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Big Brother Nominations – Only Four Up

Ed keeps on promising to throw a bomb into the house but at the moment he is looking like a suicide bomber by nominating Jade last night. His rationale was just weird considering he knew he had no points so was safe. Did he think there would be four people all sitting on zero? However he thought Tahan would be a housemate with no points which considering she is hated by the girls is highly unlikely.

Great series Big Brother but they really need to do something about the super power as it has become an immunity pass, they are never nominated as housemates are scared the person will see the nominations and know who nominated them.

Ed was a tad deluded when he said last night in Big Brother Up that they were now all role models. What type of role model is he? How men should treat women? He showed last night he had no care or consideration for Jade so needs to stop using her as an emotional and physical prop when he feels he needs it. Sure she needs to grow a spine but he needs to treat women with respect. After sleeping with her the night before eviction after she asked him where he was going to sleep he was back in his own bed.

His ususal bollocks of “I feel bad when I do sleep with you and feel bad when I don’t”.

Also it should be noted that Ed brought up the subject of what would you do if your child told you he was gay he seemed the most uncomfortable about it. Matt, Tim and Drew said they would not make a big deal of it and Ed was wondering about bullying at school and questioning Ben on how hard it has been for him.

Well Ed interestingly it looks like two gay guys in a row are going to win Big Brother so it appears to be no big deal to certain sectors of the community.

Ben was now ensconsed in the Presidential Suite leaving behind some shocked and sad housemates. Katie and Lucy were genuinely sad.

Tim constantly thinking about the game said maybe he got it wrong about Ben being popular on the outside as he thought he was going to lose to Ben. He also noted he had had a dream run of people going home.

Drew was having post-eviction blues and said in hindsight he wished that he had saved Ben rather than Jade.

Ben got to ask two people questions and he asked Tahan and Ed whether their chances of winning BB is increasing.

Tahan said she thought her chances were improving but knew she would be nominated as the three girls don’t like her so needed the outside vote to win.

Ed who appears to be using the diary room as a way of looking like a hero, said there are manipulaters in the house and emotional bullys and he won’t stand for it. By manipulator he meant Tim and emotional bully it must have meant Tully. Ben mused “Who is the emotional bully?”

He mentioned Tim was the biggest manipulater in the house. Ed revealed Tim was plotting Ben’s downfall. Ed said he does things that are rude and nasty and mean.

Ben was safe this week but he still had to nominate.

Ben gave three points to Tim because of what Ed said and that it must mean he has an emotional strategy. He gave Tahan two points for mocking the importance of wearing microphones. He did not think you can bite the hand that feeds you.

Ed got the superpower and Ben had to tell him what it was. Ben had to say he was watching the nominations live from Big  Brother  headquarters an that Ed could ring twice through the nominations to asked what points people are on.

Here is how the noms rolled:

Drew nominating Tahan for three points because she has faced elimination five times and he wants her up again this week. He gave two points for Kate and Lucy as they don’t clean at all. Also he finds blond hair everywhere.

Tully is nominating for three points for Jade as they are similar she wants her to go. BB asked Tully why she thought they were similar and she said it was peoples passing comments in here. We are both quite emotional. Mikkayla for two points as she thinks she has a better chance of beating her if they are both nominated. She has been quite aggravating from the start and she does not add a lot to the house dynamic.

Katie and Lucy nominated Tahan for three points because as she is rude and she imitated Mikkayla eating and said a nasty comment “It is no surprise she can’t fit into her dresses”. Tully was given two points as she continuously segregating herself. When they were in the spa and talking to Tully when Drew came along she terminated the conversation.

After BB asked the sister’s whether Tully was giving them short shrift both looked confused and did not know what it meant.

Mikkayla nominated Tully for four points as she uses her emotions to manipulate for strategic purposes and will be interesting to see her mood if she is up for nomination this week. Tahan was given one point because she is a mean, cruel person.

Tahan nominated Katie and Lucy for three points because of a personality clash. When you have a lot of sugar you get sick. She said “I have nothing against them, hang on what am I saying I do”. She gave two points to Jade as she is not getting the true Big Brother experience.

Jade gave three points to Tahan as she is a huge threat. I don’t enjoy the sort of person she is but the nomination is based on strategy. Jade gave two points to Tully as their relationship is full on and she wants her relationship with Drew as he does not have her back as he used to.

Tim nominated Katie and Lucy for two points for being all sugar and spice and they were making him look bad. Big Brother said is it because he thought they could win. Tim said “No. I don’t think they have a chance in hell”. He gave three points to Tully as “it is like a mate bringing home a girl and I gave it two weeks and it has been longer then two weeks”.  He added it is not good for Drew and she is a sooky la la.

On his second second call to Ben he asked how many points  he,  Tim and Drew were on. Ed was on zero. He then nominated Drew, Jade and Tahan for two points each as he did not want them to be on zero points. Not sure what the logic was with that as it was highly likely he was safe anyway.

Ed confirmed what we all thought is that people don’t nominated people with the super power.

There were only four up for elimination at this point and the winner of the showdown will be given the chance to save someone therefore only three will be up for the vote. They are:

  • Tahan – 14 points
  • Tully – 11 points
  • Jade – 7 points
  • Katie and Lucy – 7 points.

Mikkayla cried probably tears of happiness.

On Big Brother Late it was VIP night and the viewer had seen most of the show the night before which was a bit tedious. I don’t get why they can’t put in footage from other nights.

On the night they were given clothes to wear. Jade managed to repeat a few times she was a size six and her dress looked huge. And then she said I look pregnant in it. Tahn sniped about that to Big Brother.

Tim said some people look better in suits but he said he was not one of those people.

Here is what went down on the night:

Tim told Mikkayla not to worry about portion control tonight;

Ed said we are all role models now;

Mikkayla was on the Jade diet which is as Jade described it as half a plate of food. Jade said that it was hard for her to go from three plates to half a plate.

Tahan said she hated people that criticised people who were fit and worked on their bodies. Then she had a rant about people making choices. It was a bit pretty girl wondering why everyone could not look pretty.

They discussed what they wanted to be if they could. Tim wanted to be a global historic figure like Jesus, Jade wanted to be an actress; Tahan wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg and Tully wants to be the face of Alzeihmers Australia.

Then it was about sex tapes with Jade saying she would do a sex tape if her partner wanted to. Matt, Tahan and Drew revealed they had sex tapes with Tahan saying hers was not that good as she is not that great.

After dinner they were confessing something they had done in the house. Ed said that he touched Jade’s boob, Mikkayla had a sexy dream about Drew, and Matt confessed to stealing a bottle of alcohol to share with the guys a few weekends ago. Tully was cranky about it and about how Drew was not honest with her. Calling him a fuckwit and saying she was going to be so fucking cranky tonight.

This led to Ed giving Tully the talk about how her emotions effected the house and how Drew was playing her. Which of course meant Tully was upset which meant Drew was upset and was not very happy with Ed. Tully and Drew deserve each other with this psycho crap.



1 bbhm { 09.18.13 at 9:02 pm }

#JD 137

WOW, that’s pretty spiteful and personal ….. None of on here are criticising people’s appearance or referring to them as slutty. I don’t like Mikkayla’s actions and her opinion about Asians, but I would never comment such things.
Tahan is a part -time model, She has actually finished a Uni degree and works in a Govt dept job full-time. Apparently she has also helped raise her 6 siblings as the oldest, and she has been in the same relationship with one man for 2 years. I think she is a great role model for the Indigenous people.

2 daisy { 09.18.13 at 9:05 pm }

Me too bbhm,
I am enjoying Tahan and I like your comments too.

I don’t know why I like Tahan. I probably shouldn’t. But I do.

3 bbhm { 09.18.13 at 9:07 pm }

#nasty 150

Thanks , same :)

4 daisy { 09.18.13 at 9:09 pm }

Sneaky Ed is trying to undermine Tim and keep Tahan by whispering in the girls’ ears.

As far as Mikk’s strike goes, she is lucky compared to Caleb. When he talked noms he had to give 3 nom points to himself thus putting himself up for eviction…and we all know how well that went.

5 Gabby { 09.18.13 at 9:14 pm }

Well written Miss Mars @ 149 and thank you for opening my eyes to a few things.

6 StDeano { 09.18.13 at 9:16 pm }

Thanks Lizzie @146.

7 StDeano { 09.18.13 at 9:21 pm }

If Tahan’s boyfriend is a famous V8 racing driver, then she must be a cashed up bogan. Plenty of money for her family to “vote to save”. Unfortunately, Tahan will be top 3

8 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 9:22 pm }

Miss Mars also there is a difference between their cultural backgrounds. Mikk was an international adoption baby and has been unable to trace her birth family so is unable to embrace her Korean culture from which she was disconnected as a baby.

9 daisy { 09.18.13 at 9:24 pm }

wehter you are team Mikkayla or team tahan,one thing is for sure;
the two of them are helping the other girls’ chances of sailing through. But then will the voters go against the less colourful TV characters. They have so far.

10 Gabby { 09.18.13 at 9:29 pm }

Eliza, Sandii, and Carole thank you all very much for your kind wishes.

Ali @ 100, very well written.

11 LW { 09.18.13 at 9:36 pm }

Daisy #147, no holiday unfortunately! Am planning a New York visit early next year though… I see the Dessert Queen thread went downhill fast at the end LOL.

12 Dobby { 09.18.13 at 9:41 pm }

In my opinion Tahan is a nasty bitch who for once isn’t the most popular or leader of the pack , boo hoo honey , suck it up. All the crap about mikkayla and her weight and her Asian appearance and her being just as mean as Tahan is beyond a joke… Some people will
Try anything to bring a person down… And it was evident from the start that she was an easy target for the himbos and mean girls to take aim at … Only she is outlasting them , go mikk! Haters gonna hate …

13 daisy { 09.18.13 at 9:48 pm }

Yes LW, I am off soon too, but maybe neither of us will be allowed to leave the country once the anti-discrimination board get hold of us. Haha.

14 LW { 09.18.13 at 9:57 pm }

So true Daisy, I think we have covered everyone in our trips to Inappropriate Town… :-)

15 bbhm { 09.18.13 at 10:01 pm }

#Miss Mars 149

You obviously have not been around many darked haired beauties, one of my best friends from school days is Greek and she looks Greek and is physically beautiful. Even though she was pretty, she still experienced racism frequently, though she was often victimised and sometimes not taken seriously , in her career in Corporate world , she never once contemplated having plastic surgery or made fun of her culture to “fit in”.
Australia is a blended melting pot with so many different cultures, for Mikkayla to feel that strongly about this is not responsible or mature, I still believe she is saying most of that because she is trying to play the under-dog angle with the Australian public.
Additionally we all know the general attitude against indigenous in Australia can be quite poor. I think it’s fantastic that Tahan embraces both her cultures; the indigenous need more role models, not just sports role models. Normal attractive and educated females who feel confident of their indigenous background is a good role.
You cannot downplay any racism Tahan has most definitely gone through, just because she is attractive. What because she is attractive, she has never felt insecure or inferior.
I think her confidence come more from living a rural life and have 6 siblings, we all know that siblings can be brutally honest and cruel but also forgiving and the ability to move on without grudges.
MIkkalya was brought up by Anglo-Saxon parents, and I read she was an only child (not sure).

#Lizzie 158
Early on Mikkayla mentioned that she was given the choice and encouraged by her adoptive to locate her birth parents. But she wasn’t interested, obviously too ashamed off her “Asian Parents” .
I don’t know how people can support or relate to this sort of behaviour from Mikkalya , she isn’t a 13 years old child , she is an educated teacher and should know better.

16 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 10:37 pm }

bbhm Mikk said in a conversation that she DID contact an agency for infomation on her birth parents and later received a response that the agency’s search had been unsuccessful in locating any relatives.

17 Miss Mars { 09.18.13 at 10:46 pm }

Actually bbdm, not that I really need to defend myself here but I happen to be of European descent, my father is half French half Italian and I happen to take after his side of the family looks wise, so yes I have had some experience with ‘dark haired people’… Being one myself. When I was growing up I experienced racial slurs, I was called a wog and made fun of for my dark features as a child. Most of my friends growing up were very ‘Anglo’ looking (for want of a better term), and I often hated the way I looked and wished I had taken after my mother. As I got older I began to embrace my heritage and now I actually love the way I look and wouldn’t change much at all if given the chance. I also have friends from various backgrounds, some more comfortable than others with regards to their looks and cultural heritage. And you know what? I’m supportive towards my friends, not judgemental.

I’m not sure exactly how you picked a lot of that negativity from my comment, though I can see you’ve clearly been very selective. My point remains, it’s as clear as mud that Mikkayla clearly wears her cultural heritage on her sleeve. While Tahan is clearly exotic, as I said earlier, she herself stated that others are shocked when she tells them her background. My point was that they more than likely had very different experiences growing up, the point was not to ‘downplay’ any racism Tahan may or may not have endured. Mikkayla is not a racist, she is sadly ashamed of her heritage due to growing up in a country that places an emphasis on a ‘Westernised’ idea of beauty and possibly experiencing intentional and unintentional racism throughout her life with regards to her Asian heritage. As Lizzie pointed out, Mikkayla also grew up detached from her culture and fully immersed in an Australian upbringing and lifestyle. To judge her for her own insecurities is unfair and naive. I don’t SUPPORT her self loathing, I’m just pointing out that it isn’t ‘racism’ and perhaps people should think before judging it as such in such a vocal and terse manner.

18 daisy { 09.18.13 at 10:47 pm }

Andrea, you’ll like this; tonight I saw a glimpse of something in one of the Sugars that when she was talking to Mik about self acceptance I thought, those girls might be alright if there was only one of them. After all, all of the hms have their faults but with the double act, it’s hard to take the Sugars as anything other than a caricature. So I agree with you that they would be better if only one was in the house so which ever it was could be an individual.

19 Gabby { 09.18.13 at 10:51 pm }

Liaise @166 I remeber that happening as well, she did try to locate her birth family and was unsuccessful.

20 Miss Mars { 09.18.13 at 10:54 pm }

Daisy – I’ve actually seen another side to the sugars myself, and I think that they’re actually quite intelligent and confident in their own right. I think sometimes being outspoken and brash is mistaken for confidence, just because they’re happy being… Well pleasant, and they don’t like to ‘rock the boat’ so to speak doesn’t mean that they aren’t intelligent confident people. It would be great to see them as individuals rather than as a ‘gimmick’

21 Miss Mars { 09.18.13 at 11:01 pm }

I think it’s sad that Mikkayla didn’t have the opportunity to meet her birth parents and see where she came from. I actually didn’t meet my father till I was 18 and I found it an extremely cathartic experience as I didn’t look much like my mother’s side of the family and always felt like I ‘didn’t belong’ while i was growing up. It definitely helped me come to terms with who I was and embrace myself as a whole. I think seeing where I came from and experiencing it definitely made me more confident and accepting of my background.

22 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 11:18 pm }

You nailed it there Miss Mars, the sense of belonging. :)

23 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 11:31 pm }

Goodnight Miss Mars, Gabby and Daisy. It’s heartening that some of us here are able to agree to disagree. :)

24 daisy { 09.18.13 at 11:41 pm }

Nighty-night Lizzie :)

25 daisy { 09.18.13 at 11:43 pm }

If we can’t be happy to agree to disagree we won’t make it to the end of the season. Ha ha.

26 bbhm { 09.18.13 at 11:48 pm }

Well ladies – this was my point.

After talk of travel, the hot topic of racism comes up, and when it’s Tahan’s turn to speak, tears well-up in her eyes.

The part-Aboriginal, part-Malaysian girl speaks from the heart about some of the difficulties she’s faced because of her skin colour. She then drops a bombshell…

“I hate this about Mikkayla, and don’t take offense to this,” she says, before saying that people who ridicule certain races, even if they come from that race, are adding to the prejudice problem.

“Don’t even joke about it,” she goes on to say. “I think we’re all the same and equal.”

This is exactly what I what I have been trying to say, just because she is Asian and doesnt like it/or feels insecure about it doesnt give Mikkalya the right to look down at that race and call Asian features disgusting and ugly, which she has frequently done.

Just healthy debate , nothing personal, love hearing people’s diff points of view

Peace and Love (and as Ben would say) my loves

27 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 11:49 pm }

LOL. Now I’m going to bed (to dream of a Tully eviction).

28 daisy { 09.18.13 at 11:51 pm }

Cheers bbhm. Sweet dreams to you too.

29 daisy { 09.18.13 at 11:53 pm }

Hey Lizzie. I just watched a double B&B back to back. Miaaaooow. That’s enough fighting for me. he he he.

30 Lizzie { 09.18.13 at 11:55 pm }

Night bbhm xxx

31 bbhm { 09.19.13 at 12:01 am }

Good Night Daisy , Lizzie and Miss Mars xxxxx

sweet dreams :)

32 Lizzie { 09.19.13 at 12:06 am }

Ooh yes Daisy, “get out of my house, get out!) Agree, too much conflict in one day. :)

33 daisy { 09.19.13 at 12:09 am }

snicker :)

34 Ari { 09.19.13 at 12:51 am }

Does @bbhm have a problem with Mikkayla or…?

35 Ari { 09.19.13 at 12:59 am }

I don’t think Mikkayla is “racist” per se…

She was adopted by Caucasian parents. She grew up in Australia. She clearly has a very Westernised view on physical beauty.

It’s the same with the gay community I guess. Many white men just aren’t interested in Asian men because they just didn’t grow up surrounded by Asian culture. There aren’t even many Asians represented on TV!

I think Mikkayla’s whitewashed. I’m Asian and gay and I guess you could say I also do have a very Westernised view on beauty because I grew up surrounded by white people and white media.

Although I love Mikkayla, she IS an adult and should learn to either love herself and be content with her body and not give a shit what others think, or she can work hard to get the body she wants. And unlike Mikkayla I have learnt to embrace my features. But like Mikkayla, I too, had a phase when I wished I weren’t Asian.

Regarding Tahan. I can agree on some points with @bbhm on her. I like her. She’s honest. BUT BUT BUT there is a difference between pure honesty and being a total bully. The way she imitated Mikkayla eating was really tasteless and mean-girl like of her. It reminded me when I was a kid and my sister would “imitate” the way I ate which really hurt me.

Although this “racism” is fuel for Mikkayla hate for the next while.

I’ll be honest Mikkayla and Tahan were my favourite female housemates but this fury between them is just a turn-off. At least Tim can still be consistent enough.

36 BBM { 09.19.13 at 1:15 am }

I can kind of get what Mikkayla was saying, inside her house she was treated as herself, she goes outside and all of a sudden all people see is her appearance and stereotype her and it must be really insulting the times that she has been asked if she speaks English. Cultural identity is a funny thing and I don’t think it has to be always decided by “blood”.

I don’t think she should play up on it as a BB strategy but is it any worse than Ben reminding us he is poor, is supposedly not in it for the money and how he doesn’t fit in with his cultural group.

37 Chrissie { 09.19.13 at 7:18 am }

I don’t see why (for many, not all of you!) it has to be a for or against situation. Both Mik and Tahan have both good points and flaws – probably just like all of us! In actual fact I think they are probably quite similar with the way they are both a little immature, are outspoken yet seen to have some deep seeded issues.

38 Ann { 09.19.13 at 8:11 am }

ST Deano I’m thinnking it must be her friends and family voting for her because I really can’t imagine that she has won many people over with her utterly dull, superficial personality. She is just a silly, average-looking, immature fuckwit. Cheers for the stupid casting BB. Only Tim and Ben save the day.

39 Reality Raver { 09.19.13 at 8:11 am }

Ari – thanks for your perspective on the Mikkayla body image issue it was really interesting.

Ben may have grown up poor but he is not poor now. He has worked as a flight attendant for 10 yrs and only recently unemployed I think due to getting on the show? Would like to confirm that. But he lives by himself in what looks like a new apartment and appears to own a lot of stuff eg his blue ray collection. I think we have a different view on what is poor these days IMO.

40 Andrea { 09.19.13 at 8:39 am }

RR, that’s right, Ben has probably made a very good and successful life for himself and when he leaves BB will find a good job again I’m sure.
MISS MARS and ARI, you are the voice of reason, love your comments.
DAISY@168, thats what I’ve been trying to say all along, they were put in to play a part which would be difficult, the novelty has worn off and they should now be separated and treated as individual housemates.

41 Gabby { 09.19.13 at 8:48 am }

RR, I agree what you say about Ben and this being poor that everyone is talking about. I also think if he did go ahead to win the money he would still continue to buy his clothes in Best and Less and the likes.

I have really enjoyed reading the comments Ali, Miss Mars and Ari have made about Mikayla.
I am ashamed to admit that when she came out last night and admitted she was ashamed of looking Asian and being Asian I took an instant dislike and thought how disgusting, how could she possibly say things like that. It really turned me off her instantaneously.
Thanks to the three people I have mentioned they have now turned my thoughts right around and I am able to see where she is coming from and I am looking at the situation entirely from a different point of you.
So I am sorry Mikayla for judging you so harshly.
Thanks again, Ali, Miss Mars and Ari.

42 Gabby { 09.19.13 at 8:55 am }

Andrea, I have said that, that that was their gimmick to get in the house.
Anyway, I have liked them from the start and have been able to see through all that. I have never been one to judge a person from their looks and make an opinion on someone in the first five minutes.
As I have also said, beauty is far from being skin deep.
I go for beauty in the heart and saw that straight away. Where as straight away I could not see the beauty in Tahan’s heart. She made it very clear from the start she may have had the beauty on the outside but none in the heart.

43 Tuffdeck { 09.19.13 at 11:17 am }

I really agree with Ari. And Tahan has so much going for her. So it’s hard to watch her treat others poorly. I see her POV however it can be really cringeworthy to listen to some of the things that come out of Mikkaylas mouth. But that’s an opportunity for Tahan to help her. Rather than vilify her. Tahans treatment of the other girls has cemented my opinion of her. I’m not a fan.

I’m voting at this stage for Mr Clooney to win haha

Every time I see more footage of Tully, the more certain I am she’s going home. She never brings anything positive to the table.

44 Ari { 09.19.13 at 12:14 pm }

Wow thank you for the compliments. Thank you for telling me I have a voice of reason. Such an amazing compliment to get thank you!

45 Ali { 09.19.13 at 1:05 pm }

Thanks for all kind words.

Daisy @102. Blushes, but not writer. I agree with a lot of what you say and love your humour. I would reiterate what others have said: this forum is more entertaining than the actual program.

bbhm @103. By “majority” I meant Caucasian.

Miss Mars @149, 167 & Ari @185 I think you both express your thoughts very eloquently.

46 StDeano { 09.19.13 at 10:31 pm }

Hi Ann @188 I like the way you think. My brain cannot compute that viewers would vote to save Tahan. *shudders*