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Australia’s Got Talent – First Semi-Final

Australia’s Got Talent semi’s kicked off with some good acts and some very ordinary ones. This show is a variety show with a range of different genres shown which is good but out of the nearly 150 acts put through in the heats it was strange some of the ones that got the tick for the semi’s.

Here are the acts:

Swagamama  kicked off the show with an impressive dance routine with a medley of songs mixed with good choreography and dance tricks.  They must be the favourite to get through this round however being first in a 6.30pm timeslot might disadvantage them.

Natalie and Julia are 10 year olds best friends who both can sing and are super cute. They sang “Think” from The Blues Brother and there was barely a wrong note. Kyle Sandilands said that they should have their own show. You have to wonder if it goes belly up if they will qualify for The Voice Kids?

Darren Carr is a puppeteer and ventriloquist. For me the routine fell flat, but my 9 year thought it was funny. The routine got a lift when Julia Morris came on stage at the end and cracked a joke.

Chantelle and Benji the Roller Skating Duo have been brought back even after their stack in the heats. Dawn and Geri seemed to take fancy to Benji but I suspect this is the last we will see of them.

Louise Kennedy is a comedic opera singer – Miss Nine loved the flatulence aspect of the act.  For me she did not hit it out of the ball park.

Aydan who fans of Young Talent Time (yes Miss 9 spotted it and yes she is getting her pocket money this week). He sang  a Michel Jackson song. At some points he was a bit pitchy and taking in his performance experience it should have been better. The judges spoke about potential.

The Other Superman – Was heartstoppingly entertaining. Had comedy, athletic tricks and an element of dangerous. Add in the fact he was doing it in a wheelchair was even more amazing.

Scott Carnes – How did this guy get through to the semis? Sure it was funny in the heats but there is not 2 minutes in his crotch thrusting routine. If people think a crap act like this can get you through to the semi’s next year expect a whole lot of twerking.

Highlights – Swagamma, The Other Superman, and Natalie and Julia.



1 Joseph Skyrim { 09.23.13 at 10:34 am }

Always liked Swagamama from first seeing them on Everybody Dance Now (along with a few other dance acts there). Hope they pull through along with the Other Superman. Don’t really care for the rest.

Also… “Fist” Semi-final RR? 😛

2 brain dead dave { 09.23.13 at 10:53 am }

Natalie and Julia made a great fist of Think.

First I think the brunette girl is the better singer but both had their moments and are a good team. Perhaps these are the closest I’ve seen to real “stars” on any of these reality talent shows.

As RR says, they can sing ,are super cute and look like they’re enjoying themselves. All the things that Jae Wetford on XFactor isn’t.

I cannot believe that the thrusting crotch is still there. Though this worn out move has enjoyed recycling with some small success on XFactor via Altijan Juric

3 Andrea { 09.23.13 at 11:29 am }

Scott Carnes definitely shouldn’t have gotten through at the expense of someone better.
I thought the same thing that he reminded me of the embarrassing guy dancing in his own little world at a wedding.
I don’t believe Superman, Louise Kennedy, and the roller skating duo should’nt have gotten through either as they might be good at what they do but how could a career be made out of that?
Ayden has had his chance, maybe he should team up with the two cute little girls?
Puppet man was okay, he just needs better material, but Swagamama was the best on the night.

4 Daze { 09.23.13 at 12:02 pm }

Glad I taped it last night, too many cringey moments so able to fast fwd on most acts. Swagamama was the best.

Don’t know why they got through either Andrea – I agree

Julia looked lovely

The puppet man made a ‘joke’ direct swipe at Dawn being pregnant. What a creep.

5 Andrew Maguire { 10.08.13 at 4:05 am }

Raymond Crow is a fake. He is already a professional!! He has an Australian concert tour as well as having appeared on International TV shows such as the David Letterman etc.. As a professional he should not be on this talent show where he is up against rank amateurs who are trying desperately to get a break in show business!! While I think he is extremely talent in what he he does as an ‘illusionist, I am unhappy that he is pitted against ‘first timers” . I was most disappointed to see him in this show and think that he is trying too hard to get a further break in the entertainment industry. He has had his chance unlike the other contestants. By the way the ‘salty shower’ bloke is just a freak act who should have never been on as he is just a ‘joke’!!!