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Big Brother – New Female Intruders And A Male Out

Mikkayla’s edit tonight did not do her any favours.  Power corrupts and she is clearly feeling she is powerful in the house with her alliance. She has declared some sort of fatwah on Tim to the sugar sisters. As usual the Sugar Sisters just sat there and said nothing. She said “I am over him” and “He has made a big mistake.” Most of the episode saw her bitching and making  judgements about her housemates.

Part of it appears to be that Tim is getting cosy with Tahan.

Mikkayla really does not like Tahan either. Tahan was the only housemate that voted for Justynn to stay not that she told her housemates. After the vote when they were revealing who they voted for she must have realised she was out of step with the others and said she voted for Nathan. She should have just said Justynn and said because he was so unlikeable it was a strategy vote.

Tahan stupidly told Tim. Tahan should not trust Tim as she has such little power in the house he will not hesitate to burn her to keep himself ingratiated with the main group.

Ben who seems to be depressed in the house was not joyous like the other when Justynn left. He told Tahan  “Someone left today and I can’t do a cartwheel about it.”

The vote between Justynn and Nathan was not even close. With Justynn getting only 27 per cent of the vote from Jump-In punters. Problem was he was just too unlikeable, however in his exit interview he came across as quite charming.

Mikkayla after finding out about Tahan voting for Justynn to say told Tim she was going to tell Nathan to watch his back with her.

Mikkayla said she was going to tell Nathan to watch his back around Tahan which she basically did. Though Tahan was dumb to tell Tim that she voted for Justynn.

Nathan received the not so cryptic message from Mikkayla and appeared to get his own back in the spa with Tahan when he said he liked hanging out with the Sugar Sisters because they were so nice and smart. The look on Tahan’s face was priceless.

Ben is clearly struggling and cried and said I don’t have anything to go back to when he was outside the house. Tim gave him a pep talk and said you have to decide whether you want to live differently and to be around people.

The weekly shopping task was lining up the housemates from least to most depending on the character trait they had been given and the housemate in the diary room had to guess which one it was.

Ben only had three to pick from and he guessed annoying as Tim, Mikkayla and himself were judged the most annoying. However when Jade got in there she had about six. With Ed lined up as being the person as being the most on hers she realised it was not sensitive. However she did say caring. In the end it was genuine.

This created conflict which it was meant to with Tahan and Tim pissed they were thought to be the least genuine. They bitched to big brother that Ed sugar coats everything and the Sugar Sisters are fence sitters. They said their honesty made them genuine. It was interesting that Drew was not seen as genuine by both of them.

Ben said it was about winning food not character judgements.

Nathan is starting to get to know the people in the house and said to housemates, including the Sugar Sister’s that he was scared to converse with Mikkayla as she was too aggressive.

Then it was girl intruder time with Boog aka Alex the first person in. She is a personal trainer but appears to also be an aspiring actress. Thanks Scuba for the STAR NOW link. She appears like a good addition to the house as does Madaline who is the hot lawyer.

It was dumb to shove the girls in the diary room when Madaline entered as it set it up that she is the one the guys will like. She appeared savvy and nice. At least it will be a closer “fight” to stay in the house as neither are polarising.

Though Madaline looks bright and shiny but I would be interested to know why she only bleached her top row of teeth. Hopefully Madaline has been told to get flirty with Ed.



1 Sandii { 10.02.13 at 9:20 am }

Gabby, I send hugs your way too.

2 Gabby { 10.02.13 at 10:16 am }

Cheers Sandii and I send you a big one back!
I haven’t watched last nights show so am unable to comment. Have to get my a into gear. Catch you later.