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Australia’s Next Top Model – Melissa Takes Out The Win

Melissa ANTM

Clearly the people at the Australia’s Next Top Model final were not the ones voting as going on the crowd cheering you would have thought Duckie was the clear winner.

In fact she was the first of the three to be eliminated leaving it for Shanali and Melissa left to duke it out for the final. In the end it was Melissa who won which raises the issue should the public vote for the winner when it is about selecting model who can go on and have a career and it appears because of her height catwalk may not be an option.

If it is all about the face then maybe she might have a better chance and show other girls with quirky facial features that you don’t have to be conventionally beautiful to be a model.

Melissa takes home $20,000 cash from TRESemme, a Nissan Dualis, a modelling contract and they will appear on the cover ofHarper’s Bazaar.

Jennifer Hawkins hosted the show and she did a good job with the live environment the only criticism is her nervous giggle.

Head of Foxtel said this year the show reached over 400,000 viewers and that it would be coming back next year. Now if this is true then there will be two Australian modelling competitions next year, this and the voice. Will there be enough girls? (Source: Mediaweek)


1 mahlia { 09.25.13 at 11:47 am }

My criticism of Jen Hawkins is that she said OK a lot! And every week when someone left she said, ok your really beautiful and I’m sure this is not the last we’ve heard from you……or words to that effect.

Melissa has an unusual look and she’s young enough to learn the ropes. A good win.

2 VioletsRBlue { 09.25.13 at 1:17 pm }

Yes I think she was the most suitable winner. Her face is both beautiful and unusual. She will do well.

3 Andrea { 09.25.13 at 1:43 pm }

I love Melissa and I’m so glad she won, her face is unusual and different.

4 Kate { 09.25.13 at 2:11 pm }

Jen Hawkins seemed very nervous, she did OK though.

Melissa was a big surprise for me, I thought Shanali or Duckie had it in the bag. Shanali has the complete package (face, body and height) and Duckie is so amazingly striking looking that she will do very well in print modelling. Not sure if her catwalk is any good as I don’t think they focused much on that this season.

Melissa will get print work but she really is too short to be a top catwalk model IMO.

5 VioletsRBlue { 09.25.13 at 4:18 pm }

She is not that short. At 173cm with good heels she can still do catwalk.

6 Culinary Boner { 09.25.13 at 4:26 pm }

Bill Shorten’s love child?

7 daisy { 09.25.13 at 4:29 pm }


Little Wednesday Adamms could be BSs daughter.

8 Andrea { 09.25.13 at 5:55 pm }

VRB@7, Melissa even said that she had grown a bit during the nine months of filming.
No, she’s not that short to me, I’m only 154cms, wish I were as tall as her!
As she gains more experience I think she will be fine.

9 Penny { 09.25.13 at 9:33 pm }

That pic looks very “Neverending Story”!!

10 Chrissie { 09.25.13 at 10:42 pm }

I am actually shocked! I thought they were clearly priming Shanali for the win, hence why they eliminated Jade, Ashley and Abbie as they knew they would be fan favourites! So surprised to hear how popular Duckie and Melissa were as didn’t think they were that strong in many of their photo shoots compared to the others. Although both will make great models – Duckie has a great personality and beautiful smile and Melissa’s gorgeous face is so striking.

To me Shanali did the best in the competition, was indeed the whole packag, plus she was definitely the most mature and composed on the night – so am sure she will have a big career ahead of her. Wish all the girls the best!

11 Chrissie { 09.25.13 at 10:45 pm }

Oh, and I really liked Jen as well..but yes, had picked up on the nervous giggle…which would have been ok if she had just held the microphone away from her mouth as she did it, rather than putting it closer as she did at least once! But tough gig, she was lovely as usual.

12 Eliza { 09.26.13 at 12:37 am }

I thought Shanali would win too, Chrissie. I think I did a nervous laugh along with Jen every time!!

Andrea, you me and Lizzie are height triplets. We’re exactly the same height with Lizzie coming in a little shorter. Man, sometimes I would looooove some extra height! Alex Perry would look at us with absolute disgust, if he didn’t just look over our heads first (not that we need HIS approval).

13 daisy { 09.26.13 at 4:37 am }

No Eliza, he’d think you were great. All three of you could fit in a phone booth to get changed.

14 Andrea { 09.26.13 at 7:45 am }

Eliza, good things come in small packages!

15 Terribla { 09.30.13 at 6:14 pm }

OMG, that Jennifer Hawkins!

16 Eliza { 09.30.13 at 6:27 pm }

Oh yeah guys, they really do! Like diamond rings 😉

17 stephanie { 02.02.14 at 8:09 am }

when are adelaides 2014 next top model auditions?