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Big Brother – Jade Made A Huge Strategic Blunder

Jade, Jade, Jade what are you doing? You had a huge opportunity to get Australia picking up the phone to save you and you stuff it.

Jade should have told Ed off. If she had yelled at him saying he was a douche people would have been dialling to save her.  At the bare minimum she should have at least express disappointment about what he did.

Sure there is strategy but it is not Survivor but Big Brother and the viewers vote out the housemates.

What the viewer ended up seeing was  a doormat with Jade making excuses for his action. First she told the sugar sisters that she would have smacked him if he had not selected her, and then she lets him off the hook but telling him she did not like seeing his guilty face. And finally after she had sobbed in her bed about it and Matt, Ed and Tully had come across to comfort her she asked him to stay with her and he declined saying “I would feel bad if I do”.

Someone helicopter drop in the book He’s Just Not Into You into the compound.

It was embarrassing to watch and as Tim quipped to Ed “There is nothing you can do to get rid of her”. It was a pity Drew when he was alone with Jade counting sheep did not give her a razz about it. But then he is no better admitting that he was kind of in love with Tully but saying it was volatile but he liked the drama of it.

Jade showed how naive she is when she told Drew she hoped Tully’s girlfriend would thank Drew when they get out for looking after her.

Tully also sniped at Drew why were you so long? It was like she did not believe he was actually doing a Big Brother challenge with Jade.

This was on top of Tully snapping at Drew about making gestures when Jade was crying in bed. She snarled “You’re better then that”.

Ed was sobbing in the diary room saying how guilty he felt, he probably realised in hindsight that it was not the best move he has made and that his Prince Charming crown may have tilted.

As Tim said to Big Brother “Ed could have been a hero except he was too scared.”

The Tahan and the girls war continued with Tahan saying Mikkayla was the most racist person she knows, then BB cut to Mikkayla doing Asian accents. It was sad to see Mikkayla saying to the other housemates she did not like being reminded she looks Asian.

Tahan was also cracking it about the girls nominating her but she nominated them well at least the sugar sisters.

The girls were bitching about Tahan hanging out with Tim. Mikkayla said she just did not care about her. It must be uncomfortable in their shared bed at night.

Big Brother had to be a sugar sister for three hours but it did not bond them but they ended up getting a bucket of sand.

Tully continues to make it all about her, she rushed over to comfort the crying Jade when Matt and Ed were already there saying she understood how she felt more then the other guys. Then in a casual conversation about who was smart in the house Tully said to Tim she was book smart.

But clearly she is not social smart  as she will be above Tahan on Mikkayla’s shit list  when she asked Mikkayla what she would look like if she cut her eating portions in half.

Then Tim was bitching with Drew and Tully about how Mikkayla had put on weight and how much she had eaten even though she had asked Tim to oven bake them which he had refused to do.

Mikkayla then told people that she was fatter in the house then outside. She also revealed she would ba able to take on extreme eating challenges, saying she once ate a two kg schnitzel with a three cheese sauce on it.

This week’s food budget challenge was related to getting as much sand in the hour glass as possible so they get more time to grab money.

One challenge was Matt and Ben having to make a house of cards but the fan would turn on when the other housemates hit a button to listen to music. The housemates knew they were doing something that might be causing havoc but did not stop. With or without the fan that house of cards was never going to be built.

Tim telling the Kesha dating story was hilarious. First he tells Heidi not to tell anyone and then over time he must have told everyone in the house and in the process all of Australia and to think the pop star had asked him not to talk about it!

What was interesting for the first time on Big Brother, apart from Heidi’s exit interview, was the acknowledgement that Tim worked in radio.

Poor Ben was trying to look like a good sport when it came to Tim rolling around the bed farting and trying to get Mr Clooney in it. Ben appears to be the brunt of all the jokes. Lucy was also trying to get into the action and put the dog in there as well.  Ben took it fairly well and maybe he needs to start pranking back.

Tonight who will get saved and who will be up for nomination.



1 Daze { 09.12.13 at 11:20 pm }

Drew breaking away from Tully
Ed being evicted
Matt Mr Lonely
it would certainly bring a different vibe to the house
here’s hoping Evan, Centrebets are right again re Ed

2 Ari { 09.12.13 at 11:41 pm }

Has anyone noticed the Tully hate Caleb’s been commenting with on his twitter? Kinda refreshing to see ex-housemates ACTUALLY get invested in it unlike Jas and Heidi who’re just like “omgg they’re so nice give them a chance” or “glad I didn’t watch BB tonight because of the comments”. It’s reality TV for goodness sake.

I like Caleb and Rohan’s twitters. A bit of Xavier’s. The girls need to up their game and actually comment on it all.

Also voted to save Mikkayla at least 5 times. FAKE EVICTEE PLS. Will vote more each day.

BTW what’s Tully’s twitter???

3 Evan { 09.12.13 at 11:49 pm }

I follow Xavier on Twitter and Facebook.
Funny guy – makes me wish he could have stayed longer in the house.
Caleb is drumming up the hate against Tully?

4 daisy { 09.13.13 at 12:45 am }

Thanks Sandii. I will Google The Little Kidnappers and see if that was it.
Lizzie, I had a really ducky boss once. I lasted 12 years and quit.
He was an inept idiot, and a bully with an over inflated ego. He and his his wife made work extremely difficult and unpleasant. For me it was unbearable and ridiculous that such an idiot would be in charge. Then the US version of the office came out and the Michael Scott scenario had my work situation to a tee. The whole staff was having to carry this guy too.
Anyway I don’t feel sorry for Tully’ but then neither do I agree with really hateful comments that wish a person harm or I’ll will. It’s enough for me just to not want to see her on TV, or doing what she has been doing, attempting to control the house.

5 Tuffdeck { 09.13.13 at 12:48 am }

Just checked out calebs twitter. Wow! Refreshing to see some honesty but again… The backlash is going to be huge Tully. I hope Drew is worth it 😮

Tullys twitter is tee_smyth. If you google Tully Smyth twitter it should come up Ari

6 Tuffdeck { 09.13.13 at 12:50 am }

Ooo I also hope centrebet is right again :)

7 daisy { 09.13.13 at 12:50 am }

Sucky boss. He wasn’t ducky at all. This stupid key pad is playing over ride editor. At least it didn’t change it to an ‘f’.

8 Lizzie { 09.13.13 at 1:13 am }

Daisy you could have said f*cky boss and that you meant to say sucky. Like you I don’t hate (hate that word) the girl. I only apply that word to murderers, rapists and the like and would never wish bad things on anyone. Bed time now. Dream free and hope I wont go for that scratch again!

9 daisy { 09.13.13 at 1:16 am }

Night Lizzie.
Sweet dreams. 😉

10 Carol (without the e) { 09.13.13 at 8:25 am }

The thing that really annoys me about Tully is how easily she spits the dummy at Drew… and instead of just talking through what has upset her, she storms off with a massive dose of the shits!!! Mind you, if they had been discussing the issue at hand for 30 minutes and Drew just didn’t get it… then walking away like she does would be more understandable!

As it is now, poor Drew is left confused and alone to work out what he said or didn’t say!

Last night I was wishing I was there to remind him that he said he loves the drama in relationships!!

As Dr Phil would say… Is that still working for you Drew?????

I can tell you that so far it has cost you a very good chance at $250,000 but more importantly, you need to think about what its doing to your reputation outside of the house mate!!!

11 Carole { 09.14.13 at 7:18 am }

I read on Twitter, that a friend of Tully’s has a Twitter account and she is just as nasty as Tully, so will make things worse for her. I agree, much as I dislike her behaviour in the house, it’s a fucking reality show, starting up hate pages and sending death threats is a bit over the top. No one deserves that.

12 Lizzie { 10.07.13 at 4:44 pm }

Oops wrong thread!