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Big Brother – Justynn Is A Clayton’s Tim

On one of Justynn’s show reels (link here) he says he wants to be a show host. The problem is he lacks personal charm. Justynn is not giving good game so far and he is Tim lite. Tim mixes his obnoxiousness with personality and wit, whereas Justynn is just annoying with no subtlety and wades in boots and all.

What is interesting is Tim is manipulating Justynn to do his bidding however Justynn thinks he is creating his own alliance with Tim then he will destroy him. I doubt it. Tim strategy is to use him to get rid of Ed, and Ed is hoping to get rid of Tim. Ed is saying to Drew Tim is not to be trusted, and Drew is playing all sides in the house which is working as he is not getting nominations points. Maybe they realise the Drully romance has stopped Drew from being a viewer favourite.

Have to say I was happy Tahan won the games  by beating Jade, as it would have been so predictable that Jade would have saved Ed.  It was interesting that Tahan chose to save Ben. However she did take Ed to the Presidential Suite and you have to wonder about the strategy of that. Will that mean she is going to be on Jade’s shit list.

Ed left his boxers for Jade under her pillow which she was very happy about when Justynn muttered about it was a way of dominating and controlling her she just looked perplexed.

Tahan once in the Presidential Suite realised that Jade might think it is awkward and Ed said “I’m not going out with her”. 

Tim and Justynn lost a mind reading challenge for the chinese family dinner. They lost but told them they had won. However in the end it was endless prawn crackers for dinner, which did not piss them off as much as the conversation starters.

Justynn bluntly said Blonde’s are all bimbos, which immediately put Katie, Lucy and Jade off side. Lucy tried to say she wasn’t as she was studying to be a teacher, and Jade was all insulted clearly forgetting her piss poor effort in the games flag quiz against Tahan.

Katie of course said nothing.

Mikkayla and Justynn are butting heads she was pissed off about him trying to make changes to the food budget. She was saying they had it all under control. Tim said he would like to see some changes in food as well. Mikkayla was feeling in a power position in the house but you get the feeling that is all changing with the new guys.

Nathan is fitting in nicely and Big Brother is helping. Nathan got to choose between the Tahan’s hair dryer and Tim’s vest and he selected the hair dryer and when he handed it over you would have thought Tahan had been given the holy grail.


1 Calorie Loader { 09.28.13 at 8:39 pm }

Hey Daisy! Glad you arrived safely and that you’re still visiting us on the forum! I feel a little bit naughty being smuggled in your luggage,but was only thinking recently i’d like to visit Singa, so problem solved!

2 Pam { 09.28.13 at 9:00 pm }

Flicka, I donot intend to be insulting to anyone. All I am saying is,that I don’t like the way Tim portrays himself. Young children are watching this show, I,hope it’s not teaching them to be conniving young adults. As I have said previously. I love reading all your thoughts and I respect your please allow me to to have mine.
There is no way that what I said was meant to be insulting to anyone.

3 Deano { 09.28.13 at 9:54 pm }

Just seem the ad stating Tully is coming back….
Big Brother is about as democratic as a Zimbabwe / Mugabe election..

4 Deano { 09.28.13 at 10:04 pm }

2 new females.. And Tully. The shows getting farcical if Tully comes back. I can’t see viewer numbers & ratings increasing…

5 daisy { 09.28.13 at 10:29 pm }

Thanks Calorie Loader. You had Chinese roast pork and rice, then curry puffs and gyoza from Mr Old Chang Khee. And you’re full.

Watching telly now.

6 brain dead dave { 09.28.13 at 10:39 pm }

It’s probably not a show for young children and comes with the PG rating and appropriate warnings. Tim’s a good example how a brains and humour can take down a pack of meatheads , one at a time.

7 Calorie Loader { 09.28.13 at 10:41 pm }

Mmmm, just what I felt like:)

Anything good on the box? BB Singapore? (I’m assuming they have one-you might be sitting on a gold pile).

8 daisy { 09.28.13 at 10:48 pm }

Flesh eating Zombies. W has fallen asleep so I will see if I can find something where they aren’t eating people’s faces.
And I’m not referring to Jade and Ed.

I wonder if they have been setting a good example to the little BB viewing children. LOL

9 brain dead dave { 09.28.13 at 10:53 pm }

Seeing an adult wearing pyjamas 24/7 and talking to photographs when no-one’s around…Stashing soiled underwear beneath pillows? Letting a dog use your face as toilet paper? Plucking scrotums?

Won’t someone think of the children?

10 daisy { 09.28.13 at 11:01 pm }

Who won the footy. Wasn’t that on today?

11 brain dead dave { 09.28.13 at 11:10 pm }

Hawthorn beat The Dockers, daisy.

12 daisy { 09.28.13 at 11:28 pm }

Thanks BDD. We aren’t big sport watchers but Woolof will still be interested to know.
My condolences to the Dockers fans. I hope they aren’t going too berzerk over there.

13 Kasey { 09.28.13 at 11:53 pm }

Got this off the FB page a little while ago where they are going delete crazy. Copied it before it disappeared. I don’t know how much truth there is in it

“Justynn has been kicked off the show by BB producers for an “act of aggression” yesterday. Nathan is still there. Will be interesting to see how BB spins this on Monday.”

” I have a contact with security working the BB set at Dreamworld. Can’t say anymore sorry.”

“Stacey – have contacts with security at Dreamworld. Guys had to go in there and actually physically haul him out.”

14 Andrea { 09.29.13 at 8:51 am }

Kasey, that is very interesting, I can believe it, he looked like he could be aggressive when pushed, and a bit of a loose cannon in the house.
I agree that Ben should be told not to wear his pyjamas all the time, its lazy and getting a bit old hat. Talking to the photos should not be allowed either.
Pam@102, I don’t think you have said anything insulting at all, you are entitled to your opinion like everyone else, we can’t all like the same housemate, that would be boring.

15 flicka { 09.29.13 at 9:09 am }

Of course she is entitled to her opinion. But saying , more thanonce, that only she and Gabby can see through Tim, implies that the only reason that people like Tim is because they are gullible and lack insight. That is what is offensive.
Try it like this. Anyone who likes the Sugar sisters can’t see through them. Not nice is it.

16 flicka { 09.29.13 at 9:16 am }

In fact people who like Tim are entitled to THEIR opinions, without being insulted that they lack insight.
This has got nothing to do with Pam having a different opinion but invalidating the opinions of those who like Tim.
Iknow she didn’t intend to. I let it go once. But not twice.

17 flicka { 09.29.13 at 9:24 am }

No no Pam wins. And all the commenters here with the exception of the two insightful, her and Gabby are too stupid and wrong to lik e Tim.

18 brain dead dave { 09.29.13 at 12:42 pm }

I think Pam tried to be insulting…but it hasn’t worked. I saw the last few posts similarly to you, flicka.

19 flicka { 09.29.13 at 1:01 pm }

I took it as a lack of self awareness. Ha ha.

20 Kasey { 09.29.13 at 1:24 pm }

Now, now kiddos stop bickering and give each other a big hug.

Here’s the latest from Official BB Photos

21 Reality Raver { 09.29.13 at 1:39 pm }

Hey Kasey thanks. There is a lot of speculation going on but doubt if it is. If this is true they will have to show something as last year when Josh’s brother died they showed him walking into the captain’s quarters or whatever it was called.

22 Gabby { 09.29.13 at 1:46 pm }

Thanks Kasey.

23 Lizzie { 09.29.13 at 1:53 pm }

Kasey @120 I find that facebook comment confusing. According to live feeds there was no alcohol on Friday night and both intruders went into PS sometime after 8.45 on THURS night. Maybe we will never know the truth.

24 Kasey { 09.29.13 at 1:58 pm }

They are deleting posts like crazy on Official Big Brother. That one was there for about 1 second so I quickly copied it. They’re not only deleting comments on the original post but the whole post, some of them with 20 or more comments. I think their getting quite desperate to contain it but they’re fighting a losing battle.

If it is true, it will be interesting to hear how they try to cover it up on Monday night. It was obvious Justynn had major problems especially with the girls. I really don’t know that Nathan is much better seems sly, bitchy and underhand to me.

25 Kasey { 09.29.13 at 2:02 pm }

Lizzie, I posted this and they deleted it quick smart lol –

George Orwell’s original “Big Brother” was not kind and benevolent like this name sounds but a cruel, oppressive, totalitarian regime that totally controlled and mentally manipulated its people under complete surveillance. Caring and friendly sounding but in actual fact, pure evil. People were never given the truth only the opposite.

26 Lizzie { 09.29.13 at 2:18 pm }

Also Kasey, regarding this leak, I would have thought that everyone on BB’s and their contractors’ payroll would be bound by a confidentiality agreement with a breach being more serious than just getting the sack.

Yes I’ve read George Orwell’s. :)

27 Lizzie { 09.29.13 at 2:26 pm }

I hope John Howard doesn’t get wind of this, and crawl out from under his rock, and call out again for BB to be banned. Just put it on at 9 30, and give BB back to the adults away from 5 year olds who love the tullies.

28 Kasey { 09.29.13 at 2:44 pm }

LOL @ John Howard, Lizzie. Funny how we like to get involved in other people’s lives. I keep telling myself how wacky I am to go on watching it. They’re not great role models for the littlies. If they showed it a bit later we might see more live action and what is really going on.

Re the leak, it wouldn’t surprise me if it came from BB to stir up interest and increase the ratings. Can never trust Big Brother lol

29 Lizzie { 09.29.13 at 2:51 pm }

I love a good car crash or train wreck Kasey!

(metaphorically, my friends)