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Survivor Blood V Water – Interview With Rupert Boneham


Rupert Boneham was a shock first elimination in the latest series of Survivor – Blood V Water. His wife, Laura, was quickly voted off her tribe and he chivalrously stepped in to take her spot on Redemption Island.

He lost a hand/eye/ balance challenge to Candice and Marissa and the fourth time Survivor player was gone off to Ponderosa.

Here I chat with Rupert about pre-show alliances, whether he would save his wife again and if Survivor has gone soft.

Reality Ravings: When you knew you were going to be a returning player again and you knew other returning players who were you hoping to see there?

Rupert Boneham: I was hoping, even though I knew there was not much of a chance, the toughest old man I have ever met in my life, Rudy Bosch. We had a great time when we played on All Stars all those years ago.  The one I was really excited to see,  but I never got a chance to play with, was Tyson.  When we played on Heroes and Villains together he was on the villain’s tribe and he should have been on the heroes side.

RR: There have always been rumours going around forums that when there are returning player that the names leak out and pre-alliances form. Was there anything like that happening this season?

RB: There is 400 Survivors out there and everybody talks and we all would love to play the game again. I tell people all the time, never set up any alliances before you get out there as you don’t know what they are going to do to us once we get out there. You don’t know who team you are going to be on, what is going to be happening. I always like to go out there fresh and seeing who is on my tribe and in those first few days building that strong alliance. I am that one who is known to build four or five people strong and make it all the way to the end.

RR: You were on your team all of two minutes, when you saw your tribe did you think it was going to be a workable one for you? I understand in the past you did vote Tina and Candice out. Were you worried about that?

RB: Candice and I, our relationship is rocky at best. She is not happy with me and I am not very happy with anything that girl does. I have watched her go against her tribe many times. I knew I was going to have trouble with those two. Gervase, who was there on the very first Survivor, I always wanted to play with him. Tyson, Aras and Monica – there was some very strong players that were all about my age. I think we would have done very well together.

RR: Speaking of Candice you were on Redemption Island with her. What was it like on Redemption Island? Is it more “relaxing” as you don’t have to work on your alliances and don’t have to look after the tribe?

RB: The one thing we did see on Redemption Island was Candice and I first and our first conversation. I was working on the shelter and the roof, so we would have protection from the rain and sun. I looked at her and I said “I am doing this for me, but you are going to benefit from it. There is only one of us to make it out of Redemption Island and don’t look to me to take care of everybody out here as I am going to take care of myself, as I want to be the one to come out of here.” I was not going to help someone else get out of there. We lived together on Heroes and Villains and she was used to me doing all the work and the hunting, making the fire and the gathering of firewood. I was not going to do that on Redemption Island. On the tribe I would do that in a minute.

RR: You have long time player of Survivor and I have noted you have said that it has changed a bit, that it is not quite the Survivor of old. That you get rations of rice now, the flint seems to come in much earlier and there are tarps and other stuff. Is that true and why do you think they have done that?

RB: I liked playing back in Survivor 7 and 8 when like on All Stars they threw us out there with the clothes on our back and said good luck. We went four or five days without fire before we finally were able to make fire. We went days without food as there were not rations of rice. I liked the game back then a little more. It was more “survivor”. Now giving them tools and hammers, nails and saws we would have to battle and win that in a challenge. When I played there was no hidden immunity idols or Redemption Island they just threw sixteen strangers out there and you  played the game. If you find it or catch it you can have it. If you don’t make it you don’t get it. If we went back to the old ways that would mean I would never get to play again but I still love the old ways of Survivor.

RR: You said earlier that you never know what Survivor is going to throw at you. You go in there with your wife, had you made the presumption you were going to be playing together or did you guess there might be some twists?

RB: When they started talking to us they told Laura and I that we would be playing the game together. I know they have been known to say one thing and do another. Laura and I talked about that, and how this could put us in a situation where we have to decide between each other or our alliances. This could be detrimental to our relationship or it could  be very empowering. We wanted to make sure that the game that it made our relationship stronger and it has.

RR: That is fantastic. Did you give her some tips before you went out there? Did you teach her how to make fire? Did you tell her the importance of getting into an alliance fast?

RB: We talked more about the mental and social game. I wish we had gone out to get a machete and had her practising with the machete. She can use a flint and steel. Before the game she had a little bit of practice but now she is great with the flint. We spent most of our time talking about the social side and the physical side. The pain, it is hard to see how much pain you go through in that game. It can wear you down worse then anything. Once you start feeling that pain you start getting a little more hard to live with. The ones that are hard to live with are usually the first ones out. I wish we had spent more time on the activities.

RR: Would you go on Survivor for a fifth time?

RB: I would do Survivor again in a second. Even Laura has been bitten by the Survivor bug where she says “Maybe I would even play again”. I told Laura if we go out there together again don’t expect her to give my game up for her anymore.

RR: Do you regret swapping with her?

RB: Not at all. I was thrilled I was able to rescue and protect my wife but I don’t want to do that again.

RR: What reality show would you go on, regardless of talent, which one would it be?

RB: Laura and I would love to go on The Amazing Race. We love travelling seeing different sights and experiencing different cultures.

Survivor – Blood V Water on Thursday night on GO at 8.30pm.

Shout out to JStar for sending in questions. Thanks!


1 Scuba { 10.03.13 at 4:31 pm }

“We talked more about the mental and social game.”

Would have been a short talk – he has never had any idea about either of them.

Good job on getting the interviewing gig RR!

2 JStar { 10.03.13 at 6:57 pm }

RR – great interview. I’m surprised he thought of Tyson as a “hero” after Tyson’s first appearance in Tocantins. Sure he was a smart-alec, but he wasn’t exactly memorable enough to be invited back for HvV (unlike Coach or JT). Even Tyson’s play in HvV wasn’t memorable enough in the time he was out there. Why was he even brought back for this season? Was Rupert trying to give us a spoiler? #conspiracy

Would have loved to have seen Rupert navigate the tensions of camp life with Candice and Tina if he was in the “regular” game. Interesting he said that those who are hard to live with, are first ones to go. Because Rupert broke his toe on the very first challenge on HvV and refused to be medically evacuated, he was in a lot of pain and took it out on his tribemates (by just being grumpy all the time), particularly the females. Candice, Amanda, Jerri have all commented in the past on how difficult it was to live with Rupert. But because he brought strength to the tribe, they couldn’t vote him out earlier.

But I do agree with Rupert in that the “old days” of playing should be brought back. Maybe not the “flint” situation, but not giving out rice willy nilly or tools to build a shelter would bring back more of that “survival” factor back into the game.

3 Culinary Boner { 10.03.13 at 9:02 pm }

Having dipped in and out of Survivor over the many, many seasons this has been on, Rupert in his original appearance remains one of my favourites for his no bullshit, let’s-catch-some-food attitude. Same goes for Ossie, who channeled Rupert’s attitude into winning challenges, and that – there’s no other word for it – awesome epitome of manliness with an intellect, Yul Kwon, the Korean Adonis LLB.

What irks me about this show at times are the countless lazy arsed, gym-pussy-mangina guys who spend most of their time on the show flexing for the girls or getting their nethers pixelated because the waistband on their shorts is 7 inches too short but somehow manage to go further ‘in the game’ than someone you would prefer to be ‘trapped’ on that island from Lost with. But, I suppose, as this is reality TV it needs to reward mediocrity and give credit to good looks, “charm” and bastardry over effort, ability and generosity of spirit. When’s Game of Thrones start again?

Oh. And when is Amanda coming back to Survivor?

4 Carole { 10.04.13 at 7:22 am }

Great interview. I was sorry to see Rupert go so soon. I would love him and Laura to compete in The Amazing Race. Rob & Amber did it, so maybe they will some day. Would love to see a Survivor version of the Amazing Race, that would be great.

5 Trent { 10.04.13 at 3:27 pm }

Love these exclusive interviews that you get RR!
Rupert seems like a great guy.
Loving this series already..

Still think they should have a series with castaways voted off in the first or second episode

6 Culinary Boner { 10.04.13 at 3:29 pm }

Acknowledging that no one asked for this. And it’s only marginally related to Rupert. But that this site more often than not includes pictorial material offensive to average males like myself (yes, I’m talking about tri-tooled Tim’s topless and near bottom-less selfies), I hereby remind all and sundry why Amanda Kimmel must be returned to Survivor asap:-

7 Sioux Denim { 10.04.13 at 4:33 pm }

Thanks for the interview RR….look forward to the rest for the remaining season…..will you get to talk to Colton the quitter???

8 Andrea { 10.04.13 at 4:36 pm }

Sioux Denim, how was that last night with Colton, I couldn’t believe it, he really needs to grow up.
I wonder why he bothered to go on Survivor?
I think I prefer all new contestants than bringing back old players, I’m finding it harder to get into it this season.

9 Sioux Denim { 10.04.13 at 5:49 pm }

Andrea, I just said the same to my brother, it was embarrassing…bloody sook! I do like his partner though, not sure how he will fare, in saying that though he is a free agent now not being tied to Colton, and could be handy for other couples looking for an alliance!

10 Andrea { 10.04.13 at 6:13 pm }

Back to sanity here! Don’t get on BB site! His partner was nice but I think he looked slightly embarrassed when Colton sat on his lap crying.
What do they expect when they go on Survivor?

11 Pam { 10.06.13 at 6:14 pm }

Well done Ben.
Even if the tape takes away from you, you’ve proved to be a better player that Tim.