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The Bachelor – Two More Girls Not Given A Rose

We are only two weeks in and  Tim saysalready I am feeling some attraction towards some of the girls say Bachelor Tim, bascially he was feeling horny.

If newspaper reports are anything to go by it may have been the longest he has been without a sexual interaction in quite sometime.

In this article in it appears there are a few ex’s talking to Cleo Mag about The Bachelor.

And they are not shy about giving details one girl even going as far as saying “He’s got the biggest penis I’ve ever seen and sex was like being in a porno. I’m not even joking”.

If the girls in the house had this information when they were filming they would have gone crazy with excitement.

However tonight Tim was showing his charming side and he picked Anna the criminal lawyer who has never had a serious relationship for the one on one date tonight. It was a helicopter ride to the Blue Mountains where they had a picnic on top of the scenic skyway. There were lots of touchy feely which continued when they were back at a hotel having a drink by the fire place.

Anna managed to play with the other girls minds by hinting she had kissed him. Of course she was given a red rose after that date.

The group date was Ashlee, Judy, Rochelle, Natalie, Alana, Emily, and Sarah.

The group date sliding down sand dunes looked like fun and killed my theory they were told what type of activity they were doing. As Alana said she would have enjoyed it more if she had been dressed appropriately and she said she was sweating like a pig. Well she said that to camera not to Tim of course. Alana is hilarious and reminds me of an Australian version of a Valley Girl.

Emily won a sand dune race and the prize was riding on a camel with him and it was awkward as she was giving him 20 questions. It was surprising that she was not eliminated tonight.

Bianca was having a meltdown  at the post group party. She was pissed off that he has only spoken to her once. She dragged him away and said to him”I am not used to having any attention”. Bianca is a bit nutty and then the producers sent the other bonkers one over – Ally.

However Tim must like a bit of craziness and those two girls were given a rose and it was Judy the doctor and Sherri (Tim Mathieson’s daughter)  who were sent home.




1 daisy { 09.15.13 at 10:58 pm }

I thought Ashlee looked quite nice. Her face looked softer than the other girls because she didn’t have a lot of work or make-up. I’ll be looking to see what she is like when she gets more camera time. Danielle must have put her hand up the play the bitch. Or be open about her bitchiness. Miiiiaow. She is just eating those girls for breakfast, and Tim will be the main course. I bet they keep her in for ages.

2 JStar { 09.15.13 at 11:33 pm }

RR, – “without a sexual interaction in quite sometime”? Thanks for keeping it PG. Well, the last of only two non-Caucasians got eliminated tonight. He would have looked like a dick if he eliminated Judy the same night as Elizabeth. Would have loved Judy to tell him at the end that she is a doctor and about to be a specialist and clearly out of his league.

The trashiness is so hilarious. I now know why “perfect Tim” is still single. He can’t hold a conversation with a woman. I guess thinking and talking gets in the way of intimacy. No wonder he smiles a lot and looks completely vacuous. I get he is getting lines fed through to him via an earpiece but he sounds so stilted and forced with the cheesiness of the drivel he is reciting. Plus, he looks uncomfortable with the wardrobe he is forced to wear. I thought he was a model….oh wait….he was an underwear model. May explain why he always looks in great discomfort when covered up with all those unnecessary layers like a t-shirt and jeans.

Yes, read the reports about how charming he is, and a favourite on the social scene and hens’ parties. It’s a job (the topless waitering) that he is paid a lot of money to do, so ofcourse he is charming. Geez, I worked in hospitality and smiled and charmed my way through $10 an hour serving drinks and meals. Being charming and a good sport whilst parading half-naked was part of his job given that he was booked via an agency.

Alana and Danielle’s bitchy rivalry could be epic. Neither are shy about venting their feelings. Great bitchy asides to the camera. Danielle is proving adept at playing this game by knowing when to skank things up – (deliberately flashing her knickers whilst falling down the sand dunes). Bianca’s needy craziness almost makes up for the fact that Joelene has already been eliminated. More crazy I say for our viewing pleasure. Penny and Anna have this endearing dorky quality and after seeing them struggle walking down the red carpet in the first episode, I would bet they are normally “flats” kind of girls. Shame that Sherri left as she appeared interesting. Definitely was distinguishable from the other peroxide blondes with their fake extensions.

3 Reality Raver { 09.15.13 at 11:39 pm }

Jstar- I thought it was rank that he kicked Judy out considering there were others who were less worthy of the rose like Emily. Surely he would know she was a doctor also she was well liked by the other girls.

4 Reality Raver { 09.15.13 at 11:40 pm }

Daisy agree they need to keep Danielle in as well as Bianca

5 JStar { 09.15.13 at 11:43 pm }

@RR – agreed. However, even with the talk that she had with him in the previous Monday episode, he never gave the impression that he was interested in her. She definitely had a more “interesting” background than others and clearly was well liked by the other girls, given how devastated they appeared when she got the boot. Don’t cry too much for Judy. All the Asian parents in Sydney are now lining to matchmake their sons with her. She won’t be single for too long.

6 Eliza { 09.16.13 at 12:12 am }

Didn’t get to watch tonight :( My brother and his friend are totally into this show, it’s hilarious. He comes home the other night and gossips to me about it!

I have Anna’s sister on FB.. they are a pretty ‘social’ family.. doubt that the apple falls too far from the tree. She is one of the much nicer seeming girls though.

You can definitely tell the producers want to see the bitchy dramatic ones (Danielle, Bianca, etc) stick around as they are the ones that get everyone talking!

7 Andrea { 09.16.13 at 8:11 am }

The girls come across as quite desperate, all interrupting each other’s time with the catch of the century Tim.
The last two to be eliminated just didn’t have the right look for him, long fake hair, fake boobs, models etc.
I can’t stand him, he has nothing to offer except his rather large appendage, thanks RR!

8 Daze { 09.16.13 at 10:01 am }

Channel 10’s website on this show must have Bianca writing it up after attending the aptly named cock-tail parties. Is she on drugs or just drunk?
Ch.10 can’t even get their Episode write ups done correctly – they are showing tonight’s show, Episode 4 (Eastern Creek) in Episode 1.
They have more information on promoting what the girls were wearing, rather than the show itself.

Shocked Sherri has left, she didn’t get much of a chance, I guess he knows the ‘look’ rather than the person, that he is going for.
Bianca Natalie Emily probably won’t make it to Top 10, as the faves are getting a lot of air time (e.g. Sherri didn’t).
Ali has gone into her shell, guess the girls ganged up on her after Ep.1, but she gets a 1 on 1 with him at the car track.

9 brain dead dave { 09.16.13 at 10:10 am }

What use is the allegedly big dick when Tim’s got the personality of a cadaver to back it up?

Why are these girls throwing themselves at the lobotomized Lothario?

10 Daze { 09.16.13 at 10:29 am }

He has enough for everyone bdd, all wanting the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow lol

11 brain dead dave { 09.16.13 at 10:35 am }

I reckon he flicked the doctor because she’d be the first to call the cheeseball chiropractic charlatan act for what it is.

12 Daze { 09.16.13 at 10:37 am }

It’s a shame bdd, he seems to have a lot to ‘offer’ and would make any of the girls verrrrry happy lol

13 brain dead dave { 09.16.13 at 10:45 am }

Tim doesn’t seem much of a communicator. I ‘d suggest that the only thing he can get off his chest is his shirt….for a price.

Then I guess if you’ve got a huge penis and two spares…

14 Georgie { 09.16.13 at 10:53 am }

The obvious question for the young lady who stated “He’s got the biggest penis I’ve ever seen…” is –

“How many have you seen my dear?”

I can’t blindly accept someone’s opinion as fact, if it’s at all possible that person has limited experience in such matters. Statements like that need to be tested and here’s a good place to start.


Assets require proper assessment and management, because they are costly to replace. The management of assets relies to a large extent on available information. Age and wear and tear are, of course, the dominant failure mechanism with most assets, so visual inspection by closed circuit television (CCTV) and core sampling are among the most common methods applied to asset assessment and management.

This paper compares visual inspection and core sampling analysis in order to enhance further understanding of the limitations and potentials of both methods. Both methods should be applied on a selected asset, before an accurate assessment can be made.

Previous results have shown that both methods – visual inspection and core sampling – used on their own, are associated with large uncertainties and that there is no obvious correlation between results of visual inspection and results of core sampling analysis in isolation.

Keywords: asset management; CCTV; visual inspection; core sampling;

15 Daze { 09.16.13 at 10:58 am }

lol Georgie, they can inspect and sample all they want, no thank you – the question is, where has it been and as for wear and tear…….

16 Georgie { 09.16.13 at 11:05 am }

Agree Daze – where’s ya bin mon?

17 brain dead dave { 09.16.13 at 11:31 am }

Given the alleged enormity of Tim’s package, shouldn’t he be handing out tubes of lubricant instead of roses?

18 Culinary Boner { 09.16.13 at 12:18 pm }

…”and sex was like being in a porno”…
as was the pre and post-coital conversation, presumably.

19 brain dead dave { 09.16.13 at 12:21 pm }

Title for the porno: The Snatchelor

20 Daze { 09.16.13 at 12:55 pm }

or, Dickgalore

21 Carol (without the e) { 09.16.13 at 1:24 pm }

BDD you are on fire here! Lubricant… hahahaha

22 Evan { 09.16.13 at 1:45 pm }

Channel 10 have dumped “The Bachelor” from their Sunday night lineup, due to the abysmal ratings it got last night.
I am not surprised – that Tim guy has the personality of a block of wood(rather like Ed on Big Brother), and the girls are either trailer trash bimbos or surgically enhanced idiots.

23 Daze { 09.16.13 at 2:08 pm }

Didn’t know that Evan, thanks. Will prefer it on Wednesdays to Sunday nights. Well, I guess the dud stud had too much bad publicity and I’m surprised it didn’t take off – US have just finished season 17 I think –

24 Andrea { 09.16.13 at 2:17 pm }

Its always been popular in the USA, they just seem to do it better.

25 Eliza { 09.16.13 at 2:27 pm }

Could it be he just isn’t that (and by ‘that’ i really mean not at all) likeable…. It’s obvious everyone is there for a bit of publicity.. Or to just get their hands on that big package of his. Yuk.

26 Eliza { 09.16.13 at 2:29 pm }

I think we expect this type of show more in the US, would you agree? A lot of shows that do well in US versions seem to tank when we try our hand at it. I think it’s the “ohh only in America” thing!

27 Culinary Boner { 09.16.13 at 2:31 pm }

Three years from now….

Tim, proud owner of a transcendent todger of titanic proportions*, has moved to LA. Sick of enduring post-show obscurity inter-leavened with the odd snigger or awed whisper** behind his back on those very rare occasions he’d encounter one of several hundred viewers who actually watched The Bachelor in 2013, Tim decided to follow in the footsteps of that other Australian reality TV great, Ajay Rochester.

But unlike Ajay, Tim is now much in demand. And on the rise, so to speak. Combining his love of the noble art of chiropractice, his winning ways with the ladies*** and his prodigious member, Tim now purveys a novel (but strangely) very effective and unconventional ‘internal expansion’ treatment for subluxamation of the lower vertebrae and lumbar using his greatest asset to its FULLEST effect.

“Giving you relief from a sore back is my pleasure, truly” and “Bend over, for relief is only inches away” are the company mottos.

* Back in the 1990s, Tim would wag school by placing his school cap on his todger and sending it off on the 8.20am bus in his place. In a sad indictment on the general slackness of our education system, the teachers were none the wiser. In fact on one occasion Tim’s todger even got to lead the singing of the national anthem at morning assembly.

** usually a snigger.

*** Tim’s treatment is strictly women-only.

28 Culinary Boner { 09.16.13 at 7:18 pm }

Sneak preview of The Bachelor 2014 and his amazing, panty-dropping pick up lines:

29 Ali { 09.17.13 at 6:18 pm }

As well as the Mean Girl edit, I thought they gave Danielle the Intellectually Challenged one as well. After Tim asked her what her father did, she seemed to have trouble with the answer and then the editors took great delight in demonstrating her knowledge of Aesop’s Fables when she mentioned something about the rabbit and the, er, turtle. I think she was talking about the Hare and the Tortoise.

If the women were too thick to realise before that Tim is dating them a Harem at a time, shoving them in the desert and creating a casbah should leave them in no doubt.

I think Judy got the flick because when Tim asked her what sort of guy she normally dates, she replied she thought she had been going for the wrong sort of man, someone with “spark”. The unspoken corollary to that is she has now decided to go for totally different guys, ones without spark. Someone like you, Tim. Tim was not smiling. I think Kate Middleton should be helicoptered in to show these love amateurs (but who actually have a legitimate career) how to REALLY land a Prince.

Right at the end, I’m glad Judy didn’t feel the need to continue to gush over someone who had just publicly rejected her. As others have mentioned, as soon as she was told to say her goodbyes, she rushed straight over to hug the other women and when she was personally farewelling Tim, she flicked the lovely women another mention, and just before her final exit, she turned and waved warmly to …. the other women. I think Judy had established that All Important Connection – just with the other women.