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Recipe To Riches – World Food Week

It was World Food and the three finalists were Nillawan with her cheaper version of XO sauce she was also a software engineer, Leo with a chimichirri sauce and Manju with vegetable samosas.

Why wasn’t the chimichurri in the condiments heat last week?

Manju who came to Australia from India when she married had not cooked prior to it and she clearly caught the cooking bug as she said she was excited to work in a commercial kitchen.

Leo could not even identify parsley and picked up coriander. Lucky he asked Ed for his opinion. However he struggled with the big batch up and his sauce came out too acidic.

Nillawan’s sauce thought it was texturally interesting as she kept the seafood chunks in. She responded she probably agreed with it.

Manju’s samosa were the best and she was the first to be safe and Nillawan was the other one.

However she was not so smart with the marketing and she was confused and rambling when she was talking to Nobby.

I disagreed regarding changing the name of the XO sauce to Hong Thai sauce, if I saw it was on the shelves I would not know what it was.

Also at her product launch she said “you can bring authentic Chinese flavours to your cooking”. Then why have the word Thai on the label.

Manju’s product launch was a tad quiet but suddenly a flash mob occurred to razzle it up again.

Nillawan got the higher approval rating at her product launch with 94% of people saying they would buy it, and 89% said they would buy the samosas. The tasting panel at Woolsworths said they were confused by the sauce and about what to do with it.

Manju was announced the winner and her samosa’s will be on the shelves tomorrow. Have to say I am quite looking forward to trying this product.


1 Littlepetal { 09.18.13 at 9:06 pm }

This is the first time that I bought a product from this show. Will try the samosa tomorrow.

2 daisy { 09.18.13 at 9:13 pm }

Littlepetal I went to Perth and had delicious Indian food.

3 roxie { 09.18.13 at 9:14 pm }

Tried this today, was really looking forward to it.
Rather disappointing, the pastry was dry, the filling was underseasoned and it just didn’t cut the mustard for me. I make curry puffs which are very similar and they taste much better IMHO. Same thing applied to the sauce, it was very underwhelming, my husband didn’t like it at all. Not buying any more products!

4 Andrea, the other one { 09.18.13 at 10:39 pm }

I didn’t understand the logic of a finished product (samosas) competing with an ingredient (XO sauce). Samosas should have competed against the chili con carne and the croquettes as freezer meals.

Samosas didnt look appetising to me so I won’t buy this week. Woolworths sent me a direct marketing email as they obviously have the data from their Everyday Rewards customers on who purchased last week’s hot sauce. If you buy any more R2R products you will be in the draw to win cash prizes. Obviously now trying to build more sales as the novelty has worn off. Looks like the release of new products continues weekly into November based on the closing date of the draw.

Agree with RR that the naming from XO to Hong Thai was confusing.

BTW We are still enjoying our hot sauce from last week. It’s a bit watery but at least we have spread it across three meals. We still have over half a bottle to go. Have not tried it as a marinade yet, only as a condiment.

5 Adrianna { 09.18.13 at 11:09 pm }

Hi, 1st time commenting here. I tried the hot sauce from last week and was so disappointed. It was watery and flavourless in my opinion.
I was rooting for the samosas, as I agreed that I would not know what to do with the XO sauce. Noted that I was not really paying attention (doing housework while watching) I’d actually thought she was selling a fried noodle paste.
But after the disappointing hot sauce, don’t think I’ll buy the samosas, especially after the review from Roxie.
I am looking forward to the dessert episode, I’m such a sucker for sweets :)

6 sheenyshine { 09.18.13 at 11:53 pm }

Got the samosas this week cant wait to try them.

I agree Adrianna I was confused at the start with the XO sauce (started watching it a bit late) and thought she was selling the noodles.

Does the show pay for the crazy stuff they have at the tasting? this weeks tastings were very over the top compared to previous weeks I thought.

7 Tracy { 09.19.13 at 6:09 am }

Had the samosas yesterday and quite liked them and so did my nephew who generally doesn’t approve of vegetables :) We were a week behind so we dipped them in the hot sauce from the week before – which made them very spicy indeed!

Disappointed in the product selection this week though – two sauces which could have been in the previous week. Looking forward to next week more!

8 Rosie { 09.19.13 at 10:14 am }

Hi Adrianna – welcome!

Yeah…this show is losing me. Once again, the winner was trumpeted from the word go. And the thing with samosas is that they need to be fresh from the stove/deep fryer, not fresh from the freezer and the oven.

Which gives me another thought: I might be more interested if after their batch up, they then froze or stored their recipe, and the next day get the masses and the Woolies tasters to try it. Because that’s how the product will really taste.
Anyway what’s the point of having the product launch if they then ignore the results?

I won’t be bothering to try the samosas this week. I LOVE samosas in Indian restaurants, but have looked at the frozen ones in the supermarket and never been tempted to buy them.

And yes, having a sauce up against samosas is ridiculous. Too many inconsistencies in the show over all. I may or may not bother next week.

9 Bel { 09.19.13 at 11:04 am }

I was at Woolies last night and Manju’s samosas had an entire freezer door section devoted to them, plus ads around the store, but only 3 packets were missing from the freezer after a full day on sale. Also noticed Woolies have a few other brands of frozen samosa already, so it seems a weird choice for them to make. I LOVE a good samosa but as people have said, they need to be fresh; oven cooked ones don’t sound promising.

I still enjoy the show but it’s not particularly gripping. By the end I’m not sure anyone will care who wins, and they probably won’t explain why the winner was chosen anyway.

10 Maz { 09.19.13 at 1:09 pm }

Okay, not R2R related but what do people think about the MC contract?

Is it really worth going on that show if you have culinary ambitions?

11 Littlepetal { 09.19.13 at 1:27 pm }

Thanks Maz for the link. No wonder no one do anything for the first 14 months.

12 nanaliz { 09.19.13 at 2:42 pm }

I popped into my local woolies the other day and only 2 of the 10 cartons of sauce had been bought. So 12 bottles in total out of 60 in stock. Still heaps of chilli con carne, husband thought about 6 boxes sold. Connie’s croqs have done the best so far. Hubby working today so going to check samosas out for me. The show is not producing any MUST HAVES yet. At the same time I checked woolies FB page and some city stores sold out quickly when sauce came out.

13 Socs { 09.19.13 at 7:14 pm }

Jesus, the MC contract sounds so …
What about them people whose sole ambition post show is to have a food blog?
BTW I’ve been seeing Alana’s (MC S3 I think) sauce range in Coles quite a bit. Her stuff launched without much fanfare I think.

Re: R2R–I tried the croquettes and didn’t like it, and all the other products haven’t interested me, so I haven’t bought! It seems like I haven’t really missed out on much though.

14 Julia { 09.21.13 at 7:17 pm }

When I first heard about this show I was excited about trying every product except that they have all been full of chilli apart from the croqs which I was not completely impressed with. Can’t wait for dessert this week, hopefully they pick a good one coz I am ready to buy up big!

15 Christina { 09.22.13 at 3:46 am }

How do I enter my awsome spaghetti. sauce like you’ve never tastes before its the hot bomb diggerity .