugar sisters. Her rationale is she did not like them and they never cooked anyone dinner.

Jade gave four points to Tahan as she is self centred and all her stories about her friends is about how they are ugly fat molls. She gave one point to Ben for strategic purposes as he is flying under the radar.

Ben gave Ed three points as he thinks the conversations he is orchestrating in the house is to enhance his Prince Charming persona and to misrepresent the person he is talking to and the conversations also happen in front of a large group of people. He gave two points to Tahan as she was heard to say the only reason Tim is talking to him is that he is easily manipulative and that he does not have a brain. He was hurt by that.

Mikkayla gave three points to Ben (one of the supposed misfits) due to the minimal effort he puts into the house. She gave two points to Matt as he is very indulgent with others bitchiness and encourages it. He also said he is arrogant.

Ed nominated Mikkayla again for three points as she had avoided nomination four times and he wants to see how she goes. He gave two points to the sugar sisters for flying under the radar and see where they are at.

Matt nominated Tim for four points as he does not clean up after himself in the kitchen and he does not pick up the dog’s poo. He gave one point to Mikkayla because she is rude and aggressive in the way she addresses people.

Tully nominated Mikkayla for three points as she thinks she can beat her if they are both nominated particularly because it is a double eviction. She gave them two points to the sugar sisters as they don’t add much to her time in the house and she thinks she can beat them.

The sugar sisters nominated Tahan for three points as she is a rude person, calling people fat, ugly nobodies. They gave two points to Ed as they feel they have not got to know him as well as other housemates.

Tim nominated for the boys as he said everyone will be nominating for the girls. He gave four points to Ed as he thinks he is leading Jade on. He also gave one point to Matt as he does not do anything he just eats, goes to the gym and tans.  He said he is a bit of a prawn meaning you would keep the body but throw away the head.

Drew gave three points to Ed as he is playing hard and his a threat. He gave two points to Jade as she has the can’t be bothered attitude in the last week. After being asked about throwing points to the ex-wife he said that was more then she threw me. He also gave Ben two points as he is one of the biggest threats in the house.

The nominations at this points are:

  • Ed – 12 points
  • Tahan – 9 points
  • Mikkayla – 7 points
  • Sugar Sisters – 7 points
  • Ben – 6 points
  • Jade – 4 points (she tied with Tim but Ed selected her to be up)

It was then BB Uplate time and as usual it was all about the late night feast where they are plied with lots of alcohol. The theme of it was Big Brother’s Got Talent and they had to put on a show.

Here is what happened in brief:

Tully mouthed I love you to Drew and later were having a sneaky snog in the bathroom. Later in bed they both said I love you to each other. This was after intense conversation all night and Tully not thinking that “Would you break up with Tahlia for me?” was a question. Also Drew said he would give it all up to be with his ex-girlfriend.

Tim hooked up with Lucy and the kissing did not look good. Tim was really full on with the tongue apparently. Not sure Tim will be going for a repeat performance as he told Drew and Tully to keep Lucy away from him.

Lucy was having fun flashing her boobs and snogging, she shouted out an apology to her parents in the diary room.

Tahan was saying that the Jad/Ed hookups were getting a bit boring. Tim nailed it when he said that Ed will be telling everyone he does not like her. Ed also gave her the I don’t want to hurt you talk, which guys think is there get out of jail free card.

Tahan showed great enthusiasm for licking salt off Ed’s abdomen as part of her masterclass in how to give body shots. She also had a faux lesbian scene with a lime piece with Tully. Tahan does rely on her looks. The Big Brother Got Talent show was a bit lame in parts but Tim’s Mr Chucky and the River Dance was funny.

Tim gets away with making snide remarks about the other housemates, if a girl did the same thing all hell would break loose.


1 daisy { 09.12.13 at 12:11 pm }

Mind you that was me with the COCKroach, but he was deliberately evil.

2 Louloubelle { 09.12.13 at 7:01 pm }

I have little sympathy for jade, haven’t forgotten how she strung drew along. Too bad for her he found someone else. I’m not an ed fan but think he kisses her out of politeness, what is he going to do, shove her away? Where he goes wrong in my book is laughing at her behind her back. Oh well, he’s gone this week anyway

3 Mary { 10.30.13 at 8:23 pm }

Do australia no how to vote,the only one that should still be in the house is Ben, CAN Tahan , Tim and Drew get over their nasty and jelouse attitude towards Jade and Ed, hope Australia starts voting the right way….