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Survivor Blood V Water – A Walk Out And A Blindside

Colton had the biggest dummy spit ever seen on Survivor. As soon as he realised he had stuffed up by being a bully he knew he had chance of winning so he quit! Complete with going and sitting on his boyfriends lap.

At Redemption Island when Colton told him what he was doing, Jeff Probst was livid. He said you have quit the show twice now and that it was a selfish move. Also he said “We cast a quitter and he quit”. It appears Colton’s medical evacuation in his previous season was bollocks as Jeff also said Colton faked the appendicitis and Colton did mutter it was a bacterial infection.

You have to wonder if Jeff who is Executive Producer that he had been the one pushing for him to be cast when others were unsure.

Colton also moaned that he did not want to turn into that person he was when his back is against the wall. Tyson muttered “you were like that before you back was against the wall”. Jeff refused to let him throw is buff on the fire and with that Colton was gone.

That was not the only drama at Redemption Island.

Rachel who was the latest arrival on Redemption threw Brad Culpepper under a bus saying that he was just lining them all up. After lip from the Gulang tribe, Brad said to Gulang “that is easy for you to say you cheer when you win but you don’t have to vote anyone out.”

Marissa chimed in and said they should be voting out the weaker players in the tribe. Brad shrugged and said “It’s Survivor.” She then responded with a “Fuck you Brad Culpepper”.

Candice won the Redemption Island Challenge easily, with Rachel and Marissa struggling in the over 100 degree heat. Marissa ended up beating Rachel who was eliminated. Candice gave John another immunity challenge clue.

This time John shared it with Brad but said it is best you don’t come looking for it with me as they will know we are looking for it. Brad was not happy.

Tadhana lost the immunity challenge and it was a physical one where they had to push the other person off a pontoon. These combat challenges always see people get injured and low and behold Tyson popped his shoulder.

Sure the producers wanted this to have the drama of relatives literally fighing their family but they could have done something different.

Vytas was the only one enthusiastic about it but he ended up getting beaten by the golden boy brother Aras. Vytas who Aras calls a bit of a bully revealed he always felt inadequate around the golden boy Aras. Aras won a sports scholarship to a University and won a million dollars on Survivor and as he said he was a junkie.

Gervase and Culpepper went head to head first. Gervase won. John beat golden boy Aras.

Tina had to go head to head against her daughter but she did not back down and put her daughter in the water.

Unlike Tina, Cierra’s mother Laura, looked like she was only giving 50 percent effort but still managed to shove her daughter off.

It looked like Cierra was a certainty to be voted off the tribe, but Brad Culpepper was still miffed about the lack of immunity idol clue sharing and was telling the others John might have the idol.

Culpepper was trying to rig it that the others vote for John but he doesn’t so he can draw him back into the alliance later if he gets off Redemption Island.

Then at one stage it looked like there might be a double blindside with Culpepper but in the end John was voted out. What Culpepper and the others need to realise you bust up a solid alliance early it tends to fall apart.  We will have to wait and see if this happens.


1 Reality Raver { 10.05.13 at 9:14 am }

Just watching last night’s BB now so recap up shortly. But surprised no one in the comments has mentioned Tim and Boogs peeing in the bath together. Eeewwwww.

2 Rosie { 10.05.13 at 10:22 am }

Thank God the odious Colton has gone! And I am more convinced than ever that his so called relationship with Caleb is fake. He looked so awkward when Colton planted himself on his lap. And how come we never see or hear anything of Caleb? He wasn’t even in the challenge. The invisible man.

I read somewhere (EW?) that Probst is claiming he didn’t want Colton to come back, but was overruled by the network. I’m not really convinced.

3 Sioux Denim { 10.05.13 at 11:19 am }

What a bloody embarrasment was Colton….good riddance! Interesting point too Rosie, there certainly was some awkwardness when he was on Calebs lap. I thought at first that Caleb would now be an easy target to be eliminated, but smart thinking couples could use him easily now he on his own in their alliance.

Monica will have a target on her back now after Brad has been pinpointed as running the tribe, I like these two but think he might be their undoing….things look messy next week with Candace giving Brad the finger at Redemption Island…..cant wait! Wonder when will someone be finally coming back into the game?

4 mahlia { 10.05.13 at 1:17 pm }

Well Colton sure put the rubber stamp on the low life we all thought he was.

5 Alan { 10.05.13 at 4:40 pm }

I dont know, I think Brandon Hantz did a significantly bigger dummy spit. Understand, I don’t like COlton at all and thought we was a waste of camera time. His story about growing up gay in the Deep South is pretty insignificant compared with growing up gay just about anywhere in the 90s or 80s and lots of people who did that managed to avoid becoming precious racist bullies.

However, Colton put together a reasonable defence on one of the aftershows.

Until RC and her father pulled out it was supposed to be 5 related couples (Blood) v 5 married/involved couples (Water). The showrunners courted Colton and he understood he’d be playing with his boyfriend. After RC bailed they got in a sixth married couple (Candice and Wotsisname) and split up all the couples, related or married.

The producers like casting drama players. They went looking for a nuclear explosion from Brandon and they got one. They went looking for another nuclear explosion from Colton and he squibbed on them. The producers aren’t really complaining that Colton quit, they’re complaining that he didn’t explode first.

I hope they drop the whole idea for the future and cast players who can actually play. And I’d be really, really relieved never to hear another do I stay or go monologue.

6 Carole { 10.06.13 at 10:32 am }

It was EW Rosie. Dalton Ross knows Probst pretty well having covered Survivor pretty from from the start. He was against bringing back Colton but was outnumbered. I must say Colton must be a pretty good actor, because I was convinced he was in incredible pain when he was medically evacuated. I saw a lot of people on Twitter saying he had quit twice and was confused, but when I watched it and Probst said he faked it I understood what they meant. So Johnny Fairplay has no hope then. He and some supporters have been campaigning to play Survivor again, but he quit too, so after Colton I doubt they will even consider him now. I think Colton is an idiot but am glad to see him go. But I feel for all those people who applied and got knocked back. They must be fuming.

What a blindside that was for John. How awkward is it going to be for Marissa at Redemption Island with them? And now they have to compete against each other.

7 Rose { 10.06.13 at 4:50 pm }

I’m a US viewer of Survivor and am curious to see how Australian fans react. Do you guys do much speculating of what might happen next? My great hope is that somehow Brad gets taken out by Marissa and Candice at Redemption Island! That would be such sweet revenge and well- deserved for his terrible leadership.

Next week will be interesting. But I bet there is no way that John will knock out Candice from the game. He would quit before he did that.

Glad to see Colton gone except that it hurts my favorite tribe and that I think if he had pushed through, he would have been glad. Also, I guess that it isn’t fair to all the other people who are crazy enough to want to starve on an island somewhere. I haven’t watched the show for years, but I like this new format so I’m giving it a chance.

Nice to find this blog so I can read the point of view from another part of the world. Dislike of Colton and his bad attitude may be universal.

8 mahlia { 10.06.13 at 5:45 pm }

@Rose Not sure Colton has the courage to push through anything! Maybe his leaving will not weaken the team because he’s such a downer and a liability.

9 Carole { 10.06.13 at 7:45 pm }

I’m the same Rose, I’m rooting for Marissa too. I think it was pathetic to vote her out because of her Uncle. It wasn’t her fault he carried on like that, she was embarrassed too.

10 Kate { 10.06.13 at 9:02 pm }

I hate Colton, and I’m glad to see the back of him. It would be good to see Candice and Marissa keep progressing at Redemption, I don’t mind John, but he stuffed up with his handling of the immunity idol!

11 Loz { 10.07.13 at 2:17 pm }

I loved seeing Colton quit because hopefully he has now pissed off production so much that he’ll never be allowed to come back. I loved Marissa calling Brad out at Redemption Island and I totally hope she’s the one who can win her way back into the game.

12 daisy { 10.07.13 at 10:22 pm }

Hi Rose,
It’s nice to hear from you from across the world.
I love Survivor and have watched since season 2. I am away atm, but glad to hear that I won’t have to see Colton when I return. He was so mean.